Stop Poisonous Bufo Toads from Poisoning Your Dog

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Posted by Katyvan (Wpb) on 10/12/2015
5 out of 5 stars

My friend's 10 pound terrier mix (looks like Toto) has nearly died twice from bufu toad poisoning. Had severe seizures both times. She will not leave them alone. She is muzzled at night and carried in my door during the day.

As a security measure, we must leave our lights on at night. The lights draw mosquitoes and other critters which draw the bufos. I have had a HERD of frogs outside every night and morning for a long time! They have even jumped inside the house several times. YUCK! I have treated the area w/ammonia, but don't want to see them suffer so I haven't tried killing them with it. I have unsuccessfully tried moth balls. My sister in MD has taken them home in plants and they have lived through several very cold winters.

My latest effort has proven VERY SUCCESSFUL and no one had to die or suffer.

Cleaned my headlights and rubber trim with Kaboom w/Oxiclean. Hate the odor and won't use it indoors. On a whim I sprayed the front door area, under the fence where frogs enter, on top of the constant flow of dead leaves, and along possible paths to my door. Had a lot of rain lately and so have "refreshed" the area several times. Haven't seen a frog for days! I know they are still somewhere nearby, but they aren't now a nuisance. Is it the Kaboom? Is it the Oxiclean? Don't know. Maybe someone else will figure it out.