Bee Sting Relief for Pets!

Posted by Eobie01 (Collinsville, Illinois) on 05/22/2009

I took my 4 year old boxer to the emergency vet clinic, she had hives on her legs and back, she was panting a lot, her tummy was a little red, and when she walked her feet kept coming out from under her and she would just stretch it out. We told the vet all of these problems and she said that it was most likely caused by a bit or sting of some sort. Now Bailey our boxer has been stung before and was given a steroid shot and some benadryl and had no side effects. This time it is different (just to let you know they gave her 2ml of benadryl and 4 cc Dex S/P). We took her to the vet at around 9pm and we left there at 9:30pm. When we got home we let her outside and she seemed fine, then we went to bed. I was up watching tv and she just started to pant and breathe kind of funny, then she started to whine. I just laid there with her for a little bit to see if it would go away and after about 30 min I called the vet to let them know what she was doing. They said that this was a side effect of benadryl. At the time of first writing this it was 1am. Now it is 5:12am and I have been up all night with her. All night she was pacing and laying down and was trying to get comfortable but couldn't. A few times she would put her head under the bed or she would sit up and just stare. And all the while she would start to whine again. Now she is pacing from our bedroom out to the hallway and she just got sick. I am going to be calling the vet first thing in the morning. I don't like what I have seen.