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Posted by Jennifer (Florida) on 07/09/2015

For fleas - set out a shallow pan of water with dawn dish liquid (few drops mixed in) place a table lamp over it in a dark room, A night light works too. The fleas are attracted to the warmth of the lamp and jump in.

Dish Soap
Posted by Erin (Indiana) on 08/22/2013

I have 2 cats that both became infested with fleas. I put frontline on them a little more than a week ago. It did not work. They still had fleas, much to my astonishment, being as frontline is supposed to be good stuff... Not to mention, expensive! I just got done giving them both dawn dish soap baths. Got them wet, lathered them up very good, head toe, very good and thoroughly. Then let them sit for a few minutes in the lather. I almost immediately saw all the fleas dropping off, dead. Rinsed them down the drain and now I have a huge weight off my shoulders!

Dish Soap
Posted by Awesome Person (Texas) on 07/17/2013

I use dawn dish liquid to wash my dogs and it instantly kills most fleas.

Dish Soap
Posted by Sapphire (Orlando , Fl) on 02/01/2013

Hello, I've been reading alot about flee control, and I'm seeing that giving my dog (LabPit mix 4months old) a bath in DAWN dish soap or adding garlic to her diet (sprinkling power over her food or cutting cloves) helps, or by bathing her and/or rinsing her with VINIGER works. Could I try the combination of these things?

  • Dish soap bath
  • Vinigar rinse( or add a little to her drinking water)
  • Garlic powder or cloves to her diet.

I have been bathing my Sapphire with Adams plus for animals, it works for that day, killing ever stage of flea, tick, and lice, but I want something that will save money, more natural, and that will keep the pests off my baby girl. Ive been reading people see good results from trying one of these methods, how about the combination?? How much garlic or Vinigr should I use? Please help!!

Replied by Denise

I would dilute the vinegar, 1/ cup in a gallon of water for the final rinse.I noticed when my dog got sprayed by a skunk I had to do that else she was sneezing and it was too strong doing it straight on a rag..not near the face..

Dish Soap
Posted by Pest Control (Atlanta, Usa) on 12/09/2011

You can try using Dawn Pure Essentials dish soap on your pets and around the house for pest control

For Pets:

-Get a flea comb:

-Fill a large bowl with hot water and some dawn dish soap

-Dip the flea comb in the water solution and brush through pet

-Dip the flea comb back into the water;continue this pattern

For house infestations:

-Leave a few bowls with hot water and dawn dish doap around ares such as beds, couches, carpet for a few hours. The fleas will be attracted to the warm water and the soap will stick to them making them stuck in the water. They will die.

Hope this helps!

Dish Soap
Posted by Sudsy88888 (Seattle, Wa Usa) on 08/30/2011

use a pie plate filled with water and add a few drops of dish soap to discover fleas in the house. I agree with the borax natural treatment to rid the house. Both my cat and dog get a garlic oil supplement vitamin down their throat once a week and absolutely no fleas on their mugs. Hallelujah!!!!

Dish Soap
Posted by Emily (Boonies, Somewhere) on 02/01/2010

I don't know why people keep putting stuff on their pets for fleas, all they need to do is use a flea comb, water, with a few drops of ____ dish soap (not concentrate) and keep going over their pets until they are not on them anymore, then rinse them off with warm NOT hot water. Wash the dog in the tub with the dish soap, and get all the fleas off, when you pick them off put them in a bowl of a little dish soap and water. Wash any flea down a hot sink drain and keep the water running so they can't crawl back up. Do not let the pets back in the area where there are fleas!! Which mean that you FIRST had to clean up a room to put them in after you are done with the flea combs and baths. To treat the room first vac really well, repeat and repeat! Burn the bag! Don't keep that bag in the house or anywhere they can crawl out! Use a carpet cleaner with very hot water and vinegar, go over everything and under any cushions and under furniture! Once dry go over the carpet and under any cushions and furniture with the vac again, repeat and repeat..Burn that bag too! You will need to keep going back and using the flea comb, water and dish soap on the pets to make sure you got every last one, which means to do it after a few hours again. Repeat the flea comb the next day and keep using your vac. I got rid of the fleas in my home and off all of my cats and dog doing exactly this! It works, but you can't allow pets back in an area that has fleas, they will only hop back on your pet!

Replied by Alx
(Joplin, Mo)

I am going to use the dish soap flea bath method. Can I use "Ajax" brand, or duz it HAVE to be "Dawn"-?? Thank you!

Dish Soap
Posted by Marilyn (Oswego, IL) on 09/16/2009

___ ___dish washing liquid will rid your pet of fleas. There are even some vets who recommend this treatment. Just dont get into eyes. It really works.

Dish Soap
Posted by Carol (Big Spring, Tx) on 09/08/2009

After finding and reading your web site I found the dish soap worked but I hesitate to use it too often. The night light under a pan of soapy water worked for inside the house. The flea comb has been wonderful. He likes the attention and will readily let me comb him.(Male Cat) Now I dip the comb in 7 dust He hated the dust before but he doesn't mind the comb dipped in it. I pick the fleas off the comb and put them into soapy water. They drown. The OVER THE COUNTER flea applications on the back of the neck did not work.

Replied by Pj
(Clinton, Il)

I have noticed that the brand of dish soap used to help rid animals of fleas is blanked out.. But I have found that the specific brand is the only one that works on my dogs.. It makes the fleas just pop to the top of their fur and u can rinse them off easily.. So please allow the brand to be mentioned.. Dawn dish soap has been an animal saver in more ways than just fleas.. They have saved animals in oil spills and so much more...

Replied by Rose
(Sydney Nsw, Australia)

Please can anyone please tell me where I can purchase dawn dish soap, I live in Sydney australia, and I have tried everywhere but cannot find it.

Replied by G

I don't believe that only Dawn dish soap works. Any dish soap will do. What happens is the soap coats the flea so it cannot breath. (I have read that they breath through their skin. ) Try the dish soap that you have available. I have used whatever I had in the bowls under a night light, or even a few drops in a glass of water to place fleas I have picked off of one of my animals. The fleas will sink with just the few drops mixed in. Good luck.

Replied by Sparkkel
(Alabaster, Alabama)

Baby shampoo. I have used it for years on rescues dog or cats. I bath them in it. It kills the fleas and is gentle on their eyes.

Dish Soap
Posted by Tammie (Hickman, KY) on 05/23/2009


EC: Try a flea comb!

Replied by Tracy
(Nazareth, Pennsylvania)

Ok I am trying the bowl and dawn soap. I am using glow sticks. So now my question is I have a flea infestation. Now my question is everybody on the site has animals I don't have any animals. I do live in a rural area so I have some pests under my house I try and close the holes but the did another one. They say fleas are extremely bad this year. I have a 11yr old and 21 living in the house. I myself have 4th stage metastac breast cancer. So what are your suggestions for me?

Replied by Jana
(Livingston La.)

Use conditioner just a little, the fleas will come right off. My dogs shake them off in the tub.

Dish Soap
Posted by Stacy (The Woodlands, Texas) on 05/15/2009

We just bathed our 5.5m old puppy with a mixture of Dawn, Joy Lemon and three drops of lemon essential oil. I mixed about 1.5 tablespoons but prob only used a couple of teaspoons. The fleas were jumping off of him onto my dress as I bathed him. We dried him on a white towel that became full of dead fleas. We scanned him and all but one of the fleas we found were dead on his body. He is a very tiny chihuahua, weiner, schnauzer mix and prob doesnt even weigh 5 lbs. I doubt it took longer than 5 minutes to totally bathe him.

Dish Soap
Posted by KENDRA (Anjung-ri, South Korea) on 01/26/2009

my husband just recently rescued a stray dog from a vet. the dog is about two months old and has been living with us for a week now. i just recently noticed black specs all over the dog in its fur. so i kept searching and i found a flea... i read to use ___ dish soap so i did. i only found two dead fleas and that one that was alive, so it worked.... but i have hard wood floors so i swept and mopped with water, pinesol, and dawn dish soap... i also washed all the bedding in the house. we couldn't find any dead fleas or alive ones on the floor. do you think we could possibly have a flea problem on our hands... what should we do??? should we use frontline on our puppy and our other dog who doesn't have fleas??? also is there some type of lotion i can put on the dogs skin because it seemed to dry his skin out??? thank you so much for your time!!!

Replied by Brenda
(Columbus, Ms)

I was told about JOY dish soap for fleas. I have used it several times on my dogs and it worked great. During bath time, I found dead fleas in the water. I haven't noticed any drying of the skin. I only used it 2 times for one week. You can also use lavender oil to keep fleas off your pets and their bedding. Just rub a cotton ball with lavender oil down their back. This works for me and it smells nice too.

Replied by Rossi
(Alameda, Ca)

Lavender oil or any essential oil should NEVER be used on cats. Their bodies cannot metabolize essential oils and they cause liver damage. It's proved fatal to some cats. More information: http://www.thelavendercat.com/

Replied by Kim
(Mountain View, Ar)

That's not true that essential oils are bad for cats, it's a scare tactic. I was advised by my holistic vet that lavender oil, peppermint oil and cederwood oil were all good for repelling fleas on dogs and cat, I used these oils on my dogs and cats and they worked well. For cats I mix 1 drop of oil to 3 cups of water before applying to cats fur. With dogs I use a much stronger mixture. 10 drops of essential oil to 2 cups of water. I also recommend using coconut oil {food grade} to kill and repel fleas off cats and dogs. The fleas hate coconut oil but the cats and dogs find it very soothing and healing.

Replied by Jodi
(Jones, Michigan)

question, on the coconut oil do you mix it with water or just put it on them with a cotton ball, I also have chihuahua's and one has a really bad alligery to anything to do with flea stuff.

Replied by Dorinha
(Ottawa, Ontario)

That drying of the skin, is not actually drying of the skin.... Someone gave me a dog once that was flea infested, I found out later that the lady that had her before me, purposely did not tell me about the fleas, or that the dog had suffered fleas for the 5 years she had her, and she did nothing about it. So, I didnt think it would be hard to get rid of fleas, so I washed the dog in dawn dish soap, and did a flea treatment in my home. But little did I know... That dry skin I thought she had from the bath, was actually the eggs falling out in clumps, had I know then what that was, I would of done a flea treatment daily. But I was stupid because I hadn't dealt with fleas before.... So, a woman took the dog off my hands, she was more financially capable of caring for the dog.... Months later, I do not have any animals, but I am getting bit like crazy by fleas. I have no dryer, only a washer, I have been washing my clothes and bedding in hot water, I have sprayed Raid every two days, I put diatomaceous earth out at the baseboards, set traps, and put bowls of pure apple cider vinegar out in each room. The one thing I have noticed, is that they are localized to the bedrooms on the bed. I feel like throwing all my bedding and mattress out. My daguther gets bit a tiny bit, but ME, I look like I have the friggen chicken pox. I am so itchy, and pimples are EVERYWHERE. I vaccumme my bed EVERYDAY and wash my blanket every 3 days in laundry detergent AND in Dawn Dishwashing liquid!! How the hell can they survive with everything that I am doing, I have been sufferring this for months, can anyone help me????? One thing I do have to mention, is I never get bitten unless I am in my bed. Thats the place it has localized to.

They are like little friggen superfleas! Nothing seems to work!! I am also a single mom, I don't have the money to cab it to a laundry mat, and pay a bunch of money for the cab and then laundry... So I need some advice on how to get rid of these things, like an add on, or a cream for me and my daughter so I can stop looking like I have the chicken pox!!!

(NY, NY)

The pet store near me sells a flea spray that contains peppermint oil. The clerk said the fleas hate peppermint oil. Or you can make a spray with 1 drop peppermint oil and water in a spray bottle and spray it on your bed and around the rooms in your house.

Replied by Lou
(Tyler, Tx)

This is just a hunch--but buy a bottle of Peppermint essential oil. Put a few drops on some cotton balls. Place in a small ramekin or in paper bowls around the house in the corners, under the beds, etc. You can even put some in the air returns (if you have the right kind). It should kill them. It got rid of some pesky bugs we had and they are the toughest to get rid of. I think it will work. Also, there is a pesticide that's natural that contains peppermint oil called EcoSmart or something like that. Good Luck!

Dish Soap
Posted by Rachel (Underwood, Indiana) on 11/13/2008

I found out about dish soap years ago it works great. Kills the fleas instantly. But yes, they tend to run to the eyes and mouth area to escape the suds. My Mom was a dog groomer and taught me a way of protecting the eyes from the sting of soap,put a drop of MINERAL OIL in each eye before bathing the animal. the animal will not get soap in their eyes and you can make sure you can get close without hurting them. Now you still need to be careful around the nose and mouth areas. So try to put a barrier of soap around them so the fleas will not go there. Keep in mind though that you do not want to get Dawn in their nose or mouth, so be really careful when rinsing off. Try a wet rag in these areas. Also Dawn does tend to dry the skin out, so the animal may start itching the dry skin. If you put Avon's Intensive Treatment Lotion on the animal it helps with their dry skin and really lushes the coat. It also repells the fleas for several days, but it does make the coat oily when you first put it on, after a day tho the oil soaks in. You will notice a HUGE change in a very short time.

Dawn will also kill lice and mites. If you have a bird mite problem, wash the cage down with dish soap and spray the bird with a mite spray specially for birds.

I really love ___ for killing fleas. As a matter of fact, when I see someone at the store looking at flea shampoos I stop them and tell them not to waste their money, just buy a $1 bottle of ___. It kills fleas instantly and you don't have to have your animal sitting shivering waiting for 5-15 minutes with the flea shampoo which does not work anyway.

Replied by Marc
(Priness Ann, Md)

The dawn works great, but only kills the fleas not the eggs. The avon stuff kills the fleas but not the eggs .I have found that rubbing alcohol 90 percent in a spray bottal kills fleas dead and can be gotten at any drug store or walmart store and has no side effect or won't hang around long. Can be sprayed on bedding, floors, your body, and sprayed and rubbed in on your pet as long as you stay away from their head and face

Dish Soap
Posted by Celine (Pine City, MN USA) on 10/22/2008

I came to this site looking for a remedy for the three cats we have. For the first time in two years of having them they have acquired fleas. I know I had allergy reactions to the Hartz formula for dogs so I switched to switched to frontline and no longer let the dogs on our bed. But keeping the cats off the bed wasn't going to happen so I needed a remedy that I wouldn't react to so I went to search for a natural one. After all fleas have been around for ages. I found this site to the answer to my prayers and my animals. I first tried dish soap. The cats didn't seem to mind it. I used a flea comb to make sure they really got lathered up with it. I started at the very top of the neck with just the dawn, as a contributor suggested. Because the fleas will move upward to where they can go where there is no soap. Then I wet the cats down. Then I lathered them up real good. The dish soap killed them! The cats have no fleas. I'm going to spray them down with Apple Cider Vinager to make sure they stay off of them before I let them outside. (The dogs are inside with no fleas) I will report back how well the ACV works at keeping them off but I'm confident it will. Thank you for having this site!

Dish Soap
Posted by Stephanie (Ft. Worth, Texas) on 10/16/2008

We just tried the ___ Dish Soap method for getting rid of fleas. It appears that it worked like a charm. In the past, when using standard over the counter flea shampoos, we would see them crawling and have to pick them off by the dozens. With the Dawn, there were NO crawling fleas--only dead ones. And...the best part of all is that the cats didn't seem to mind it nearly as much. My guess is that it didn't sting them like the other shampoo.

Thank you very much for giving us a better and safer alternative for flea removal.

We have used the ___ in a dish with the light for home flea removal in the past. Thanks for the reminder of this "forgotten" rememdy as well. We are about to try it today as well.

Stephanie and 2 grateful cats

Replied by Amanda
(Palmetto, Ga)

This method works great... Thanks so much.