Essiac Tea for Dogs and Cats

| Modified on May 28, 2024
Essiac Tea

Essiac tea, a formula crafted by Canadian nurse Rene Caisse, is renowned for its cancer-treating abilities. This gentle yet potent blend offers significant health benefits not only to humans but also to pets. Its primary use is in cancer treatment, but Essiac tea is also a natural solution for various chronic health issues and benign tumors.

The Herbal Composition of Essiac Tea

  • Burdock Root: Known for its blood-purifying properties, burdock root is used over several months to promote healing. It's also consumed as a food in some cultures.
  • Sheep Sorrel: Rich in vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene, sheep sorrel reduces inflammation and purifies the blood.
  • Slippery Elm: Nutritious and mild, slippery elm bark soothes the throat and digestive tract, making it a common remedy for digestive issues.
  • Turkey Rhubarb: Used in small quantities in Essiac, turkey rhubarb acts as a laxative, aiding in toxin elimination. Its astringent tannins are also beneficial.

8 Herb Essiac Blend: An Extended Formula

Some formulations include kelp, watercress, red clover, and blessed thistle alongside the original four herbs. While these additions are nutritious and have health benefits, the original four-herb Essiac blend is more historically renowned for its effectiveness against cancer.

Optimal Essiac Forms for Pet Treatment

  • Home-Brewed Tea: Brewing Essiac tea according to original methods is ideal. The steeping process extracts the herbs' nutrients effectively, especially beneficial for pets with digestive issues.
  • Essiac Powder: If pets reject tea, Essiac powder mixed into food is an alternative, albeit less ideal.
  • Essiac Capsules: Suitable for pets that are comfortable with capsule dosing.
  • Essiac Tincture: While alcohol-based tinctures are not recommended for pets, non-alcoholic versions can be used. However, they might not yield the same results as water-based extracts.

DIY Essiac Tea Blend Recipe

  • Burdock root (1 1/2 pounds, cut)
  • Sheep sorrel (1 pound, powdered)
  • Slippery elm (1/4 pound, powdered)
  • Turkey Rhubarb root (1 ounce, powdered)

Preparing and Dosing Essiac Tea for Pets

Essiac tea should be prepared in stainless steel or glass pots. The dosage varies for cats and dogs, based on their size, and is typically administered on an empty stomach. Detailed instructions on preparation and dosing are available.

Continued Use and Monitoring

Essiac tea can be used continuously, though monitoring for any side effects like lethargy, changes in appetite, or elimination habits is crucial. Adjust dosing as necessary.

Holistic Care for Pets with Cancer

Beyond Essiac tea, pets with cancer or chronic illnesses benefit from quality nutrition, hydration, exercise, stress-free environments, and comfortable rest.

Share Your Experience with Essiac Tea

Have you used Essiac tea for your pet? We welcome your feedback and stories.

Learn from Other Pet Owners

Read below to see how other readers have used Essiac tea to improve the health of their pets.

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Best Essiac Tea

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Posted by Missy T.o. (Toronto, On, Canada) on 03/03/2011

Hello fellow members. I have read the posts about the Essiac 8-herb tea as being the cure for pet cancer. Yet I have found that the Original Essiac company has a Beware disclaimer warning people that the 8-herb tea is NOT the original Rene Caisse's product or formula.

Brusch - Paulhus 8 herb formula is not Essiac by Nurse Rene Caisse. So why are the Paulhus' calling their product Essiac?

The true Canadian Rene Caisse formula called ESSIAC consists of only 4 herbs. Don't be confused by the 8 herb formula developed by Dr. Brusch years after Rene Caisse had passed away in 1978.

Do your homework.

Our pets lives are at stake. If people are posting untruthful information as a way to promote their home business base, that is really sad.

I just discovered that my loving cat has cancer and I sure don't want to be messing around with a knock off of the original Rene Caisse's formula. I called my health food store and they only cary the original 4 herb formulas. That speaks volumes to me and it also should to you.

I hope the Earth Clinic staff looks into this info and sorts it out, as it could cost our lovely pets their lives.

Wish me luck, I want to save my kitty's life.

Replied by Rick
(Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Should I apply the tea directly to the tumorous mass? My dog has an open cancer sore on her leg and I suspect it would be pretty easy to do this topically.

The vet has said her cancer is inoperable, but she is feeling pretty sprightly, eating like a little pig and walking just fine--so I thought I should at least try this treatment, but again, wondered the best way to do it.


Replied by Stacey

Hi Theresa many thanks for your reply. The blood is a bright red color, and I spoke to his homeopath vet yesterday, and he sent me some homeopath tablets for him to take, with the others he is on. So thankyou so much for your advice, regards Stacey x


1 User Review
4 star (1) 

Posted by Mary (Regina, Saskatchewan Canada) on 03/12/2009

I brewed Essiac Tea * cups of water to half cup of the mixed dry herbs. My little minature pincher had a boil on his groin. It was frightening looking with a bright red ring around it about an inch out. I made a compress of essiac tea dreges (the leftovers you strain out). I put it on him for the first night for about 20 minutes. The next night the same and it started to weep. We put 3% h202 on it and it sizzled, we did this twice with a q tip. then I gently squeezed it and lots of gross white stuff came out. previous to this this lump was hard. It seems the essiac tea liqufied it and allowed it to come out.

Just to see, I offered my dog a taste of the tea dreges right from the bag not mixed in his food and he took a bite and actually ate it. I am going to start giving him the tea to get rid of a lump on his lip that I am concerned about. Will let you know.


Replied by Laura
(Woking, Surrey, United Kingdom)

Lymphoma in my cat

My 15 and a half year old cat was diagnosed with Lymphoma last week. The Vet wanted to put him down there and then! The tumour is in his intestines and I have been giving him an all fresh meat and fish diet this past week plus ES Clear and the Nu Herbs which came with the kit. My cat also has one prednisolone a day and fortekor for his heart condition (which is under control).

He is much happier in himself and has started going out in the garden again. He had very runny stools but they are now normal again. I am also giving him some raw chicken livers (as seen on this site) which he laps up and probiotic yogurt.

I would like to purchase some Essiac tea but I just dont know which type to buy. It seems there are two types - the original having 4 herbs and another with 8 herbs. Also am worried about the alcohol content. Can any please advise me so I can help my beloved cat more.

Thank you.

Replied by Maria
(Dublin, Ireland)

Hi Laura, Like you my 13 year old female cat Sacha was diagnosed with cancer last week, a tumour in her abdomen the size of a half mango, the vet said, was inoperable and better to put her down. I have started feeding her, like you on fresh chicken and partially cooked fresh fish (which she always loved). I put powdered essiac tea into the fish dish and she laps it up. SO so pleased she likes essiac tea and usually she doesn't take easily to new foods.

For about a week now she has been getting progressively worse and is now losing the power of her left hind leg when she tries to walk, which she does by sort of swinging her body from side to side as she moves as tho to propel herself forward. She's so brave. She left droppings of her stools on the floor this morning, hard ones and looking too black. She's also dribbling urine sometimes.

However since I started her on the essiac tea, twice in her food yesterday - I just put less than a quarter tsp in just enough boiling water to make a sauce for her fish, I did think I noticed an imporvement today. 'I didn't even do a concoction then as was afraid it would be too strong. I have given her two more helpings of the tea in her food today and second time I had boiled it for 10 mins. Each time she ate it. My fingers are crossed. I also put a drop of Hydrogen peroxide in her water.

To buy essiac tea there is a charity in England that offers it against- a donation of £9. 00 They are called I found their website on another site that tells you all about essiac tea, it's devoted to the subject. The site name is

Best of luck with your remedies and success with your cat. My impression is that cats know instinctively whats good for them. If you give them sth that cures cancer, and they think it works for them they'll eat it, so long as it's not chemical but natural. Let me know how you get on.

If you like we can stay in touch, share notes and offer each other moral support. If you need a holiday from your cat perhaps I can go and cat sit for you, if you can do the same for me. Of course I'd have to bring my cat with me. I'm living in Dublin, and you?

I'd gladly give you my e-mail address here but not sure if we're allowed to do this; I'll chance it anyway. its mardnl at

Best of luck n lookin forward to hearing from you


Replied by Alex
(Brooklyn, Ny)


How did this work out for you in and your cat in the end? My cat's name is also Sasha. She has mammary cancer. She is shutting down, not eating, or drinking. I've started her on Essiac today. Wondering if there was improvement with your cat. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

You can also make castor oil compresses and use ESSIAC soaked and do as the castor pack.

Replied by Cveta
(Burgas, Bulgaria)

Hi Alex, my cat Lisa has also a mammary tumour .I can`t find Essiac for pets in Bulgaria and dont`t know if it`s save to give her Essiac for humans. Which form of the remedy are you giving and what is the dosage. Are you feeding Sasha low carb diet, or giving vit.D and shark cartilage? Thank you and good luck!

Replied by Lucy
(Brentford, Middlesex, England)

Hi Cveta, I've read in a blog that you could use the Essiac for human for pets. You could get the tea from this website by donation:

I'm sure if you contact the organisation, they would be able to help you with dosage and what extra postage would be to post the tea to you. Good luck and hope this reply is not too late for your cat Lisa.

Please post and let us know how Lisa is.

Replied by Cristina

I have just ordered essiac together with tru-pine for pets from -- my cat Pucca, who is 12, have been diagnosed with Lymphoma (to her small intestine) last week.

if you already administered essiac and/or tru-pine capsules to your pet, did you noticed any side effects, for example diarrhea or vomiting?

Replied by Cd
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi Cristina, how is your kitty now? Any successes you can share? I just bought the same 2 products for my cat with tumours on his liver.

Bone Cancer

2 User Reviews
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Posted by Susan (Ontario, Canada) on 07/02/2010

Our cat, Jacob, was diagnosed with osteocarcoma (bone cancer) in 2000, and was given 3 months to live. We were told the cancer would metasticize and spread to his lungs very quickly, as this was the most aggressive kind of cancer. We started giving him Essiac tea, one teaspoonful in his wet food twice a day, and the cancer did not metasticize. Jacob in fact lived a happy life until November 2005, when he passed from cardiac arrest at age 15. I have always wanted to share this information, but until I found Earth Clinic, I was never sure how to get the message out there! This is an amazing resource tool - thank you for being there!

Replied by Susan From Ontario Canada
(Owen Sound, Ontario Canada)

I had not heard that rhubarb was toxic for cats, and can only tell you that the tea certainly seemed to work for Jacob. I also gave it to our other senior cat, Rusty, who just passed away this January at age 20! I have read many other positive stories about the effects of Essiac tea on cats and dogs and can only assume that if rhubarb is toxic, the doses are small enough not to matter or any toxicity is lost when the rhubarb is used in combination with the other herbs/plants in the Essiac. Best of luck to you and your cat!

Replied by Arlene
(Welland, Ontario)

Hi Susan, I was wondering if you brew your own Essiac or you get it from health food stores with the green label. I used to live in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where I first came upon brewed Essiac. The lady, Ginny Darby who supplied the health food stores now resides in Tennessee, but doesn't ship across the border any longer due to the border not letting it through. I have tried a lady name Lynn from Ottawa who said they stock in Winnipeg. A lady named Ruth supposedly stocks it, but I get no answer and no machine. Any info would help. (I put my FIV kitty Smokie on it and tested her blood before and 6 months after, the results were very significant!! )
Thanks , Arlene

Replied by Susan
(Owen Sound Ontario, Ontario Canada)

Hi Arlene. I am so sorry but it has been months since I checked in to this part of the site. I actually brewed my own tea, but only because it was less expensive to do so. I am sure the prepared herbal tonic would be just as effective.

Replied by Rottiemom65
(Shelburne, Ontario, Canada)

I have started our 8 year old female rottie on Essiac tea after discovery a mass in the front of her throat. We are not sure if it is cancerous, but after researching all herbal rememdies the Essiacs seemed the best. The advise on the site however was NOT to give animals the premade liquid tonic as it contains alcohol. We bought the powder and made the tea our selves. I will let you know how she progresses on it. We did buy the liquid however for ourselves and are taking it as an immune system booster.

Replied by Saraa
(New York, Ny)

My sweet 11 yr old kitty was diagnosed with oral cancer ten days ago; she has a tumor on the roof of her mouth. I'm waiting for the lab results (they aren't sure if it's melanoma or fibrosarcoma) and have a CT scan scheduled this week to see if it's gone into her nasal/sinus cavities.

As soon as she was diagnosed, I started giving her what I thought was Essiac tea from my health food store, but now realizing per the posts above that what I gave her was the 8 herb formula. Is there any danger that I've done this? It was only for about a week-ten days. I've just ordered the 'real' 4 herb proper version from Canada.

However, I have trouble giving her the tea, as it requires holding her and putting it down her mouth/throat with a dropper, which terrifies her (I'm sure due to the tumor taking up half her mouth). I also mix it into her food, but her appetite has decreased significantly due to the tumor.

Any other suggestions? She's still bathing regularly so I thought about dipping her paws in it.....?

Replied by Susi

Just curious as to what the alcohol content does to my pet, should I give her the liquid essiac? Does anyone know how soon one would see it working?

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Susi (Ontario) ---

When you buy ESSIAC it must be the original. I bought mine from ESSIAC WEST online. It has to have all roots and four herbs, not more not less. It will be very beneficial and in fact, I am making mine for prevention and detox. Make sure you start with smaller than suggested dosage and work it up gradually, watching for herx. reaction, that' s over kill as the herbs are very potent.

Be aware that tumors will blow up before they collapse. Then you can use turmeric powder and coconut oil mixed with castor oil on the wound. Also give turmeric powder internally, about 1/4 tsp. with some coconut oil as the t. powder is not water soluble but it binds with oil.

The instructions are included. Namaste, Om

Replied by Michelle

hi, I am new to this site so I hope I have posted in the correct way. My cat who is 15yrs has a growth on her bottom it was removed two years ago. It has returned and vet will not operate due to concerns about her going to the toilet. They told me to put her to sleep but as yet I cant do this as she is so special to me and she still is showing good signs of enjoying her life.

The growth is weeping and getting large so god only knows what it is like inside. I have just began giving her wheat grass juice and then found this site. It interests me to try caster oil, tumeric and the herbs you mention on her.

My concerns are as the growths seems to be an open wound and weeping is it still ok to apply tumeric and caster oil? I have ordered the herbs to make essiac ( not the finished product as the web sites look a bit dodgy to me) I use herbs all the time on my farm animals so its not new to me. Im just not sure about her bottom looking so red would it hurt her? I hope someone can help me as I cant stop crying about her. thanks

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Michelle!

Castor oil is an excellent remedy for open wounds - it helps ward off infection. Turmeric is also excellent for open wounds and is a pain remedy to boot. You can apply twice daily or as often as needed when you clean the ruptured tumor area.

And please take Rescue Remedy - for both your girl and yourself. It will help the both of you feel more calm and centered through this treatment.

Replied by Sam


I was wondering if there was any updates on this tea? I am in Australia. I just found out my 9yr old cat Maloo has lymphoma. At first it was diagnosed as URI and then he started to sneeze blood. After antibiotics he cleared for 2 weeks then it came back. He had a biopsy and the devastating news came yesterday. I did not hear exactly what type however I am guessing nasal lymphoma. He has FIV and was offered chemo but do NOT want to do that to him.

I am not ready to let him go. I have lost two cats one aged 6 to diabetes and one (my soul kitty) aged 8 to intestinal adenocarcinoma. I am angry and upset. I really would love for this tea to work. However have no information on it or dosage. I have been looking all day on net. My head is spinning.

Replied by Sandra
(Philadelphia Pa, Usa)

My beloved cat has nasal cancer too, although his is fibrosarcoma (as detected by a biopsy). I just ordered a 3 mo supply of ESSIAC for pets, from Canada, but now I am reading it doesn't have sheep sorrel ROOT, only the leaves. I don't know how essential the root is. But anyway, you can get the Essiac for Pets capsules on amazon. There are also quite a few suppliers of the herbs, so you can make the tea yourself. I also ordered organic tumeric..I am gonna try putting that in my cat's food, too. I figure, he will probably die soon as nasal cancer is horrible, so I might as well try homeopathic methods that have worked for others.

Replied by Jimjax
(Jax, Fl)

Human or animal that has cancer, buying Essiac tea with the included sheep sorrel roots is absolutely necessary.

>>> "Dear Dr. Stock; I am worried about not receiving any reports on the tests. I thought about the way the lab had been preparing the material for the tests, and why they were not getting better results, so I read over their preparation and found that they were only using the leaves and stems, leaving out the roots, which are very essential in the 'Essiac' for treatments." ~ Nurse Rene Caissee, Essiac tea founder<<<<

Essiac Tea Dosage

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Posted by Hope (Canada) on 03/02/2021

I know this is years later but it may help someone else. Add the Essiac to some chicken or other meat bone broth. Make your own as it's much better. Save your bones after a meal in the freezer. When you have enough, put them in a pot and cover them with water and simmer up to 12 hours - the longer, the better, but you can also shorten this time or put them in a crock pot all day or even a pressure cooker for 2 hours, such as an Instant Pot. Note: A simmer is not a boil but the smallest amount of heat with a few bubbles here and there. Best to do it during the day for safety. Strain out the bones and keep broth in the fridge. I always feed my dog broth with his meat/veg/fats.

You want to avoid sugar in the diet as that is what feeds cancer. Sugar is also carbs. Check out the Keto pet diet online. I am using that too. My dog (lymphoma) has no problem taking the Essiac in broth. I just started this today.

I think the vaccines caused this as well as terrible ear infections/allergies as he was a rescue, picked up by a Humane Society and the incompetent vet gave him a vaccine when he was starved and very sick. He did not have these issues prior, according to the medical notes. Vaccines should ONLY be given to healthy animals but most vets do it anyway. Lots of info on this online by holistic vets. For immunity to diseases, do a blood titer instead. Dogs usually have full lifetime immunity from their first set of vaccines, but it's a giant money-maker, so that's why it's pushed every year. Criminal, I know. You don't realize how damaging vaccines can be until something like this happens and you start doing the research and there is a ton of research out there, but it's buried. Don't believe what the media says, they are funded by the drug companies and have a financial interest.

Dosing: I found this info on an Essiac site. Best wishes for your pet.

Essiac Tea Dosing for Pets

Ideally, Essiac will be given once daily on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning or before bed are good times to give Essiac to your pet. If you need to mix it with food to get your pet to take it, use the minimum amount needed to get your pet to take Essiac.

How Much Essiac Tea for Cats?

1 teaspoon (5 ml) of essiac tea is the dose for cats. It should be mixed with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of water and given with a syringe.

¼ teaspoon of powder or 1 capsule of Essiac can be used if a cat will not take the tea.

Be sure to have plenty of fresh pure water available at all times.

How Much Essiac Tea for Dogs?

Large Dogs – 1 ounce Essiac tea with 2 ounces of water.

Medium Dogs - ½ ounce Essiac tea with 1 ounce of water.

Small Dogs – 1 ½ teaspoons Essiac tea with 1 Tablespoon of water.

Essiac Tea for Cats

3 User Reviews
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Posted by Stacey Hohn (London) on 08/05/2017

Hi I used essiac tea for my cat who had 3 tumours in his lung last year, all cleared within 3 months. We also took him to a homeopath who gave him remedies, and we changed his pet food to decent food, as I was not aware of all the crap in most pet foods ect. Good luck xox

Replied by Jan

I know essiac tea should be given on an empty stomach but my elderly cats stress out when I try & give remedies that way. So is it still possible & ok - to add a little to their food? Thank you.

Essiac Tea for Cats
Posted by Margie (Austin, Tx) on 04/07/2017

What dosage of Essiac tea have people been successful with? The website says most people had more success with higher than the recommended dosage for pets.I have seen other post here which say you should stick to the recommended.The dosage for adults on the bottle of Floressence says 2ounces of water to 2 ounces of tea. For my cat's weight, the website says it should be a little under a teaspoon of this.

Anyone know something definitive on the dosage? Thx

Replied by Art K.

My 12 yr old male who had lymphoma got 2 eyedroppers 3 times a day. But I also added Echinacea, Chapparall and Red Clover teas to the Essiac mix. It cured him.

Replied by Margie
(Austin, Texas)

Hi Art, thanks for your response, could you tell me where you purchased your products and in what amounts you mixed them and how you prepared your mixture.Which Essiac did you buy? I checked the product I am using (Floressence) It does not have chapparall or echinacea in it.It does have some other herbs not in the original formula.Have been using it for a couple of days now and my cat has started eating again, but seems to be drinking little water.Also, how long did you do the treatment 3X a day.

Replied by Art K.

I'm so sorry this response is late. I get my herbs from Starwest Botanicals

I made a quart of the Essiac per the instructions included then made a cup each of the Chapparal and the Red Clover and Echanecea, as you would a normal cup of tea - a tsp of herbs to the cup of water. Let it steep for 10 minutes and added all of it to the Essiac. So each eye dropper got a mix of all the herbs. I mixed it in beef broth or Turkey Baby Food so he'd eat it. He also has a huge tumor on his neck which I shaved and massaged pure, cold-pressed Castor oil on it twice a day(about a quarter tsp). I judged his progress by the size and shape of the tumor. It hardened and grew a little for the first 2 weeks, started to soften the third week and started to shrink during the fourth week. After the 5th week it was gone and he was fine. Just to make sure I gave him some maintenance tea 3 times a week(1 eyedropper) for anoother week and that was it. I hope this helps.

Replied by Margie
(Austin, Texas)

Hi Art,

Unfortuneatly my cats cancer progressed to the point that it could not be reversed. During all the research to help him, your post accidentally helped me to give him a better quality of life for his last 2 weeks. I went looking for some chapparal tea which was hard to find, apparently because there was a scare over its affect on the liver so I could only find it at an herb shop.It has a long history of treating cancers (imagine that! )Talking to the girl in the herb shop she told me about CBD oil for animals or people that have terminal illnesses or pain. My kitty got this 2X a day for a couple weeks before we had to put him to sleep, and I think he was not in pain while he got this.Glad that your cat recovered, and you may have discovered the right combination with the tea. There is some speculation that there were things that were added to the original Essiac formula that people did not know about. Thanks so much for your replies and help.


Replied by Esther
1 posts

Hi All! My cat is 14yrs old, her name is Claudia. She's been diagnosed (adenocarcinoma: The most common tumororiginating in the nasal cavity in dogs is adenocarcinoma, while lymphoma is the most common nasal tumor in cats. Animals usually present to their veterinarian for difficulty breathing through the nose, noisy breathing, mucoid/bloody nasaldischarge, sneezing, or facial swelling. This is the link about: Adenocarcinoma

I've read a lot story's that this particular herb tea helps: Essiac Tea

This is the email where you purchase the tea:

i don't know ALOT about this tea. Does anyone know about this tea. I need your help ASAP!! My cat is not well. I want to try natural remedies.

I look forward to someone response.

Warm regards Esther

Replied by Margie
(Austin, Tx)

That is great that the Essiac tea worked for your cat's lung tumors, usually that is a fatal diagnosis.I was wondering if you could provide the specifics of how you administered the treatment and where you purchased the tea.Cats (as you probably know) are not easy to treat.Also, did you take your cat to a homeopath that mainly treated humans and what sort of remedies were they using?

Thx Margie

Replied by Elaine

My cat had a CT scan today. They found masses in both his sinuses. He is 12.5 years old. I have had him for 3.5 yrs and he was a big 16 lb guy who has gone down to 13 lbs recently. Last week it seemed like he had a 'cold'. On day 5 he wouldn't eat (always a fabulous eater). I took him to the vets. Bloodwork and xrays showed nothing. With the CT scan they did a biopsy will have results in a few days. 90% chance it is cancer. I will not just let him go. I have been feeding him (he is easy to accept) for days now. With sinuses this way he just won't eat or drink. I am willing to try Essiac Tea. Any recommendations or suggestions please help! I will have him home tomorrow.

Replied by Elli

Thank you for your comment, Stacey Hohn. I am looking for a homeopathist now also good to hear that your cat recovered. My cat has a soft cell sarcoma in inaugral region that was removed but I think it back again . There is a lump of fluid that builds up. I am using Essiac tea and Turmeric, raw food wheat grass, pro biotics. So far Essiac has been 2 ml twice a day but I think I can increase now ..Thanks all for your comments

Replied by Janice
(Ontario Canada)

Hi Stacey: My cat has just been diagnosed with lung cancer (large mass + some small ones + enlarged lymph gland neck). How did you do with the essiac? I'm ordering a tincture of that and some of the Hoxsey formula herbs. I hope your kitter did well. The vet prescribed prednisolone but I don't want to give that to her. My fear is, if she's gone too far and may need the steroid + essiac etc. What were you prescribed? Many thanks

Replied by Janice
(Ontario, Canada)

Margie/Austin Tx: Did you ever get an answer about administering the tea for lung cancer? My girl has been diagnosed with lung cancer. I've been giving her Petwellbeing Life Gold (Chaga-mushroom, blessed thistle, red clover, burdock root, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bar and Turkish rhubard root). She has deteriorated since I started using supplements, but wondering if this is side effects of detoxing. Thanks

Replied by Margie
(Austin, Tx)

Janice, sorry to hear your cat's diagnosis. I never had much reply about the spots in my cats lungs his abdominal tumor was the main concern. I got a reply from Art S. who had success with the Essiac tea but added chapparel and echinacea tea to the mixture and it cured his cat.

His reply should be in this thread as well as how he mixed it. Humans with lung cancer have had results with flax hull lignans in yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Don't know if it works for animals.

Replied by Linda
(Chicopee, MA)

My cat has a tumor in his mouth and it's getting bigger and I just bought some essiac tea.. I read somewhere to give them five ml but it didn't say once a day or how many times a day can you please let me know how much I should be giving my cat I sure hope it makes a difference he's 21 years old and he acts like he's like 5 years old and the tumors getting bigger but he doesn't even act like it's bothering him which I'm sure it is but he's still eating washing himself up whatever and I feel so bad I just want to get this better for him so I did get the tea but I've been giving them twice so far I gave him five ml once a day and I don't know if that's enough and I'm also putting spirulina in his food.

Mama to Many

Dear Linda,

I think the recommended dose is 5 ml once a day, but unless it causes diarrhea in your cat, I think you could dose it twice. While the herbs are powerful they are gentle to the system.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Ann Marie (Tyne And Wear) on 01/03/2017

Hi. Our 14 year old cat has been diagnosed with a High grade Lymphoma on her neck. It is (was) Huge. She was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and has had a couple of rough years with lots of immune system problems which we have been managing with Prednisolone only. I bought some 4 herb Essiac Tea last week and she has been taking it with food. I keep her on chicken or fish with occasional cat foods. She is obviously hungry because the Prednisolone ups the appetite. She has been a little up and down and yesterday I kept a close eye on her because she wasn't eating. Later on however she ate 3 small meals. This morning she was up and ready for breakfast and has had 2 small meals since. Her behaviour was brighter. I had checked the lump yesterday and it was hard and so massive in her neck. I can feel some very small soft nodules in other parts of her neck too. However this morning this tumor is not as big (I think I'm going mad!! ). I can still feel other small lumps but she is so much brighter today. I don't know what's going on but I do have little hope for her but I will keep going and update.

Replied by Sam
18 posts

Hello, I hope it continues to go well for your kitty. All the best for many healthy years together. X

Replied by Ann Marie
(Tyne And Wear)

Sadly, we had to out our little cat to sleep. The tumour had started to spread within days and she was emaciated very quickly. I had noticed a slight reduction but it then just seemed to get too large. I wondered whether the tea would work much better on tumours in the stomach/intestines, which appears to be the most common site for lymphoma in cats. Ellie's was in her neck. We miss her lots, its awful x

Posted by Sam (S.A. Australia) on 12/07/2016 18 posts

I posted in here a couple of weeks back and have got no replies. I am desperate for some help and answers. Maloo my 8/9yr old cat was diagnosed with lymphoma. Not too sure which type. He was sneezing and had blood coming out his nose. Vet put it down to uri as he had one last year. He has also got fiv. Anyway after antibiotics which cleared the blood and sneezing for a week or two it came back. So back to vet and $1,600 later after nasal exploration and biopsy sent off I get a phone call to say it's lymphoma. I refused chemo. I have been reading all the great results of Essiac. So I started him on it. 5ml with 5ml water twice a day. He had a fair bit of blood come out first two days. Still sneezing and some mucus snot. Saturday just gone he came out with blood all over his nose. He started to eat after taking him off antibiotics which caused him to not want to eat. Put some weight back on. However last few days he has been so lifeless, lost weight again, fur looks dull and his third eyelids are coming out more and won't really eat.

Help!!!! Please what can I do? Continue the tea? Tomorrow will be his 3rd week on it. I want my baby boy to be around for many more years. Please

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Sam,

I do not have experience with your problem, but I hear your plea for help. Things you can do:

Offer stinky food like canned tuna to entice him to take a bite of food. Keep him hydrated - this might mean fluids under the skin; being well hydrated may make him feel more comfortable. Continue the tea - consider dosing 4x day. Consider adding turmeric and vitamin C to his food if he will eat it - just use 1 capsule of each and mix well into the canned soft food. Consider the power of prayer and the laying on of hands to heal; hold him and comfort him and visualize Maloo sitting on a fine mesh net that passes through him and as it passes through it gathers up the bad cancer cells that cannot pass through the net. Imagine using the net to gather up the bad cancer cells in his body and head and pulling them out of his body and sending them in a tied up bag right into the sun. Consider holding him and comforting him and sending him all of the healing energy you have to help him fight. Consider dosing the Bach Flower Remedy 'Rescue Remedy' - dose for him with a little water as it has alcohol, and straight dose for you to help you both feel peace in this stressful time.

Replied by Sandra Wade

My cat has a nasal tumor, too..only his is fibrosarcoma--they found it through a biopsy because the tumor now made a lump on his head. They biopsied the lump. My poor guy has the same symptoms as yours. Sneezing blood..nosebleeds..when the nosebleeds happen, I wet a compress and hold it on his nose (it's only on one side so far).

He does these reverse sneezes that sound like he's choking.

He also has watery eye on that side, and a third eyelid. It's so awful watching them struggle like this.

I ordered the Essiac for Pets capsules. I'm also trying turmeric in his food..I bought 700mg capsules. I break them up and give him 1/4th twice a day.

My vet(s) also gave me prescriptions for amoxicillin..this really helps cut down on the bleeding. It kills opportunistic infections. I now have onsiar--it's an anti-inflammatory and pain med. For his eye, I use Genteel drops you can get at CVS or Walgreens. And for his nose, try "Little Remedies"'s a saline wash for kids.

I also ordered fish oil supplements to try.

When I get the ESSIAC I'll let you know if it seems to be working. Pls keep us posted about your little guy.

Replied by Sam
(S.a Australia)
18 posts

Thank you for reply.

I am desperate. The bad luck has hit this family for too long. A death of a family member every year from 08-2014. In 2014 I lost my soul kitty to intestinal adenocarcinoma. She was only 8yrs old. Then my cat at Mum's house the same year to lymphoma.

My pets are my kids too. I feel so awful and struggling with all this. My husband was involved in a serious truck accident early Nov. My mum (lives 9 hours away in different state has had op for cervical cancer) and we are trying to move house. My 5yr old daughter and I are distraught.

I am determined to kill this cancer and have him around for much longer.

He just seems so sad and getting skinner. Not eating much at all. Will lick up broth or gravy.

Thank you again.

Replied by Sandra

I am devastated to report, I had to put my cat to sleep today. I feel so lost. I did not get the Essiac in time to give it to him..he slid downhill SO FAST. The last couple of nights, his eye was closing shut and his nose was so obstructed, he could barely breathe. I hate myself that I didn't buy the tea sooner..I don't know, maybe it wouldn't have worked..his cancer was very aggressive. I am absolutely devastated.

Replied by Sam
(S.a Australia)
18 posts


I am so so sorry. No words can easy the pain. I have been there too many times. I feel for you.

I know it's hard to hear (as I was the same) it is not your fault. We as humans can not possibly know everything and it is so hard with a fur babies. Especially cats they are super at hiding illnesses and it's too late. Had it twice.

Hoping not a third.

Love to you and cyper hugs


Replied by Carolyn A.

Sandra, I'm so very for your loss

My cat has just been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma on his nose. It looks really bad. They are busy doing some swabs etc.

In the meantime I want to get him on some Essiac. Which is the best form? The tea, capsules for pets or the liquid? And can someone break down exactly how I must administrate it, I'm lost. Thank you so much. My thoughts are with you all and your pets

Replied by Sam
18 posts

Hi Carolyn,

I am in Australia and my Mum just bought the herbs in the pack and I brew it up as per instructions.

I have been giving Maloo 5ml with 5ml of water twice a day by syringe.

It really has seemed to do wonders for him. Been eating, back to meowing and waking me up for food. Still sneezing however less blood. It got worse for a few days when first started the tea however read that is to be expected.

Wishing you and your kitty all the best. Prayers to you also.

Replied by Anna

Hello. I am sorry to read what has been happening. I have also read of CBD oil being used for cancer. It needs to be CBD specifically for cats. The brand that I saw online was Holistapet. I liked their brand bcs it is just CBD in hemp oil. I saw another brand but it was in mct oil (which is from coconut oil which doesn't agree with everyone and is acidic). I think you can use CBD and the essaic together but probably taken separately and timed. CBD is also anti inflammatory and helps keep up appetite. Also, the is a good site for the 4 herb essaic. They have a guarentee percentage of burdock root (I think burdock) not just the leaves. Including the root is usually more potent than just the leaves in herbs. Both sites have customer service support.

Also, the essaic tea might be more effective if administered in the mouth with a syringe away from food, on an empty stomach. That has to be done with the head LEVEL, not tilted back. There are probably online instructions how to do that safely and efficiently. Both of these remedies should probably ideally be taken on an empty stomach which usually means 1/2 hr before food or 2 hrs. after food. You can probably take the cbd oil 1/2 or maybe even 15 minutes after the essaic. I would take the essaic before the cbd bcs the essaic is water based and the cbd is an oil. Best to ask the customer service people about timing between the herbs, also other supplements, drugs, or food).

Maybe also use high quality food with limited ingredients and or without meat by products. There are also books on how to make home made food which is less expensive.

Another remedy I have read about is milk thistle for cats. That is for liver support and detoxification. Try to buy a quality brand but I do not specifically know of any. That may not be necessary to use with the essaic bcs essaic also provides liver and general detoxifying support. Again, these co.s or your vet may know more. I probably wouldn't worry too much about it if the essaic is being used. Make sure to search about herb and drug interactions or ask your vet about all of it too. Hope that helps.

I am in the process of trying to help my cat also. I have been getting tests done and have been doing research on these things recently. I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. I love her very much and want to see her well. I hope your cat is feeling better. Well wishes, Anna

Mast Cell Tumor Dosage

Posted by Adrienne (Idaho) on 02/01/2022

Hello, I just got the results from my vet of the x-ray she sent to a lab. It confirms that my little Honey Bee, part Chihuahua, that the lump on her hind leg is a mast cell tumor. I have some Essiac capsules that say two twice a day (for humans) for daily use. Then it adds, three, three times a day for "other situations". I'd like to start her right away. Does anyone know how to dose a sixteen pound dog with the capsules? Thank you!

p.s. Has anyone had a mast cell removed surgically, and how did that go?

Replied by MissM
(New York)

First MCT we had removed and wish we had not. It was a messy surgical scar, very big on back thigh.

Second one we used Benadryl/Tagamet Protocol.

Vera has a Facebook group. Dose and Frequency Chart.pdf

The second MCT got ugly before disappearing but it went completely away.

How big is the spot?

It worked for my dog, and also the first surgery was close to 1000 dollars.


Thank you Miss M! It is wonderful that you were able to beat Cancer without putting your dog and you through surgery. I really did not want to go that route which is all the allopathic vets have to offer so I have continued with Essiac tea and Chaga mushroom powder. And, I could swear the lump is smaller already! It is 2 inches across but barely visible as just a raised area under her fur. When the vet did her x-ray she did say it is deeply into the muscle and felt I should have it done at the university vet school. What concerns me about that is the number of chemicals they administer that could damage an older animal's kidneys. So, I am tempted to keep on with the Essiac and Chaga and then add the protocol you suggest. I wonder if that would be going overboard?


is this remedy ok for cats?

Replied by Deirdre

Hi Adrienne,

Sorry, I don't know the dosage for Essiac Tea, but you should check out the link Missy provided to the Tagamet/Benadryl cancer protocol for dogs. I believe it has a good success rate with mast cell tumors in dogs.


Thank you Deirdre,

I have been wondering if there is a remedy that works well for mast cell tumors. Wondering, too, if I should continue with the Essiac and Chaga and add the Tagamet/Benadryl. Or maybe I could wait awhile to see if the tumor is actually getting smaller as it appears to be. Another question I have is what is the best form of Essiac, powder, extract, capsules or tea for a small dog? I am giving her 1/3 of a capsule 3 times a day with the Chaga in a small amount of food. But, you know, sometimes you see advice that says the tea is best. Any thoughts?


Hi Adrienne,

I would personally stick to one protocol at a time as I think you can overwhelm a dog whose immune system is already weakened with too many remedies at once. Glad to hear you think the Essiac and Chaga are shrinking the tumor!

We recently had someone write in to Earth Clinic about lymphoma in his dog and he decided to do a whole bunch of remedies at the same time-- turmeric +++. Then we heard in his next post that the dog had some very severe side effects (I suspect dehydration might have occurred with the turmeric, causing serious distress in the dog) and he was concerned his dog might not make it through the night. We didn't hear from him again, sadly. A cautionary tale to take the slow and gentle path with these cancer remedies.

Sorry, I'm not that familiar with Essiac Tea. Perhaps someone who has used it can offer some advice. Please let us know how it goes with your pup.

Mama to Many

Dear Adrienne,

Regarding Essiac, I honestly believe the tea is best. Prepared according to the directions (they are on the Earth Clinic Essiac page.)

The boiling and steeping allow for the herbal/medicinal properties to be extracted. Taking powders requires the body to do all of the extracting with less heat and less time.

Just my thoughts...

~Mama to Many~

Recommended Brands of Essiac Tea

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Posted by Nao (Jakarta, Indonesia) on 01/05/2016

Hi, my 9yo dog is diagnosed with tumor in his bladder. I changed his diet to home cooked brown rice and simmered free ranged chicken and blended broccoli and shitake. I read many grave things about this kind of tumor, I am thinking to try essiac tea on him but confused where I should get it from? I live in Asia, I will need to order online either from US or Canada and shipped it to my country. So want to make sure I get the best essiac tea for my baby.

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Nao Jakarta Indonesia ---

Essiac West carry the original formula with roots and four herbs. This is from the US where I ordered mine. The herbs are fresh and fragrant. They also include an instruction booklet.

Frankincense high percentage in drop(s) over the site. Visit the Truth About Cancer for more info.

All the best. Namaste, Om

Replied by Nao
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Thank you so much Om for your reply. I am researching frankincense now thanks for pointing me to that. Where do you usually buy frankincense from if I may know, since I read not all essential oils can be taken orally. Do you have any experience administering frankincense to dog? How much should we give a 7kg/15lbs dog?

Thank you again Om in advance

Replied by Om
(Hope, Bc Canada)

Nao (Jakarta, Indonesia)

At the present time of my writing I have the same problem finding the right essential frankincense oil as the percentage should be high and not as sold generally in health stores.

If you visit "The Truth About Cancer", in the blog you may find many leads to the right kind albeit it is in the US. I am trying to find a solution to the problem in Canada and will try US if nothing transpires.

While it is true that essential oils should not be ingested, expert advice is needed as many cancer patients have been helped with essential oils internally and externally. See also utube on essential oils for more info. For a little dog 1/2 to one drop seems enough. To make 1/2 drop, do one drop with the carrier oil and half the rest for the next time. I hope this is clear enough.

For instance, placing a drop or two on the site is the thing to do.

My advice is to ask Mama to Many on EC as she could give you valuable hints. She has a source that is reliable. Best wishes

Namaste Om

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Nao,

Om mentions that you are searching for Frankincense Essential Oil for your dog. I have found that Mountain Rose Herbs out of Oregon, and Hopewell Oils (Texas, I think) both have a high quality 100% Frankincense Essential oil, we have used both with success.

Generally essential oils are best used externally. But some are used internally for serious illness. I have used Frankincense for a bladder infection for myself, and I did that externally. I just massaged one drop into the abdomen, over the bladder area. It was surprisingly effective. So, you may not even need to worry about try it internally. It also gave quick relief to an ovarian cyst (along with castor oil) and again, I used this externally.

If you are not able to get Frankincense, perhaps the Essiac will be enough. You may also try castor oil, which has been helpful for tumors for some. Again, you could massage one drop on the abdomen above the bladder area. Castor Oil can have a laxative effect, even used externally. Just be prepared for extra potty breaks if you try out this remedy.

I hope you are able to get your doggie healed soon!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Allison

Hi, what amount did you give your pet?

Replied by Julio
(Pittsburgh, Pa)

Hello. My dog has the same bladder disease. He was operated on about 6 months ago to remove the tumor. Since then the cancer has returned. I have been reading alot about essiac tea for shrinking tumors and the one I have ordered is called bcct from a company called Only Natural Pet located in the usa. Of all that I've read and the reviews I've looked at, this product is the one that gives me the most hope. Good luck to you

Replied by Faith

I trust Mountain Rose Herbs. I've been ordering from them for over five years. Haven't had a problem. Can anyone tell me where to buy activated charcoal. MRH doesn't have it.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Faith,

Mountain Rose is my favorite herb place, too.

I get my activated charcoal from:

They have the best prices I have found on charcoal powder or tablets. I like to keep both on hand for pets, farm animals and people.

~Mama to Many~


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Posted by Jerry C (Sand Springs, Oklahoma) on 08/24/2021

To receive all the benefits of Essiac tea, it must be left to steep 12 hours in a covered pot.

Replied by Hannah m
5 posts


One of my dogs has a mammary tumor, she is 13 years old and dont want to put her through the removal surgery. I have read reviews on Essiac tea. I have switched her diet to protein and vegetables instead of the commercial food. My question to anyone is can I use the capsules or is it better to get the loose tea? If I use the capsules do I decoct it and boil it in water or can I just give her 2 capsules a day to her in chicken broth?

I would appreciate any help available.

Mama To Many

Dear Hannah,

It would definitely be preferable to decoct the herbs than have her take pills. The decoction will draw out the medicinal properties that her body is not likely to draw out on her own during the process of her digestion.

You could also try using castor oil topically on the tumor.

~Mama to Many~


Dear Hannah,

You can find all the answers to your questions at - they are the "experts" in Essiac Tea.

Their website provides clear instructions on how to give the tea to pets (e.g., syringe, in broth, etc...) and, how to brew the tea to maximize the therapeutic components.

Their tea includes all 8 herbs and does not omit sheep sorrel root (a very critical part of the tea) which other brands do not include.

As Mama to Many replied, brewed tea gives the best results.

Wishing your dog a speedy recovery.

Hannah m
(Spring, Tx)
5 posts


Thank you so much for the sight. I will definitely order from them once I finished with the 2 batches I have still.


I think the herbs you make a tea is the best choice. You can look into as they have the advanced formula and information on why their 8 herb formula is better then the 4 herb formula. Loads of testimonials on their web page. All the best

Hannah m
(Spring, Tx)
5 posts

Hi all,

I have switched to the tea and give it to her 3 times a day with low sodium bone broth. I noticed that her tumor is growing and the size of the palm but also has another one growing. Her apetite is good but she loosing weight and that concerns me. I also give organic mushroom blends to build up her immune system. She gets that 2 a day. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thank you in advance.


  • Instead of bone broth, have your dog eat a whole raw chicken leg daily, (give 2 legs, for medium dog, 3 legs for large dog) which includes the meat, tendons, cartilage, ligaments & bone. Dogs will break it down within their stomach just like the bone broth but is even more beneficial to them as the raw meat contains enzymes to enhance absorption of nutrients.

In addition to the daily whole chicken leg/s, try the following daily diet which acts as a whole nutritious diet, a dewormer diet as well as a cancer fighting diet;


  • 2 beetroots grated, medium sized (do not buy canned or pre-packaged cooked in plastic, must buy fresh)
  • 2 Carrots medium/large sized grated
  • 4 Potatoes large (must remove peel as it contains solanine, also no green potato)
  • ¼ White Radish grated, (daikon radish) or 8 small red radishes (or amount in a buch) but not horseradish.
  • ¼ Cabbage chopped or shredded
  • 500g/1Ib Mince Meat Preservative free is best, eg. full fat beef or wild game such as deer
  • 125g/½lbs Green beans, fresh or frozen
  • 4 tbs Extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
  • 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt


1. Peel potatoes, beetroots, white radish (no need to peel small red radishes)

2. Boil green beans until fork tender (5-7 minutes). Remove beans, set aside, in same water boil chopped cabbage for 5-10 minutes with lid on. Discard water. With cruciferous vegetables, always boil them for at least 5 minutes and discard the water. Discarding the water removes the compounds that are harmful to the thyroid.

3. Cut & boil potatoes until cooked, remove & mash. In the same water add grated carrot, beetroot & meat, once cooked, combine all the ingredients together, leaving the radish raw. If it's all too chunky for your dog, place it in a food processor.

Allow your dog to eat as much until full. It freezes well. If your dog happens to not like this food, add a little more meat with a bit of fat.

Include daily;

  • Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) (must be ground up before giving to your dog as needed) (½ tsp for small dog, 1 tsp medium dog 2 tsp large dog)
  • Hemp seeds (must be ground up before giving to your dog) (½ tsp for small dog, 1 tsp medium dog 2 tsp large dog).

Note: once nuts or seeds are ground up its best they are used straight away otherwise they will begin to go rancid which can cause stomach issues eg. acid reflux, indigestion etc. So it's recommended you only grind up the amount that will be given that day.

Once a week give your dog some cooked wild caught salmon either from fresh or frozen

Do not include corn as it depletes B vitamins from the body.

Mushrooms especially dried, may contain extremely high amounts of selenium which can be toxic in high amounts. One of the signs of toxicity is weight loss.

  • Use Filtered water for drinking & cooking
  • Do not use any chemical sprays on or around your dog eg. flea sprays
  • Do not give your dog flea treatments, worm treatments either internally or externally.
  • Do not use detergents to clean your floors or dog bedding area, instead use vinegar. If cleaning carpet, use baking soda to deodorise then vacuum.
  • Do not use fragrances, air fresheners etc..
  • Do not cook with any sort of non-stick cookware. Use stainless steel instead.
  • Do not boil water in those plastic electric kettles
  • Do not use a microwave
  • Use fragrance free soaps

I wish you all the best....

Never give up!


My vet said dogs should NOT eat chicken leg bones.

Dogs cannot digest these bones, these bones are very sharp and can puncture the dog's stomach and intestines.


There is some grain of truth to what the vet claims, but perhaps it would relate to the amount of bones given, whether they were baked or boiled (& the amount of time they boiled for), the type of animal bones as well as the body part.

Bones are rich in minerals such as calcium, which is constipating. If bones (with the meat taken off), are given as food alone or with the littlest of food, it will most certainly cause an intestinal blockage.

Baked or boiled are toughest to digest. But if they have been boiled for many hours, they become crumbly. Raw bones are digested best and are more nutritious.

Of all the bones available, pork, beef, lamb, chicken- have the thinnest bone wall. They are the easiest for a dog to digest.

Bones are apart of their natural diet, in the wild they would consume them.

I have 2 dogs, one small & medium, 12 & 13 yrs old. They have been eating whole chicken legs (drumsticks) everyday all of their life! When they were puppies I would cut them into small bite size chunks to fit into their mouth. I would also give them chicken wings as they were smaller & easier to cut. Now I only have to cut the meat of the chicken leg into small chunks for my small dog, but when I get to the bone part, he is able to eat the rest himself. I only prefer to give my dogs the legs rather than the wings because they contain more meat but they are equally as good, if not better.

The bones from the chicken leg are properly digested because the bone portions present, in my dogs faeces, when pressed, appear as crumbed white powder.

My dogs are in the greatest of health. They have beautiful bright eyes, great teeth, they have good faecal form, & carry themselves with the same vitality as when they were 2 yrs old- & have yet to slow down! I attribute they're state of health to their diet.

You could give your dog chicken wings instead as the bones are thinner and smaller.

Rest assured that it is completely safe & beneficial for your dog to be eating chicken legs!

Give a dog a bone!

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

As to chicken bones, my 3lb chihuahua/dachshund mix ate all our chicken bones for 15 yrs, with no problems. My two rescues eat every single part of our whole chicken skeletons after I carve the meat off. They luv it. All extremely healthy with no negative effects, ever. Doing this daily for all these years, I do not listen to advice to not give dogs any bones. Also, cats love bones just as much!

(Illinois, USA)
487 posts

I gave my chihuahua raw chicken bones - or, rather, raw chicken thighs with the bones. Initially, I switched to giving one with bone and then one meat only, as the calcium dries and condenses the stool which appeared to me to be pretty uncomfortable, though she didn't seem to mind...

Mama to Many

Dear Katie,

Do you mean your little dogs are eating the already cooked chicken bones? I did give all manner of cooked bones to our Great Pyrenees but have hesitated to do it with anything smaller.


~Mama to Many~

(Illinois, USA)
487 posts

It makes you wonder, doesn't it? How rumors get started? Rumors you're not willing to risk How many dogs have run off with a T-bone, chicken or turkey cooling on the rack or the bones out of the garbage? There should be millions of stories going back to the beginning of the domestication of dogs.

Imagine all the negative PR about all the weeds that can eliminate various and vicious "incurable" diseases in a fortnight...imagine the horrific numbers of those who have suffered and died. It does no good to get up in arms and resent such things nor to hate the opportunists who profit from it in such a sociopolitical environment but understanding it is another matter. Simply remembering engages a whole other mechanism.

Nobody is the boss of us. We live our own lives. And, of course, God loves everybody. That's the wrath of a loving God. Annoying at times but, nevertheless, there it is. The sun shines on even the darkest heart. And that's good, isn't it? That God loves all the bits of creation we can't? It's good that the unlovable are loved, even if they don't believe it and we can love Him and leave it all to Him, easy peasy. To understand that He loves everyone and that no one is loved any less than the best human being who ever lived? Nor any more that the worst? That's unconditional love - true equality. Always "on", no exceptions - absolute parity. It gives one goosebumps, just to think about it!!

Replied by Katzie
(Cancun, Mexico)

My teeny tiny dog ate all manner of cooked chicken bones, too: barbecue, rotisserie, boiled, baked - all with no issues. I personally cannot give raw chicken to my dogs; their bones are from chicken always cooked.

Mama to Many


Thanks so much. I appreciate your sharing your experience with chicken bones for your dogs!

~Mama to Many~

(North Carolina)
6 posts

I missed the exchange, but I would like to say that I have been giving chicken bones to my dogs all my life (I'm 85) and we have experienced no problems so far. The dogs are medium to large and the bones seem to be enthusiastically appreciated. I once had to dislodge a piece of bone (of some kind) from the joint of his jaw and I can easily recognize that he would be helpless to do that without me.

Posted by Dana (Us) on 03/03/2017

Hi! I am loving this website and am so appreciative of the helpful information it contains! Thank you!!

In December of 2016 my almost 12 year old male terrier mix was diagnosed with a mass in his "cheek"... a terrible place to try and treat because he won't let me near it! He had the mass removed the week of Christmas and I opted to not have it biopsied because I knew I would not subject him to chemo/radiation, and the cost was already very high for the surgery. Prior to the surgery, I started making his food and treating him with turmeric, coconut oil, medicinal mushroom powder, food grade H2O2, and everything I could think of to try and boost his immune system and possibly shrink the mass. After the surgery, I continued with the same routine. At his last check up, the mass had already started to come back... so I started Rascal on essaic tea. This was about a month ago. I thought at first that the tumor was drying up, but then it seemed to grow larger and he had a very stinky clump of fur/dried blood... that formed and drove him crazy. Every time I tried to get near him to try and treat it, he would run. Fortunately, it fell off (FINALLY) the beginning of this week, and underneath is a VERY bright red spot that seems to be "swelling". Should I continue with the essaic? I am trying to get him to sleep on the side where I can see it so that I can try and drop some castor oil on it... I have also ordered Artemisinin and K9 Immunity which will be here tomorrow! Please help! He has a GREAT appetite, his eyes are bright and he doesn't appear to be in pain, although he is licking his paws incessantly... my funds are limited, but I am desperate to try and get rid of the cancer. We just moved back to Nashville 6 months ago and lost our sweet female dog 10 days after we got here... we were devastated. The thought of losing another beloved pet makes me so sad.

Replied by Marie

Turmeric powder is great for healing the infection.

Posted by Stacey (Uk) on 06/12/2016

Hi, we used essiac tea for out cat with great results ...he was a 6 kg cat and gave him 5ml mixed with 5ml water

Posted by Stacey (London) on 03/22/2016

Hi, I have been using the Essiac tea with my 6kg cat Baby, who has 3 masses in his lungs since last Monday(7 days), and I have noticed blood in his feces. Do you think that's ok? He is bouncing about and eating and drinking ect. Thanks, Stacey xox

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Stacey,

When you say 'blood in stool' does that mean they are black and tarry looking stools, or is the blood bright red?

Black, tarry stools indicate bleeding in the stomach or upper GI tract; this could be a serious complication.

Bright red blood in the stools means the bleeding is happening at the end of the GI tract near the anus; this could be from something simple like repeatedly straining to make a bowel movement.

If this were my cat black stools would have us at the vet in short order; bright red blood would have me keeping an eye on things to see if they worsen/stay the same/resolve.

Posted by Jo Ann (Palm Desert, Ca) on 01/28/2016

My Journey with Jinx and Her Cancer

May 2015 noticed large lump - came up overnight about the size of a half golf ball; took Jinx to vet next day. She thought it was an abscess so cut it open to drain and put in drain tube. When she started she noticed that it didn't have the consistency of an abscess and sent the tissue to be biopsied.When the results came back it turned out to be a very aggressive type of fibrosarcoma. Possibly vaccine related.

One week later I took Jinx to the Oncology specialist, Dr. Macy, He said they could remove the left hind quarter; but, there was a 50/50 chance it would come back. We decided to try to slow it down with medication (Proxicam) and keep her comfortable. She was put on Proxicam and given a chemo drug (Lomastine) one every 3 weeks along with blood tests to check her white blood cell count.

This caused the tumor to shrink substantially; but it started to get bigger again after about 3 months. I had started her on 1/2 capsule of Essiac tea, twice a day, at the same time. They tried three other chemo drugs during the next 4 months; non of them seemed to slow the growth of the tumor. She was taking the essiac all through this. She never had any adverse reaction to any of the chemo.

In December 2015, when the tumor was getting very large(about the size of my fist) I decided to gradually increase her dosage of Essiac and the Dr. stopped the chemo treatments and said he didn't think there was any more they could do. I was told to keep her on the Proxicam and that I would know when it was time to put her to sleep....... she would stop eating and groonming.

It is now January 2016

I had increased the dose of essiac to 1 1/2 capsule twice a day. The tumor started to get very soft in the center (it had been a hard solid mass) and in a few days started to open and seep. At first it was a light clear reddish fluid, then turning clear. At first there was no odor at all. After a couple of days it seemed to start to smell and she got quite lethargic. Still eating though. It is now completely open and the tumor looks to be receding.

I called the vet and started her on Amoxicillin. She immediately improved and the odor of the drainage went away. It continuing to drain and has decreased in size by about 1/3 (2 weeks after the chemo was stopped.) I have been spraying it with Veterycin a few times a day to help keep it from getting infected. I really think she had the infection in her body before this started to drain; but I'm not sure.

She is acting so much more normal and it appears to me that this tumor is purging itself. The hole are filled with a substance that looks very much like chicken fat only white. It doesn't seem to hurt and Jinx is cleaning regularly. I think this is removing the necrotic skin as it dies. She has really had a boost energy in the last few days.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would like to see what I might expect next.

Replied by Luis

How many mg was the capsules you used and what brand? Thank you.

Replied by Bb22
(Muskoka, Ontario)

Dear Jinx the cat carer,

We are in the throes of trying to treat a hind leg tumor on our 12 year Louis, as he has just been diagnosed with so much damage in the bone where the tumor is emerging at the hock joint, that the leg is considered unviable, and likely to break. In which case it would apparently be unable to knit and heal.

So, we have been advised to amputate the entire hind leg up to and including the hip joint.

He is presently on a very small amount of pain killer every 12 hours, and we are giving him essiac tea 5ml 2X a day on an empty stomach, as well as 5 -7 drops of Feline Gold fro Pet Wellbeing, 2X a day with food.

So far the protrusions which are considered a tumor and a secondary inflammatory response to the bone cancer, are intermittently shrinking and expanding. The lower one is getting open and oozing. We administer it daily with a warm salt water soak for 10 minutes and apply a smear of emu oil combined with essiac dregs, olive leaf extract, turmeric and colloidal silver.

WE also give him shark liver oil and co Q 10 in a syringe orally once a day.

this boy has been struggling with hyperthyroidism for almost two years. He is on 10 drops of thyroid support from Pet wellbeing 2X a day which helps a lot.

Anyway, we are on the horns of a dilemma. Do we amputate - scheduled for one week from now - or do we keep treating him at home and wait and see ...

What a huge decision...

We believe he has had this condition for a long time, but didn't let on there was anything wrong until he started licking the spot where the swelling suddenly emerged, and by removing the haired from licking so much we were able to see that there was something very wrong. That was two weeks ago.

Does anyone have any experience with the wait and see or amputate right away decision?

The Xray did not reveal any sign of spreading ( if this is even cancer- they're not totally sure as it could be fungal or even bacterial) but it did show that the lower half of the tibia bone looks lytic - compromised and weak and so very vulnerable.

Thank you for any comments you may be able to offer


Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Hmm. A hard discision. Go with your gut consider how long you have been treating it. If you have just started I would give it longer, have you seen much improvement? Look at all aspects before you make your mind.

Replied by Bb22
(Muskoka Ontario)

Thanks for your comments, Suseeq. The wait and see a bit scenario feels right, given that the external masses are seemingly dissolving, with the much touted chicken fat substance emerging from an opening in the middle of the lower mass. He is still eating well and surprisingly mobile, but limping on it when he first gets up in particular. We are trying to discern whether the tenderness is from the superficial wound changes or from the lytic changes in the bone. So hard to tell. But he continually leads with the 'bad' leg going up the stairs...

Hanging in here in Muskoka for the moment.


Replied by Lam

My 15 year old cat has lymphoma at his throat. The first lump appeared overnight and grew to 4 cm in 1 week. Started him on steroids which helped regain his appetite and shrunk it to 2cm. Stopped working after 2 weeks and two lumps appeared after that. They are huge about 4cm each. Started him on Essiac tea 12 days ago along with flaxseed oil, fish oil, essence of chicken, chicken broth and colostrum milk. He is very very weak and we took him for acupuncture 2 days ago. Today, one of the lumps opened and leaked out smelly light pink liquid. We don't know if that's a good sign or not. What happens now?

Replied by Jessa

I have a 13 yr old chow who has an oral tumor the size of a peanut when I first noticed it last november 2017, tried bringing it to the vet but explained that surgery was a risk coz of my dog's age and chemo was definitely out of the question for I'm aware of its side effects and thus no guarantee. Tried different kinds of natural treatment along the way but to no avail.

As of this day, tumor is about the size of a baseball. A few weeks ago, I happen to stumble on your website and found out about Essiac Tea, tried giving it at 20ml twice daily for about a week now and I noticed that underneath the chin there was swelling and that started to open and light reddish fluid along with some pus seeping out. Intense odor coming from her mouth and the pus I guess.

Good thing coz her appetite, energy and all seems normal like the usual. As for the tumor, still too early to tell the difference if its shrinking. Any advice, if this is a normal effect of Essiac on tumors? and is there a need to give antibiotics for the pus or will Essiac do the trick?

Replied by Flower's Mom
(Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm)

Hi Jessa,

I administered Essiac for one of my older dogs who had developed a few small tumors. I gave her the tea orally every day as well as rubbing the tea bags over the lumps before putting them into the compost. The tumors reacted to the treatment by first getting bigger, and then by opening up and draining before they really showed any signs of shrinking or drying up. During the time when they were draining, etc. I placed some gauze or a bandage over them to keep her from licking or irritating them, but all in all, they really did not seem to bother her, so she pretty much left them alone. All during this time, her demeanor, appetite and energy levels did not change. I would not give her any antibiotics as the tea seems to me to be working, but I would give her something for immune support. Also, I always pray over my babies, laying my body over theirs, sharing your heart, life and light energy to her for added strength. Bless you and let us know how she is doing.

Replied by Jessa

Hello Flower's Mom,

A few days ago, I decided to visit the vet coz I was kinda worried of the opening below her chin near the throat/neck and an inflamed part protruding where pus keeps coming out and the odor that seems to be getting worse. Vet gave some antibiotics and antiseptic and told me to apply honey to the open wound and not to cover it. As of today, the pus lessened and the odor was gone.

I'm still giving her Essiac twice a day and Seabuckthorn Berry Oil to boost her immune system. Earlier today, noticed that a portion of the tumor did burst. Keep you guys posted. Hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that Essiac will do miracles on her coz my options seems to be running out. Hope this site would allow or post some photos for reference.

Replied by Flower's Mom
(Pueblo Of Acoma, Nm)

In speaking with my naturopath about the uses of Essiac, he mentioned that he always saves the boiled herbs to use as a poultice for all sorts of applications, I.e tumors, cysts, wounds, abscesses, etc. He purchases the herbs in bulk and after boiling and straining them to make the tea, he puts the moist herbal mixture into a glass jar and stores it in the frig. If he makes up another batch, he dries the first batch and keeps it to re-hydrate to use later and puts the fresh batch in the frig, rotating the batches. The herbs still have a lot of beneficial ingredients, enabling them to be used more than once. Hope this is helpful. Take care!

(Duluth Minnesota usa)

Saving the herbs for poultice is brilliant. Thank you for that tip.

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