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Posted by Monica (St. Augustine, Fl) on 10/14/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the amethyst crystal and it does work! I want to point out I too had the same issue with the stone not working after a period of time. It didn't seem logical for something to just stop working so I experimented and found out what worked for my kitty.

My cat has a horrible time with the fleas in FL. They are unlike any other place I have lived. Frontline doesn't work & just makes my cat sick. The crystal was worth a shot and would cause no harm. Within a week I saw a difference and there were no more new bites. This lasted for about 2 mo. and then the fleas started again. In case anyone is thinking its due to a change of seasons, no that's not the case. There is no down time in FL when it comes to fleas.

I don't believe the stone just stops working but perhaps our pets chemistry changes. Either way I decided to add another stone I had at the house to the bowl. It is blue calcite and once again it worked. It is a complement to amethyst with its metaphysical properties. I was so happy to see it work again, but about 1 1/2 mo. later I was back to square one. It stopped working.

Ok, so this time I bought another amethyst. Yes, now there are 3 crystals in the bowl! I know it's crazy but its working and my kitty is not scratching.

I am going to do as another writer suggested & recharge the stones by moonlight over night. I was doing it by sunlight and I guess that may be wrong in this case.

Anyway, to anyone who says nay, experiment a bit before you give up.

Posted by Mary (Costa Mesa, California) on 05/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have successfully treated my home for fleas but every time we went out in neighborhood, new flees to comb out. I put amethyst in water dish, first 1-2 months no change. After 3 mo. No new fleas, skeptical, since winter is low flea time anyway. Now warm flea weather is here & still no new fleas. When I use flea comb also NONE on her at bath time. Fantastic results, just took time for her VIBRATIONS to match the amethyst. We will see as summers flea season builds but normally by now, 80 degree weather, we would have a problem. Love nature.

Posted by Sue (Coos Bay, Oregon) on 06/11/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I too was skeptical about amethyst, but thought if I could pick one up on ebay for under 2 bucks, what could it hurt? I have an enameled bowl, probably over metal, I put it in. I won a cheap bid for a beaded necklace, though I bid on several different amethyst pieces... Natural rock, rings, beads... I was pretty amazed that for the last 6 months now, I have not seen one flea... For all the "know it alls" who claim they have a bridge in Arizona for sale, hahaha, you can keep it along with your closed mind!! Or those who say it can't work, you are wrong... I don't believe in fairy tales, or magic or much of anything, but this worked, I don't know how or why, it just worked and my cat is flea free!!

Posted by Danielle (Hendersonville, Nc) on 10/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

From the research I have done, the amethyst raises the vibration of the water, or anywhere for that matter. Things and creatures that vibrate higher are healthier overall. Science has done studies that have looked into the crytal and mineral kingdom being just as alive and intelligent as we are. In fact, silly to some as it may sound, your crystals can guide you in things and you may not even know it was them.

I just put my large grape sized amethyst in my cats and dogs water bowl. My cat, who has the worst fleas, (because they seem harder to treat on cats different systems, ) started acted excited right away, as if I had given him a toy!! I will get 2 more for their 3 water bowls, and also do dish soap (plain) baths as I figure if they use it on animals who have been in ocean oil spills, it makes sense that it does seem to work for a time. Then regular cleaning and D. E. ON THE DOG. CATS HAVE SENSITIVE BLADDERS and they lick themselves constantly.... THANK YOU SO much for the person, people, who suggested the amethyst!!!

Posted by Diana (Morristown, Tennessee) on 02/19/2012
5 out of 5 stars

An amethyst stone put in your pets drinking water will totally eliminate FLEAS! Just drop a stone in the water and no more need for expensive treatments. I don't know why or how it works--it just does. I have used this method for two years and have not seen a single flea. My daughter was using expensive treatments once a month and still having an infestation of fleas, and she was even having to use an exterminator once a month.

She tried the amethyst stone and for a year now she is flea free!!

Try it and you to will be a believer!

Posted by Janice (Coloma, Mi) on 09/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars

You can add me to the YEA list on the amethyst. My homeopathic vet told me under no circumstances to use the flea and tick poison. Having two cats and a dog I was really afraid I was going to get infested with fleas. I had read about the amethyst for fleas a while back on Earth Clinic and decided to try it. All I had was an old amethyst ring (yes, it was polished) and I threw the whole thing in a big bowl that the animals all share. I probably threw it in there around March. It seemed to be working very well and then a friend who has a gem shop gave me some rough amethyst and I threw that in the bowl also. I left the ring in because it was working and I wasn't going to take any chances. They didn't seem to have any problem with it being in there and they drink from it every day. This was a very bad year for fleas and I am thrilled that it worked. I did have to do a lot of explaining about why my ring was in the animal's water dish.

Posted by Isabella (Raleigh, Nc) on 08/30/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Yes - it sounds bizarre. I didn't think it would work but decided to try an amethyst rock. I definitely don't believe in healing through crystals and I'm not into anything New Age. I bought a tumbled amethyst - about the size of a half dollar - from an ebay shop. It was less than $5 with shipping. I have 5 cats and a dog and usually spend a fortune in the spring/summer/fall on Frontline treating them for fleas. I started using the rock in April. I treated the cats one time in May and that was to kill ear mites. I have not had any problems with fleas or ticks! In addition, I treated my dog only once this year and that was in May. I was skeptical that this would work for cats and amazed that it has worked for my dog. I could not say exactly how long it took before it began "warding off" the fleas. I leave the rock in their water dish all the time - removing it only to clean and refill the dish. I would not claim this would work for everyone. I've tried many things on earthclinic that haven't worked for me but this is one thing I can say has!

Posted by Kathy (Melbourne, Vic, Australia) on 06/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Yea - Didn't really believe it would work, but I had tried everything from teatree oil, flea collars, the tubes you squeeze on your dogs back - yet nothing seemed to get rid of my dogs fleas. I read the posts on amethyst and having some amethyst at home, decided to give it a try. I also gave my dog a wash with ACV (only once). I gave my dog a wash a week later, and was shocked to see not one flea. This was months ago now, and have been through the summer months without any more fleas!! My cats also share the same drinking water and they too are thriving without fleas. Can't believe it but it really does work.

Posted by Xara (Belmont, California) on 09/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for this remedy! I have 5 cat's, so buying the stuff that you squeeze on the back of their neck can get VERY expensive, not to mention the fact that they HATE it. Last monday morning I was noticing they were all getting pretty itchy again, so I decided to check out the pet section here, and boy am I glad I did! Instaed of spending my usual $100.00, I stopped at a new age bookstore and picked up 4 chunks of amethyst for well under $10.00. By thursday evening they were all itch free,....it's amazing! Not sure how or why it works, but it does!

Posted by WestWind (Orlando, FL) on 07/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Ameythest for fleas. Yea, it really works. Buy a stone from any new age shop for about $1 and put in cat's water dish. That's it. You never need to buy a new one. I first heard of this when my cat Zeus who was all cream color took off on me for almost a week. When he came home he was covered in fleas (being cream, they really showed). A friend told me that one of his friends did just what I am suggesting and her cat never has fleas. I was skeptical, but gave it a try. I don't remember exactly how long it was but it couldn't have been too long because I never remember worrying about fleas on him again (and he was an outdoor/indoor cat in Florida where the fleas are unbearable). I now have 3 other cats, one who used to go outside and two that never do and I never have any problems with fleas. They all get exposed to fleas, however, as I have a Bassett Hound who get them occasionally and brings them in the house. Obviously this doesn't work on dogs however - have no idea why. Just must be a chemistry thing.

Economical, natural and couldn't be easier. Give it a try.