Essiac Tea for Dogs and Cats

Posted by Jessa (Philippines) on 07/16/2018

Hello Flower's Mom,

A few days ago, I decided to visit the vet coz I was kinda worried of the opening below her chin near the throat/neck and an inflamed part protruding where pus keeps coming out and the odor that seems to be getting worse. Vet gave some antibiotics and antiseptic and told me to apply honey to the open wound and not to cover it. As of today, the pus lessened and the odor was gone.

I'm still giving her Essiac twice a day and Seabuckthorn Berry Oil to boost her immune system. Earlier today, noticed that a portion of the tumor did burst. Keep you guys posted. Hoping, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that Essiac will do miracles on her coz my options seems to be running out. Hope this site would allow or post some photos for reference.

Posted by Jessa (Philippines) on 07/10/2018

I have a 13 yr old chow who has an oral tumor the size of a peanut when I first noticed it last november 2017, tried bringing it to the vet but explained that surgery was a risk coz of my dog's age and chemo was definitely out of the question for I'm aware of its side effects and thus no guarantee. Tried different kinds of natural treatment along the way but to no avail.

As of this day, tumor is about the size of a baseball. A few weeks ago, I happen to stumble on your website and found out about Essiac Tea, tried giving it at 20ml twice daily for about a week now and I noticed that underneath the chin there was swelling and that started to open and light reddish fluid along with some pus seeping out. Intense odor coming from her mouth and the pus I guess.

Good thing coz her appetite, energy and all seems normal like the usual. As for the tumor, still too early to tell the difference if its shrinking. Any advice, if this is a normal effect of Essiac on tumors? and is there a need to give antibiotics for the pus or will Essiac do the trick?

Posted by Stacey (London) on 03/22/2016

Hi, I have been using the Essiac tea with my 6kg cat Baby, who has 3 masses in his lungs since last Monday(7 days), and I have noticed blood in his feces. Do you think that's ok? He is bouncing about and eating and drinking ect. Thanks, Stacey xox

Posted by Jo Ann (Palm Desert, Ca) on 01/28/2016

My Journey with Jinx and Her Cancer

May 2015 noticed large lump - came up overnight about the size of a half golf ball; took Jinx to vet next day. She thought it was an abscess so cut it open to drain and put in drain tube. When she started she noticed that it didn't have the consistency of an abscess and sent the tissue to be biopsied.When the results came back it turned out to be a very aggressive type of fibrosarcoma. Possibly vaccine related.

One week later I took Jinx to the Oncology specialist, Dr. Macy, He said they could remove the left hind quarter; but, there was a 50/50 chance it would come back. We decided to try to slow it down with medication (Proxicam) and keep her comfortable. She was put on Proxicam and given a chemo drug (Lomastine) one every 3 weeks along with blood tests to check her white blood cell count.

This caused the tumor to shrink substantially; but it started to get bigger again after about 3 months. I had started her on 1/2 capsule of Essiac tea, twice a day, at the same time. They tried three other chemo drugs during the next 4 months; non of them seemed to slow the growth of the tumor. She was taking the essiac all through this. She never had any adverse reaction to any of the chemo.

In December 2015, when the tumor was getting very large(about the size of my fist) I decided to gradually increase her dosage of Essiac and the Dr. stopped the chemo treatments and said he didn't think there was any more they could do. I was told to keep her on the Proxicam and that I would know when it was time to put her to sleep....... she would stop eating and groonming.

It is now January 2016

I had increased the dose of essiac to 1 1/2 capsule twice a day. The tumor started to get very soft in the center (it had been a hard solid mass) and in a few days started to open and seep. At first it was a light clear reddish fluid, then turning clear. At first there was no odor at all. After a couple of days it seemed to start to smell and she got quite lethargic. Still eating though. It is now completely open and the tumor looks to be receding.

I called the vet and started her on Amoxicillin. She immediately improved and the odor of the drainage went away. It continuing to drain and has decreased in size by about 1/3 (2 weeks after the chemo was stopped.) I have been spraying it with Veterycin a few times a day to help keep it from getting infected. I really think she had the infection in her body before this started to drain; but I'm not sure.

She is acting so much more normal and it appears to me that this tumor is purging itself. The hole are filled with a substance that looks very much like chicken fat only white. It doesn't seem to hurt and Jinx is cleaning regularly. I think this is removing the necrotic skin as it dies. She has really had a boost energy in the last few days.

Has anyone else had a similar experience? I would like to see what I might expect next.