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Vaccines and Seizures in Dogs

Posted by chris (Escondido, California) on 04/12/2007

I have a five month old puppy. Her name is Starbuck. She is now having seizures. Funny but when we first got her she was a jewel, smart, calm and everyday we were amazed at how wonderful a dog she was. As good dog owners we took her to get her shots. Everything started happening AFTER she started her shot series. First she was vaccinated against Parvo. One week after getting the shot, she contracted Parvo, we almost lost her not to mention the 2000,00 we paid to put her in the hospital. She was house bound to decrease the chances of getting Parvo. How she contracted is debatable i suspect it was the vaccines. She survived and of course we were thrilled. We bonded, trained her to do amazing tricks and welcomed her as a part of our family. She was house bound still at this point. All was well and to continue being the responsible dog owners we are, continued with her shots.. one week after receiving her third set of vaccinations, she began having seizures.

Now our sweet dog is having seizures on a weekly basis. I will not elaborate on how stressful and heart breaking as well as expensive this is but I completely understand all the emotions other dog owners are having when their pet goes through this.

We are now on the usual drugs which are not really working. She cant go out to play or anything that causes excitement. If she has too much fun she suffers from seizures when she goes to sleep. The seizures have become clusters mainly on the weekends.

They have not told us that because they happen in her sleep, that may be "significant". Translation: Now we have to go to a specialist. We cannot afford this and if the is what the vet tells us, we will have to make the decision to either give her away or have her put to sleep. THis is heart breaking to say the least.

I believe that these problems are caused by vaccinations. I am not a veterinarian, i am just looking at cause and effect.

Another reason I believe that vaccinations are the culprit is the experience i had with my ferret Duke. Duke was a healthy, fun loving house bound ferret, and being the responsible pet owners we are we took Duke to the vet to get his first series of shots. He had an immediate reaction to the shot and suffered an allergic reaction. One to two weeks after receiving his shots he began to get sick, no one could tell us why. I tried to save him, staying up nights, forcing food and everything else I could do to help him, but he just wasted away and after losing so much weight and suffering a seizure we had him put to sleep. They never determined the cause and we spent 3,000 on tests.

Shots are a necessary evil I understand but I also believe that they kill our animals, cause family members all sorts of heartbreak and drain our bank accounts. My only hope is that if we ever decide to bring another animal into our house we pray that they will survive the vaccinations.

Replied by Erin
(San Clemente, Ca)

My mini schnauzer started having seizures after her vaccines they get at age 1.5 ish. Since then I have kept track and most of her seizures happen a few weeks after her bi-annual bordatella vaccine. My vet and I agreed to never give her that vaccine again. I fear its only a theory and hope that it proves correct. Only time will tell. I will refuse to get her rabies in the spring and hopefully the law will not come after us. Lol.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)

Chris, from California; Here is a website of many sites that may interest you.....


Here is yet another one.


Vaccines and Seizures in Dogs
Posted by Lorie (Charlotte, NC) on 03/08/2007

I definitely believe that the booster shots cause seizures in dogs. I had a Samoyed who received a rabies shot. She had gotten loose and was picked up by the dog warden. When I went to pick her up, they asked me if she had had her rabies vaccination. I said it had just expired about a month prior. They would not let me get her out unless she got her rabies shot, so I said ok. I had not gotten them their shots, because I had heard of the controversy of vaccinations and so I had held off so that I could do some research. But instead I had to let them administer it to her in order to get her out of the dog pound. About 2-3 weeks later she had her first seizure. I was scared to death because I had never seen anything like it. I started trying to figure out what could have caused it, and thinking over the recent events to try and come up with a reason for her to have had a seizure. The only thing I could figure is that she had just had the rabies shot. Since I am in the medical field, I went into work and looked up the rabies vaccination in the Physicians Desk Reference. Low and behold, right there in the "side effects" it states that it CAN CAUSE SEIZURES. After doing some research on the internet, I found other cases where dogs had had rabies shots and had started having seizures as well. Now, I know that in the US, dog owners are required by law to have rabies shots every year or two. So for those of you who don't know this, you can have what is called a "titer" drawn. It is a blood test to determine if your pet is still immune or not. If they are, they do not need the shot and you can use that for proof, if you ever have the authorities question you. When an animal is already immune to rabies, and they are given another shot, it overloads their nervous system, and that is what causes the seizures. I unfortunately had to learn this the hard way. My Samoyed has been dead now for 3 years. I still cry to this day over her. She was like one of my children and she should still be alive today. So I hope this helps others to prevent this from happening to their dearly loved pets.

Replied by Diamond
(Salisbury, Usa)

Lorie, from NC; here is a link you might like to read, maybe go back to person(s) that picked your dog up & forced the dog to have these shots.


Maybe next time try telling them the dog is up to date on shots, if they need proof, I tell them I give the dogs shots my self, I buy the needles and serum at Agway feed an grain store it's subcutaneous, which is just under the first layer of skin on the back of neck, any one can give them. but I don't really give any of my dogs any more shots, all my other pets died at the hands of vets.. Good luck

Vaccines and Seizures in Dogs
Posted by Deb (Watertown, MN) on 02/21/2007

There is some evidence that epilepsy in dogs can be caused by all the unnecessary booster vaccinations. Dogs usually start having seizures at 2 years old after their booster shots are given. Most vaccinations given puppies should last their lifetime. Check the internet for more detailed information on this subject.This I know is not a remedy but possibly a preventative.

EC: Read more about Vaccination Side Effects here.

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Posted by Lisa (Glendive, MT) on 12/05/2008

I have tried the raw food diet and the magnesium with my 2 year old Border Collie "Sadie" to no avail. She went from having 2-3 seizures a day to clustering where she had to be taken to the vet to be issued high doses of phenobarbital to get her out of them. Even with this she would have petite seizures for 2 days afterwards and be a haze for another week. She has grand mal seizure episodes 1-2 times a month. She has been prescribed phenobarbital and potassium bromide twice a day and she still was having seizures. My vet pretty much told me Sadie would eventually have cluster seizures she can't come out of and would probably die from brain damage or would have to be put down.

I found a website on line http://www.gentlecarepet.com I wrote into the lady at the website and her name is Pearl - she recommended several products that detox and calm her nerves. In two months she had one seizure and the seizure formula took her right out of it. If you are struggling with a pet that has seizures or any other problems please check this web site out. It is all natural and it really works - please feel free to contact me if you want to discuss anything. Pearl contacts every person and will recommend what you need for your unique situation.

Replied by Valerie
(St Petersburg, Fl)

I have read about your success with this holistic medicine for your dog. My dog had started his seizures in 2007 when he was 4 and one half years old. We put him on kbr and he was seizure free for almost 3 years. He is a wolf hybrid and weighs about 80 lbs. Then last Aug, the seizures came back with a vengeance. I have been dealing with Dr. Dodds in CA and sending his bloodwork to her. He is hypothyroid and is on soloxine, was on zonisamide, but Dr. Dodds does not like this drug, so he is on keppra now. He went 6 weeks without a seizure, then we doubled his dose and he went 9 weeks. Then had one 5 weeks ago, now yesterday at 10AM, 6 hours after his medicine was given and again at 4AM today, right after his meds were given.

He will be 9 on Thanksgiving. He is our special boy and we dont want to lose him. I belong to the guardian angel website and they have helped a lot with support. Can you help me?

Replied by Atomiconion
(Montgomery, Alabama)

try slice of onion on forhead if it is frontal lobe related could be caused by frontal lobe feeding mycoplasma, read my response to dog itching.

Replied by Bob J
(Wheeling, WV)

I have no money or a car. My Springer is on penobarb. Vets are greedy and only care about making money. No money no service. Vets will let your dog die before they even take a partial payment. I know treatments cost money. But the vet couldn't even wait for his money. So I pray and read websites like this one. I found that penobarb will slowly destroy your dog with side effects. Commercial dog food is expensive, poison and causes weight gain.

You need natural raw or cooked dog food high in vitamins protein and nutrition. Try TAURINE.

I wish I knew more to help your dog and my dog. I still do not have all the answers. Its the worst thing I ever felt to see my dog have a seizure and can do absolutely nothing to help.

Replied by Carly

Hello. I have seen ur post on natural remedies for your epileptic dog. I know u posted this back in 2008 but I currently have a chihuahua who is suffering from terrible cluster seizures and I am terrified she will die from it soon. I would prefer to stag away from conventional medication. Any information u can provide me would be amazing. Thank u

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney Australia)

I virtually cured my dog with her seizures with zinc one tab per day but you will have to give her a much smaller dose

Replied by Lizzy
(Asheville, Nc)

Hello, please see the posts on the Earth Clinic pet epilepsy page about how people changed their dogs' water source from tap water to filtered water and the dogs had no more seizures.


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Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 01/05/2014

Try zinc tablets for seizures in dogs. I had a cross border collie kelpie who suffered with seizures.

I gave her a zinc tablet once a day and went from having four a week to about two a year and they were very mild.

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