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Posted by Michele (Phoenix, Arizona) on 08/04/2007

I wanted to reply to a couple of the comments that Donna made. She mentioned odor as one of the problems dogs can have from commercial foods. Wow! I can sure attest to that with our dog. Prior to home cooking she had terrible doggie odor. A bath a week, which isn't really good for most breeds, wasn't enough. Now that she is eating home cooked, supplemented with a high quality commercial kibble, she doesn't have an odor problem.

Donna also mentioned that she is shocked that people could blindly feed their dogs commercial foods. Well I feel that over the years the public has been brainwashed into believing commercial foods are the healthiest way to feed our pets. A lot of money is spent on advertising in order to get their point across that "people" food is bad for pets. I think the tainted pet food problem was a good wakeup call for a lot of us, myself included.

Like Donna says, we need to do our homework to insure that we our feeding our pets what is best for them. That can vary tremendously from breed to breed. So that is something to consider and research. There are websites that provide valuable information on this subject.

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Posted by Donna (Indianapolis, IN) on 08/04/2007

It shocks me that people blindly went about feeding their dogs garbage from discount stores and grocery stores and were then shocked to find out what was in that food. We had only to pick up the package and look. It was all there to see...corn, wheat, soy...all the things that cause terrible skin, eye, ear and even mouth allergies and chimcals that cause cancer and other problems. Feeding the same food day after day, year after year will hurt your dog. That packaged food in dicount and grocery stores is like feeding your dogs big macs every day..they taste great but will kill them. There's very little nutrition in them and it usually shows up on the spots, sores, odor, needing frequent baths. Runny eyes, smeely ears that have problems. Then, cancer or some other disease. It's easy to feed them right, feed them like you eat. Mine get whatever I'm having, minus certain things that are bad for them, like onions, chocolate, grapes, etc., but they gets lot of veggies, meat, raw and cooked, chicken, pasta, eggs, yogurt (they love fruit flavored, all this and a very high quality kibble that uses nothing but human grade bison and lamb and fish. Mine love sardines, although now I worry about where the come from (China?) and salmon and all kinds of fish. Feeding a dog is exactly like feeding yourself. Mix it up and give them a big variety. Cats too...cats are bigger carnivores than dogs and the perfect diet for a cat is mice. Literally. Meat..not fish. Read the ingredients, never buy anything with corn, wheat or soy or "flavorings" or anyting that comes from the grocery store or discount store. Most independent dog food stores and some health food stores carry good dog food. Buy that and then feed your dog all the things that are good for you and mix it all up in their food. They will live long happy lives and their skin problems will go away. I always supplement with flax see oil or fish oil, I do not use extra vitamins becuase the food I buy is so high quality it has all that in it. Just do your homework. And stay away from vaccines after age 1.

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Posted by Lana (Mishmar HaEmek, Israel) on 07/30/2007

My 6-1/2 year old dog started vomiting daily. This went on for months, though she didn't seem to be suffering in any way. Every vet I consulted said there was nothing wrong with her and that I needed to buy her a better grade of food, so I did, but she continued vomiting. Finally I decided to get her a dry food for senior dogs, even though she wasn't strictly a senior yet - and it worked instantly! The higher quality regular brands were just too rich for her to digest. Maybe this will work for others too.

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Posted by Judith-Ann (Woodend, VIC, AUSTRALIA) on 07/12/2007

A great deal of dog food has ingrediants in it that is sourced from off shore. I cannot comment on the Whole Foods supplied commercial dog food, but would recommend serious study of "raw feeding" - it's healthier & cheaper than anything out of a can or a bag. If you are in No. America, one good on-line supplier & advisor (biochemist with years of experienc in canine nutrition) is or buy the book "Raw Meaty Bones" by vet author, Tom Lonsdale. Another good resource site is Here's to healthy animals!

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Posted by Dina (newnan, Georgia) on 06/26/2007

I saw on your page about other dog food may be bad! And dogs passing away out of the blue. I just fell upon your site and felt that I should tell you my story. I had a Weim. Female. She would have been 3 on Aug.10, but she never made it. She was very healthy. She was in the back yard with water and a big dog house with a fan in it. She never touched her water. But when I got home I Thought she was Sleeping when I went out there to check her she had already passed! I have no clue what happend, I called the vet and he said that It may have been Blot. I really dont know she was Fine when I left, I am heart broken I hope this helps. I was feeding her Purina one Large Breed adult. I also have a male Weim. he is 5mo. old and I have done alot of research and as of today he is on a RAW diet, I dont want to take any chances. Good Luck

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Posted by Tim (Virgina) on 06/03/2007

I think a great deal more dog food is bad than is being reported. I've known several people at work who have had young dogs die unexpectedly. The food they had wasn't on the list. Stick with organic, human grade food, or human food.

Satin Balls

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Posted by Kewlfemale (Anaheim, Ca) on 10/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Before purchasing my Standard Poodle I researched everything possible, including food and nutrition, for one year. I have fed him 'satin balls' since the day I brought him home at 3 months of age; satin balls contains molasses. As I write, my Poodle is 21 weeks and returned earlier from booster shots, etc. The Vet, Nurse and Receptionist all commented on how exceptionally healthy my Poodle is. I didn't need them to tell me that but it sure was nice. You can find 'satin balls' recipe online and it is no more expensive than the store bought dog food Besure there is no sugar added to your molasses. FYI; I also give him wheatgerm. Let me know if you want the recipe.

EC: Here's one link to a recipe:

Apparently these satin balls put weight on a dog very quickly, as well as getting their coats nice and healthy!

Snorting Food

Posted by Asdzaan (Tempe, AZ) on 01/21/2015 2 posts

I adopted my 7+ years old chihuahua (chiweenie?) Brutus after finding him abandoned in an open field. His nails were trimmed and fairly clean overall so he was not in the field for very long. He was not neutered so he may have been used for reproductive purposes.

The problem is his tendency to eat/attack his meals with so much gusto that he makes snorting noises and often chokes on his food. The food goes up his nose and he blows or spits it out once or twice. Afterwards he often makes long and loud snorts in and out as if food is stuck up his nostrils, then he flicks/lick his nose area and his bedding until there is a huge wet spot. He acts panicky and I try to massage his nose outwardly hoping to help dislodge the food. Is there anything I can do to help him? Could I use a baby's bulb syringe?

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Azdzaan, it sounds like your dog eats his food too quickly. May I suggest to you to put a little bit of food into each hole of a patty cake pan which will slow him down good luck.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Asdzaan!

I agree that your dog may be eating too fast - wolfing his food down and getting some into his sinuses. There are ways to slow him down - food cubes where he has to work one piece of kibble out at a time to eat, the muffin pan idea is excellent as well. You might also consider hand feeding him; make him work for each piece of kibble by doing a sit/stay - down/stay - come - heel, etc. Hand feeding each piece of kibble goes a long way at creating a very obedient dog to boot!

Water Kefir

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/19/2014

My Cats and dogs get water kefir over their food once a day. I was out of baby probiotics and the health food store did not have it when I remembered the water kefir crystals in my pantry. This works and is really cheap to use. If there is constipation, just a little more of the liquid. It is available readily online.

The other time daily, they get ACV.

Namaste, Om

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