Garlic for Dogs: Home Remedies and Safety Issues


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Posted by Ann (Chapel Hill, NC) on 07/15/2009

Garlic has been great for my 10 lb., 4 1/2 yr. old Shih Tzu/Poodle mix. I rescued Charlie nearly two years ago. When originally rescued by the rescue group, he was covered in oozing, bleeding hot spots. The poor little guy is highly allergic to flea bites and has a host of allergy problems. The crap on the market that passes for anti-flea and tick medicine that you place between the dog's shoulder blades was costing me a fortune; I applied the medication twice per month and he would have a flea on him 2-3 days later. He was on prednisone to relieve the horrible itching and scratching. He really suffered (and so did I, because I couldn't figure out what to do to help him). In March, I started feeding him one clove of garlic in his daily, evening meal (minced through a garlic press and stirred into his dog food). It's mid July and my sweetie has had no fleas or horrible scratching problems. Okay, he still scratches occasionally (like I said, he has plenty of allergy problems), but believe me, he doesn't have a hot spot on him and he is one healthy and happy dog.

Charlie also had very highly-concentrated, yellow urine (doctor tests him regularly and has found no problem) - he said some dogs have stronger smelling urine than others. Charlie's urine was really strong. After 4 1/2 months of being on garlic, Charlie's urine no longer has that foul odor to it. AMAZING!

Replied by Jennieja
(Prestatyn, Denbighshire)

This is exactly my retrievers problem. I would adore one of her pups but cos of allergies I was thinking we wouldn't be able to breed her as when pregnant she could have the prednisolone. And I hate to think of how uncomfortable she would be. I was thinking about rubbing a garlic paste on her tummy but now thinking of the glove.

Posted by Jan (Niwot, CO) on 11/04/2008

I have 4 cocker spaniels. Anyone who has had cockers knows they have ear problems. Also they are prone to skin conditions. I had 2 previous cockers one that skin condition so bad at 8 years old.........she got so sick and died. The other I spent a fortune on medications again and lived to 7. I bought a very healthy male and female at 6 weeks old. Waited to make sure they had no skin or health problems. Of course they were on otomax every other month That's the ear thing. We breed them and had a litter of pups. We kept 2 of them. One of them has severe ear and skin problems. All of a sudden the Mom started the skin problem. Again vet bills on medications. I have changed food so many times figuring allergy. I finally went to a no-grain dog food. The ears and skin cleared up , but it kept reacurring every couple months. I finally did 2 days of searching on the internet. They are still on the no grain dog food........but, I am adding a teaspoon of chopped garlic packed in water to their dinner meal. Also a few squirts of flaxseed oil, and a little powdered Acidophilis. We keep treating a condition and not getting to the root!!! After 4 days.and a bath 2x a week with Selsum blue shampoo. my baby that has had problems all her life (3 years) does not scratch any more. great skin and coat. and no more bad ears!!!! The other three have had same diet and they are amazingly more happy and active. They don't scratch anymore either!!! I know it's the garlic!!! It is the best natural medication there is!!!! They all weight about 20 pounds each..........and for 3 weeks side effects except i can sleep with out my bed shaking from dogs scratching , licking feet and shaking their heads!


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Posted by Karina (Beaudesert, Queensland Australia) on 01/15/2011

After reading all the comments on feeding your dog garlic I decided to try garlic with my 3. 5yr old pure australian kelpie - Who since about the age of two (after a nasty hookworm infection) has been unable to gain weight (he should be 20 - 25kg but weighs in at 16kg) and has nast runny excrement and foul farts. We have had a flea problem for a long time with the dogs as well - I gave him one clove tonight at 9pm and about an hour later he has stopped chewing and scratching so im hoping this works as its a last ditch effort. I have spent too much in vet bills as he had parvo when he was 6weeks old and pulled through and ever since has been in and out of vets. I will make sure I keep you posted on future weight gains and health if this works

Replied by Estela From Glendale, California
(Glendale, California, Usa)

This message is for Karina form Queensland. I have 2 Siberian Huskies, they only eat raw organic meats, I suggest you try this for your baby, and you should have a very healthy doggie, if you can't find organic try to at least find an all natural source for your meats. They eat lamb, chicken, turkey, elk, and ground beef, beef only once in a while, for no reason in particular. I suggest you look up RAW FEEDING, I think this will take care of all your problems. DOG FOOD IS POISON, it causes the death and illness of almost all our pets, not any different than eating junk food. I lost 2 Huskies to liver cancer at 10 and 11 years old, and by luck listened to a friend ans started feeding my 2 new rescued Huskies only raw meat, we are going on our 7th year, not one trip to the vet, other than an occasional check-up, or when my brat ate a bar of soap and got violently ill. It has saved me thousands in vet bills, thank god! Needless to say, a lot of heartaches, for my new babies are thank god very healthy up to now! Other than a flea infestation which I believe they got from the gofers that are digging up our yard, meanwhile leaving behind their little SOB friends, either that or the squirrels at the park, because we have been spending a lot of time in the park, which was never the case before. I'm sure the lawn is filled with them.

Replied by Chris
(Bullhead City, Az)

Treat dogs for with fleas and ticks using fresh garlic.

Posted by Jean (Nashville, Ga.) on 02/27/2010

I appreciate this wonderful website! I have 6 Scottish Collies & 2 Border Collie dogs. I was using a very expensive wormer, 1 pill every month., for all my Collies, because I was told that Ivomec would kill them. That is not true, if given in the correct dosage for the weight. BUT I now give ALL of them 1/4 tsp. granulated Garlic( not just any garlic! ) ONLY regular Garlic, per day. I sprinkle it on their food, they stand back for me to sprinkle it on their food.

It got rid of all the worms & eggs! in 5 days. NOW my dogs have a shiny coat & are gaining weight.

My vet says tape worms won't really hurt my dogs, just round worms & hookworms. YUK.

I really like the information on this website & the information shared from the people who write on about their experiences! Thank you all. Jean in Ga.

Replied by Jill

What kind of garlic did you give them?

Posted by Heath (Edmond, Ok) on 09/29/2009

We recently rescued 2 mini schnauzers...however, they had worms!! At first we didnt have money for worm treatment, so we decided to try garlic. After a few days the worms seemed to be disappearing (of course w worms leaving, means bloody poddy, gross but at least theyre leaving!) So this treatment works WONDERS on dogs, probably wouldnt try on cats though. The only side effects seem to be: bad garlic breath (naturally!), and it seems to come through thier coat just a little bit and i can smell it on my hands after petting them...but this garlic treatment definetly works!!! i cut up a small piece of clove and put it in with thier dog food, add a little bit of dry oats (to thicken up thier stool) and a couple little spoons full of gravy and they eat it right up!!

Replied by Randall
(Midlothian, Texas)

The feedback garlic/dogs sounds great. This is Summers 2nd day on garlic cloves. Her coat is not as smooth as befor, little rough. She is a 4mo. Boxador groovy dog! So after 5 days seems to be the amount of time for dosages, of course I check her poop for worms going, but today was kinda wierd was when I looked at her poo I seen some thing flat an I looked again an said WHAT she passed a penny an it was tails up lol

Replied by Angel
(Chicago Suburbs, Illinois)

I have 2 handsome lab/pit boys (60lbs and 85lbs). I recently became unemployed and cannot think of parting with them. After all, they are family. So I am forced to figure out how to care for them without the expense of a vet $35-50 for one visit, and some vets charge for the extra dog. You still have to add cost of lab work and prescriptions). I tried fresh garlic - less than 2 (crushed) cloves each for three days, then stopped. Eventually, the smaller of the two expelled a large white worm. My other dog was only given it as a precaution. Neither had any reaction so I plan to resort to this only as needed for now.

A close friend of mine with the same breed of dogs recently went raw, and their health is improved tremendously. I plan this for mine when I am financially stable again.

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is also good. You can give it orally, massage it into their hair and spread it in or outside your home for fleas and ticks.

I was also recently in fear of one having heartworm but this wasn't the case. However, I found out that they are given arsenic by the vet for heartworm and have to be monitored extremely closely for over-activity because of the arsenic. How fearful!! Would you actually think this is better just because its through a vet? They even warn that chances of the treatment are risky 50/50 (life or death). Nah, I don't think so.

Dogs, like many other creatures are natural scavengers. If they didn't have owners like us, this is how they'd eat to survive. Just think of what they often take the chance of ingesting. They don't have the understanding of what's good or bad for their health. Likely, they eat it just because it smells good and they are hungry. So knowing this, I can feel a somewhat ok to try something as long as it isn't too farfetched.

I have to agree with many others, in that anything in moderation should not be deadly. So far, in each of the negative responses I've read, the pet was dispensed an unusual form, or an absolutely excessive amount, or there were other questionable factors that couldve possibly been the cause.

In knowing your pet and its general health, you should feel confident that you can make some choices for them yourself... after all, you do it each day when you feed them the food you've chosen for them (and all foods arent necessarily the best).

Good luck to all and God bless everyone for being such caring pet owners.

Replied by Miriam
(Springfield, Il)

I have been cooking for my dogs since 1992, I've always had large dogs, huskies, shepherds, and a lab mix. I feed them garlic whole grain pasta 2-3 times a week. They have all been healthy. My lab mix developed a heart condition later in life, but lived until 15. Currently I have German shepherd whose 11 and a husky who's 7. They have had garlic pasta since they were puppies and have only had fleas when I rescued the shepherd from the previous owners.

Replied by Janet

Would it be OK to up my X rotty she has been on garlic capsules since she was 8 wks old .I have seen no signs of worms as she is a house dog now.She is having 1000mgs a day but could she have worms lingering as she keeps nibbling round the anus area but only just recently. Could I up it to 2000mgs for maybe couple of days as I clean feces up every day and also we have foxes.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Janet,

There are many reasons for a dog to lick under the tail area. Rather than taking a shot in the dark and upping the dose to treat for suspected worms, please take a stool sample to your vet for a diagnosis to determine if your dog has worms.

Posted by Donna (La Luz, NM) on 11/01/2008

I was trimming my Bassett Hound's dewclaws and noticed under his tail, was some worms with "melon seed like pods". I immediately got him a "loaded" hot dog, loaded with 2 garlic capsules. I gave this to my other dog as well. I am not sure what type of parasite he has but he is not longer whining constantly, rubbing his backside on the ground, and the area beneath his tail no longer looks like an expressway. He was very happy and "bouncy" this morning even though he is at least 12 yeaars old. I dispensed another round of "loaded" hot dogs this morning and will repeat on a daily basis. I have 4 horses and give them garlic daily in their grain and their fecal tests come back negative on a 6 month basis. Garlic is a God send!!!

Posted by Donyale (Columbus, Ohio) on 07/21/2008

I have 4 wolves. One is a Timber wolf/ German Shepard. The other three are all in the high 90's as far as the wolf. Very little dog if any. About three weeks ago my husband and I thought our babies may have worms. So we took a stool sample to our vet and he told us that all four of the wolves had hookworms. The meds for all four of our wolves would have cost us $65.00 in all for all of them.Now my husband and I are not rich people so I did some nosing around on the internet and read up on Garlic cause a very wise old friend of mine once told me that Garlic can expel worms in dogs and Garlic can also prevent a worm infestation. So before I gave my wolves Garlic I looked it up on the internet and did my research. After two days of research I broke down and went to the store and bought some Fresh Garlic in clove form, came home and gave one clove each of Garlic to the wolves and in four days later in their stool were these live hookworms. Garlic will not kill the hookworms, what happens is that the Garlic cleans out the digestive track, now worms need a unclean place so they can thrive. Now by using Garlic to clean out the digestive track the worm will fall off the intestinal wall.The garlic also makes the blood of your pet taste and smell very foul. In my opinion Garlic is a wonder drug that is not only good for us humans to take daily but it works wonders for our four legged friends as well.

Replied by Rachel
(Underwood, Indiana)

Did you actually say "The garlic also makes the blood of your pet taste and smell very foul."? Can you tell us how you know the BLOOD of your pet TASTE foul? LOL!! I am hoping you mean taste foul to the worms.

Replied by Wizdem
(Hpt, Va)


Replied by Erik

I have 2 German shepherds. Please tell me how much garlic did you give them?

Posted by Diane (Foley, Alabama) on 06/03/2008

My female gave birth to 5 beautiful pups and of course she got worms, white ones, we started giving her chopped fresh garlic and within 3 days the worms were gone. The pups are 5 weeks and they have no worms either. Mother nature is very powerful!!

Posted by carla (houston, texas) on 01/28/2008

i had a doberman that lived to be about 16 years. one day we took him to the vet and we found out that he had heart worms and they told us the price for what we can do and were blown away. so we started to give him garlic in his food everyday. we took him to the vet about a month later and the heart worms were gone!! we told them what we did and they didnt believe us. about 11 years later he passed away from old age. we now have a min. pincher and we too give him garlic everyday! nasty farts, but no infections! Garlic is proven to fight infections but vets dont want you to know because its so much cheaper to buy garlic.

Replied by Darlene

Thank u 4 sharing with me everyone. Because I am on a fix income and I can't afford 2 take mine 2a vet. I owe a doctor bill trying 2 pay off now. And there are my baby's.

Posted by Koni (London, UK) on 01/19/2008

I have been sprinkling garlic powder on my dogs (home cooked) food since I got him aged 6 months. He's never had a flea. Recentley I ran out (of GP) and it was a week before I replaced it (me casually thinking all would be ok) During that week he got worms, when I put him back on the Garlic Powder the worms were eradicated. It works for me.

Posted by JoAnn (Manassas, VA/USA) on 07/31/2007

My 7 year old dog (ROXANNE) had been "uncomfortable" with herself for at least 3 weeks and had been "expressing" herself by chewing her feet and humping my beds, sofas and chairs.

On ANY day, it could be successfully argued that ROXANNE is a difficult/high maintenance MUTT (Rottweiler/Russian Shepherd/Basset mix) but, THIS TIME, she kept telling me -- and I had no problem recognizing her message -- that she was actually "in stress".


Initially, I attributed her discomfort to: (a) bugs (fleas and ticks -- trust me, not the problem), (b) the heat, and perhaps a rash she had developed and needed to "scratch" to the point of creating "sores" on herself; or (c) a food allergy (even though I've been feeding her "people food" -- along with her Science Diet menu -- as a TREAT ever since she was a puppy).

To these ends, I had been both showering and shampooing her (warm) and "hosing her down" (gently; cool) on a bi-daily basis (alternating between "commercial shampoo" and a baking soda/olive oil paste for relief).

In addition, I had been applying AloeVera, Olive Oil, NeoSporan and even some commercial "moisturizers" to her back and "hiney" areas (areas that seemed to be bothering her the most) on a regular basis.


After all of this and just six (6) days ago, she FINALLY squatted and rubbed her hiney on a patch of grass. My reaction:

Oh, my God! (and OK) She's got WORMS! (poor baby, but "fixable" and controllable!)


My Grandmother (God rest her soul) actually bred/raised cocker and springer spaniels in her NYC apartment during the 1930's and 1940's. In addition, she would "rescue" any/all strays that may come her way until the day she died (1985).

And one of the most significant (albeit basic) things she ever taught me about treating a dog with parasitic WORMS was to somehow get GARLIC into that dog's system (I know not about cats in this regard, but I can't see any reason why my Grandmother's "formula" wouldn't "work" for cats, too).


Day 1: I didn't have any clove garlic on hand, so I sprinked powdered garlic over ground beef ("hamburger meat"), cooked it, and fed it to ROXANNE (along with the same carrots, potatoes and peas I had earlier served to my own family).

After HOURS, there was no "appreciable" result.

Day 2: I purchased a GARLIC bulb at my local supermarket, took it home, broke it up, and BOILED 3 cloves in a nominal amount of water, sliced the cloves up, and poured the liquid over a couple of cans of commercial dog food.

And while ROXANNE gobbled up the meal, after HOURS of waiting, there was still no "appreciable" result.

Day 3: I was at my wits end, but totally believed that my Grandmother had told me TRUE about what to do (naturally) if/when a dog was experiencing this particular kind of "distress".

And so I boiled 2 more GARLIC cloves and, along with an approximate 1 T. of ground GARLIC, poured a "mixture" (which included this approx. 1/2 cup of water -- garlic cloves removed -- 1/4 cup Heavy Cream, 1/4 cup Half & Half and a can of Evaporated Milk into a bowl snd simply served it to her (cooled)).

Day 3 -- LATE NITE. ROXANNE awakens me, and tells me it is URGENT that she go outside and (very) reluctantly, I abide/consent/concede and respond to her "signal".

And, in retrospect, I am REALLY glad I did.

Because not only did ROXANNE "poop" like she had never done before (meaning 3 times, in various locations along our "path") but, when I "picked it up" (as is required by law) and "inspected" it (YUK! EWWW! and all of that), there were not only 2 really "super long" (but DEAD!) WORMS evident in her "elimination", but also evidence of "smaller" parasites ("white things") that had not survived our GARLIC onslaaught.


Day 4:

ROXANNE SLEPT for a really long time for her (perhaps 6 hours straight) after that particular "elimination experience".

But what was most STRIKING (to me, at least) is that, when she did eventually wake up from her nap, she was TOTALLY the smiling (yes, she DOES smile), dysfunctional (in so many ways, I just can't tell you!) MUTT (Rottweiler/Russian Shepherd/Bassett mix) I would do ANYTHING for (as she would do for me, I have NO doubt).

Day 4-6 (meaning, to present):

FINALLY, SHE was able to SLEEP. And therefore, so was I!

And FINALLY (and once again), it became a pleasurable experience (as far as I can take that) to "deal" with ROXANNE.

We (me and ROXANNE) have had 2 "good days" now.

And (optimist I usually am not), I am actually looking forward to many, many more days of ROXANNE being happily "cured".


Make no mistake: I will continue to watch for any/all other symptoms of ROXANNE's discomfort.

But as of right now, I feel pretty comfortable that her "problem" has been FIXED.

And I feel pretty stongly that's that's on account of GARLIC having been significantly imposed on her diet over the course of no fewer than 3 consecutive days.


IMO (and experience), my ROXANNE is perfectly imperfect.

It's been a difficult couple of weeks, but (especially after our most recent "trials"), I cannot thank my Grandmother (or GARLIC) enough -- specifically because, on account of ROXANNE feeling better, I, too, have been sleeping better and am feeling a whole lot better about a whole number of things now.

Replied by Jessa
(Stuart Fl)

Thanks to your grandma!!! My dad, also a hardcore Italian, keeps telling me the same about the garlic!! He used to breed dogs as well. My cat got worms last year. I gave her deworming medicine but my dad told me to give the dog a clove just in case he had it too. Well fast forward a year my dog, a Cavalier King Charles, Has worms. I called my dad immediately Because the vet's office is closed at this time. He says, no worry my sweetheart just give the dog garlic. He came over opened up some garlic and shoved a whole clove right down my dogs throat!! 😬 I don't know if I'm gonna be able to do that too but I'll give it a try. I'm just praying that this fixes him without having the expensive bill! Thanks for your story, it helped quite a bit!

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