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Posted by Lea (Columbia, MO) on 09/29/2008

I have been happy with a mixed approach, using soapy water flea traps, sticky lighted flea traps, baths for cat & dog, having them on a Program & diatomateous earth in the carpet. One thing no one mentioned is flea combs. I have found that my cat seems to enjoy the attention and will sit for a long time in my lap while I flea comb her (and pet her ears, which she loves), dumping the fleas into slightly soapy water (and drying off the comb on a rag). It gets a little messy, but it is worth it. I comb my dog, too, but she is not happy about the proceedure. It works, tho, for those fleas that either escaped the bath treatment, or jumped on later. I have also spent time each day catching fleas on my feet & lower legs, & putting them in soapy water. My husband prefers very sticky tape to get them off of him. We are still fighting them, but sooo much better!