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Adulterated Cat Food in Canada
Posted by CW (Tropics) on 01/09/2023

Appreciate this is an old post and may not get a reply but I wanted to put it out there.

Our dogs and cats are minimally vaxxed, not chipped (never ever) and have a pretty much natural diet in that about the most unhealthy thing we feed them is a can of, say, mackerel in tomato sauce (not perfect by any means but human-consumption grade).

Then a relative bought the cats as a treat a massive sack of dried food. I won't out the brand but it begins with P and is expensive.

Immediately, the cats got addicted and begged for it constantly. And within a week, their fur began falling our in clumps (both of them the same). We're talking about bald strips 3 or 4 inches long by an inch wide on the inner legs. They weren't sore, but they might have become so with the licking that was going on.

We threw that stuff away (they went through the kind of cold turkey they don't like) but it took a few weeks before their fur grew back.

On visiting the P website, we see a hypocritical section on pet skin diseases urging people to take cats to the vet....covering their backs because the buggers are causing it!

Am I a conspiracy theorist for believing these depopulation agendas that seem to be going on also apply to our animals? Doh...