Natural Remedies for Managing Chronic Renal Failure in Pets

Raw Food Diet and Miscellaneous Supplements

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Posted by Marguerite (Wrightwood, CA) on 05/30/2007

Hi Just some further thoughts about Cyberpunk's amazing recovery. I use organic chicken livers but have been unsuccessful getting organic chicken hearts so just buy the gizzard/ hearts package at the grocery store. Stater Bros. has whiting available (wild caught) in a package at a reasonable price, also frozen whole talapia. The Azodyl is expensive and I think the NSI's Friendly Fiber would do the same thing but I am unwilling to experiment with Punky's health at this point. If any of your readers need help with setting this diet up and live in the So Cal area, I would be willing to assist. I cured my 10 yr old Golden of a double rattlesnake bite, if you guys would be interested in that. Best Wishes,

Replied by Pete
(Big Oak Flat, Ca)

I'd like to hear what you did for your dog's rattlesnake bite.

Replied by Miles

Just want to second had a great experience with Azodyl which returned quality of life to my dog who had CRF... And mention a couple other things that helped him:

* Chitosan, a natural, non-toxic fiberous crustacean (and key ingredient in Epakitin, I believe) when given with a meal helps absorb phosphorous that is responsible for nausea with kidney-impaired animals. It's a less espensive althernative, and sold in health food stores and online, (often used as a diet apparently).

* Fish Oil: helps with inflammation

* Dark Turkey Meat: (and the BARF diet) Dark meat has less phosphorous than white meat, so is easier on the kidneys. And my holistic vet told me that turkey and chicken aren't the same - turkey is much easier on animals with CRF than chicken.

Also, though I didn't use this with my dog, I'm looking into the folllowing for my CRF kitty, (as well as human friends) and am seeing pretty impressive write-ups of clinical results

* Phosphatidylcholine - Used clinically to regenerate the liver, kidneys, heart, brain, intestines. It's "important for normal celluar membrane composition and repair", occurs naturally in egg yolk and krill oil, and appears in small quatities in lecithin. (Phosphatidylcholine can be purchased as a supplement with 35% phosphatidylcholine with lecithin. ) Works best when taken with Vitamin C.

In Europe it's used for "atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease (such as reduced blood flow to the legs, walking problems, stroke, carotid obstruction etc) liver disease, kidney disease, MCS (chemical sensitivity), Alzheimer's disease and macular degeneration. There is a claim of reduction of incidence of stroke or repeat stroke, reduction of angina pectoris pain and frequency of attacks, lowering of LDL cholesterol, increases HDL cholesterol, improvement of walking distance, improvement of mental function and improved sexual function by the European manufacturer.

A bonus to phosphatidylcholine -- supplement companies combine it with other supplements/herbs as can result in an 80% increase is bio-availability (e. G. increased absorption rate).

Here's just one of many articles from a quick Google search

Curious if anyone else is familiar or has experience with this! :)

Replied by Shawna G
(Penn Hills, P.a.)

My nine year old boxer with chronic renal issues is doing WONDERFULLY on an awesome store bought dehydrated raw dog food. To add to the awesomeness, she barely farts anymore and her poop looks normal, OMG A BOXER THAT DOESN'T FART. #miracle haha

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Shawna!

This great news! So happy you have found a quality maintenance diet for your boxer [and fart free too!! ]


Raw Food Diet and Miscellaneous Supplements
Posted by Marguerite (Wrightwood, CA) on 05/14/2007

Hi Just wanted to update the info I sent the other day re: Cyberpunk. He continues to do so well! His coat is beautiful. I think I miswrote what I put in his water. I use 2 water bowls, one with a drop of hydrogen peroxide and one with 1/2 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp ACV. He accepts both just fine. I want to gradually increase amounts. Best wishes

Raw Food Diet and Miscellaneous Supplements
Posted by Marguerite (Wrightwood, CA) on 05/12/2007

Hi Love this website! I just got back from the vet for a routine ck-up for my 18 yr old cat "Cyberpunk" with chronic renal failure and his creatnine and bun levels are now in the normal range! I am so happy. This is down from being very high 6 mos ago when he was near death. Here is the regimen i am following:

1. AM - Raw meats: chicken hearts (source of taurine) whiting and talapia (low mercury fish) chicken livers Supplements: Slippery Elm (1 gel-cap), 1/2 tsp.Epakitin, NSI's Friendly Fiber (1 gel-cap), Azodyl, Source Natural's Beta Glucan 100mg.

2. PM - Felidae Cat food mixed with cilantro (removes toxicity), sprouts, Udo's Cat essentials powder, lechithin granules Supplements: Azodyl. fish oil (1 gel-cap)

* Important* I add a few drops of apple cider vinegar and 1 drop of hydrogen peroxide to his water bowl.

This diet should help both cats and dogs with kidney problems due to age or tainted pet food.

I know some people disagree with the raw foods but think of what animals eat in the wild and how well they thrive. As is proven by the latest food recalls, most companies are only interested in their bottom line. Mother nature knows best! Hope this is useful. Best Regards, Marguerite

Replied by Ann
(Broomfield, Co)

What to do if cat has anemia and kidney disease.
Constipation is huge.

I make my own egg shell powder for binder but switching to NOW Calcium Carbonate, vet advice.

She is in last stage kidney disease. Eats, drinks and urinates. Cannot walk much and strains to have a stool.
Mood is fine and wants to walk but gets tired.

I am feeding her bff duck and tuna pouch, tuna and turkey pouch and tuna and chicken pouch. I boiled chicken livers for a treat once a week. I give sub q daily. She has B complex mixed in food, d mannose to prevent any uti, and Slippery Elm Bark for constipation.

Too afraid to try raw...

Any thoughts?


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Posted by Stella (Cleveland, Ohio) on 03/05/2008

My cat has CFS (Chronic Renal Failure) for the past 15 months and she gets chronic bacterial infections. I just recently started giving her a Vita-Mineral Mix from Halo pets and it seems like she is already healthier. It has only been about 9 days and I don't even give her the full dose only a 1/2 tsp one or two times a day I wanted to start slow as I am always very careful. She is more lively and energetic and her latest infection seems to be gone. I realized that the Vita Mix contains Montmorillonite Clay I had never heard of it before so I did some reading on it. I suppose it could be cleansing her body, it seems to be doing something good. I am even thinking of looking into taking some for myself. I will keep you posted on her progress.

Replied by Stella
(Cleveland, Ohio)

Here's an update on my cat with CRF who I have been giving the Vita-Mix to for almost two months now. I do not give her the full dose I actually cut back to a couple of times a week instead of daily. The results are: She has gained weight, hasn't had a bad urinary infection, seems more social, has bouts of energy, I have been able to cut back on her antibiotics and I have also been able to cut back on her Sub Q injections, overall I would say she is doing great.

Replied by Eve
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


I read about the vita-mix for cats that has CRF and I would like to try it on my cat too. Is vita-mix a brand? If not, which brands of supplements manufacturers make that? Thanks!

EC: Sorry, we had mistitled it "Vita-Mix" when it's actually called "Halo Vita-Mineral Mix". If you search for it on Google, you will see the various pet stores that carry it.

Replied by Tracy
(Kansas City, Mo / Usa)

I know this thread is several years old, but wanted to add my recent experience. I have two 19 yr old cats. One has kidney disease, while the other is in kidney failure. I ordered the Halo Vita-Mix and it arrived today. I noticed one of the ingredients is phosphorus. The cat in kidney failure is already on meds to remove extra phosphorus. I mixed a little and gave it to the other cat. Within 2 hours, he was huddled over the water dish with his head hanging almost in the water. This was a first, so I removed the rest of the food, gave him some tuna juice with ACV and a couple drops of Colloidal Silver. He seemed to improve and has not hovered over the water dish since. Be very careful if you give this product to your cat with kidney issues. I will try to return the product, and if I can't, then I will throw it out.

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