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Mineral Salt
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn Usa ) on 12/21/2011

Got 6 Rhode Island Red Hens and and now feeding them mineral salt so they will drink lots of water and lay lots of eggs. Can anyone improve on this?

====ROBERT HENRY============

General Feedback
Posted by Peter (Calgary, Ab.) on 12/12/2011

If a dog licks up alot of her own blood will it make the dog sick?

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Diamond (Salisbury, Usa) on 10/02/2011

I just adopted two seven year old cats, they are so beautiful, but they have been on an iams diet for that amount of years, they have ended up way over weight & one is so big I can barely see her feet, the other isn't quite as heavy and very out going, today I have been searching for a rich but low balance food. I hope to help these cats back to normal health & save their lives, before they get any sicker.

Here is some thing really great I would like to share; I read during my search, I have read this many times before from different people/pet lovers/owners etc.

There is so much more of the truth out there on how we are treating or allowing our pets to be treated by vets. "Please read"I am for sure going to make greater changes for my pets now.

Also no animal has to have all these shots after a certain age. I do believe two shots ARE rabies & distemper. "AND those shots most times if they are subcutaneous they can be bought at agway and/or any feed & grain store, its just a light pinch on surface skin & inject fluid. I save so much money from all of this rather than the run around like a merry-go-round.

I recently mentioned to my vet via a phone conversation if he could give me a little bit of advice over the phone as to what & how to rid a cat of mange(?) he says bring her in and I will check her thyroid(?)it just doesn't make any sense to me.

During the time when every one lost their pets due to iams products, every one of mine died; I never knew that friskies or 9 lives was an iams product, now I try my best to find the best food ever to save my pets, and those that care to. I find that most raw food diets are as affordable as iams, or any other low grade products, I feel my animals deserve that much. Thank you all.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Polly (Liverpool, Merseyside) on 09/25/2011

My sons dog pee's on the grass which leaves brown burn patches. His friends all seem to have the some problem. He bought something to add to his food. That's no help so he wants to find something nautral, reading the post on the pet clinic there was something on acid.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Jordan (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on 09/17/2011

Well, the ideology presented by Ted seems rather logical. Despite how it may sound, the argument is not backed by science and actually poses many flaws that will be harmful to your pet. I do agree that the mainstream pet food sold to owners is actually biologically contradictory to their needs, but they are much more balanced and safe than a fish and salt water diet. Felines did not and do not naturally consume sea food of any sort. See a lot of big cats in the ocean? This notion began during the Great Depression, because it was a cheaper alternative. Since cats aren't biologically engendered to eat fish, this results in vitamin deficiencies and a disease caused by an inability to properly break down a form of the fat found in high concentrations. As for salt water, it is the same scenario. Felines have never been salt water consumers during any point of their evolutionary path. It is potentially hazardous for humans and animals. If you're determined to add something to your cats water, add a tsp or half tsp of apple cider vinegar to their water.

Posted by Momof05 (Williamsport, Pa) on 08/18/2011

I have a Cavapoo puppy who is 11months old now. I have never been able to find a dog food he likes. I haven't changed his dog food too frequently because I know it's not good to do so. He seems happy and healthy. Very playful, but he is skin and bone! I'm thinking of trying sweet potatoes added to his present food since reading this forum it seems a popular item that dogs like and prevents diarrhea. He's only about 10 pounds, is 2T mixed in to his food too much? Does anyone have any other suggestions? I've tried wet as well. I "feed" him the Blue Buffalo right now. He will eat it if I hand feed him, something I started.

Barf Diet
Posted by Happyboy (Singapore) on 04/14/2011

My 5 y.o. dog fungal problem. He used to smell even a day after a shower. My remedy for him was:

1) Every night, I 'painted' his affected areas, mainly his legs/hands, with cocnut oil.

2) I gave him 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, together with his RAW blended veggies/RAW meat.

He has fully recovered from his fungal problem and can go 2 weeks without a shower and not stink. As his fungal problem was rather severe, it took 4 months for him to fylly recover from this. I adopted him when he was 3 y.o. and was kibble fed. I changed him to BARF diet when I adopted him.

Barf Diet
Posted by Jr (Coloma, Mi) on 04/14/2011

Are you feeding raw bones? If so, what kind.

Reader Feedback
Posted by Jimbob (Toronto, Canada) on 03/27/2011
1 out of 5 stars


STOP feeding your dogs and cats CORN based foods! They are carnivores and require MEAT. Corned filled kibble leads to numerous health issues and endless vet bills.. Why else do you think the leading CORN based food is "Recommened by veterinarians". My suggestion is a raw meat diet mixed with a high quality meat based kibble that does not contain, CORN, or POTATO fillers.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Posted by Deirdre (Atlanta, Ga) on 06/22/2010

Hi Monadz,

Oh Wow, does your post bring back memories! I had a Malamute who had exactly (and I mean EXACTLY) the same issue... I loved him so much, but oh what a rascal he was. Oh the stories, the stories! You can't believe what I tried to get him to eat (well, maybe you can). He would usually eat a few bites of his food, but then no more. At one point I put him on a homemade, mostly raw food diet and that worked (though not all the time, I must admit). He lived to be quite old, but getting him to eat was a constant battle. He basically hated any type of dog food period. Human food, okay.

I now have my two dogs on a mostly home cooked (not raw) diet now, so if you'd like the recipe, I'll post it. Each time I prepare a new batch of food, I change the type of meat I use, so the dogs are loving it. My golden retriever has a hard time losing weight (borderline hypothyroid), so my vet gave me this recipe... basically brown rice, meat protein and vegetables. Takes about 20 minutes to make... If you make large quantities of it for your St. Bernard, you'll want to get a rice cooker and food processor to speed things up.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes
Posted by Lisa (Wichita Falls, Texas) on 06/23/2010

This is so funny because I have a dog like this. Only he is so not a big dog! He is a chihuahua mix! He is 11 years old and yes I cook for my doggie!!People tell me to leave dog food down for him and when he gets hungry enough that he will eat it. I tried that once a long time ago and he did not eat for almost two days! There is no way that I am going to do that to him. He is 11 now,so I guess we are doing something right! I have 10 cats also!!But, they get cat food ,there is no way that I can afford to get them started on people food. But,they do get treats of salmon or chicken or something like that sometimes!

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Ted (Appin, Ontario, Canada) on 08/09/2015

I have two finicky little white dogs. They don't seem to like any kind of dog food. They love most raw veggies and fruit. They also like cat food, kibble any brand. I can sometimes trick them into eating dog food by putting it in the cat dish lol. One has no problems the other has worms almost all the time, and in summer she goes crazy with itch, chewing and scratching, back end and tail.

It's so bad she is losing weight. I just tried one quarter teaspoon Benadryl one hour ago and it seems to be working - she is not scratching.

Cross my fingers.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Dharmony (Ny) on 08/09/2015

Hi Ted,

I just want to bring to your attention that dogs do not have the digestive enzymes to break down raw vegetables. Any vegetables should be steamed or cooked. Otherwise you are putting too much strain on the pancreas. In the wild, dogs would get vegetables from other animal's stomachs (partially digested). The other reason is that dogs do not have flat back teeth which are needed to grind vegetable matter and dog's jaws only move up and down and not side to side to grind. See link.

Do Dogs Need Fruits and Vegetables

As far as worms go, I would add FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to the diet until they are gone. It can be purchased at any feed store. (I know Tractor Supply has it.) Farmers put it in the animal feed to prevent mealworms and other pests. (DO NOT use the DE for swimming pools!! ) Worms are a reason a dog can lose weight. The DE has lots of other uses too (fleas used topically or in crevices for ants around the house) Go very slow adding only about 1/4 tsp to food and working up little by little so that too much worm die off at once doesn't make the dog sick. See chart of how much to give on the second link. Diatomaceous Earth and Worming with DE

As far as a dog food goes, I would find out what is in the cat food that they like. Is it chicken? Fish? Beef? Dogs do need protein. Perhaps they don't like the brand of dog food you had bought. Is it made mostly of grains like corn (which dogs are not meant to eat)? I would find a different brand and definitely read the label for good ingredients. Here is a good link that reviews dog foods. Best Dog Foods Then once you get a good brand, if they won't eat it, maybe add some boiled chicken or chicken broth to the food. Good luck.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Kate (Charlotte, North Carolina) on 01/17/2013

Due to long term unemployment I wasn't able to barely afford even the "good holistic" food for my girl. I found a way, thank to God for provision. I finally got a p/t job and some extra $ from family members. I switched my 12.5 year old German Shorthair Pointer girl to Sojo's Veggie mixed with Basmati Rice as her health was failing.

I could not afford the Vet. This food plus some vitamins and herbals for her made a major difference. In a month she lost about 8 lbs (she really wasn't overweight) but this helped her back and hind legs/knees as well. I can say that I will do whatever I can to always keep her on this food.

I now add some fresh ground meat (cooked) to her food. She acts like her old happy, playful self. Her bloated belly is all gone, ear wax/funk is all gone and she is just happier and I am as well.

Beef Liver
Posted by Pumkin (Hemet, Ca, Usa) on 01/19/2010

I have a puppy whose about 5 months and I just started feeding him a homemadefood puppy food and I would like to know how much beef liver is safe for a small dog?

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Jenn (New York, Ny) on 01/18/2010

I have a 5 yr old pug....when he was a puppy and had his routine vacc's, he had an allergic reaction and almost traditional vet pumped him with drugs to stop swelling. When he was 4 1/2 the same thing happend, but alot worse. 4 months after the vaccinosis(drug(vacc overdose)... he started having seizures, licking the air, itching, losing consciousness.. then one day.... his hind legs went and he refused to go on our daily walk.

I freaked out and took him to nyc, the hamptons to our local primary to manhattans best anim hosp to chinese med meets traditional med vet and last.... homeopath! he changed his diet to home cooked duck, barley, oats carrots(a few other ingredients) diet... he's detoxing from the toxicity in his body and we both sleep at night now...he saved and changed our lives

Until i found this homeopath, i didnt sleep for a whole month because my dog was having cluster seizures and spasms every single time he would SIT or sleep...he kept falling into deeper sleeps..back to back seizures....biting and violently barking at strangers(out of nowhere)worst experience of my life about 3 days later on homeopathic remedies and a new diet, i fell asleep because he was able to sleep peacefully....

check out some wellness/holistic vets in your area...

i almost lost my best not going to lose him now....gluck my email is [email protected]

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Brigid Mcgregor (South Texas) on 05/21/2016

I, like Jenn from NY, have a pug who became ill after vac. shots and 1st round of heartworm med. w/ flea control. He became very sick very fast. it was like his immune system was gone. one day a very healthy active 1 yr old. and then bam! Fever, swelling skin lumps twitching, etc. and the fleas attacked him very bad and caused secondary infections, parasites. all w/ in 30days. I was shocked.

I am now on the natural cures and food.

I use raw and cooked, veggies and fruits. everything in moderation. also no chemical at all! . it takes effort but its worth it. I never fed him commercial pet food anyway. My instincts are not to trust corp. dog food manufacturers. I trust my own food source.

Raw Eggs
Posted by Patricia (Miami, Florida) on 11/05/2009
1 out of 5 stars


My vet has informed me that raw eggs are not good to give to your dog, he mentioned it could have a detrimental effect on the liver. I have seen other posts where people have recommended raw eggs for pets though.

Raw Eggs
Posted by Countrygrown (Sacramento, Ca) on 06/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

All of my life (that's a long time) we have fed all of our dogs raw eggs. It makes their coats shiny and good for their skin. The thing you don't want to do with raw eggs is seperate the whites from the yolks. There is a chemical substance in the white of the egg that the yolk counter acts against. Could be vice versa. I can't remember the name of the substance but as long as you keep them together, raw eggs are fine. I also beat them a little to make sure they are getting the yolk with the egg. I don't give them everyday though. I'm sure there are others who give them more often. When I run across the article that tells me the name of the breakdown of the whites and yolks I'll post it. Sorry, I can't remember the name of the substance. I think that if you don't give your dog just all whites, or all yolks, you won't have any problems unless their allergic to eggs. Lol. This could have been another "garlic" type of issue. I have used garlic for years and now all of a sudden it's bad for your dogs. I still use it. My dogs also have always eaten onions and grapes too. No chocolate though. The onions, raisins and grapes is a new one on me. If you get anymore info about the eggs hope you post it. It's always about keeping the four legged kids happy and healthy. Blessings, Cg

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Jo (Hemet, Ca) on 10/17/2009

I just adopted a teeny, weeny, 3 lb 6oz, Chihuahua. I KNOW that commercial dog food is not healthy for my little girl. I would definitely like to go raw, but because of her size......I am a little nervous. Anyone have any suggestions as to what might be best for her? I rescued her from the Humane Society...she seems a little on the skinny side, but appears healthy otherwise.

I am a huge ACV fan, so I would like to put a few drops in her drinking water or mix it with her food and am really looking for suggestions on type of food and amounts. I feel like one wrong move with as small as she is....well, you understand.

Satin Balls
Posted by Kewlfemale (Anaheim, Ca) on 10/16/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Before purchasing my Standard Poodle I researched everything possible, including food and nutrition, for one year. I have fed him 'satin balls' since the day I brought him home at 3 months of age; satin balls contains molasses. As I write, my Poodle is 21 weeks and returned earlier from booster shots, etc. The Vet, Nurse and Receptionist all commented on how exceptionally healthy my Poodle is. I didn't need them to tell me that but it sure was nice. You can find 'satin balls' recipe online and it is no more expensive than the store bought dog food Besure there is no sugar added to your molasses. FYI; I also give him wheatgerm. Let me know if you want the recipe.

EC: Here's one link to a recipe:

Apparently these satin balls put weight on a dog very quickly, as well as getting their coats nice and healthy!

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Celleste (Penang, Malaysia) on 09/15/2009

Dear all pet owners who are feeding raw,

I hope to start feeding my dog raw, but would like some advice/ suggestions first from seasoned raw-feeders. How did you go about the transition from their previous food to raw? Did you just start putting raw meat on their plate and they eat it? And how did you sterilize the food? Did you take extra precaution on washing around the dog's mouth after feeding? My dog is an indoor pet, he loves to lick (us) and sleeps with us on the bed, so hygiene is of my main concern.

Thank you very much in advance. Looking forward to your feedback!

Homemade Cat Food Recipes
Posted by Shekanahh (Tulsa, Ok) on 09/13/2009

Natural Cat Food: I just read a person's comments that they rescued a stray kitten and cooked up a batch of chicken stew with lots of veggies. While rescuing kitties is commendable, and the chicken veggie stew may be a cut above canned or dried, it is still not the natural diet of a feline.

Please folks, this is the information highway. Find out how to make your beloved pets a healthy, natural RAW diet of ground chicken, rabbit or a combination, complete with finely ground bones. You can do it!

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Andre (New York City, USA) on 02/26/2009

I had the same question about catfood and found out one such ethical and *very* good small company that manufactures healthy dog food and human foods as well.

See Wysong and a picture of my healthy cat who agrees ;-)

Kal the cat was also successfully treated of ear mite with Ted dog mange cure adapted for cats in 2007 - he has been w/o mites since - see him there

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Kamee (San Diego, California) on 08/06/2015

I am planning to adopt a cat before the month ends. However, I don't know what is the safest way to feed it: home cooked meals, ready to eat cat foods, or raw meat like the dogs. I am looking for something that will keep it healthy without me spending too much. Thanks!

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Malgo (Bristol) on 12/03/2018

I feed my cat mix of raw meat, baby food, cooked fish, I give her some spirulina and flaxseed oil tablets as well. I started rubbing my cats gums with coconut oil and I am also trying to spray her mouth with colloidal silver to her dismay as I just came back from vets routine check up and found out she has a tartar build up on her teeth and gingivitis. Vet suggested a good clean up, hopefully I will be left with some monies for christmas, lol

Reader Feedback
Posted by James (Garfield Heights, Ohio, USA) on 02/24/2009

Body welts: My dog was wound up after I gave her a bath. It was great to see her acting so cheerful. The next day she was lethargic, she would not eat or even go outside.

I took her to my veteranarian who was perplexed. He thought she was shot with a bb gun. I took her to another veteranarian only to find she suffered from an allergic reaction to dog food. Never use another family's dog food. If your dog enjoys one food I would not suggest a sudden change. My dog is a pedigreed mutt of 5 different terriers. I immediately returned her back to her diet along with taking meds the veteranarian gave her. Use only a good name brand of dog food. Whenever you have someone dog sit for you make sure he or she never changes the food. It may cause a serious problem.

Reader Feedback
Posted by JB (Atlanta, gA) on 04/05/2009

Reply to James Garfield in OH What you said about keeping the same diet is a bunch of hooey. My dogs NEVER eat the same thing twice in a row. Never have any stomach problems. I feed totally raw, organic. My dogs have clean teeth, fresh breath, glossy coats, good skin, clear eyes & ears & tons of energy. All this cooked, processed garbage on the market causes the same diseases in pets & humans, i.e. diabetes, heart conditions. I certainly hope you research & educate yourself on proper nutrition. I feel sorry for your dog being on processed foods & medicene from the vet. I started raw feeding 8 years ago when my Dachshund was chemically poisoned (inhaled) on pretty green grass while traveling. The conventional vets did more damage with a well known perscription diet, lactulose & round after round of antibiotics & surgery. My dog kept going downhill til I researched & changed her diet to raw. Those vets thought I was crazy but could not figure out WHY her skin & ears cleared up & her stomach settled. I think they were sad they were not getting my money anymore. I now only use a homeopatheic/osteopathic vet. My pack is extemely healthy.

Vaccination are another source of potential problems. People, please educate yourself on the host of troubles these can cause. There are tests to see if they are needed, tittering (sp?) Most pets are severly over vaccinated.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Tricia (Denver, CO) on 02/25/2009

I'm glad that you posted a comment on Taste of the Wild. I too switched to this brand from another equally good brand. I switched because my newly adopted pet was consistently having runny/loose stools. Once I switched my two dogs over to Taste of the Wild they are both more regular. I have recently implemented raw food into their diet also; a small portion with every meal. I wish you the best of luck with your dogs health.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Shirley (Missouri) on 10/28/2008

Thank you, Terese from Long Beach, Ca.

After reading your post, I have purchased some dog food from Flint River Ranch. I have 2 Toy Poodles. The female is 5 years old. She is smaller with shorter legs and body. The male is about 3 years old. He is taller with longer thin body. (Yes they are spayed and neutered). The female has allergies of some kind. We haven't found out what she's allergic too.

I was already using Wellness Brand Super 5 Mix. But the problem with it was they wouldn't eat it unless I added something to it. So after I read your post, I was happy to look into this Flint River brand. I loved what I read on the reviews of this food. So I ordered the lamb meal from them. They do eat this food without anything added and I think it's helping her with her skin problems.

She doesn't scratch as much as before. She seems much more content and I think maybe with changing her food; she will eventually be cured of the constant scratching. Our other dog has no allergies and does well on any food if it's one they will eat. We have always tried to get a quality brand dog food without any bad ingredients, to keep them healthy.

I do have some of the Wellness food left. I started with adding the new brand with this one so they could adjust. I was surprised to see them eating both brands. I only put them in the pan side by side and did not mix them. So I wonder why with having both brands that they would eat the one they wouldn't eat before. That was puzzling to me.

Both these foods in my opinion are healthy foods and I know there are others out there. I have no interest in any brands, except looking to keep my babies healthy and happy.

Brand Comparisons
Posted by Terese (Long Beach, Ca) on 12/15/2009

UPDATE: Im am so thrilled to see others get results. Our GS dog is doing AMAZING. We have continued to research and try other brands. We now routinely feed our dog Chicken and beef (our old vet said not too).

The following brands have been cleared by our dog with fantastic results;-)All have vitamins and NO by products or unhealthy ingredients...

Flint River- when gas skyrocketed they were forced to raise prices because of shipping being included.
Wellness- Core has been amazing for our dog and helped keep on wieght.
Blue Buffalo Company- Probably the best priced for what you get if buying from store.
Orijeen- Probably one of the highest quality kibbles, but also the most expensive.
The Honest Kitchen- Dehydrated raw food for those who want to feed raw without the hastle.
Nature's Variety- Another great product, but again its pricey..
Innova- All lines are very good.
Eagle Pack Holistic- Another excellent product
Timberwolf Organics Bison- Very strong protien with all the nutrients.

Also recommended is, Dick Van Pattens, Royal Canin,Solid Gold and Authority.

And for the SHOCKER for those on a budget: Costco's
Kirkland Signature brand (Chicken rice and veggie)!! I know I was shocked too, but check out the ingredients.

Please, please please please avoid these brands at ALL cost, especially if your dog isnt in perfect health:

Science Diet
Pet Gold
Pro Plan
Ol Roy- Lowest rated food out of 100
Purina- 2nd lowest rating

Finally we always put a teaspoon of ACV and Food Grade only Diatemacious earth, which is a natural dewormer, in our dogs food daily.

If you have ANY health problems, START with their food. Also if you have a food processor grind up some organic veggies (must break the cell wall of the veggie for your dog)and put in food. Also a good plain yogurt and vitamin C (caplets)is recommended. I guarantee if you do this you will get results :-)
I hope this helps saves some dogs like it did mine!

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