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Dietary Changes

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Posted by Christine (New Jersey) on 10/13/2015
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Hi My 4 year old 85lb Female Rottweiler had her 1st grand mal seizure in May of this year 2015 she was being fed EVO red meat large bites I had another male Rottweiler he was diabetic and had died from cancer. After 2months my dog had her 1st seizure . I thought maybe her dog food was causing them she was now having 1 Every month I work from home so she is with me all day.

I switched her to natures variety limited ingredient still didn't work so I began to feed her Tuckers frozen raw pork/bison with pumpkin patties with her new food still had a seizure 1x a month she was also being fed biscuits RAW BOOST from Natures' Variety. I read up Rosemary triggers seizures! It was true in her case. So stopped feeding her treats and dog food. She is being fed Tuckers frozen raw patties she is still not seizure free. She had a seizure yesterday morning 6:30am right after she was fed her patty and drank her Primal raw goats milk that has cinnamon in it.

Not sure what is causing her seizures. My husband and I think it's her anxiety or maybe she is missing something in her diet. We don't want to just start feeding her dry dog food again. She looks great her coat is shiny she is playful. Any help be so appreciated thanks

Dietary Changes
Posted by Heather (Decatur, IN) on 02/07/2009
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I have a three year old Beagle/Jack Russel mix. We got her when she was 9 months old. When she was about 2 years old, she started having seizures. The first time it happened, I didn't know what it was. She was playing with our boxer puppy and they were running, she fell over and landed on top of a duffle bag. When she didn't get up, I went over and noticed that she was shaking. I picked up up and she was stiff and shaking, eyes glazed over and her teeth were clenched. I thought she was scared from the fall. So I was holding her and talking to her and noticed that she was not responding to me at all. Well, then she tried to walk and kept falling down, still shaking. I thought she hurt her leg or something and was going into shock, so I called the vet. He suggested that she was having a seizure. He told me to wait about 10-20 minutes and call him back if she was not any better. Well, she finally was able to walk again...but continued to slobber for about an hour or so afterwards. Since then she seems to have one about once a month sometimes more often, that I know of. She goes in her cage at night and sometimes her blankets smell like urine and we have to wash them. So, I think she's been having some at night or early in the morning before we get up.

I have been feeding her Diamond Dog food for over a year now. I switched to that brand when we got our puppy boxer because it was comparable to Science Diet, but cheaper in price. So, she gets the Adult formula. Reading through these postings, I see some of you have said it helps because of the absence of BHT or whatever is in a lot of dog foods, but for my dog the food additive must not be the problem. Still trying to figure out what is causing her seizures. I'm going to try the coconut oil and see if that helps her.

It is heart breaking to see her go through it and sometimes they last for so long or she will have clusters with little breaks in between.... maybe a minute or less where it looks like she is coming back around and then starts to shake really bad again. All I can do is pet her and tell its okay and she is almost done. I hate watching her go through this.