12 Effective Natural Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

| Modified on Dec 28, 2023
Posted by Sam (North County San Diego) on 10/05/2023

DMSO on 16+ poodle

11 months ago my 16 yo toy poodle became very weak and she had trouble holding up her body. She cried lightly in my ear. She was in too much pain. The vet wanted to run many tests on her and X-rays but felt she would most likely be put down. I took pain medication for her but she wasn't well enough to take it. Her left front leg curled up and froze in that position. Then each of her three other legs stuck out like branches and froze. I held her up over the grass so she could go and held her 24/7. At this point I thought I had nothing to lose and went to the Horse Supply and Feed Store and picked up the only DMSO they had. It was mixed with aloe and was a gel. I dabbed her left front leg with the DMSO gel on a cotton ball. Within 90 minutes the leg fell back into a natural position. I continued to hold her and waited until the next day to dab the DMSO with a cotton ball down the length of her spine from neck to tail. Within a few hours all three legs that were frozen like tree branches fell back to their natural position. It took a few more days for her to hold up her body and a few more days to be able to walk up the grassy hill.

I had just moved into this condo complex and I didn't know anyone. The neighbors watched this whole thing play out. My downstairs neighbor saw my dog walking around and asked how on earth she is still with us. I told him I used DMSO. He is a chemist and very familiar with it and asked astonishingly, “SOLVENT? You used solvent on your dog?! ” I told him I did and it worked. Had I known how amazing it really was I would have used it sooner. Now I dab her hip joints, shoulders, neck or legs when needed. It felt like the miracle my pooch and I had prayed for. It's used on horses. I have no idea what for I just know it is remarkable.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by dar (canada) on 05/23/2023

FYI kibble is 4D -‘Dead, Diseased, Dying, and Disabled


It's Not Pet Food, It's a Waste Disposal System

June 3,2018 in Pet Food Ingredients
Susan Thixton
...The FDA openly admits these types of animal feed/pet feed ingredients are illegal – remain illegal. But the agency makes it clear they are CHOOSING not to enforce law. The agency is CHOOSING to allow pets to consume diseased animal material, CHOOSING to allow pets to consume decomposing, dead, non-slaughtered animal material.
The agency is CHOOSING to allow the pet feed industry to profit from the sale of illegal ingredients. And significantly – illegal ingredients are allowed by FDA with no disclosure on the pet food label. No warning to any consumer.
...FDA's own testing found dog foods to contain pentobarbital – a drug used to euthanize animals (can't get more toxic than that).


Horrifying – Laboratory Animals rendered into Pet Food

The rendering of laboratory test animals into pet food ingredients is simply unacceptable. Untested drugs, euthanasia drugs, and various species of test animals, all to possibly become part of a family pet's food, is inexcusable.

The carcasses of these test animals and the drugs and chemicals within them should never become rendered into pet food.

Please look at the label of your pet's food and treats for the ingredients ‘animal fat', ‘by-product meal', ‘meat and bone meal', ‘meat meal' (not ‘chicken meal' or ‘turkey meal' or any other specific named meat meal), and ‘Animal Digest'; feeding your pet a food or treat with these ingredients could mean you are feeding the remains of a laboratory test animal and the drugs within that animal.

Unfortunately, many Rx pet foods designed to treat a pet illness contain some of these ingredients.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Heather (Canandaigua, NY) on 05/15/2023

We have a 15 year old Lhasa Poo named Sofie. On good days she will still zoom around like a puppy but those good days were becoming fewer and farther between. Arthritis was setting in and you could clearly see it in her back legs, esp. She has a 4 year old lab/boxer sister and they sleep together on a giant bed in our living room. Over the past several weeks her sister would bound up in the mornings, raring to go outside, while Sofie would either continue to sleep or try to get up painfully slow, and collapse back down on the bed. She was also having issues walking up and down the stairs so we started carrying her on the really bad days.

I wanted to improve her quality of life, if I could, and I always check EC first. I am a nurse but a deep believer in holistic health and have tried other remedies from EC that have always worked. Thankfully I already had a tub of black strap on hand so I started mixing a tsp into her wet food, twice daily, along with kibble and water. She gobbles it up. I completely forgot to mention this to my husband. 2 days later he said to me, "Honey, you should have seen Sofie this morning. She was up and running around before Luna even woke up! She ran down the stairs and up again, came in the house and started doing zoomies! " I just grinned and shared with him what I had been giving her. It's been almost a week and she's still energetic, moving well and doesn't seem to be in pain. I'm so thankful! Now I'm off to try some remedies for her cataracts. If we can get that reversed then we'll have given her the fountain of youth.

Thank you so much, EC!

Posted by Ron (USA) on 12/12/2022 21 posts

A general cure-all for joint issues & bone weakness / aiding broken ligaments & bones to heal in all animals (incl. humans). Eggshells can be used to treat the following:

  • Joint repair after accidents.
  • Muscle soreness, aches, charlie-horses
  • Hip displaysia
  • Arthritis
  • Damaged discs and joints
  • Skin irritation & itching (yes calcium deficiency can cause this)
  • Patchy hair

Eggshells - Brown ones. Why? Eggshells contain chondroitin, glucosamine, collagen, & world's most highly bioavailable calcium. Did you know the body (humans too) lose about 1-2% COLLAGEN PER YEAR IF NOT MAINTAINED THROUGH DIET? There goes your skin & hair & joint cushions! Take eggshells instead. Only thing missing in eggshells is MSM, and eggs themselves contain natural sulfur agents, so literally you have everything you need for joints in a whole egg. Shells also contain over a dozen trace minerals like boron. Stop buying expensive joint supplements. Guess what? Most of them; they're made from leftover eggshells & egg products!

NOTE: Calcium / eggshells powder MUST be dosed with vitamin C, and magnesium, and optionally a few other things - see DOSE METHOD below.


  • Save & Rinse used eggshells as you cook your breakfasts daily.
  • Use warm water, and air dry them on a dish towel.
  • Be sure not to discard the inner shell skins
  • I have never gotten sick this way. I and my pets take them daily.
  • Bake in over @ 250 for 20 minutes if paranoid about bacteria.
  • Grind them in an electric coffee/ spice grinder for 60 seconds.

Alternatively; you can soak the shells in apple cider vinegar for a few weeks until they're completely dissolved and dose the eggshell-vinegar decoction. I don't do this. Do your own research on that method.

Dose Amount

On average: 1 tsp of powdered eggshells contains 900mg calcium

  • Check how much calcium is already in your dog's food
  • Calculate your dog's daily recommended allowance of calcium
  • According to the NRC, healthy adult dogs generally require 50 mg of calcium per kilogram of body weight. In pounds; it's ~ 22.5 mg per 1 lb of body weight. For example, a 5 kg dog (about 11 lbs.) needs 250 mg of calcium per day, a 25 kg (about 55 lbs.) dog needs 1250 mg per day, and a 50 kg (about 110 lbs.) dog needs 2500 mg per day.
  • I generally disagree with that much calcium. Too much can cause calcium deposits, and displaysia of the hips.
  • As dogs age, they need less calcium or you cause arthritis, adjust down 25-50%
  • Considering all the above, you should get a rough idea of how much eggshells to add to your dog's food. Watch over the coming weeks, and adjust.
  • A good rule of thumb is you want to see the dog's front ankle & shin areas where paws bend to meet the legs be closer to stiff & straight, while standing up on all fours. You don't want there to be too much of a bend or bow here, between the ankle and the paw. If the dog is a healthy weight and you see a pronounced bend, they are calcium deficient. See youtube videos or search images for reference.


  • Eggshells are great, but they need extra things to help the body absorb, or else the dog's joints will just get calcified and stiff, and you can actually CAUSE HIP DISPLAYSIA & ARTHRITIS this way, by having too much calcium and too little calcium absorbing nutrients in the diet.
  • Dump eggshells in feedings, preferably spread over the dog's meals evenly throughout the day.
  • Add Magnesium. A good rule of thumb is a 2:1 calcium-to-magnesium ratio. (Need 500mg magnesium crystal-powder for around 1000mg calcium. Note; 1/8 tsp or 500 mg powdered magnesium chloride generally contains about 50-60 mg of actual magnesium. If you gave 500mg of actual magnesium, that would be too much and cause profuse diarrhea)
  • Magnesium Oxide will be very similar dosing
  • Add Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate form ONLY)-A good rule of thumb is a 2:1 calcium-to-Vitamin C ratio - About 500 mg, or 1/4 tsp Vit C per 1000 mg Calcium
  • Vitamin C given regularly during the first 2 years of life are critical in preventing hip displaysia later on in life. But it's never too late.

EXTRAS - highly recommend the boron - these will help bone growth & marrow health & disc gel to recuperate

  • Hyalauronic Acid (dissolve 1/4 tsp + 1/4tsp sea salt in a 16 oz bottle of water & refrigerate; will take an hour to dissolve the gelatin) - take a big capful per day in the dog's food
  • Boron (dissolve 1 tsp in 16 oz bottle water or pint mason jar) - take 1 tsp of the water per day
  • Organic Sea Kelp Granules - They contain calcium, magnesium, iodine & many other micronutrients that help quite a bit with arthritis and hip displaysia. 1 tsp per day for big dogs.

I have a 70 lb (32kg) adult dog. So she needs approx 1500mg calcium daily.I give her approx 1000mg instead.

She gets 1/4 tsp eggshells 2x a day in her food, which is homemade so it has no calcium to begin with. So she gets about 450mg per day, but she gets 400 mg more calcium from 1/2 tsp Boswellia powder I give her, an Ayurvedic tree resin from the Frankincense tree.

So she gets approx. 60% her daily RDA of calcium and all the chondroitin, collagen, glucosamine her joints need.

Added in she gets 1/8 tsp or 250mg vitamin c powder per feed.

She also gets 4-5 drops magnesium oil I prepare myself.

  • It's just 50/50 water & magnesium chloride crystals. In 4-5 drops we have around 100mg magnesium powder, and around 10-12 mg of magnesium. I'm aware I should give more according to the above, but I had to adjust down because this particular magnesium is HIGHLY potent and will cause very loose stool if I go above this amount. Besides; the vitamin C helps absorb the leftover calcium that the lack of magnesium couldn't.

Do not skip vitamin C. If you skip vitamin C, the calcium will hinder Iron absorbtion and your pet will become anemic especially if no red meat is in the diet.

Do not give citric acid / citrate form of vitamin C. You will likely cause great GI discomfort to the dog, which will result in vomiting, pancreatitis and diarrhea.

Recommend also; to buy braces for any injuries your dog incurs. They make IVDD / disc pain full body braces, they make knee braces, hip braces, and hock(dog's ankle) braces. Could save a simple sprain or minor break from becoming a surgery.

Posted by Lorraine (Canada) on 09/25/2022

Look up benefits of SERRAPEPTASE, has never yet failed for my elderly arthritic cats and dogs. Works best on its own.. take 1 hour before meals or two hours after meal

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Kaybeebee (Gulf Coast) on 05/15/2022

curious...how do you get your dog to take BSM (black strap molasses)?

Yucca Extract
Posted by Kris (CT) on 07/16/2021

Looked at Kroeger Herbs and found no product called Rumafix with yucca as an ingredient. Can find no yucca related products on Kroeger sites. Are you sure you have the name correct? Only one thing called Rumafix on the internet which was a 'vibronics' product which seemed to be more hope than reality.

EC: That post is quite old. It looks like the company stopped selling it: https://www.kroegerherb.com/

Sea Salt Water Cure
Posted by Sam (Australia ) on 03/14/2021 18 posts


I tried this with my dog last 2 days and no sign of improving unfortunately.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Caren (Highlands Ranch, Co) on 07/25/2020

There is such a person as an animal chiropractor. Her name is Debbie O'Reilly D.C./Vibrant Energy Healing Center. She adjusts humans, horses, dogs and other animals. I have gone to her in the past for my sweet Pom, Teddy. Hope this helps

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Kim (Colorado ) on 04/03/2019

Can cats handle blackstrap molasses? My 14 yo cat has really bad arthritis in his back legs. Thank you!!

Posted by Cathy (La) on 05/05/2018

Hi, where can I buy these alfalfa capsules and what dosing for 5lb Chihuahua? I've given the powdered alfalfa in food before but never heard of the capsules. Thanks so much!

Posted by Me (Vista) on 01/27/2018

Best thing for arthritis is alfalfa.I used alfalfa capsules wrapped in cheese and gave it to my chihuahua and it healed the arthritis in her hip.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Apryl (Aiken, Sc) on 08/03/2017


Did the Molasses make your dog puke? Cause ever since I've been giving it to him. He has vomited twice this week! But, his Arthritis has been a lot better. He weighs 80 pds, and I have been giving him 1 TS twice a day.Can't figure why it makes him sick??

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Karen (Wheatland, Wy.) on 07/05/2017

I have been using Blackstrap for years, you have to be careful with it. It is high in iron and if you use it for long periods of time it can cause kidney problems. Do not use it all the time, just when needed. Just a thought.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Misty (Texas) on 07/04/2017

How much coconut oil have you been giving your dog?

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Maggie's Dad (Cedar Rapids, Ia) on 03/08/2017

After reading the blackstrap molasses reviews I figured I would give it a try on my 12 yo Golden Retriever. She has arthritis in her hips and is on an anti-inflammatory. Over the past few weeks she has been declining to the point where she needed help to get up off the floor and could not do a short set of steps to get in and out. Was thinking we were getting near the end with her so I tried the molasses. She has been on it for 6 days and she is doing amazing! Still a little slow to get up, but gets up on her own with no problems. I am amazed. I started out giving her 1 Tbls twice a day on a piece of bread but after a couple of days I backed off to 1 tsp twice a day and she is still doing very well. Thank you to all who posted on here before me, if it had not been for the posts I would have been making a very hard decision now instead. Hope my review helps others!

Boron, Vitamin K2
Posted by Siddavis (Springfield, Mo) on 02/26/2017

My 7 year old dog started showing signs of arthritis; stiffness and limping, particularly after first getting up from sleep, much subdued excitement, and refusing go on long walks, but some improvement if she was limited to short walks. I started giving here 3 mg of boron a day, and 100 mg of vitamin K2. She improved after about 4 weeks, then when I quit the treatment she got worse, only to improve again when I re-started these supplements.

Not a scientific approach, I know, but as long as she is comfortable and her old frisky self, it is good enough for me.

Knee Brace
Posted by Lily (Colorado, Usa) on 06/02/2016

For arthritis, this is a remedy that isn't something you can "administer" your dog but in my case it has done an incredible job of keeping my pup relatively pain free and active despite her arthritic knees. I use a dog knee brace, by Ortocanis, one for each of her knees that's affected. This brace in particular is flexible enough so that I can keep it on her for extended periods of time, and allows for full range of motion. She never wears it to sleep and I take it off when we're lounging around at home. But on the days where I can tell she's in more pain, or her limp is back, the brace almost always reduces inflammation and creates a noticeable improvement in her mobility.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Roxie (Emporia, Kansas) on 12/31/2014

I have a 10 year old pug and since the weather got cold he could barely get himself up from a laying position, I mix black strap mollases, coconut oil, peanut butter and he licks it off my finger. He can now get up by himself and does not walk stiff legged anymore. I also give him 1 low dose asprin a day for the pain and have added esther c to it also, I am amazed at how well he is doing now.

Posted by Kate (London, England) on 11/17/2014

I have just been recommended organic turmeric for my 14yr old chocolate lab who has bad arthritis in one of his elbows. A friend told me who also has an old lab, she mixes 1 teaspoon with olive oil or coconut oil plus some ground black pepper (very important apparently) twice a day and puts it in the food. She says it is brilliant and that it will work after only a week. I have just send off for mine so I can't wait to give it to my old boy. Anyway I thought it might be a help to some other sufferers, its so sad seeing them in pain and not wanting to go for a walk.

Posted by Mucky (Roseville, Ca) on 10/23/2014

The vet said the x-rays confirmed arthritis in our 10 year old cat. She was limping and acting different; isolating herself. The vet prescribed her some pain medicine and while waiting for it I put a good pinch of MSM powder in her wet food one evening. The next morning, I found her toys strewn throughout the hallway. Something she had not done since the onset of the limp. The limp was only noticeable if you looked for it. We continued the pinch of MSM plus a pinch of Vitamin C powder. After a few days, she was zipping and jumping around like her old self. Absolutely no signs of discomfort from the arthritis. Never even picked up the pain meds. Truly amazing.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/11/2014

Hey Christy!

I must respectfully disagree with you! I did some fact checking, and this is what I learned about it.

White rice is not really bad for dogs. In fact, because of its high digestibility, it is a good food to feed to a dog with tummy upset. White rice is close to brown rice in nutrition: brown rice has just a wee bit more nutritional benefit. White rice is superior to brown rice in terms of arsenic levels, so a better choice for young animals.



Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Christy (PA, US) on 08/10/2014

I've heard NOT to give dogs white rice. Only give them brown rice. Apparently, something about the white rice is really bad for dogs. That is all I know about it. Sounds like the molasses is good though.

Ester C
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/26/2014

Thanks for this tip! I will be passing it on to a friend who has a dobie who is starting to feel his age - I am sure this will help!


Ester C
Posted by Me (Nj) on 01/26/2014

I give my golden retriever, age 11.5 Ester C of 1000mg per day.

Two years ago, he could scarcely walk or get up due to awful stiffness of the hind quarters. I was so worried I'd lose him! And he was suffering.

The vet's x-rays showed, to his joyful surprise, zero arthritis in hips and no hip dysplasia. His wife, the other vet in their family practice, prescribed pills for my dog. I tried a 2 week sample. I didn't see much improvement, and he would need regular screening to ensure the pills weren't causing serious organ problems (a possible side effect of these pills). Not only that, but boy, were they expensive! It would have cost $300 per month to purchase those pills.

I wished for an answer, and shortly I received it. My neighbor, who owns 5 gorgeously healthy, huge labrador retrievers, and whose daughter is a veterinary technician, said he'd share his "secret" with me.

Ester C. Yes indeed, Ester C, my friends, that was THE answer! Apparently it even helps if your dog DOES have hip dysplasia. It doesn't cure the dysplasia, but it somehow relieves their pain so they can walk again! I googled it up and down to be sure it was safe and I was providing my faithful friend the right dosage.

My Findings:

1) Apparently you must use ONLY Ester C, not regular vitamin C (it can cause stomach upset). Give the Ester C with their meal, not on an empty stomach.

2) You should load them up in increments, building them up to the proper dose, don't give the maximum dose from the start. After you've built them up to the maximum dose they can tolerate without stomach upset and suitable for their size/weight, you soon see the results. Then you can lower them to a maintenance dose: For my golden retriever, I began with 500mg per day divided into his two meals morning and evening (250mg morning 250mg evening) for several days. I then slowly increased him to 1000 per day, (500mg AM and 500mg PM). I then upped him to 2000mg (1,000mg AM 1,000mg PM).

I saw results in a couple of weeks. I lowered his dose to 1000mg and I have maintained him on 1 capsule of time-release Ester C per day in his breakfast meal for 2 years.

My boyfriend saw the difference, my sister saw the difference and I see the difference. He gets up off the floor NO PROBLEM. Now, mind you, he is 11.5 years old. He is better now than he was at age 8!

He can walk 2.5 miles again like we used to do! I never thought he'd be able to ever do that again!

And guess how much this wonderful treatment costs me? Less than $10. a month! I buy a bottle of 1000mg time-release Ester C, 60 capsules, for about $10. Can you believe it? I can buy the 90 capsules for about $15. That's a 3 month supply, folks.

I guess we're not supposed to name companies here, but it comes in an orange box and an orange bottle. I buy it at Walmart and also at my supermarket Shoprite. I'm sure any decent Ester C will do.

It is for humans, not special for dogs.

I love it and am so thankful for what it has done for my dog!

I hope this post is useful to other dogs out there. I did a lot of research before I used Ester C on my dog. So of course I advise you to research what is right for your dog.

Good luck

Yucca Extract
Posted by Judy (Denver, Co) on 06/01/2013

Years ago I had a Spitz about 12 years old that developed arthritis so bad that when he laid on slick kitchen floor he couldnt get up. His front feet kept sliding and had to be picked up and stand him up so he could walk. I know we arent supposed to give brand names, but here goes. Kroeger Herbs Rumafix, has yucca as prime ingredient. Dog weighed 35 lbs. I gave him one capsule a day and in four days he was fine. His urine was very dark yellow first day. By fourth day urine was normal color and he was playing and running around with year old pup. Hannah Kroeger, master herbalist claimed arthritis in dogs is caused by a virus. She has a website.

I gave some to my vet for his dog that he was treating with his meds that werent working. He looked at me like I was crazy. Don't know if he ever tried it, but it worked like a charm for my dog. He lived to be 18 1/2 and was never bothered by arthritis again.

Posted by Gardengirl (Gallatin, Tn/USA) on 03/04/2013

Turmeric saved my baby's life ( 15lbs. Dashound ) she's about 12 years and was really a hard time with moving around. I give her about 3 T. tuna fish/in oil ( I feed the cat every morning with tuna fish mixed with dry cat food) in that I put about 1t. turmenic with about 2 dashes blk. pepper. She now moving around like a puppy and even runs to get her tuna fish meal. Hope this saves your baby too!!!

Neem, Graviola, Chapparal, Andrographis
Posted by Lizardhaven (Desert Hot Springs, California) on 01/12/2013

Neem, Graviola, Chapparal, Andrographis Herbal Tonic Reverses Arthritis, Joint Issues

i have had an elist for over a decade to help pets sent home to die when vets cancer treatments failed to work, or pets were too old and refused treatment. we wanted to find what increased the quality of life and extended the predicted life span.

One remedy we use is a strong tea made from 2 parts powdered neem, graviola, and chapparal, and one part andrographis.

We found that within a few days almost all pets felt better. Arthritis, other joint problems, and symptoms related to aging seemed to improve so consistently that many people now use the tonic as an arthritis remedy.

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