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Posted by Hiaama (Miamisburg, Oh, Usa) on 11/27/2011

I too have had the experience of living with itchy dogs. 10 pound Chorkie suffered all night and day. She is one of what began as six dogs so flea prevention is crucial. Our family is now down to 3 dogs due to old dogs going over the rainbow :-) THE Chorkie and our two Blue Heelers/Healers.

Here is our story: flea treatment from a vet, 150.00 per month. Grocery store dog crunchies, 20.00 per month, chorkie illness, 210.00 per one time only. then it occured to me to come here as I do for my own health and well being.

After reading all the information here I realized that while fleas are no day at the dog park it was not my Twinkie's trouble nor was the alleged flea allergy that cost $210.00. She received advantix and a 6 month cortisone/steroid shot along with a pat on the head and well wishes. Advantix left a huge lesion on her shoulder for more than 2 months.

To spare my readers of a long and emotionally driven story I will now get to the point. I changed the diet stopped the chemicals and got over my fear of over bathing my dogs

My dogs get homemade dog food that changes every week. A scant splash of ACV, Oatmeal, salmon fresh parsley fresh, canned pumpkin, garlic and coconut oil, one week, brown rice farm fresh organic free range eggs parsley garlic coconut oil the next. Turkey black beans and rice you get the picture. It cost no more than 5 dollars a week for me to cook it up while I prepare our family meal. The two heelers also get a couple fish oil capsules, Twinkie will not eat it under any circumstances.

They get a bath once a week with baking soda, anti fungal dog shampoo and a nice rinse of ACV. A drop of lavender oil on each neck every night. We have seen a huge improvment in the scratching. The heelers smell so much more like dogs and the ears are getting much better. Everyone'c coats are soft and silky and we are all sleeping much better. Healing is a process just as the illness is. Stick with it and trust in our mother earth to provide all we need for health and wellness.



Multiple Remedies
Posted by Dorrie (Austin, Texas) on 10/26/2011

Here's what's finally gotten my dogs' horrible allergies under control: she's allergic to flea bites and the harmful spot-on treatments had ceased to work, so I took her off and put her on chewable garlic and brewers yeast tabs. They stopped biting her after a few weeks. Combed her everyday to get them off her. I have a huge yard and cats that are indoor/outdoor and are able to wander over to the neighbors' yards so they bring them in. Diatamacious earth on the lawn lessened them but still have to do lots of flea combing. Put the dog on holistic grain free food and at night she gets raw- the chicken in the big sausage kind. Tried various shampoos and AVC rinses, so-so. Tried enzymes etc. Found a spray called Dermacton and a bar shampoo they make. Shea butter oil and essential oils that have moisturized her coat and also repels fleas. She stopped itching like immediately and smells devine. She doesn't really like being sprayed but seems to know it helps. This past week she's been scratching some more and I think it's because she's been off the raw food. So... It seems to be a combination of keeping her on the raw food with a pinch of kelp added, washing her feet to get rid of the stuff she walks through and spraying her every other day or as needed with the spray. The spray has definitely made the biggest difference though. Just wish they'd lower the price.