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Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Theresa (Fl) on 10/10/2020

I just had to report my results using Apple Cider Vinegar for my new kitten's conjunctivitis. I did the half water-half vinegar solution (50/50) and tho it made no sense to me I did soak a cotton ball and applied it to Onyxs' shoulder blades (this being after my third application @ 2x/day) and I also mixed up a solution of 1cp water/1tsp of the vinegar and wiped his eyes out three times a day with it.

I am floored by the results so far!! It's only now the second day and it was posted by others that results would be noticed on the second day and I can 100% say with no doubts that the treatment is actually working!!

When I got him his eyes had a lot of pus in both eyes. The eyelids were both crusty and partially sealed by the discharge so I think it's fair to say his infection was moderate heading towards severe. This morning his eyes were both open all the way, a very tiny amount of pus, mostly his eyes were watery. He was so happy to actually see his toy that he played and played for a good hour before passing back out again.

I now have a very hyper kitty. He does have worms also but once I finish taking care of that issue I can't imagine how much energy he will have when his poor tummy feels better especially if he's displayed this much energy just fixing his eyes. It was literally the best $4 I ever spent on any kind of product. And to think putting vinegar on the shoulder blades in the back AWAY from their eyes actually works!! AND it sure beats going to the vet paying for just being there and then the cost of some kind of medicine and my baby is very young, too young to have been taken from his mother however the mothers owner is far from a responsible pet owner and was literally throwing the entire litter outside in the woods next to her house. If I could have taken them all I would have and I've thought about them ever since. I know I'm going to try everything I can to help the one I did save. I don't know about the worms, if the vinegar would kill those but that's my next mission. If not it's off to the vet with him.

Thanks for the advice, this site is fantastic!! I spend many hours here going thru all the remedies and ailments. Keep up the great work!!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Patricia (Ar) on 12/14/2017

Had I not seen this with my own eyes, I never would have believed this would work, but it's a miracle cure for sure...Four months ago we rescued a cat who's elderly owner could no longer care for her, she was aprox 2 years old and was in a hoarding situation, raised in a very unhealthy environment. She came to us with upper respiratory problems and severe conjunctivitis in one eye. During her first Vet wellness exam to check for infectious diseases that could be spread to my other cats the Vet checked her eye for scratches, or foreign debris in her eyes. Nothing was found so the Vet diagnosed a herpes virus and we started administering antibiotic drops into her eyes. Several weeks passed with no improvement. She was taken in for her spaying surgery and shots at which time they rechecked her eye and prescribed more ointment to put in her eye, this time containing a steroid. Several weeks passed with no improvement. Another call to the Vet and they prescribed an anti-inflammatory drop. Several weeks improvement. Another call to the Vet, this time they prescribed another antibiotic drop, this time with a stronger antibiotic...10 days later, still no improvement. I was ready to give up hope and just thought she would be plagued with a bad eye for the rest of her life, and just hoped it wouldn't get so bad that she would have to have it removed.

Googled "Feline Conjunctivitis" to see what I could find online when I found the "EarthClinic" site. I was skeptical to say the least...I couldn't believe something as simple as putting organic Apple Cider Vinegar diluted 1-1 with distilled water could cure her eye problem, after spending several hundred dollars already on her eyes, but I was ready to try anything...

Day one I put the mixture on a jumbo cotton ball and soaked the scruff of her neck 3 times throughout the day. I could tell by that evening she was already starting to open her eye, which she had been squinting shut since we brought her home!

Day 2, I continued with the treatment 3 times throughout the day, her eye was 75% better, much less redness and no eye boogies!

Day 3 & 4, I used the mixture 2 times.

By day 5 her eye was completely healed! No redness, no squinting, and no boogies! I don't know how this works but, it is a miracle, this is the first time her eye's have been completely clear, open and healthy looking since we got her! She was to the point that she would RUN and hide when she saw me coming with a bottle of eye drops, but she didn't mind the ACV treatment at all, I warmed the cold solution to about body temp and she actually enjoyed me rubbing it on her neck between the shoulder blades.

THANK YOU EARTH CLINIC! I have many friends in the animal rescue community and will definitely will be sharing this treatment with them all!