Epilepsy Remedies for Dogs

Dietary Changes
Posted by Kim T. (Chilton, Wi, Usa) on 04/09/2011

My dog Parker is an Aussie mix and was diagnosed with epilepsy about 2 years ago, and he also has severe allergies, both food and environmental. Of course I followed what my vet said and that was to put him on Pheno. Well he was still having seizures while being on this medication so we consulted with the vet again, and he just wanted to up the dose and add a second medication. I said no way. So on to my own research.

We have changed his diet to a gluten-free one. That is working fabulously. We have seen great results so far for both the epilepsy and his allergies. We are not feeding dry kibble, nor are we doing a raw diet. He could not handle the raw diet at all so after a little more digging, I found an awesome food alternative from The Skye's The Limit in Canada. Their food Canine Life comes in several formulas and they can also custom-tailor it if the dog is allergic to any of the ingredients. This food comes in a pre-mix and you make them into muffins. All healthy ingredients and you can make a variety for the dog by changing up the ingredients you add.

We have also been using a product called Xango Mangosteen Juice. It can be used for people as well and is meant for helpling inflammation. He is getting 1 ounce twice a day. We are at the point where we are able to wean Parker off of the Pheno! We have also seen improvement with his always inflamed paws due to his allergies. When they are really bad we use Xango's Pericarp oil topically for his paws when allergies are really bad.

Along with the juice supplement, Parker gets chiropractic alignments every 2-3 months by a veterinarian certified in animal spinal manipulation. This has been an amazing investment for him.

I have also been told that adding vitamin B will help too, but I just heard about this so I have not tried it yet.

Hope this helps someone out there!