Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis in Dogs and Cats


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Posted by baby kittens (North Manchester, Indiana ) on 06/12/2022
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My kittens had crusty gooky eyes. I'd clean their eyes with a green tea to clean the eyes and get the gook out. Then I started applying a small amount to keep up soft and moist. It seems to be working. Crossing my fingers.

Posted by Clearysage (Grants Pass, Oregon) on 12/07/2010
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My dog was having a lot of discharge in her eyes. I took Dr. Jones, a vet in Canada, advice. Brew a strong cup of black tea let it cool then put 4 drops or more in the eye 3 to 4 times a day. Did this and it cleared up really fast. Brew a fresh cup each day to keep it fresh. Check him out online for many more natural remedies he really care about animals and wants us to treat them naturally.

Replied by Sunnieday
(Baltimore, Md, Usa)
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I wanted to leave feedback for this remedy because it really does work! I noticed that the whites of my dog's eyes were very red one day, and it really upset me because she's AWFUL to take to the vet (and I'm not exaggerating). The fact that she's a large breed (Akita) makes taking her to the vet even worse. So, I was looking for a home remedy to try before I put her (and myself) through the trauma of a visit to the doggy doctor. I steeped two bags (one for each eye) and let them cool so that they weren't hot to the touch (but they were still warm). I took the first bag, leaving it sopping, but not dripping wet, and simply wiped her eye with it, like I'd wipe off her "eye boogers. " She was a little leery at first, but once she realized that it wasn't going to cause her discomfort, she let me wipe; I imagine it probably felt soothing to her poor, red eyes. I discarded that bag, then used the other bag for her other eye. I mean to tell you, it was only a couple of hours (not the next day, like I thought) before the whites of her eyes were white again! This is an inexpensive, but more importantly, SAFE and GENTLE remedy that I recommend to everyone who has a pet with conjunctivitis.

Replied by Sjt
(Kanto, Japan)
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Tea works. A month or so ago my children got pink eye so I looked on this website for a cure and used the black tea method which brought immediate relief. So I figured if tea works for children, it might work for cats too. I thought I would give it a try since my old cat keeps getting eye infections. I knew tea is gentle and would not hurt her, but I was concerned she might not like the wetness so it might be hard if not impossible to use this method. However, right away she took to the tea. It seemed to give her soothing relief so she did not fight it, and with one application her infection went away.

All I did was hold the wet tea bag on her eye gently and I squeezed a little tea in her eye. That was all I did and it worked. Cheap, easy, effective, and I got a nice cup of tea out of it!

Replied by Tim
(Boston, Ma)

The nape is the top of the neck, right? Where the mom would carry kittens in her mouth? The apple cider vinegar sounds like a good thing to try, do you dilute it, or what if your cat tries to lick it off?

Replied by Josie
(Leeds Uk)

Thank you for this post! My boy is an akita, and he is also an absolute nightmare when going to the vet, he hates other dogs other than our female dog. I've been washing his eye with salt water for a day and came across your thread. I've just tried it so fingers crossed x

Posted by London (Sandusky, Ohio) on 05/10/2010
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Every Spring, my shepherd gets this wierd eye infection, where they swell up and scab over in the corners, and ooze pus. She rubs them with her paw constantly, making the infection worse.

I drink alot of tea, and green tea. Last year I tried the green tea bags cooled and squeezed in her eyes twice a day worked perfectly to clear up her eye infection. Which was pretty severe, by the way. It took about a week and a half.

This year, I just used any old tea bags, Liptons, or peppermint tea bags, worked just the same. I caught it early this time, so its only taken a couple days and her eyes are completely clear, its amazing.

I told my X boyfriend from Russia, about this remedy, and he said, "O yeah, my Mom used to do that for pink eye all the time for us kids growing up"

Replied by Gretchen
(South Florida)

Thank you for this! I love natural approaches to my health and think no different for my furbabies! I'm trying this!

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

You can make a tea from fennel seeds and mint. Boil, strain, cool till just warm and bathe the eyes.

Replied by Doris
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Thank you so much for this remedy, I used green tea on my English Springer Spaniel and after the first application within 1 hour his eyes cleared up and looked a thousand times better. I'm continuing for a few day every few hours to make sure. Thanks again for sharing!

Posted by Lydia (Manchester, Cheshire, UK) on 11/14/2009
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the tea cured my dogs conjuntivits

i used the tea remedy, but used green and pepermint and honey tea. it worked brilliantly. thanks site

Posted by Robyn (Hampton, TN) on 05/24/2009
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Orange Peko and Black Tea and 2 week old Kitten eye infection with pus...

My little 2 week old kitten had a really bad eye infection with pus and crust. It was like it was glued shut bless it's heart. I tried to order some ointment but the vet would not ok it so I had to make an appt. I had to try something to give the kitten some relief. I knew about your site so I read the tea trick for eye infections.

I put a large family size tea bag into a small amount- 1/8 cup of warm water- (just enough to get the tea bag covered by the warm water) in a mug and let it steep until it was dark--Two minutes or so. I let it cool but not get cold-- and then put a little ball of bath tissue in it to get it soaked. I dripped this onto the crusted shut eye, three of four streams of this slowly over the infected eye and gently wiped it. The eye did not come open from the tea, but I hoped some would get in there anywway.......there was yellow pus yesterday in it and had stuck closed again. I did this three times a day and by the end of the second day the eye had opened and the eye looked really good. The kitten feels a lot better. The ointment I wanted to order online would not get approved by the vet so I had to do something before the appointment. I couldn't believe how good the eye looked. Since I was going to do the ACV thing on the shoulder and paws today, I did it too, but the eye cleared up right away using an the everyday ordinary tea. Thanks so much for this wonderful collection of experiences using home remedies.

Replied by Nanny

My pug has a eye infection. I'm going to try the tea bag

I'm just I'm wondering what does the ACV do for the paws and the shoulder??

EC: Hi Nanny, the poster from 2008 probably meant that she was going to apply ACV topically to the area in between the shoulder blades and on the paws to treat the eye infection. Learn more about the topical ACV method here:

Posted by Victoria (Chilliwack, British Columbia) on 04/18/2009
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My Bengal hates the vet and just getting her there is always a pain and it stresses her right out so when she came down with symptoms of conjunctivitis I was not wanting to take her to the vet unless I really need to. so I went on line and found this site and decied to try the tea remady cuz i have tea in the house and saw that it had helped in other cases. So I made a cup of tea in a mug and let it cool down till it was lukewarm and then used a cotton swabbed to apply to to her eye, I did this 3 times that day and by the next morning she looked like it had never happened, I did the treatment for one more day and she has been fine since. thank you so much.

Posted by Serbella (St. Louis, Missouri ) on 04/16/2009
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Yesterday 4/15) I noticed my kitten, Maya, was not running around the house playing like she usually does. Her left eye was nearly shut, with a slight brown discharge and she seemed miserable. I went on the site, and I saw the posts about eye ailments. I brewed one tea bag of Green Tea in a clean glass jar about the size of a small jelly jar, cooled it, and then applied it to Maya's eye. She started fussing after three minutes or so, so I didn't force her to sit any longer than that.

I kept the tea in the jar, put a lid on it, and later on I soaked cotton balls in the tea and applied it to her eye again, 3 times that day in all. I kept an eye on her; she still ate and drank. She slept a lot. She and her siblings rough house a lot; I don't know if someone poked her in the eye or not.

Today she's bouncing through the house beating everyone up. I plan on continuing the green tea for the next 2 days, as a precaution. She has an appointment to see the vet later on this month.

I have no problem taking any of my animals to the vet, but at that time I had no money. Payday was two days off. Sorry to all those folks who try to guilt the rest of us about this, but let's be honest, vets don't work for free, at least they don't in my area.

Replied by Nasmine

Nothing to feel guilty about anyway, I'll exhaust all means for my kids and myself before wasting my time seeing my doctor, not gonna waste time and money if I can take care of it naturally, just going to get harmful chemical compounds from a doctor anyway. Being willing to do this for your pet is a good thing, people just want to feel good about themselves by bashing others for no reason

Posted by Mary Ann (Rural, South Africa) on 11/03/2008
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Green Tea-for eye infections

Thank you all for your input on this site. We live on a farm and one of our dogs came home after being out in the bush. Her eyes were swollen shut and full of mucas. We suspect she had come across one of the many types of cobra that we have here and this had spat in her eyes. In a panic I searched your site and found the Green Tea remedy. Too far from a Vet I rinsed her eyes twice a day for 3days. After the first day her eyes started to clear. One is now slightly opaque, but I believe had it not been for this remedy it would have been a tradgedy. Thank you once again.

Posted by Maria (Milton, Florida) on 06/23/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Who would have thought that in a million years, a tea bag would help cure the lump on my 6 day old kittens eyes. We think that the 2 kittens had Conjunctivitis. Like everyone else we didn't have any money for the vet and so we decided to try searching the internet. We found the wonderful Earth Clinic and tried making some tea. We cooled the bags off and squeezed them onto the kittens eyes that have the lumps in them. I woke up this morning and the lump is 90% gone. It's definitely amazing!!! Their eyes are not yet opened because they are a few days too young, but hopefully the tea will continue to help them.

Posted by SuzieQ (USA, USA) on 04/09/2008
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HOLY MOLY, TEA WORKED!!! My cat had started to show symptoms of conjunctivitis; redness of the eye, swelling of eyelids, inner eyelid almost 'sticking' in place accompanied with tearing/goop near his eye ducts. Unfortunately some of us cannot afford to pay vet visits--I was putzing around the internet and came across -saw the natural remedy of using tea (green, black or chamomile) to rid 'pink eye' and decided what the heck, let's try it. Within a couple hours the swelling had gone down and redness seemed to diminish. After 2-3 days of administering tea soaked cotton balls (a separate one for each eye) his ailment ceased. Earth Clinic rocks and more people should check out natural remedies. TRY IT I SWEAR IT WORKS!! THANK YOU TOO!!!

Posted by Pamela (Richmond, VA) on 07/31/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have a Yorkshire Terrier that had gotten pink eye..I went to this site and tried the black tea remedy,,and sure enough it was gone in a couple of days.. Thanks earth clinic.. Keep the natural remedies coming.Saved alot of money not going to the vet.

Replied by Wealthyheart
(Northern Cambria, Pa)
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I have a 2 week old kitten. It's one eye was sealed shut with crust. I heard putting a tea bag in a little bit of warm water then wiping the eye with it and letting a few drops drop on the eye 2 or 3 times a day would do the trick. All I had was Decaffeinated Tea bags. I did this 2 times one night and the next morning both eyes were open. I have another kitten. He's the only one that looks like he is chinese so I am doing the same thing with him and his eyes are opening a little more each day It's been 2 days now and I will keep doing this until both eyes are fully open.Thanks for the tips everyone.

Posted by Jody (OH) on 12/22/2006
5 out of 5 stars

Eye infection.. I just purchased a dog, upon his arrival I noticed some buildup around his eyes. I immediately used lukewarm water and soaked two tea bags, one for each eye. I wrapped him in a towel so he couldn't squirm around and placed a slightly dripping tea bag on each eye for a moment. It must have felt good as he didn't move. I did this a couple times a day for the weekend. I always recommend a vet for eye problems, but this will work in a jiffy until you can get to the vet.

Another solution, you can boil 1 qt of water for a 10 mins to sterilize and mix in a tbsp of boric acid, not borax.. After the water cools, you can use it to wash out the eyes carefully. You can do this two or three times a day.. If the infection is in both eyes, use two separate cloths or cotton balls, one for each eye.

Treatment Protocol

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Posted by Kh (Las Vegas, NV) on 12/28/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Two of my German Shepherds have pannus.

One of them has had chronic problems since puppyhood with ear infections, and had pyothorax at 16 months. She also has problems with recurring furuncles (boils) between the pads of her front feet and between her toes.

The other has never appeared to have any type of infection or illness until the pannus.

They are from bloodlines as far apart as you can get and still have two German Shepherds.

After much research and trial and error, we are successfully managing the pannus in both without steroids or cyclosporine (which I did not want to use). What I mean by this is that the redness in the whites of their eyes has completely to almost completely disappeared and that their corneas are now completely clear to almost completely clear after being completely covered over. Also, no more of the yellowish discharge you describe. But whenever we've tried to taper this regimen, the symptoms have returned. So we assume we're doing this for life.

So, what we're doing, same for both dogs, is:

2 raw egg yolks a day for dog with pannus plus infections, 1 raw egg yolk a day for dog with pannus only

Magnesium threonate, 144 mg 2x/day (in a.m. and at bedtime)

Turmeric capsule with bioperrine 1/day

CoQ10,50 mg every morning (using liquid drops in bite of food)

Melatonin, 2.5 mg at bedtime (the dogs had issues with being awake all night and sleeping all day--no longer a problem since the CoQ10 and melatonin)

Optizinc (30 mg capsule once a week)

I noticed that their eyes got worse every year in early November, so we give cod liver oil and grass fed butter (a couple of tsp/day of each) through the winter months.


They get 3 oz of wild Alaska salmon every night

They get half raw food diet prescribed by their holistic vet and half grain-free bison or lamb dog food

A vet-designed combo of essential oils (tea tree oil, yucca oil, aloe vera, chamomile, clove oil, echinacea) applied to feet once a day and povidone iodine (applied to feet once a day later in the day), plus occasional epsom salt foot soaks (3-5 minutes in warm water once or twice a week) cured the furuncles and keeps them away.

I never thought my dogs could possibly be magnesium deficient, so we were doing everything but the magnesium for about a year and getting significant improvement, but never fully clear eyes.

Once we added the magnesium, the dogs' eyes finished clearing up quickly--I don't have a diary of this, but my memory of it is that a week after we started the magnesium, I checked their eyes and they were clear.

I am pretty much at the point now where the first thing I try for anything is magnesium threonate.

Replied by Yukon
(Bend, Or)

My GSD has been diagnosed with full blown Pannus. He will be 3 at the end of June. I have him on steroid drops and cyclosporine ointment. Do you think it would be all right to add your treatment protocol while doing this treatment? He goes back to the vet June 29th after 30 days on his meds. I have been adding colloidal silver to his food because it is my go to natural treatment.


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Posted by Tina (Sparland, Ill) on 10/31/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I was so pleased to find this site. I had a litter of kittens with pink eye and the turmeric cleared it up in 7 days! I mixed 2 tsp with one cup of bottled water and applied a few drops in the infected eye twice daily. Even after one treatment I could see a dramatic difference. Being a multicat household, vet bills are expensive. For mere pennies I treated and cured the kittens. One vet trip alone would have cost over $200.


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Posted by Kini (Tallahassee, Florida) on 10/13/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Try giving your cat a tablespoon of plain yogurt 1-2 times a day and it should help clear up the reoccurring eye infections (it did for my dog).

I also give him 1 tablet of chewable acidopholis daily.. We haven't had any eye infections for 2yrs now!

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