Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

Vitamin C
Posted by Es (Newton, NJ) on 11/07/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My dog, a loving and happy 10 year old golden retriever, was stiff and had trouble getting up. It was sad to see and I was worried. Vet recommended extremely expensive pills - an anti-inflammatory painkilling drug which is bad for their kidneys anyway. I tried it for a while but then was told about vitamin C by my neighbor who has 5 healthy black labs and his daughter is a veterinary technician. I worked him up to 2000mg of [vitamin] C daily, (1000mg twice a day) starting at 500 (250mg twice a day with food) and building up, adding more each week. Yes, he is SO much better now, we've been doing this faithfully for 5 months now. My boyfriend noticed how much better he was walking and getting up. It is a godsend. I never did need to get a refill of those pills from the vet in the end. The [vitamin] C worked much better, and instead of costing me hundreds of dollars per month, it costs us only $10. Per month. Thank you [vitamin] C!!!