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| Modified on Apr 27, 2022
Adulterated Cat Food in Canada
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 09/25/2015

Four years ago just before elections, the Pet food industry approached the government of BC (and perhaps of all Canada) to put a filler, possibly melamine, into pet food . It could be more of non nutritious stuff. Now, just before elections in Canada, it has happened again. I used to buy a cat food by P.... I had been searching high and low for better cat nutrition but living in a small place to no avail. My feed store man remarked that they were "rearranging" their food again.

Today this is what happens: cats, seven of them, stare at me and they look hungry. The pet food they had so far in plenty stays on their plate untouched. They eat better quality grain free kibbles but four of them do not well on this alone. When I contacted the company which is also the first company to want to irradiate pet food, big talk recorded with "pet lovers" etc. I returned all the unopened cans and have to cut my losses as the ingredients seem to be a sponge soaked in flavouring and some colouring.

I was told that in turn for gov't favours, the pet food industry gives blocks of votes.

This is cruelty and avarice , greed and total disregard for honesty.

I would like pet owners to be aware that the cost of a can is partly inedible crap.

Sadly, Namaste honouring the integrity within you. Om

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Dharmony (Ny) on 08/09/2015

Hi Ted,

I just want to bring to your attention that dogs do not have the digestive enzymes to break down raw vegetables. Any vegetables should be steamed or cooked. Otherwise you are putting too much strain on the pancreas. In the wild, dogs would get vegetables from other animal's stomachs (partially digested). The other reason is that dogs do not have flat back teeth which are needed to grind vegetable matter and dog's jaws only move up and down and not side to side to grind. See link.

Do Dogs Need Fruits and Vegetables

As far as worms go, I would add FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to the diet until they are gone. It can be purchased at any feed store. (I know Tractor Supply has it.) Farmers put it in the animal feed to prevent mealworms and other pests. (DO NOT use the DE for swimming pools!! ) Worms are a reason a dog can lose weight. The DE has lots of other uses too (fleas used topically or in crevices for ants around the house) Go very slow adding only about 1/4 tsp to food and working up little by little so that too much worm die off at once doesn't make the dog sick. See chart of how much to give on the second link. Diatomaceous Earth and Worming with DE

As far as a dog food goes, I would find out what is in the cat food that they like. Is it chicken? Fish? Beef? Dogs do need protein. Perhaps they don't like the brand of dog food you had bought. Is it made mostly of grains like corn (which dogs are not meant to eat)? I would find a different brand and definitely read the label for good ingredients. Here is a good link that reviews dog foods. Best Dog Foods Then once you get a good brand, if they won't eat it, maybe add some boiled chicken or chicken broth to the food. Good luck.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Ted (Appin, Ontario, Canada) on 08/09/2015

I have two finicky little white dogs. They don't seem to like any kind of dog food. They love most raw veggies and fruit. They also like cat food, kibble any brand. I can sometimes trick them into eating dog food by putting it in the cat dish lol. One has no problems the other has worms almost all the time, and in summer she goes crazy with itch, chewing and scratching, back end and tail.

It's so bad she is losing weight. I just tried one quarter teaspoon Benadryl one hour ago and it seems to be working - she is not scratching.

Cross my fingers.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Kamee (San Diego, California) on 08/06/2015

I am planning to adopt a cat before the month ends. However, I don't know what is the safest way to feed it: home cooked meals, ready to eat cat foods, or raw meat like the dogs. I am looking for something that will keep it healthy without me spending too much. Thanks!

Best Nutrition for Dogs
Posted by Mikelangot99 (Usa Texas Dallas) on 08/06/2015

I am surprised to know that raw meaty bones are good for dogs. I used to cook them first before feeding them to my dog thinking it is the best for him. Thank you for this info. Now I know what to do. One question, can I feed him fish?

Raw Marrow Bone
Posted by Kathryn4 (Maryland) on 04/05/2015

Sorry, that I have not gotten back to this question, I get raw marrow bones at our grocery store from the butcher. I scrape out 95% of the marrow as too much of this can gives some dogs diarrhea. He chews and vet always says how good his teeth look. Actually I use it as a meal replacement once a week.

Snorting Food
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/21/2015

Hey Asdzaan!

I agree that your dog may be eating too fast - wolfing his food down and getting some into his sinuses. There are ways to slow him down - food cubes where he has to work one piece of kibble out at a time to eat, the muffin pan idea is excellent as well. You might also consider hand feeding him; make him work for each piece of kibble by doing a sit/stay - down/stay - come - heel, etc. Hand feeding each piece of kibble goes a long way at creating a very obedient dog to boot!

Snorting Food
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 01/21/2015

Azdzaan, it sounds like your dog eats his food too quickly. May I suggest to you to put a little bit of food into each hole of a patty cake pan which will slow him down good luck.

Snorting Food
Posted by Asdzaan (Tempe, AZ) on 01/21/2015 2 posts

I adopted my 7+ years old chihuahua (chiweenie?) Brutus after finding him abandoned in an open field. His nails were trimmed and fairly clean overall so he was not in the field for very long. He was not neutered so he may have been used for reproductive purposes.

The problem is his tendency to eat/attack his meals with so much gusto that he makes snorting noises and often chokes on his food. The food goes up his nose and he blows or spits it out once or twice. Afterwards he often makes long and loud snorts in and out as if food is stuck up his nostrils, then he flicks/lick his nose area and his bedding until there is a huge wet spot. He acts panicky and I try to massage his nose outwardly hoping to help dislodge the food. Is there anything I can do to help him? Could I use a baby's bulb syringe?

Posted by Diamond (Ma., US) on 11/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My husband and I give our dogs oatmeal, very good for humans, also dogs. We also add ground turkey or chicken, sometimes carrots, but the number one item is a can of pumpkin. No. one best over anything for pets. We have a cockapoo; she is very old and we thought for sure this past week she was ready to go-- she just couldn't get up to go out and do her duties. My husband and I would carry her out so she could go to the bathroom.... after awhile and this special diet and the strong will to live, she is back up and running. Thank you Earth Clinic for this site and showing our votes of confidence. Thank you GOD for our loving pets.

Water Kefir
Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 08/19/2014

My Cats and dogs get water kefir over their food once a day. I was out of baby probiotics and the health food store did not have it when I remembered the water kefir crystals in my pantry. This works and is really cheap to use. If there is constipation, just a little more of the liquid. It is available readily online.

The other time daily, they get ACV.

Namaste, Om

Diet for Puppy
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 07/15/2014

Hey Kay!

That's a lotta scooping you are doing!

A couple things come to mind.

If you are feeding a puppy kibble, your pup's metabolism shifted into low gear right around 16 weeks; he no longer needs the extra OOOMPH from the puppy kibble, so you might consider switching to adult chow.

That said, if you are feeding grain free you might be over feeding; if your puppy has puppy fat and you cannot easily feel the ribs, you may be over feeding. Even if he looks age appropriately rangy and not fat, you might consider cutting out the noon meal and seeing if that makes a difference.

And what treats are you giving? Pig's ears for snacks, raw hides for working the jaw, biscuits during training sessions? A chunk of cheese because you are standing in the kitchen with the fridge door open and he just happened to look super cute? They add up... and come out!

And the pumpkin - I know you added this for the constipation from the last food, but why are you continuing it? It certainly cannot be over looked as to why your pup has so many stools.

And how is his temperament over all? Is he a nervous Nelly or a laid back Larry? A high energy nervous type will simply have to 'go' more than a couch potato because the nervous Nelly's nerves just work things loose.

Diet for Puppy
Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl, Usa) on 07/15/2014

My five month old BC poops at least 3 x after each meal and I feed him 1 cup of dry food in am, 1/2 cup noon and 1 cup dinner. This is puppy size high quality food. I mix 1 tablespoon of canned pumpkin. The stools are normal and not diarrhea. I took him to the vet who wanted to put him on the food she sells. I did this and it constipated him. So, I have him back on the high quality food. Vet said he should poop within 45 minutes after eating and that would be all (3 to 4x per day).

any suggestions?

Diet for Puppy
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 06/04/2014

Hey Kay!

IMHO you are feeding your puppy way too much!! No wonder the concentrated protein grain free foods are giving your pup the runs - your BC is eating as if he were an adult Great Dane!

I agree that you should feed a puppy three meals a day, but right around 4 months their metabolism changes so they need far fewer calories than they did at 8 weeks because they are over their major growth spurt.

If this were my dog I would cut it back to one half cup portions - try three feedings a day and consider going to two depending on your comfort level. Do this first and check stool consistency. If there are still multiple stools after a feeding cut it back to one third a cup; if there is only one scant stool after feeding the half cup portion, then try increasing it to two thirds cup: fiddle with it until you find the right amount. As an adult your dog may get one cup am and pm -unless he is *actively worked* on a daily basis chasing sheep from sun up to sun down, which in that case you may end up feeding 2 cups am and pm - but for right now cut back on portion size and monitor stools.

Diet for Puppy
Posted by Kay (Jax, FL) on 06/04/2014

I have had my new now 13 wk old puppy on EN as prescribed by the Vet. The diarrhea is gone, but he goes to the bathroom a lot! I feed him 1 cup 3 x per day mixed with a teaspoon of pumpkin. He poops probably 3 times after each meal. He will go before bedtime, wake up around 1am go again and than again at 6am. When I asked the vet they said I should be feeding only morning and evening which I disagree with as every dog food package and article states puppies need more. Any suggestions? I have tried other grain free foods but they were causing the diarrhea

Dietary Tips
Posted by Michael (Seattle, Wa.) on 12/30/2013

Hello, my name is Michael. I live in Seattle, and yes, I believe it is raining today. In my years of experience with my dogs and helping other dog lovers learn how and what will reversed nearly every disease, nearly 100%!

Today I never feed my dogs horrible commercial dog foods. They are the major cause of all dog diseases I discovered. These kinds of foods become highly "acidic" in the intestine, and effect the liver and kidneys. Commercial dog foods are totally lacking in organic mineral, trace elements, enzymes and organic antioxidants. Dog foods are "dead" foods. Dead foods cause illness, like it does with humans.

If you want a dog that will live longer and will never get sick, is just do this: 1. stop feeding harmful dog foods to your best friend. 2. instead feed your animals fresh raw, fruits and veggies, including fresh meats only. You can also semi-cook fresh foods, but above all, please don't deny your dogs the abundant benefits of eating healthier, by feeding our dogs fresh organic foods.

Cascading with real organic minerals and vitamins that the body instantly recognizes and instantly assimilates at nearly 95%! No dog foods even come close to doing this.

Michael - dittovanmp(at)comcast(dot)net

Best Nutrition for Dogs
Posted by Sue (St Joseph, Mi) on 09/08/2013

Diana, could you be a little bit more specific about the raw meaty bones? How large is your dog and how much do you feed. What meats do you feed and do you feed pork?

Best Nutrition for Dogs
Posted by Diana (Plainview, New York) on 09/06/2013

I just wanted to jump in and encourage you to do some research on nutrition for dogs. Dogs ARE NOT vegetarians. Their whole anatomy is designed to eat meat. They are CARNIVORES. Look at their teeth, they were designed to rip meat. They also have a short digestive tract that is designed to digest meat. IT IS TOO SHORT to digest vegetables or fruits properly. And grain is DEFINITELY NOT GOOD FOR DOGS!! In fact, it is VERY BAD for them. This could very well be why they are having health issues. I feed my dogs a raw meaty bones diet and they are EXTREMELY healthy. My oldest dog is almost 9, and everyone thinks she is 4. Their teeth are perfectly clean, no need for cleanings EVER at the vet. Their coats are very glossy. Their eyes are very clear and sparkly. I do feed them some vegetables, but I put it in my blender first so they can digest it a lot more easily. You can easily do a google search online to verify what I have said. Good luck to you and wish you and your dogs the very best :-)

Food Allergies
Posted by Kerri (Clarkston, Mi) on 04/10/2013

Have you tried steamed cauliflower?

Food Allergies
Posted by Charliesmom (Cambridge , Ma) on 04/09/2013

Please check out the book "royal treatment" by Dr. Royal.

Food Allergies
Posted by Cecilia (Happy, NY) on 04/05/2013

Greetings, I own an 11 year old Westie. I don't vaccinate him (except rabies) and don't use any chemicals to rid him of fleas. He has a beautiful dense coat. But, he can not tolerate any food except chicken breast with white rice (barely). He always has a soft stool on this diet, which is very discouraging. I have tried to eliminate the white rice. When this is attempted he gets very gassy and then gets diarrhea. Due to the white rice he does have a bad yeast infection in one of his paws and depending on the season can get very itchy ears. Lastly, my poor dear also get a crustitis on his lips which makes his canines hang over. My number one concern is his diet. I have tried plain yogurt and pure pumpkin. But after a few days it seems to catch up with his sensitive belly and then gets diarrhea. I would like to replace the rice perhaps with something more tolerable to have with the chicken breasts? Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Many thanks!!

Raw Marrow Bone
Posted by Anon (Ny) on 04/03/2013

Hi. Can you tell which type of bones are safe and where you get them? Thanks.

Raw Marrow Bone
Posted by Kathryn4 (Owings, Md.) on 04/03/2013

Let us reduce our vet bills:).

Raw Marrow Bone
Posted by Kathryn4 (Owings, Md.) on 03/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

To replace a meal I give my dog a raw marrow bone to chew on. It cleans his teeth and the vet said she never saw a dog's teeth as fine as mine. Remember to clean out the marrow or most of it else your dog could get the runs.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Kate (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 01/17/2013

Due to long term unemployment I wasn't able to barely afford even the "good holistic" food for my girl. I found a way, thank to God for provision. I finally got a p/t job and some extra $ from family members. I switched my 12.5 year old German Shorthair Pointer girl to Sojo's Veggie mixed with Basmati Rice as her health was failing.

I could not afford the Vet. This food plus some vitamins and herbals for her made a major difference. In a month she lost about 8 lbs (she really wasn't overweight) but this helped her back and hind legs/knees as well. I can say that I will do whatever I can to always keep her on this food.

I now add some fresh ground meat (cooked) to her food. She acts like her old happy, playful self. Her bloated belly is all gone, ear wax/funk is all gone and she is just happier and I am as well.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Rev. Dr. Mayo (Alva, Florida, United States) on 12/12/2012

If you say you are feeding your dog human food, are you claiming animal products are human food? Humans are herbavores, they should eat only a fruit and vegetable based diet. Dogs are omnivores and should eat food from animals and fruits and vegetables. If you are eating food from animals and you feed your dog your food, then you would feeding them the proper diet and feeding yourself the wrong diet.

All kibble dog food is not a natural dogs food, where would they find it in nature? There are a few acceptable kibble dog foods, but very expensive and not nearly as good as raw meat and vegetables/fruit added for your dogs health. Most all kibble contain grains, fillers and by products, all very bad for you dogs health.

General Feedback
Posted by Aida (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) on 08/19/2012

Hi, need some advise. It is okay for a six months old persian kitten ate cakes, cookies and spicy food? I try to give my kitten to eat blackwood kitten kibbles but its dislike instead she ate adult blackwood. She like to eats our foods too. Please advise as I am not sure how?

Reader Feedback
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh/usa) on 08/03/2012

In response to Brenda's post, I also wanted to add that when you switch your Yorkie's food to ONLY dog food, don't start feeling sorry for her and start feeding her people food again if she doesn't eat the dog food right away. Hold your ground and be vigilant! If she ignores the dog food, that's fine! She'll eat it when she gets hungry enough. Don't cave in!

Reader Feedback
Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh/usa) on 08/03/2012

First of all, definitely STOP ALL people food! People food is NOT healthy for dogs (except the occasional RAW veggie or fruit and boiled chicken or hamburger with a little white rice if they have diarreah). Make sure you check this ASPCA link for a list of foods that are toxic to pets:

Try a higher-quality/better-quality/grain-free dog food. I feed my dog the Taste of the Wild brand and she loves it. If you go to a higher-end pet store they sometimes carry sample packets of the better dog food that you can try with your Yorkie.

NOTE: when switching dog foods remember to switch the food gradually. For example, if you currently feed your dog 1 cup of food twice a day, then start with @3/4 cup of the old food PLUS 1/4 of the new food twice day. Do this for @ 1 week, then the next week, continue to lessen the old food and increase the new food. Make sure to contact your vet if you have any questions about your dog's reaction to the new food (you may need to get a different new food, or the vet may recommend something else).

You might also try mixing dry food with a little bit of wet food (the same brand) OR adding a little bit of hot water to the dry food and stirring it up to make a sort of gravy. I know my dog loves it when I do that.

You could also get canned UNSALTED green beans from your supermarket and add a couple of tablespoons in with the food. This adds bulk to the meal, but no fat or calories.

Again, contact your vet, even with a phonecall and talk with a vet tech to save money, if you have further questions or concerns.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Brenda (Palmetto, Ga, Usa) on 08/02/2012

I have a 5 yr. Yorkie (under 10lbs) and he will not eat dog food. I have tried every brand, type, wet, dry. He will eat bologna, hot dogs, but I know this is not good for him to continue, so I boil chicken. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Posted by Ky Mama (Clinton, Ky, Usa) on 07/30/2012
5 out of 5 stars

We just got a Great Pyrenees puppy. He isn't fond of dog food, and neither am I. I figure, when you are insulting food, you call it dog food. Dog food is inferior to people food, why give it to my expensive dog? Cheap dog food is 40cents a pound. I can get quality grains that I feed my family for this price, so I am getting started feeding him some real food. I have been making him oatmeal each morning. I add a little sea salt, a t. of blackstrap molasses, 1/2 t. Garlic powder and this morning I added a teaspoon of spirulina. He shares it with the cats and likes it better than dog food. I am also going to give him eggs every day. I will supplement his diet with dog food just because I may not always have enough leftovers for him, but he should be able to get plenty of meat and grains and veggies from what we have leftover. I grew up with a pure bred dachund in my house. She was fed people food all the time. She hated dog food. When she was an elderly dog my mom fixed her scrambled eggs every day! She lived to be 17. Obviously, people food didn't hurt her.

Barf Diet
Posted by Jr (Coloma, Mi) on 06/12/2012

Are you feeding bones? If so, what kind.

Barf Diet
Posted by Lisa (Vancouver, WA) on 06/09/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I put my ShihTzu & LhasaTzu on the BARF diet about 9 months ago. Best 3 Benefits of BARF:

My LhasaTzu was always afraid of loud noises like fireworks or gun shots.... She has way MELLOWED OUT

She NO LONGER has FLEAS (she is light colored fleas love light colored dogs)

Both dogs' teeth have less tarter & good breath.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Swhit (Los Angeles, Ca) on 06/02/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After going through all the trouble of making our own organic dog food for years I finally gave in and researched on line. I found Blue Mountain for our 7wk old Border Collie and have fed her that for the past 1/2 yrs. Her eyes are bright, teeth are white, she shines from head to paw and sorry to say too alert ( more than a normal BC). The vet complimented us on how good she looks and wanted to know what we had been doing. She will eat all (organic) fruits and veggies except raw zucchini for some reason but she loves orange juice of all things.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Katmjef (Gaylesville, Alabama) on 05/27/2012

I have been reading this site because I have two Great Pyrenese and I am treating them for their hot spots, fleas and after effects of vet treatment of mange. I just tried the ACV today and will update later.

The reason for my comment is that several people are on here arguing for diffferent brands of dog food and slamming purina. I have been feeding my dogs purina for years and have had no problems. I did go to and am reporting back to all of you who want people to change dog foods that every single one you have suggested has or is being recalled for ecoli or salmonella or just poor ingredients/ practices in production. NOWHERE on this site is there one thing about PURINA. I do pay a little more for purina than some foods, but I am not going to feed my dogs human food because, and I don't mean to shock anyone but, they are not human.

Thank you for the advise for the uses of ACV.

Food Recall
Posted by Prflgrl (Tampa, Fl, Usa) on 05/25/2012

My dog was affected by this recall. I am done feeding her kibble. I am cooking rice and either turkey or chicken along with a few veggies. My vet recommended a good multi vitamin to help supplement her food.

I wanted to let others know that humans have been affected by tainted dog food.

Here is the CDC link with information