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Apple Cider Vinegar

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Posted by Mrs. M. Inman (Ash, North Carolina) on 04/16/2018
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I want to thank this site for helping me save my baby Sookie. She was about 4 month December 2017 when she got a bad upper respiratory infection. Poor thing was so bad I didn't expect her to make it. I did research and try so many different methods to help and I used different home remedies and got no results and she was getting worst. I just wish I could have ran across this site before I did because her eyes both of them was swelled shut by the time I ran across this site and got the apple cider vinager (with the mother/organic) and mixed it all like this site recommended.

At 1st I only had the regular apple cider vinager and I saw very small improvement, which was more than I have seen in a week. So I made the trip to get the good kind you guys call for. I swear by it to everyone now and I tell everyone with cats and kittens about this site and the apple cider vinager. Don't get me wrong that you will think that the organic kind is more expensive than the regular usual kind we all usually keep in our pantries. But it is what they say "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! " LOL. Cause as soon as I got home and mixed the organic kind together with water and put it on the back of her and her brother's neck and I seen her improve by 50% overnight. Along with using a vaporizer 24/7 to help her breath and to break up all the congestion in her lungs and all I crushed up lysine and put it in her food when I could get her to eat or desolved it in warm water and put it in a dropper and drop it down her throat so she would get the medicine. And also giving her a round of penicillin shots every other day. And I put Vaseline on her eyes to help ease her and help them from scabbing over.

After 2 weeks of doctoring her she finally came thru the week after christmas. I had told my husband that the only thing I wanted for christmas was for her to get better and could care less if I got anything else. I got my christmas wish, it was just a few days late but the improvement everyday gave me hope. It broke my heart to watch her lose all her weight and she wouldn't eat and you couldn't force feed her either. And we kept dropping pedi lite down her throat also while she didn't have an appetite. And we gave her strong smelling cat pate from the can or pouch to get her to eat when she would. I knew it was because she couldnt smell anything and a kitten is bad for not eating anything if they can not smell it.

All I know this site is a blessing and my sookie is here today for all your help. I believe in yall's remedies and will always pass the site along to anyone that needs it. She is doing so good now and hardly has any signs of ever being sick but for a little glaze or fog on her eyes which they look better everyday which I'm sure they will never be completely 100% but she sure is a lucky kitty. She is smart and so loving. I don't know what I would have done if I had lost her. I know that I would be experiencing her at all and she is a delight. And she thanks you guys too from the bottom of her heart also.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Richard ( Raleigh, North Carolina) on 01/29/2018
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Apple cider vinegar worked for our cat too but our vet told us to put our cat on a raw meat diet. we mix ground beef with sardines and to our surprise he got well. So we keep him on the raw meat all the time we mix the ground beef and sardines and make meatballs and freeze it
I understand that your vet and other people will say no that is not healthy like I did. But you have to understand that all cats in the while eat their prey raw. Not cooked. Our cat has been eating this way for seven years. Which once was a very sick cat spending tons of money to go to a different vet. Now we have not gone to a vet in seven years and this cat is the pigment of health

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Peggy P. (Holiday, Florida) on 01/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

ACV cost $5.99 @ winn Dixie and thank God I can buy it with foodstamps because my cat was so sick with respiratory infection and I couldn't afford the vet this month so I got a bottle and dipped chicken pieces in the water solution and he is looking and feeling better overnight :) The organic brand with the "mother" is awesome.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Donnamarie (In) on 11/02/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Tonight out of desperation I started looking for a natural remedy for my sweet lil man, MoMo. Poor guy likes to play indoor outdoor where am I now and the first night it got really cold and dewyey here he oops-ed up and got stuck outside ll night. within 24 Hours he started sneeing and weezing. I checked his nose for any signs of "anything being wedge up his nose" all was well. Gums looked well colored. But I noticed his eyes were matty and weepy. He had a "I can't cough up a hairbone" cough.

Having just lost a beloved Service Dog of 13 1/2 years panic set in. I remembered as a akid we always treated out cats eyes with warm milk if they got yukky. So with my sweet husbnds help we managed to clen up his eyes with warm milk. AND, we also used a small infant nasl syringe and were able to suck out bit of mucous. MoMo was actually very well behaved through our series of actions. That eveniing he slept reasonably well on the foot of our bed("HIS DOMAIN NOT MY FEET!!! Lol) But the next morning same thing again......

Fast forward tonight... my husband and I have tried coaxing him to eat since yesterday nothing not even his favorite treats. Then he did something very strnge he walked to the water bowl and started swatting the water around and attempting to dunk in and drink only to immediately return to swatting it. He wasn't able to drink. so that brings me to now.

I once again clened his eyes with warm milk, but the matting was so gooey and yuk that a q tip or cotton ball would not work. So I used soft ABD pads(surgical pads) once his eyes were cleaned I soaked his front paws in Apple Cider Vinegar (not organic but ACV just the same all I had) I also rubbed very generous amount around his neck and shoulders. He was not as thrilled this time about all the "manhandling", but complied just the same. He is now sitting right behind my recliner and pouting refusing to come out. However, his sneezing has almost stopped and the coughing got very intense for about 10 minutes and now has stopped. I was scared so I crawled back there with him and poor baby looked at me like "seriously mom, this stinks".

His breathing doesn't seem anywhere as laboured so praying with a few more doses and dousings he will be back to his usual King TUT I AM mood. I will post more tomorrow.

(ADDED NOTE: had not thought about the litter box, as we are a multi-cat family thanks to the poster above who mentioned it. while we scoop daily had not "fully emptied and disinfected it for almost 2 weeks(we use scoopable to save money) Also treated our little "Princess NeeNah Gray, while she has/had no signs or symptoms call it an ounce of prevention to stave off the need for a pound of cure. She however was QUITE UPSET t the stench of the acv. She is still grooming......heeeheee aka preventive treating herself.

Again KUDO's to all who hve posted previously and thanks!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tristen (Sunshine Coast, Queensland) on 03/31/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you sooo much for this tip.

I to have taken my Jemima to the vet and been given antibiotics (which did not work).

I boiled 1 part AppleCider Vinegar & 1 part water in a saucepan, which created a steam then held Jemima over the steam with a light cloth over her head to capture the steam.

She sneezed and all the mucus came out, which I cleaned up and now she is breathing normally.

It worked instantly.

Thank You so very much



Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Ct (Senc) on 01/26/2017
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ACV for feline upper respiratory infections

The easiest way to cure an URI in cats is with ACV. I had one kitten who had the worst URI. Meds didn't work and I was at my wits end. I put some ACV and water in the tea kettle and started to heat it up. In the meantime I put Sid (the cat..) in his carrier and on the kitchen counter as close as safely possible to the burner on which the tea kettle sat. I placed a large towel over the carrier and waited for the water to steam out of the kettle. Then I let Sid inhale the steam from the kettle for a few minutes (5-10 if possible and the kitty is not freaking out by now..). After doing this 2-3 times, I noticed a significant improvement and much less snorting and sneezing. Poor Sid recovered and has never had an URI since.

I have used this successfully on other cats.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Christine (Pennsylvania) on 01/07/2017
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Feline Respiratory Disease

Wow....and thank you...thank you....thank you! One of my 5 cats Opi got sick during the Christmas season of course, didn't eat or move, thought well that's it. Trip to the vet with tears in my eyes knowing he won't come home.Well $324.00 later after blood work and of course a prescription for 14 days of antibiotics, and three maybes, I was just happy that we didn't needed to put him down. The vet probably did his best he could at this point, also gave us a bag full of can food to force feed, and two pills to stimulate his appetite. I do remember asking if he may have a hairball stuck, he said no. After .ca 8 days Opi started sneezing and wheezing, my first thought was darn Antibiotics, the same happens to me till I decided not to take them anymore. I'm a firm believer of natural remedies, so why not for my cat...and that is how I found your site. In the meantime all my other cats started sneezing....when I read about organic ACV I thought, could it be that simple?

YES! It was... after one treatment...speechless....and he lost a hairball that was three fingers thick, after putting the ACV in their water. Can't thank you enough....I will never be without ACV.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Carmen (New York) on 12/23/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I'm amazed, happy and relieved. I'm also mad as H...

I have a cat who has decided to live outside and has a very serious respiratory ailment: yellow phlem coming out of his nose and drooling from his mouth. I have two indoor cats who have respiratory problems: one is breathing heavily, the other is sneezing.

I went online and found this site and learned about the Organic Apple Cider Vinegar cure for respiratory problems in cats. I bought it and tried it last night on ALL of the cats. I took cotton balls soaked in 1 cup of spring water and 2/3 cup of the OACV and I rubbed it all around the scruff of their necks and between their shoulder blades (I didn't do the half and half because I wanted to start out with a less smelly solution to get them used to it) I prayed and waited.

I am happy to report that this morning the cat with the serious respiratory problem - I thought he was going to die - is doing better. I'm amazed. One treatment. One. And this cat is breathing better, the phlem is still coming out, but not as much. His eyes look brighter. He's eating more and drinking water. He even came to me this morning and let me put the solution on him again.

The other two cats, well, let me tell you, I woke up last night to check on them and had to turn on the light because I didn't hear the heavy breathing that usually woke me up. This cat was sleeping peacefully with just a hint of heavy breathing. And the other cat only sneezed once last night.

Thank the Lord and thank you Earth Clinic.

Now, why am I mad. In fact, I am very angry because I had to adorable cats who both had respiratory infections and the Vets I took my cats to advised putting them to sleep. To spare my cats anguish I took their advice. Those cats would probably be alive today if the Vets had only told me about Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

I am recommending OACV to all my friends. I'm also recommending this site to all my friends.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sweetpea522 (Central Valley Area, California) on 07/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have a home filled with kitties, inside and outside kitties (boys outside girls inside) including 6 small litters of kittens. One of our outside cats had gotten in the house for just a few minutes while bringing in the groceries and drank from the water bowls and ate from their food bowls as well. I never thought too much of it as long as he didn't try to mate with one of the new Mommies. While outside feeding the boy cats, we noticed that the same cat who came in earlier had what looked like a scraped chin or perhaps a burn from the tailpipe of a car. We cleaned it up with a soapy cloth and water then dabbed on Neosporin. By morning he looked awful, drooling everywhere, hoarse voice, lethargic and his fur was hideously crusty on both front legs and just overall unhealthy looking. The mouth sore got worse and was having a tough time eating hard food as well. Within a week all the cats inside and out had come down with his illness, it was a nightmare! I honestly thought they were all going to die. I was devastated to say the least but after reading the cat ailments, treatment and stories of how cats responded so well to OACV (ORGANIC APPLE CIDER VINEGAR) I had a ray of hope!! It was worth a shot and I wasn't about to give up on these kitties (about 40 kitties) who are so dependant on us for care, especially under these circumstances!

After purchasing a 32oz.bottle of OACV at my local grocery store, I came home and made a batch of OACV/Water ratio of about 1/4 cup OACV to 1cup purified drinking water from our home water system. I'm sure any normal faucet water would work fine but wasn't sure at that point if I was going to try adding some to their drinking water- turns out I didn't need to do that after all. I soaked cotton balls in the solution and applied to each cat on back of their necks down thru shoulder blades and to all 4 of their paw pads, especially the fronts because they will lick them throughout their day when cleaning themselves and Wallahh!! OACV ingested by default! Most of them didn't respond with licking their paws right away as I had hoped but made sure they all had a pretty good soaking to their neckline and also their front paws topsides as well as paw pads. Make sure it gets in between their toes/claws as well so the solution gets in there real good causing them to lick due to feeling wet and uncomfortable perhaps. I did this just 2 times in 24 hr period and once the following day and what a remarkable difference. Not all cats healed at same rate but most of them made noticeable recovery within a couple of days. Their fur was looking healthier, the smell they all had while being so sick was diminishing and the drooling was almost gone as well. I continued to give them fresh clean water, thoroughly washing there water & food dishes daily including their litter boxes. Germs this serious can be spread thru their bowls being shared and their waste. I truly believe the OACV brought them back from a journey that was leading them to death. Upper respiratory illnesses in cats are seriously dangerous and many times fatal. Every cat owner should keep a bottle of. OACV on hand just in case- there are so many things it is good for! Go online, do some research, then try it for yourself. It doesn't hurt and it will help! Must be in the glass bottle, raw, unfiltered, stating "Organic" and "With The Mother" on the label.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Xosallyoh (Kentucky) on 07/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I just tried apple cider vinegar today for my mommy cat. She's a stray that I adopted right after she had the babies (all but two died, very sickly). She has never been in great health, coat is rough, but I have no history. The two surviving kittens appear to be great. Both were sick when I got them but have recovered. I used colloidal silver wash for their eyes and in water, give them lysine in the food.

Mom just started sneezing her head off about a week ago. It has steadily gotten worse. So I did the ACV on a cotton ball, rubbed her feet and scruff of neck. I've done it twice today and she has not sneezed again. That is hugely exciting for me :) I will report back after a few days. Thank you, EarthClinic. I've been a faithful reader since about 2006, this is my first review.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylvie (Plantagenet, On) on 05/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Small world with similar posts! I've been treating another kitten with stubborn upper respiratory! The only thing really working for her is mixture of half water and half of organic apple cider vinegar!

I dip his front paw in it, clean up his nose and rub under it, and with a cotton ball I dip it in the mixture and rub the scruff part of the next 2-3 times, rub her ears inside and put about 10 drops in his can food! This is the only thing helping him!! It's been 3 days now and he looks so much better! 👍

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Sylvie (Plantagenet, Ontario Canada) on 01/03/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am treating some of my kittens right now and did a mixture of 2 teaspoons of organic apple cider vinegar (the mother) in one cup of water! I dipped a cotton ball in the mixture squeezed it and rubbed the inside of their ears and dipped one of their paw in the mixture! I do this 2 to 3 times a day! I even put some on their neck! I think the best I see is mixing some of the mixture with can food! I would say maybe 10 drops! This really does the trick! I even clean their nose with it!!! Love this stuff!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Erin (Ferrysburg, Mi) on 11/27/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Thank you so much for the apple cider vinegar tip. Read on best method for administering to cats last night. The night we adopted our beautiful cat he came down with the sneezes. By the next night he has a fever of 106.5. The vet diagnosed him with Upper Respiratory Infection. He seemed to be getting better for a day or 2 but on Thursday he got even worse. He had green/yellow gunk coming out of his eyes and nose. He stopped eating and his fever was back up to 106. After finding this site I Ran out and got some raw organic apple cider vinegar last night. First I did a steam bath where I put him in his cage, covered half with a towel over a mixture of hot steaming ACV and water. Let it steam him out in the cage for 10-15 minutes. Then I rubbed some on his back and front paws. Repeated this once more before bedtime. This morning I woke up and he greeted me good morning. His temp was down to 103.5. He ate some food (which he hasn't done in a couple days). Tonight he seems even better. Yay!!!! I'll continue to give him these treatment for a few days and hopefully he will get all better.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Diamond (Ma.) on 11/13/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Gatitos; I had once captured many cats and kittens with FIV with me it didn't work out very well because I didn't have any knowledge of FIV or any sick cats/dogs at all. I took them to vets. and it cost me a huge bundle they only lived to be approx. a year but with newer advice I think this issue can be helped out a lot more. You might like to try Wild Harvest/ Goldenseal it's especially for the support of mucous membranes including the sinus's it has helped one of my cats in a great way/ also you might try probiotics such as cats claw or grape seed extract. They are both safe to take but not at the same time/s try to space these out a bit.Stay calm. Good Luck.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Tim (Jackson,ga.) on 04/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted tell the story of Kona, our 15+yro Siamese Bob tail Cat.She has always struggled with the changes from winter to spring, so just 3 weeks ago took her to the vet for what seemed like congestion and bad sounding cough. She received a steroid shot and we got a $70 bill. Brought her home, gave her extra care when she didn't want to be outside and she got better, was eating and drinking again.Then came the last week in March where we could not find her and by the evenings of the 25th &26th she had not did her typical routine of shredding the weather stripping at the front or rear doors after dark to come in for the night, by about 5pm on the 27th I found her sitting in our pasture on a bed of leaves with her nose pressed to the ground, wouldn't respond to being called or making noise to get her to look up, couln't see her breathing at all, I was sure she had passed away, I next climbed over the fence and as I got closer, she looked up and made a pitiful meow, she was in worse shape than in previous weeks. We quickly got her to the Vet before closing where she spent the night and was given iv fluids, antibiotics and a X ray that showed her lungs clear of issues.

After a $300 vet bill she came home that Friday the 28th. She still looked horrible, wouldn't eat or drink.Though the Vet said he thought she would be ok, everyone at home thought she was in her last days if not hours. By mid day Saturday I looked at EC's pet section, read about Apple Cider Vinegar and all of the positive stories of how it helped others pets, but I could not wrap my head around on how to treat Kono with this. Vapor? wasn't sure how to do that and She wasn't about to eat or drink anything and she wasn't going to let me force it on her, already tried getting mashed food from a baby bottle to only have it spit out.Then Sunday evening came and a plan had come to me.

First I filled a tea kettle with 1 cup water 1/2cup raw (w/mother) ACV, brought to a boil, poured a mug full and placed it in front of the pet carrier and covered all with a heavy towel to trap the vapor. I tried this a couple of times and decided it was not effective enough with little vapor and it cooling off to quickly. So next I brought the kettle back up to boil then turned down to a low simmer, placed the cat carrier with towel over it onto the counter next to the stove. Found a empty paper towel tube, then I placed over the spout of the Kettle that allowed me to direct the steam into the carrier but the cardboard will become soggy and fall apart after awhile, a heavier cardboard are a tube made of plastic would work better. I decided to offset the kettle from the eye on the (glass cook top stove) toward the carrier, carefully covering the the kettle and carrier under the towel but take caution from getting burned from steam or from the burner eye, I Do NOT Recommend trying this with a gas top stove or even a stove with a electric coiled eyes, this would be a fire hazard and possible injury to pet and owner, Please use COMMON SENSE. Leaving a opening on back of carrier to allow vapor to flow through or letting out some vapor several times in a treatment, this proved to be very effective. Did this method for less than 20minutes at a time...

Monday morning she was standing and stretching in the kennel but still had green goo coming from her eyes and still not eating or drinking. Proceeded with another vapor treatment that morning in which afterwards the green goo started to come out of her nostrils, I thought Progress, then treated again that evening, slowly but surley she started to improve to the point that she decided to drink a good bit of water and finally wanted outside, then walked around the house and went straight to the food bowl on the back deck.She chose to stay outside for the night, she didn't like the kennel thing, went to find her with a flashlight around 9:30 but she hides well.This morning about 7:30 am, April 1st she walked up the back steps into the kitchen, then went right into eating dry food.Took a nap then wanted back out again. She seems much better and more like her normal self again. Thanks to all who contribute to this site.