Natural Remedies for Conjunctivitis in Dogs and Cats

Herbal Eye Wash
Posted by Wishapup (Southeastern Area, Ontario, Canada) on 05/13/2013
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Just thought I'd share a remedy that really helped us with conjuctivitis/eye infection in our dog. She did go to the vet at one point, but we did not want to put her on antibiotics. Her eyes had some discharge and were a bit itchy/sore. She could not get rid of the infection. We searched online and eventually created the following recipe.

Canine EyeAid Tea: Home Remedy

  • about 1 quart water
  • handful of dried chamomile blossoms
  • handful of dried eyebright
  • handful of dried calendula flowers
  • handful of dried Red Clover flowers (ask specifically for this type of clover)

In a pot, wait until the water is boiling before lowering temperature and stirring in dry ingredients (all of which can be purchased at a health food store). Leave to boil on low heat, stirring occasionally, for 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat and strain the mixture through a sieve to trap the largest pieces. Finally, strain the liquid through a coffee filter to remove any minute specks that could irritate the surface of the eye. Refrigerate in an opaque bottle.

Warming the mixture slightly before each use, apply ½ dropper (don't remember the measure, unfortunately--this was for a 65 pound dog) to each eye 2-3 times a day. Gently squirt the liquid into the corner of the eye.

I additionally used it with daily applications of raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar rubbed into the skin on the back of her neck and head. She recovered rapidly from her infection, as she had been suffering from it for a couple of weeks.