Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

Olive Leaf Extract
Posted by Dr. Dana (Kalkaska, Michigan) on 01/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Two years ago, my brothers dog (a 70 lb Shepard mix named Cassie) could barely get up let alone walk around without pain and discomfort. He left her in my care while he went on a trip. I was taking Olive Leaf Extract for a flu like symptoms, as O. L. E. Is a natural antibiotic. Cassie had been suffering for quite sometime, I got this idea to give her some of the stuff. The plan was to use it in a 2 week regimen just like I do for myself. I put a 500 mg pill inside a hollowed out vienna sausage, first I had to feed her some w/o the pill so she began to gobble them down, kinda like a kick start to get her gobbling. Once she was used to eating them I gave her the one with the pill in it, worked every time, she gobbled down the sausage and the pill. Much to my surprise, the very next day she showed a great improvement! I continued to give them to her over the next two weeks. It has now been over two years since this dog, that I didn't think was going to make it another 3 or 4 months, took the Olive Leaf Extract and she is doing just fine, especially for an old girl.

You can find Olive Leaf Extract in any health food or vitamin store, my bottle of (120) 500mg pills only cost $22. Way less than a trip to the vet, and there was plenty left over for me for later!!! Since Cassie's health so quickly improved, I have used the same treatment plan on my smaller 10 lb Shitzu dog with great results and no sign of side effects. Hope this helps your dog and or cat, or maybe even you and or your family and friends!