Epilepsy Remedies for Dogs

Posted by catroina (astoria,ny) on 03/05/2008

to :anonymous in Mississippi--around the time the "next ?" rabies booster is due, have the vet draw the titres and take it from there.
IF the titre proves coverage...contact your board of health or whomever handles rabies vaccinations and let them know you want an exemption, have proof etc.
for those with epileptic dogs,we have found,thank God that going by your dog's weight,melatonin(natural supplement)WORKS esp. IF your pet is prone to night time,early AM seizures--there is a website out here but unfortunately I can't remember their name,had a forum for epople to post questions/responses/their stories etc--what works..
one thing finally dawned on us here--we had 2 wonderful dobies that lived healthy lives till 14-16 years---a VERY loooong lifespan for this breed. They were NOT vaccinated for all these diseases and only received a rabies the year nyc mandated it.
Also,try to purchase the BEST natural /holistic food u can as it definitely makes a differencein your pets' lives....or prepare your own.