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Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Rosemary (Virginia) on 02/21/2020

My cat disappeared in the house for 8 hours. I finally found her, foaming at the mouth, with a dirty bottom, dilated pupils, cold and panting late at night. Totally lethargic and not eating or drinking. In the morning I went to the vet and they said the tests of all kinds came back negative and that all they could do is a saline drip and antibiotics. I said yes to that. By evening she was a bit more alive, but still eyes dilated and panting, just warmer and more hydrated. They sent her home with me to die. This is when I went on a search for natural remedies, as the vet had no diagnosis or any ideas. The saline drip gave me time to think about it. So the first thing is I used CBD oil to get the cat to have its first nap in two days, and she woke up so thirsty and even had a bite of food. Still panting lethargic and eyes dilated, but hungry and thirsty! Then I read that panting or shortness of breath was caused by a lack of iron. I asked the vet and they had already checked iron levels and hers were fine. Either way, I made a cup of blackstrap molasses water, and readministered CBD. When she woke up thirsty again I offered both water and molasses water...and she wanted molasses water. She laid in the same place all night. I woke up in the middle of the night and she was missing...I got scared and called for her... And she jumped on the bed and let me pet her and wanted out of my room. The next morning I woke up and there she was with regular eyes, and regular breathing, and wanted to go down to see all her animal friends and had already cleaned her fur. It was a miracle and the vets had no idea how that happened. Thanks earthclinic!