Heartworm Treatment and Home Remedies for Pets

Black Walnut, Wormwood, Dandelion, B12, Parsley, Garlic
Posted by Tina (Kissimmee, Florida) on 03/02/2012

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on this page for all the info. Posted. I have a Pitbull and was diagnosed with advanced heartworms. The vet wanted to put him on the arsenic treatment but I could not afford it, he also offered to put him down but I decided to give the black walnut and wormwood a try and its been two months now and he is doing great. My husband and I have been giving him a combination of the BW, the WW and Dandelion plus Vitamin B12, parsley water and since his platelets were very low we have been giving him raw eggs with honey and thank God he is doing awesome. I will keep him on this treatment for another month and then retest him and see what happens. I will keep everyone posted. Thank you again for all the feedback. Ps: we also give him raw garlic every day.