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Natural Flea Control

Posted by Nancy (Plant City, Fl) on 09/09/2008
5 out of 5 stars

My pomeranian can get a sigle flea bite, and itch really bad, my vet gave her predisone, and an antibiotic, also said to use childrens benadryl for her itch, please use according to their weight, just like a child, my pomerain is about 8 pounds, I give her around a l /2 tsp, it is a temporary fix for the itch, believe me, they are in pure torture,

I had a skin problem, I itched for four months, inbetween taking medicine such as benedry, and applying cortozine. You can also apply cortozoine for itch to your dog, really rub in it will temporally releive their itch, and also give them the benedryl. Take to a vet, use flea prevention, I just saw a web site that says use vinegar (diluted), and dawn dish soap. The little animals can't help this skin condition, please do all you can to help them. Remember, we have to speak for them... I know my little dog would do all she could for me.

Good luck to all you pet lovers.....