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Flea Remedy for Kittens
Posted by Dianna (Austin, Tx) on 01/03/2009
5 out of 5 stars

i know that some people say that garlic is poisonous to cats - but my vet disagrees and i have used garlic capsules on ALL my cats for years - and i've had a LOT of cats. it is very easy to just push a couple of capsules (coat them with olive oil) down a kittens throat. this will make fleas not want to live on the cats and may help with other health problems - including worms. start with a couple of small capsules first and later only one a day will work. it must be the smelly kind - de-odorized does not work. also i have put the oil from the capsules in their ears for relief from ear mites and it works well. i would even try the garlic on the ringworm directly. ACV is supposed to help with ringworm too - but you may need to apply the ACV full strength. virgin coconut oil also has similar properties - antifungal.

i would not try tea tree oil on cats - but someone wrote recently about collodial silver working in ear mites. i've never tried it though.

Flea Remedy for Kittens
Posted by Candice (Victorville, CA) on 11/21/2006
5 out of 5 stars

We rescued two kittens, just to find out that they were infested with fleas. Since they were so young they could not use the traditional flea baths/powers/creams. This is when I searched (earthclinic) and seen the remedy. I decided to combine a couple of them.

*Dish soap (Ajax, but any will do).
*Rice Vinegar (this is just what I had)
*Baby shampoo
*Heating pad (optional)

First-what I did was filled up the sink half way with lukewarm (make sure not too hot, because what is comfortable to us is hot to them) I then added the VINEGAR (any vinegar will work!) I put a very good helping.

Second-I dipped the kittens in the vinegar solution (minus their heads) then I began to massage the DISH SOAP on. YOU WILL SEE THE FLEAS RUNNING! They will be running towards the head. This is when you lather the kitten with the BABY SHAMPOO ... try your hardest not to get any in the eyes.

Third-Now dip the kitten back into the solution (making sure not to get the head wet) and use a cup or your hands to make sure that you are saturating the fur entirely.

Fourth-This is where it gets tricky. Using a pair of tweezers, tweeze off all of the fleas that you can. THIS IS TIME CONSUMING! But it is worth it! When done tweezing, redip and then rinse off with lukewarm (not too warm) water, and towel dry.

This is when the heating pad will come in handy. What I did was set it on LOW, and put a towel/small blanket over it and then set the kitten down on top if it (first checking to make sure that it wasn't too hot) this is when I went flea hunting once again. This was about an hour process, with two kittens. Once I was finished, I towel dried them very well, and the kittens went right to sleep. I haven't had any reinfestations and I only did this the one time. I have 10 (all rescued) cats and it would be very hard for me if they became reinfested, but so far so good! THANKS!