Whooping Cough Remedies

Vitamin C
Posted by Cedar Woman (Tn ) on 04/06/2015

I have a 2 yo and a 6 yo and they had pertussis this last winter. It started with a cough that came out of nowhere and in about a week and a half they were whooping. It got to be very intense as you can imagine. We tried many things. I figured out to give them mega doses of vitamin c through the day and it helped so tremendously that I thought they were recovering. When I would stop the vit c when I thought they were getting over it or when we ran out, they would quickly plummet back into being very sick. I later learned that this is because it takes time for the pertussis toxins to run their course and nothing can stop that, however the vit c does protect the body from those toxins while the illness is running its course.

We started out with powdered ascorbic acid and I mixed into orange or grape juice to make it palatable. Then we moved to sodium ascorbate because it was less sour and easier to get down, but it does seem like a lot of sodium to put in their little bodies so I lessened the doses.

To get your dose you start out giving 500 mg vit c every 30 min until they have a soft poop, not watery. write it down every time you dose. Then add up how many mg you gave and subtract one 500mg dose from that number. Then give that number of mg every 4 hours during the day.

My 2yo got 2000mg every 4 hours and my 6yo got 4000mg every four hours.

Bottom line is vitamin c definitely works in treating pertussis!! It works miracles!!!

Vitamin C
Posted by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/27/2012

Lypospheric Vit- C works beautifully with whooping cough, according to research tests.