Heartworm Treatment and Home Remedies for Pets

Black Walnut, Garlic, Wormwood
Posted by Kelli (USA) on 07/22/2007

My black Lab was found on the highway in February, 2005. She was estimated at 1 1/2 years old, only 45lbs., and so sick with heartworm, the vet suggested I put her down because she could not take the medical treatment. I took her home and treated her with herbs. Last week she weighed a normal and healthy 76 lbs. and tested heartworm negative!!! I started her on the monthly heartworm preventative medication. She has been given 1 or 2 cloves of raw garlic with her evening meal daily, with a one week break every three months. I gradually introduced wormwood and black walnut tinctures into this meal, from a few drops to twenty of each, with a one month break every three months. Her activity level has been kept low with lots of rest. Her feed is lamb and rice dry kibble. She likes organic carrots and apples for treats. After one year, she had regained her normal weight and tested "light-positive" for heartworm. Now, after a second year of treatment, she tested heartworm negative! My vet is amazed! We celebrated with a two mile hike and a long swim.