Arthritis Remedies for Dogs

Knee Brace
Posted by Lily (Colorado, Usa) on 06/02/2016
5 out of 5 stars

For arthritis, this is a remedy that isn't something you can "administer" your dog but in my case it has done an incredible job of keeping my pup relatively pain free and active despite her arthritic knees. I use a dog knee brace, by Ortocanis, one for each of her knees that's affected. This brace in particular is flexible enough so that I can keep it on her for extended periods of time, and allows for full range of motion. She never wears it to sleep and I take it off when we're lounging around at home. But on the days where I can tell she's in more pain, or her limp is back, the brace almost always reduces inflammation and creates a noticeable improvement in her mobility.