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Posted by Vicky (State College, Pa. Usa) on 12/22/2011

I have just learned that my 11 yr. old cat has a malignant tumor on her small intestine. I am heartbroken. Can anyone tell me how much liquid and also the powdered version of Essiac I should give her? I have read this is quite helpful for tumors.

Hope someone can help me. Vicky

Replied by Lindy
(Mill Park, Victoria, Australia)

Hi Vicki, my Blue Burmese is 16 years old with a cancerous tumour in her mouth/jaw. I give her one essiac capsule (contents mixed into her food) in morning and one again at night feed. I am now also adding 2 teaspoons of colloidal silver water to her regular drinking water each time I fill the bowl. If you have trouble getting your cat to eat the food with the essiac in it, try mixing the essiac capsule contents into a little butter. My cat used to just lick this off the spoon. Now though she is having difficulty eating so I have to syringe feed her at the moment. Good luck with your kitty. Make sure you buy original Essiac - look at web site "all things healthy" they are a NZ distributor of the original essiac formula (which is copyrighted) and will despatch to all countries.

Replied by Maria
(Dublin, Ireland, Co Dublin)

Hi Vicky and Lindy, I have just learnt tons and tons of things about essiac tea on the excellent website devoted exclusively to essiac tea. The name is

it points out in particular that the original formula contains the roots as well as the leaves of the sheep's sorrel. This is paramount for the success of the treatment. Withour the root the medicine is less effective. The reason why some companies don't include the roots is because it's more expensive to produce.

If you want to share your experiences with me my e-mail addres is mardnl at

I too am treating my 13 yr old cat who recently was diagnosed with tumour in abdomen, with essiac and she loves it AND it seems to be doing her good

Best of luck with this


Replied by Kenipela
(Brantford, Ontario)

My cat didn't show cancer on his xrays or in his blood work but he has a big lump by his nose/mouth and his lip is swollen so much he gets food stuck up under it and his eye swells part closed some days, it comes and goes.... The vet said that she's pretty sure it's a tumor though it's not acting like a typical cancerous tumor... I can't afford to do the biopsy/test as it's close to about $600 or so for all that, & I can't afford cancer treatments. Did the tea help u at all?

Replied by Fiona
(London, England Uk)

Hi Maria and All, My 18 year old cat has just recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. I had already ordered Essiac tea from _______ when I found the swelling by her throat.

It's early days yet but I'd like to tell you that I recently read in a book by Dr Cass Ingram (naturopathic style doctor) that sardines are a good (almost) complete food and great for the immune suppressed. It seems the only thing missing is Vitamin C. She loves sardines anyway and has taken Essiac on it's own and with the sardines which pleasantly surprised me.

I'm going to put vitamin C in the form of sodium ascorbate in her food (to bowel tolerance by starting with 100grams 3 times a day and when her stools become runny with any increase in dosage that'll be the sign to reduce it to where her stools remain firm). Another thing is to look at enzymes and probiotics to help their digestion so they get all the goodness from their food; flaxseed oil, a good vitamin supplement; barleygrass, spirulina, chlorella. I'm not saying all these are right for your cats but they are recommenede by various naturopathic vets. I give my cats a combined spirulina and astaxanthin supplement as well a combined digestive enzymes and probiotics powder mixed into their food. A drop of apple cider vinegar in their mineral water too. Please avoid tapwater at all costs.

I recommend a book by Martin Zucker called "The Veterinarian's Guide To Natural remedies For Cats" which is a collection of many veterinarians' approaches and advice on the whole gamut of feline health issues including the foundation of good health, nutrition.

Kelp (and other brown seaweeds as I understand) has anti-tumour properties. serrapeptase is worth investigating as it dissolves dead tissue; fulvic acid is something else worth researching due to it's enormous health properties.

Lots of love and care goes a long way to helping your pets feel better and a relaxed atmosphere so please do not stress yourselves, there is hope despite what the allopathic vets/doctors may say

I wish you and your beloved animals well and the best of health to you all,

kind regards, Fiona

Replied by Grace
(Chicago, Il)

Hello Maria,

My 15 pounds dog was diagnosed with nasal carcinoma/adenocarcinoma. He start taking 1 teaspoon of Essiac tea 2 x a day plus artemisinin 100 mg 2 a day 10 day ago and he was doing fine.. At some point he got upset stomach and didn't eat yesterday at all. Today start eating but refuse to take Essiac with yogurt in the morning. I will try again in one hour and reduce a dosage, but I think he needs 1 teaspoon 2 times a day. This is really has to be on the empty stomach or there is maybe Essiac in capsules as good as a tea? I am worried. My Teddy means a world to me. Please let me know if you have any information. Than you!

Posted by Todd (Lake Stevens, Washington) on 07/15/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Two years ago, my yellow lab toots, was diagnosed with thyroid and had a lump the size of a golf ball on her throat. The vet said she would only live about three months. She had lost about 14 lbs. We were heart broken as she was only five years old. We began giving her essiac in capsule form. After three months, the tumor had shrunk to the size of a pea. Two more months later, all of her weight came back on and the tumor was completely gone. Took her to the vet and he was astonished. He couldn't find A SIGN OF CANCER IN HER ANYWHERE. We were giving her six capsules daily and have now cut it back to one a day. She is full of energy and I am looking forward to many more years with her at my side.


Replied by Maria
(Dublin Ireland, Co Dublin)

Hi Todd, I'm so pleased for you and THANK YOU for sharing this success story with us. This gives us all hope and boosts our confidence in nature. Thank you again


Replied by Vicki

Wow. You said you gave her 6 capsules daily. I'm only giving one a day as directed. How did you decide to go with more? Thanks.

Replied by Rhonda
(United States)

Did the tumor size increase first?

Replied by Nichole
(Pace, Fl)

Hey, Todd! I have a 4.5 lb chihuahua named rocky with Thyroid cancer. His tumor is also the size of a golf ball and the bet doesn't give me much home. I have the Essaic tea and some other homeopathic remedies. Was there anything else you did with your dog for these results? I have the actual liquid tea, as my dog is very picky and too small for the capsules. I could break them in his food, but I know he would turn his nose up at the smell. I'm going to syringe it into his mouth. Thank you!

Posted by Kokila (Roslyn Heights, New York, Usa) on 09/12/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I'm submitting a natural cure I find remarkable: Essiac. It cured my little dog of tumors, and cysts. I feel excited about it, and am trying it myself to boost immune function.

Replied by Laura
(Cheyenne, Wy)

Where is the best place to purchase this? My cat age 17 just developed lymphoma cancer. I bought some EHS clear however it contains alcohol.

Replied by Robinf
(Kannapolis, Nc)

Can someone please help me quick? My 10 year old Maltese has lymphoma and it's moving so quickly, that we've chosen not to do any medical treatments of chemo. Yesterday, I located some Essiac powder after reading on this site how it had miraclously helped other animals... The problem now is that I cannot find anything definitive about how to give the powder to her.... Or how much... She weighs about 15 pounds now and she's not eatting a lot... The prednesone is helping some in that area, but she still turns her nose up at most things. Can someone tell me how and how much I should be giving her?

Thanks in advance...

Replied by Minnie
(Maastricht, Netherlands)

Hi Robin, Im having the same problem with my 7 year Boston. The problem is I'm overseas and I don't speak the language, it is really stressing me out. All the vets keep telling me to put her to sleep. She is still eating, playing and walking. She has shallow breathing and a huge tumor in her breast and her leg is swollen. When you find out please let me know and I will do the same for you. I found someone here that makes the tea, but I dont know if it's the right one. Wish me luck and the same for you!

Replied by Le Anna
(Brisbane, Qld)

Hi Robin, I was in the same boat- still am. Just how much do you give to a dog and what if the dog (like mine) hates the taste of it and will not consume it? Well it's heartbreaking to say the least. I stopped forcing the tea into Melanie, she was getting so upset and I was too. I was just stressing her out even more by forcing the tea down her throat. So I stopped. I commenced with Tumeric and Cinamin as a tea and once again although she was a little better with this, she hates it. What to do? You feel so powerless, helpless.

Today after seeing that the tumour has grown, I thought and made the decision to go back to the tea. However I'm not making it up and waiting for it to brew. I don't have time, I can see that. So I have elected rightly or wrongly to give her the tea straight in a small amount of ice cream which she will accept. I guess I'm trying something out of the box, as this isn't recommended on any website. If I have any positive results I will let you know. Good luck to you and your treasured one.

Le Anna

Replied by Dog-lover
(Akron, Ohio)

If your dog refuses the Essiac Tea at all costs. Then I'd try something else.

Ever heard of the Budwig Diet? A lot of people have had similar success treating all kinds of cancer, much like with Essiac Tea. I'm sure your pets would consume that.

One warning about using the Budwig Diet (I had this problem with my dog). It's made up of flax seed oil, and cottage cheese. It's very heavy in fats, even though they're good fats, they can cause pancreas problems.

I would strongly suggest giving them digestive enzymes with the Budwig Diet, since it might cause pancreatitis in dogs. They might have trouble digestiving the fats. Or at least consult with your vet if your pet has a history pancreatitis first.

Best up luck to your loved ones, whatever you decide to do.

Replied by Kelly
(Bend, Oregon, Usa)

I took my 12-yr-old (13 in Feb) 28# McNab cattle dog in for x-rays of a possible back injury on Dec 27 and found a tumor on her spleen and fluid around her heart and lung. After a second x-ray this week for confirmation, decided against chemo and did some on-line research. I got some Essiac tea leaves and flax oil at the Health Store. I was able to get her to eat one meal of the cottage cheese-flax oil. I brewed some tea but couldn't find directions for how much to use or how much to give her and she won't take it. Last evening her breathing became very labored and she has stopped eating now. I used a syringe to give her some of the tea but have only gotten about 18cc into her during the night and another 20 today so far. She did drink some water this am. Do you think it is too late for this to help her now? She has always been such an active, puppy-like dog who went for hours with me on horse-back trips. No one could believe her age. I know I should wait longer before posting this, but fear every minute is needed. Can anyone help me please.

Replied by Jody
(North Freedom)

How many capsules should I give my dog that weighs about 20 weakened pounds?

Replied by Natalie
(Montana, US)

For authentic Essiac tea, which you brew, please visit rene caisse tea dot com. Deb works with Mali Klein, and they are extremely ethical in providing a superior product which is the same formula which Rene Caisse used.

Replied by Rebecca

hi, try aussie well to buy your essiac tea, it's around $60.00 for 1 pound which equates to around 500 grams and it's also 2 day free shipping (they get it from starwest botanicals in U.S.A.).

Replied by Conny
(St. Augustine, Florida)

My german shepherd has lymphosarcoma. He is 5 years old..i just started him on essiac tea. How much should I give him ..he has been through some chemo and it did not work. He has lost weight. Cause he won't eat ..i use a syringe to get some babyfood down him.. he has been vomiting a clear slimy white liquid. Is this from the tea? thankyou Conny

Replied by Ted T

Dr. Becks Appetite flakes, you can get them on amazon. They worked great on my 13 + year old lab. I have some Essiacs tea for my 13 year old on the way and I really hope it helps.

Try those Dr. Becks bites worked 100 percent for my lab.

Replied by Susan
(Atlanta , Ga)

I am mixing the essiac tea, about 2 tsp (depending on weight), with home made broth, 1-2 tablespoons. My 35#, 9 year old standard long haired dachshund has hermangiosarcoma. I recently added, just 2 days, Essiac to his already complicated protocol. I'm very hopeful about the Essiac, as I have read and heard so many exciting testimonials about this amazing tea. We discovered a tumor on his back on February 3.

Replied by Hope

I know this is years later but it may help someone else. Add the Essiac to some chicken or other meat bone broth. Make your own as it's much better. Save your bones after a meal in the freezer. When you have enough, put them in a pot and cover them with water and simmer up to 12 hours - the longer, the better, but you can also shorten this time or put them in a crock pot all day or even a pressure cooker for 2 hours, such as an Instant Pot. Note: A simmer is not a boil but the smallest amount of heat with a few bubbles here and there. Best to do it during the day for safety. Strain out the bones and keep broth in the fridge. I always feed my dog broth with his meat/veg/fats.

You want to avoid sugar in the diet as that is what feeds cancer. Sugar is also carbs. Check out the Keto pet diet online. I am using that too. My dog (lymphoma) has no problem taking the Essiac in broth. I just started this today.

I think the vaccines caused this as well as terrible ear infections/allergies as he was a rescue, picked up by a Humane Society and the incompetent vet gave him a vaccine when he was starved and very sick. He did not have these issues prior, according to the medical notes. Vaccines should ONLY be given to healthy animals but most vets do it anyway. Lots of info on this online by holistic vets. For immunity to diseases, do a blood titer instead. Dogs usually have full lifetime immunity from their first set of vaccines, but it's a giant money-maker, so that's why it's pushed every year. Criminal, I know. You don't realize how damaging vaccines can be until something like this happens and you start doing the research and there is a ton of research out there, but it's buried. Don't believe what the media says, they are funded by the drug companies and have a financial interest.

Dosing: I found this info on an Essiac site. Best wishes for your pet.

Essiac Tea Dosing for Pets

Ideally, Essiac will be given once daily on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning or before bed are good times to give Essiac to your pet. If you need to mix it with food to get your pet to take it, use the minimum amount needed to get your pet to take Essiac.

How Much Essiac Tea for Cats?

1 teaspoon (5 ml) of essiac tea is the dose for cats. It should be mixed with 1 teaspoon (5 ml) of water and given with a syringe.

¼ teaspoon of powder or 1 capsule of Essiac can be used if a cat will not take the tea.

Be sure to have plenty of fresh pure water available at all times.

How Much Essiac Tea for Dogs?

Large Dogs – 1 ounce Essiac tea with 2 ounces of water.

Medium Dogs - ½ ounce Essiac tea with 1 ounce of water.

Small Dogs – 1 ½ teaspoons Essiac tea with 1 Tablespoon of water.

Posted by Tiffany (Slidell, LA) on 06/12/2009

I have read everyones comments on Esiac Tea and I am very excited to hear of the results. My boxer Sadee just got diagnosed with a tumer that is attached on the side of her spine but luckily looks like it has not gone into the spinal cord because she has all of her motor functions. They are performing surgery on her this Monday. Most of the postings I have seen are with cats, is there anyone out there with dogs that has gotten good results? My other question is do you boil the tea and if so how many bags? Or is it better to do the concentrated capsules? If anybody with dogs or cats has any advice I SO APPRECIATE it!!!! She is my first dog and my heart. I now have 3 boxers but she is extra special and I will do anything to save her! My email is [email protected]

Posted by Linda (Brooklyn, New York) on 04/26/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Later for the doubters of natural cures, I know some do work. My beautiful, intelligent 9 year old Westhighland White Terrier had a lump on her upper right leg about a year ago-then aged 8. The Vet did EXPENSIVE surgery, blood tests and biopsy. The diagnosis was a canine cancer which is localized-cannot recall the name right now-hermangioma something or other. The diagnosis was that she would have a re-occurence of the lump so the VET encouraged me to take her for radiation/chemotherapy or an amputation-no way, Jose! I resolved to never allow surgery on her again. Immediately next day began my pup on daily ESSIAC and nightly castor oil packs; she now has ESSIAC about twice a week. The lump has not come back-thank goodness for Nurse Caisse.

Replied by Teresa
(Jonesborough, Tennessee)

Hi I have a 11yr old multi-poo and four weeks ago he was also diagnosed with cancer I can't remember the very long name all I know is it is stage two. They wanted to do a second surgery to "make" sure they got it all! But I said no. Not because I don't love him but because I don't want him to suffer anymore than he already has. I have been buying him food form the Natural Pet Food store that opened here a year a go and have been giving him milk thistle and now reading all this about the Essiac Tea I want to know how do you know how much? Cooper is 17.5 lbs and what is this about a castor oil pack (they took the tumor) but I want to know they said they would be more. Please e-mail me if you have time I don't want to harm cooper just make him better, I have also had cancer 2 1/2yrs ago, and I am not ready to lose him, he keeps me going. I lost my other dog right before Christmas last year I did not know all this stuff then and I'm fighting. Any information will be appreciated sorry this is so long. Thank you teresa .

Replied by Linda
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Happy to say my little Westie is still healthy and happy. Excellent Vet checks without problems or return of her tumor. She is now 11. I've started her on Essiac again weekly just because a box was sitting in the cabinet due to expire 3/2011 so may as well give her some again.

Replied by Linda
(Brooklyn, Ny)

Teresa, I emailed you but your account no longer exists. I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to this page at EARTHCLINIC. I had forgotten about it! I am praying you did start your fur baby on Essiac already. I simply followed directions of the box insert, then cooled it. I started giving about a quarter cup to her daily. I sweetened it with a little clover honey which she drinks without a problem. The castor oil pack is a cotton pad very soaked with HOME HEALTH castor oil from the health foods store. I applied it nightly to her operative site for about an hour as we watched TV or just hung out in bed. I would tie it afterward to her arm with a gauze wrap; sometimes it stayed all night, sometimes not. I'm glad to say she is in perfect health, happy and like a puppy at age 11. Please let me know how you are doing. Thanks.

Posted by Kathie (Mesa, AZ) on 03/07/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Cancer and Essiac Tea and FOCC (Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese):

My boxer pit bull mix was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of his right shoulder last September. This is extremely metastastic and spreads to the lungs quickly, and in 95% of the cases, by the time of diagnosis it is already in the lungs. I initially did not amputate because he was 12-1/2 years and the vet said the prognosis was so poor. I immediately started him on 1 cup total a day of essiac tea (made by Resperin company, as research on internet said you should buy from the original company) and 1 cup total of cottage cheese a day mixed with 4 - 6 tbsp of fresh cold flaxseed oil a day, divided in 2 doses. He was still alive 5 months later which is almost impossible, but the bone tumor did not disappear and was causing him pain. I decided to amputate but docs wanted x-rays first to see if his lungs were full of cancer. There was NONE. He is a 3 legged, cancer free 13 year old happy dog today. The vets can't even explain it, and will not acknowledge it had anything to do with holistic treatments, only to say it is a fluke that it did not spread. They said he will at this point die of some other old age related dog disorder. :)

Replied by Middlebunny
(Jersey City, Nj, Nj)


I just read Kathie's post and wanted to request more information regarding the Essiac and Flaxseed Oil/Cottage Cheese combination. I understand that Essiac has Rhubarb which may be toxic to Dogs which has caused me to reconsider using it for my dog's tumor. Did Kathie, Linda or Tiffany use the Essiac with the guidance of a holistic Vet? What did they say about the potential Liver harming prospects of Rhubarb? With regard to the Flaxseed Oil/Cottage Cheese combination, it sounds like the dose recommended for Kathie's dog was 1/2 cup cottage cheese to every 2-3 tablespoons of Flaxseed old. Is this correct? How much did Kathie's dog weigh? Getting back to Essiac, I actually purchased the original formula in liquid form from the original manufacturer. Although Kathie seemed to give her dog a cup a day of the brewed tea, I wonder if Kathie knows how much of the liquid Essiac is the equivalent to the amount of the brewed tea that she used. Please reply back with more information. Thank you

Replied by Carla
(Grand Rapids, Mi)

I lost Sissy to cancer in March/09. Found out that the iron suppliment the vet gave me had corn syrup as the main ingredient. Sugar feeds cancer. I am done with western medicine for my cats. I was told by wholistic cat specialist Anitra Frazier that Sissy had probably been over vaccinated for years. I should have gotten her on Flax seed oil twice daily with the essiac minus the iron suppliment. The better nutrition she had at the end from Anitra's suggestion, gave us more time than we would have had. Anitra Frazier's book The Natural Cat is a must for cat and even dog people.

Replied by Tracy
(Los Angeles, California)

How much essiac tea do I give her?....

My dog gracie is a whippet-yellow lab mix-she's 11 years old and was just recently diagnosed with a tumor on her bladder. we feel it's been going on for 10 months or a year because at that time, we first took her to the vet for frequent urination and they gave her an ultrasound and said she had "crystals" in her bladder that weren't to be worried about - just a nuisance. well it seemed to get a bit better at one point then definitely got worse.

so recently the frequent urinations got worse and she squats to pee for 2-3 minutes. she also recently lost a lot of weight - from 43 down to 35 pounds and her hips are extra boney. (she's a whippet mix so always thin but definitely extra thin). the vet gave her another ultra sound and said it was nothing-her blood work was fine, very slightly elevated liver count - in the 300s or something like that-but everything else was fine. we insisted it was something and they gave her a higher resolution ultra sound and said she has a long tumor on the outside of her bladder extending down to the urethra.

She eats either innova evo (most of the time) or Organix (whole foods sells it).

for the tumor the vet gave us 5mg capsules of piroxicam to be given once daily with food.

We just heard this news so sorry if I've babbled but I'm just desperately looking for alternative solutions and it seems like the essiac tea and the cottage cheese with flax oil is a good start. is the flax oil to take the place of fish oil?

Replied by Luanne
(New Port Richey, Fl)

I just found out my 11yr old husky/retriever mix has chondrosarcoma in her rt rear upper leg/pelvic area. I started her on the flaxseed oil/cottage cheese and am interested to know about the essiac tea. They want to amputate and we are still unsure what to do but have to decide soon. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

Replied by Estrella

Hello, I just read your post and I know it was back in 2009. Our golden retriever was diagnosed with osteosarcoma couple months ago on his back right leg. The X-rays did not show that it's spread to his lungs. The dr advice to amputate his leg. We still undecided. I found this website and it gives me hope. I been giving him the tea because my husband is taking it for a month now for his prostate cancer. I'm thinking I should give it to Riley also. He's been taking it for almost a week. I found this website and read a couple of the post and it give me hope. I would like more updates on your dogs. Thank you

Posted by Carla (Grand Rapids, Michigan) on 02/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

11 year old female cat diagnosed with hemangioscarcoma on 12/3/08. Tumor was on her spleen and was the size of a clemantine. Because of tumor size,the vet gave her 1 to 3 months to live. He removed both tumor and spleen, ultrasound showed no mass anywhere else and lungs were clear but gave no hope. Couldn't find much info on feline cancer/natural cures other than this site. They only do studies on dogs and cats respond differently. I made my own plan of treatment and she is thriving as of 2/11/09. She plays with her toys and runs around after my other cats daily, hasn't done this for years! Coat is the most beautiful I have seen it.

Immediately got her on Essiac Tea (Esiack Caps 450mg by Now Foods) 1-450mg cap in morning 1 hour before her breakfast and 1-450 cap 1 hour before her dinner. It is important to take on an empty stomach, 1 hour before meals or 2-3 hours after eating. I mix 1 cap in 1 ml of water in a small glass that I allow to sit for hours (while at work and again over night). To administer, I suck the Esiak Tea back in the plastic syringe. I kneel and sit on my feet, trapping her between my knees with my ankles crossed so she can't back out. I pull her chin up slightly and squeeze it into the side of her mouth between teeth and cheek. I also have her on 1/5 cap (at both feedings) of maitake mushroom (NewChapter Organics veg cap- 1000mg?) to build immunity. She takes Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula (4Life) which is only natural transfer factor from cow colostrum and egg yolk (think mother's first milk) also a powerful immune booster. This is not lactose free but 4Life makes one that is for cats with inflammatory bowel. A 300mg cap Tri-Factor administered 1 cap per day first week, 2 caps per day 2nd week and 3 caps per day week 3. Stop at 3 caps daily. This will pass the blood/brain barrier important for brain cancers. All above are human grade elements that will do no harm. All (except Esiak) are mixed in with her food. Vet prescribed a pet vitamin in liquid form-Pet-Tabs Iron-plus due to her severe anemia, 1 ml daily for 21 days after surgery which I also mixed in her food and stll give her half dose of till the bottle will be done. Very important* took her off all grains and cheap grocery store brand foods. I feed Pet Guard brand (health food store). She can't tolerate chicken so she eats only the Premium Choice beef at the moment. I credit Essiac Tea, Transfer Factor and my begging prayers to God daily as to why she is still with me.

Posted by Maria (Los Angeles, California) on 11/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

About four months ago, my 14-year-old cat was diagnosed with mammary cancer. Although her prognosis was poor, I declined any conventional treatment, and instead chose to try the natural remedies from this wonderful web site. First, I started giving her Essiac 4-herb supplements: capsules mixed in with food (1/2 cap. 3x day) and the Essiac concentrate diluted with a bit of boiling water (3:1) to evaporate the alcohol level. Both were purchased at and I am infinitely grateful to Gayle from Tulsa for sharing this remedy with all of us. I administered the Essiac concentrate, approx. 1/2 to 1 eye dropper full, once per day. Within a week, I observed a significant improvement in my cat's overall health. She has gained weight, became more energetic and playful. The most exciting change I have noticed happened within the past 2 weeks: my cat's tumor began to shrink in size! It was the size of a walnut and now I can barely feel it. However, I should point out that Essiac is not the only supplement I gave to my kitty (although I feel it was the most influential). Some of the other things I started giving her daily are: fish oil, astragalus capsules, beta glucans, milk thistle capsules... all approx. 1 capsule/day in several feedings. I also give her about 1/2 of a grinded apricot kernel per day- it should be initiated with an even smaller amount to avoid toxicity, and then gradually increased...(please research this remedy for yourself and administer very carefully to avoid possible side effects!) I want to also mention the importance of changing your cat's diet to a low-carb, high protein type. Two of my cat's favorites are EVO and Wellness. Lastly, to help my kitty heal, I've switched her from tap water to spring water (to which I regularly add a few drops of liquid stabilized oxygen) and her cat litter is now also the less toxic kind, called Swheat Scoop. The amount of all these vitamins, supplements, and herbs may seem overwhelming to you at first, but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite doable... especially when it's your beloved pet's life that we are talking about!

Posted by Francine (Playa Del Rey, Ca) on 07/19/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I wanted to share my experience with castor oil. One week ago I discovered a large lump on the throat of my dog, the size of a golf ball. Remembering I had found info about castor on your site, I quickly started aggressively applying it to the tumor. I personally have been brewing and drinking essiac tea for years. I keep the left over sludge and started putting that in my dogs food. Remarkably, the tumor is now gone. A little of a week has passed and after applying the castor oil almost 5 times a day. Thank you so much. On a side note, I have been using the oil on my face for beautiful skin, on my strained veins on my legs, which have been disppearing, and my mother in law's dog with tumors also as well as an enlarged liver, has been applying it to her dogs tumors and liver area, after a visit to the vet, the second tests showed the liver had shrunk to normal.

Replied by Ingrid
(Geneva, Ohio)

Where did you buy your eissac tea? I'm assuming it was for human use? And what do you mean by "sludge" from the tea? I also don't understand how to use the castor oil. I tried it on my dog. I heated it and then just rubbed it on with my finger. He has a nasal tumor and the lump is above his eye so I can't bandage it. I also read you are supposed to use flannel to apply it. Why is this? I stopped using it as it didn't seem to help but I'm not sure I was using it right. He also had a severe nosebleed after a few days of use. It may not have been from that as he does get them although that one lasted for 4 days. Also is there a certain amount of "sludge" I should put on his food? He is 15 pounds.

Replied by Suzanne
(North Bay, Canada)

My dog is 12 years old. He is only 4.8lbs. He recently started having seizures and my vet thinks that it is a tumor in his brain. It is so sad to see him like this.

My question is: did you find out how essiac to give your dog before giving him/her some? does it go by weight?

Thank you in advance. Suz

Replied by R Fisher
(WV, US)

Take your dog off of dog food and treats. Dog foods and dog treats are killing our fur babies.. We have a beagle and when he was young he started having seizures. We took him off of dog food and dog treats and started boiling him chicken, deer meats, ground round, brown rice, and a veggie twice a day. I would prepare him enough for four or five days and that's what we would feed him. Give him some of the good fruits, carrots and celery for treats. Our beagle never had another seizure. Good luck...

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey R. Fisher!

I don't have any advice to add, only posting to agree with your comment on dog food and seizures. There has been a direct correlation with a certain grocery store brand of dog food and seizures in dogs. The key ingredients in this awful kibble are corn, along with red food dyes. The package on the outside gives the impression of wholesome ingredients; if you feed kibble you really have to look beyond the packaging and on the ingredient label to ensure you are feeding a truly healthy kibble.

Posted by janet worcester (Inkster, Michigan) on 04/27/2008

I cooked 2 Tablespoons of isaac tea with tablespoon Brer Rabbit Molasses put in a empty yogurt cup for my dog. I am hoping to cure two lumps in my dog.

Posted by Gayle (Tulsa, OK) on 12/31/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Over 3 years ago, our cat, Flora, developed a mass (tumour) in her abdomen and lost a significant amount of weight. She was about 12 years old at the time. I started giving her a dropper of concentrated essiac tea once a day and mixing about 1/2 teaspoon of the powdered herbs in her food. The tumor went away and she put weight back on. She is now 15 years old and doesn't look or act like a 15 year old cat. I've continued to give her the dropper of concentrate at least once a week up to every other day. I've also given the powdered essiac herbs to our dog for allergy eye drainage that would easily get infected. Since we started the dog on this, her allergy eye problem has been gone for over a year now. Again, about 1/2 tsp once a day.

Replied by Kate
(Hightstown, Nj)

Hi Gayle, My kitty has colon cancer and I was wondering where you purchased the essiac tea? I am a bit confused on where to get it. It seems like the ingredients have to prepared a specific way and there may be counterfeits out there... thanks.

Replied by Beatrice
(Raleigh, North Carolina)

Hello there. My name is Beatrice and I have a 14 year old cat named Papa. He is everything to me and just yesterday I was informed by by vet that he has a tumor the size of a small ball in his intestine area. I am devistated to say the least a have cried a river. My vet feels that hospice maybe my best direction because of Papa's age and the cost of surgery is high with no promises. I do feel hopeful however now that I have read these articles. Thank you Gayle from Tulsa and thank you Maria from Los Angeles! I am going to get Papa started on the essiac tea as well incorporating the other supplements mentioned. I hope to get back to you all with good news in a few weeks!! Thanks again for your all your help! -Papa's mommy....

Replied by Angie
(Sparta, MO)

Hello, you can buy essiac from this is a very reputable herb place, I buy almost all my herbs from them.

Replied by Gayle
(Tulsa, OK)

In answer to Ginger and Jay, I use the 4-Herb capsules and 4-Herb Liquid Concentrate from Herbal Healer -

I'm so sorry that I did not see your posts until this late date and did not provide an e-mail address for you to contact me. I hope that you found help elsewhere before this.

Replied by Catherine
(Brackettville, Texas)

I have both a cat and a dog with tumors. I was reading the posts to try and find help for them. I came across the posts on Essiac and the request for info on where to find Essiac without red clover. Here's what I found I will be ordering some and let you know the results.

Replied by Jay
(Cumberland, New Jersey)

Gayle i have a question about the essiac tea you used on your pet for abdominal tumors. i also wanted find out more about the condition your pet was in before you started the treatment and for how long she was in this state before you started treatment. my dog has been having the exact problem your pet seemed to have and its been for 9 months. i am hoping it wont be too late to help him. i have only been giving him blackstrap molasses to try to help. please contact me as soon as you can! i appreciate it! gecik/at/

Replied by Ginger
(Columbus, Ohio)

Friday, 9/7/2007. I Have a "Question" and an "EMERGENCY NEED" to contact "Gayle"... (ESSIAC TEA 12/31/2006: Gayle from Tulsa, OK)! Can you "PLEASE" contact her for me and give her my email add.? I have a 14 year old CAT (Patches) in critical condition. Her Vet can not operate, and expects me back "SOON"... to "put her to sleep". They don't call it, what it really is! (Taking Her Life!) I "Must Know" QUICKLY: Which version of ESSIAC TEA, she used for her CAT. "4 Herb" or "8 Herb" and specifically, "WHICH HERBS" are in it! One Version has "RED CLOVER" in it, which can be "FATAL" to "CATS"! Patches is just to precious... to just give up on, and not even try to save her. And I fully believe: She can be saved by the ESSIAC TEA and other natural means - if I can just get it in her "A.S.A.P."!!! PLEASE HELP ME - SAVE MY PATCHES! I, NEED HER!!!

Replied by Amelia
(White Plains , Ny)

I have a kitty with a large fibrosarcoma and wanted to try Gail's (from Tulsa) Essiac concentrated tea, but don't know where she purchsed it. Can you please inquire for me? or tell me a substitute I can use for this type of cancer.

Replied by Heidz
(Manila, Philippines)

Hi gayle, I'd like to ask what is the right amount of dosage of essiac tea you can give to a cat who has tumour. I already ordered an essiac capsule which I've been giving her 1/2 teaspoon twice a day. I'm planning to buy a bulk herb essiac tea from herbal healer.. But right now I'm confused. If I bought the essiac tea what dosage will I give to my cat? I'm afraid she might get overdose or something. Can you suggest how many amount of essiac tea I can give? I have both the capsule and the liquid tea. Thanks!!

Replied by Heather
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

Hello, Your help is truly appreciated.... My adorable, sweet & joyous adopted 9. 5lb Pom-Peek is 14years old. She has 3 legs and has had many teeth removed.... She has been through so much. Recently a benign spindle cell tumor the size of a grape was removed from her front leg. Please advise on your protocol (dosage, administering & duration) recommendations regarding brewed Essiac tea. I want to ensure she remains healthy as long as possible any tumors stay away! In appreciation and thanks.

Replied by Suzanne
(North Plainfield, New Jersey, Usa)

I started using essiac tea for my cat early Jan. 2011. She was given 1 month left in Oct 2009, diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. I put her on Innova EVO and started giving her daily Reiki about 20 minutes a day. She had been getting picky with food, so in November I let her eat crap food(friskies/purina). In Dec. 2010 1 of her tumors opened and ulcerated. I put her back on EVO along with mouse a day (from pet store selling feed mice for reptiles). In Jan started the essiac tea 6ml's twice daily, 250mg Vit. C twice daily, and tiny bit of crushed raw garlic once daily. Smell has gone. She's acting completely normal/active, good appetite. Now giving mouse every other day. Ulceration seems at times to look as if it's healing. So getting better, will keep it up.


Replied by Curt
(Puyallup, Wa)

Here is the link to the original ESSIAC and their for pets web page. Here is their recommended how based on weight of pet:

Replied by Tammy
(Rock Falls, Il)
5 out of 5 stars

My 7 year old male boxer was diagnosed with a benign tumor on the roof of his mouth about 6 weeks ago. The vet said he would have to eventually be put down as the tumor grew because it was inoperable in that location.

I did some research online and saw this website. I went to my local herb store and the owner gave me tea for him. The brand name of the tea is 'Now', the tea itself is called 'Ojibwa'. It has all the same ingredients as the Essiac tea. He would not drink it, so we soaked his dry food in it twice a day and then he ate it fine.

Yesterday the tumor started bleeding rather heavily on and off all day. I was sure I was going to have to have him put down. I am happy to report that today the tumor turned white, and then a few hours later it fell off. I am shocked that his mouth looks completely normal.

Replied by Van
(London, Uk)

Hi I'm interested to know from the owners who have used essiac tea to treat tumours in cats whether the cats were also on more traditional medications administered by the vet ( steroids etc) and what the vet's attitude to the use of the herbs was. My sister had just started on giving essiac tea to her cat after she was diagnosed with tumours a couple of weeks ago but her vet thought it would interfere with the other medications he's giving her and has advised her to stop. Thanks for any info that may help. Van

Replied by Granea
(Memphis, Tn)

Hi, all--

I have a 12 year ol American Cocker Spaniel (42 lbs) with a malignant sebaceous tumor. We had one removed from his left hind leg last November, and a new one appeared on his inner left hind leg this June. The vet looked at the cells under a 'scope and said it was the same cancer.

He's in great spirits and health otherwise, and the tumor doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. However, I wanted to try as many immune-boosting things as I could!

We started him on Grizzly Fish oil and essiac powder last week. I was surprised that I had no problem getting him to eat the powder on his food (so long as I put the fish oil on top)!

We just tried 1/4 teaspoon last week to make sure he wasn't going to have a bad (or messy) reaction to it. This weekend, we're going to start upping the dose to a full teaspoon this weekend and the 3 teaspoons (=1 ounce) by the next, according to the recommended dosage on the Essiac tea site.

He is also taking the Power Mushrooms. I'll post back with updates as to his progress!

Replied by Sorceror
(Adelaide, South Australia)

Essiac Tea is a great choice, but should not be the only remedy used. Always seek professional Vetrinary assistance.

True Essiac tea is a combination of 4 herbs, Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, and Turkish Rhubarb root.

It is Easy to make but Time Consuming. You can purchase these herbs from most online herb resellers. Here in Australia, Essiac is illegal to sell but one can obtain the herbs individually for brewing the tea. just not as pre-mixed herb packs specifically for Essiac.

To brew bring 5 litres of purified water to boil in a large Stainless Steel Pot, boil for around 5 to 10 mins to ensure any germs that may have been in the water or on the pot are killed off. Then Add 1/2 cup Organic Burdock Root, 1 teaspoon of ground organic turkish Rhubarb root powder, 4 heaped teaspoons of Powdered Organic slippery Elm bark. Stir mixture thouroughly with sanitized stainless steel spoon or ladel. And allow to boil for a further 10 - 15 mins. Then turn of heat. This next step is important and as any true tea totler will attest, allow the mixture to cool below the boiling point to around the 80-90 degree centigrade range, then add the final ingredient, 1/2 cup of Organic Sheep Sorrel. Sheep Sorrel must NEVER be Boiled as it changes it structure. Stir thouroughly and allow to steep for 24 hours.

Re-heat tea to around 85 Degrees Centigrade (DO NOT BOIL).

Strain mixture into large 2 litre sterilised glass bottles using a fine stainless steel tea strainer and a stainless steel funnel (all sanitised with an ethel-alcohol spray).

Garden variety Rhubarb is poisonous to Cats, however Turkish rhubarb, albeit closely related, does not seem to affect cats. either it is non toxic or the concentration in Essiac is too small for them to be harmed.

Human dosage is around 1/2 cup of tea twice daily (morning and night) for my cat, I mixed 2 tablespoons of tea into his drinking water so he drinks it throughout the day. Since my cat is convalescing inside it is the only access to water he has so has little choice but to drink it.. He does not seem to mind it either. Essiac has a very earthy taste.

I brew Essiac for my farther who has Cancer of the Bladder and Lungs (from years of smoking) He no longer has cancer in his lungs according to the doc, and the mass on his bladder has shrunk to a size where they think Chemo will be beneficial.

My cat may have Cancer in the lungs (although I doubt it as he is only 13 months old) but the Vet thinks it is a high possibility looking at the chest x-rays. So I have started the cat on Essiac. After about 4 days on the tea his breathing seemed better. (possibly due to the Diuretic effects of Essiac) I took him off the tea and continued his anti-fungal and anti-biotic medication from the vet and tha cat slowly got worse. He is now back on the Essiac.

Replied by Karl
(Summit, Arkansas)

Essiac has helped many our of dogs and cats for years. We just use the 4 herb formula but it has saved lives and done wonders for our furry friends. Our elderly dogs and cats have it daily as a regular part of their diet. We make ours a little stronger so less is needed to get a good amount in them each day and up to three times and day for the very sick or injured. Don't hesitate. Essiac is a staple in our home.

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