Whooping Cough Remedies

| Modified on Mar 24, 2018
Liposomal Vitamin C
Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 12/23/2017

Well, we got to experience whooping cough. I wouldn't have chosen it and am grateful to be over the worst of it. I am happy to now have natural immunity to it and have some remedies to help others with it down the road.

In early November a cough began in my family. Within a couple of weeks 9 out of 10 in my household were coughing. By Thanksgiving the cough was actually noticeably worse instead of better. A few days after Thanksgiving I realized that I and my 6 year old were whooping after we had a coughing fit. I was 99% sure we had whooping cough by this point. I did go in to get a test for it, which was positive. This positive test was useful for a few reasons, one of which was that my son in college was able to get a prescription for antibiotics from his doctor, based on my diagnosis, so wouldn't have to worry about being contagious at school. Interestingly, the antibiotic did not seem to help his symptoms. (My understanding is that, taken in the first two weeks it can reduce symptoms, but of course, it is hard to diagnose whooping cough in the first two weeks.)

I had helped a friend make liposomal vitamin C for whooping cough a few years ago so I had the stuff to make it and did so. I still make a batch every day to use for my family. At first I was using sodium ascorbate which was labor intensive for treating 9 people. I was constantly evaluating symptoms, trying to notice if it was causing bowel intolerance and giving it every 1/5 - 2 hours. The liposomal was easier to dose - I gave it to most people 3 times a day and it seemed to work as well if not better.

Liposomal C is supposed to be given on an empty stomach but I couldn't always dose it that way. I did always give some juice as a chaser. It tastes pretty terrible.

I also bought some lypospheric vitamin C online but it was a dollar a dose. I did give that to my son to take when away from home during the day.

We avoided dairy and sugar quite strictly during the worst of it and ate a lot of bone broth based soups.

Flax seed tea was useful though not enjoyed by many. Otherwise I gave out a lot of hot tea (any kind just to help with hydration.) I sweetened it with honey. Staying well hydrated is critical to keep mucous thin and easier to get up.

Not everyone in my family had the characteristic "whoop." My 15 year old never seemed very sick though one day missed all of her vitamin C doses and they next day did feel poorly. Even my 6 year old who coughed and vomited from coughing didn't seem very sick between coughing fits. Several in my house did have many lethargic days. There was occasional fever in one of my children.

Vitamin C therapy won't get rid of whooping cough but greatly helps with symptoms.

My 21 year old son who lives at home (though works a lot and isn't home much) did not get whooping cough, at least yet. I gave him turmeric (4 capsules twice daily) for weeks in hopes that it would work as a natural antibiotic. After 2-3 weeks I ran out of that and gave him 2 oregano oil capsules twice daily which I am still doing. He did seem to have very mild cold symptoms for a while but doesn't now.

No, my children were not vaccinated against pertussis/whooping cough. My oldest had 2 DPT shots 24 years ago. After the second one he had a very bad reaction and we felt the risk of the disease was not as great as the risk from the vaccine for our family.

My husband and I had been vaccinated as children (though surely haven't had boosters in many years.) One son did get a Tdap shot before college in August and still got it.

It has been a long six weeks but people are feeling much better. I will probably keep up the vitamin C for a few more weeks.

I did read the Suzanne Humphries Protocol through several times and it was helpful.

I hope you never have to deal with whooping cough, but if you do, diy liposomal Vitamin C helps a lot! It isn't a cure but has been great blessing to us.

~Mama to Many~

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Lisa (Belmont, Ma) on 02/02/2010

My 3 yr. old daughter came down with whooping cough. I had read that doing a vitamin C flush and then keeping the body saturated with vitamin C for 12-48 hours would kill the bacteria causing the whooping cough. The instructions for children of this age that I could find recommended starting at 250 mgs of vitamin C every 20 minutes until a BM of tapioca-like consistency was achieved. This means the body is saturated with vitamin C and starting to expell excess as waste. One would then add up the total amount of vitamin C required to achieve the loose BM, subtract one 250mg dosage and give that amount every four hours for up to 48 hours. The instructions said that if the child does not reach a loose BM with this amount of vitamin C w/in 24 hours, to then increase the amount of C to 500 mg every half hour until loose BM occurs and then doing similar calcuation. Add up mgs of C given to produce BM, subtract 500mg and then give that amount every 4 hours.

Well, I also read in another study of Vitamin C and whooping cough that one can have to take up to 1000mg per Kilogram of body weight. My daughter is roughly 32 lbs, so that could mean that she could have to ingest up to close to 15,000mgs per day of Vitamin C to reach saturation.

So, knowing that my daughter can tolerate rather high levels of Vitamin C (because I have used it to treat other illnesses) I started her on 750 mgs every 40 - 50 mins beginning at 8:45 am until her bedtime at 8:00pm and was unsuccessful at producing a loose BM. So, the next day, beginning at 7:40 am (both days giving first dosage on an empty stomach) I started giving her 1000mgs every half an hour (both days stopping at nap time and resuming as soon as she awoke). I also started this second morning giving her Belladonna 30C every 2.5 hours all day. Since she did not have a loose BM even on 1000mg every half hour, I just continued this dosage without increase until bedtime at 7:45 and then resumed the third morning at 7:30am with 1000mg every half hour and Belladonna 30C every 2.5 hours (and at every coughing jag) until naptime. After naptime I gave 1000mg every 45 minutes until bedtime (still Belladonna every 2.5 hours)at 7:30pm. The fourth morning beginning at 8am I continued giving 1000 vitamin C every 45 minutes and Belladonna every 2.5 hours until about 5 pm when her symptoms were noticeably reduced. At that time I started giving vitamin c 1000mg every hour until bed. The 5th morning she was mostly cough-free, but I continued to give 1000mg vitamin C every 2 hours throughout days 5-6, still giving Belladonna, but now every 4 hours. Today, day 7, she is totally well, and I am phasing out both vitamin C and Belladonna with 1000mg every 4 hours and Belladonna just at naptime and bedtime.

I seem to have contracted the whooping cough from my daughter, so I am trying the same remedies on myself to see if I get the same or similar results (although, Cinchona and Drosera seem more indicated as homeopathic remedies for me than for my daughter. Her whooping cough attacks were followed by sneezing, sometimes little sneezing "fits", so Belladonna was clearly indicated for her because of the sneezing. I do not really have any sneezing so far.) I will post again, if same remedy works for me.

Mullein Tea
Posted by Ucmom916 (Kent, Wa) on 03/22/2018

Mullein for Whooping Cough

Mullein leaf tea really saved me from coughing continously. I read it here and decided to try it. I was given by prescription Promethizine with codeine cough syrup and Tessalon Pearles, both considered the Cadillac of cough suppressent. I became immune to the two prescriptions and turned to the Mullein tea. What a relief.....the tea was wonderful and very inexpensive to use. Thank you EarthClinic for the info of mullein tea.

Vitamin C, Iodine, Enzymes
Posted by Victoria (Michigan, Usa) on 12/26/2017

I am 60, my hubby 56. We have both just been diagnosed with pertussis. It is a brutal cough and we are in our 5th week. The diagnosing Dr. told us that they are seeing more and more of it, and the vaccines and boosters are becoming ineffective as the disease seems to have mutated slightly.

We are having the best results with the high dose Vit C by Dr humphries, plus serrapeptase to remove the dead tissue and open lungs, plus mullein tea, plus high dose of Lugol's iodine with cofactors ( 200 mg daily, three days on two days off).

We are noticing that all of the mentioned seem to play a natural role in detoxing the toxins and keeping the mucus thin and movable without too much hacking.

Colloidal Silver, Vitamin C
Posted by Jennifer (Visalia, Ca) on 11/30/2014

My sixteen year old came down with whooping cough six weeks ago. Yes he was vaccinated and had a booster. After lots of research I learned that 90% of whooping cough patients had the vaccine. So to the posters who said we shouldn't need a thread that lists natural remedies for the whooping cough disease is very wrong!

What really helped our son was vit c and colloidal silver. It minimizes symptoms. We saturated his body with the vit c. about 1000 ml every couple of hour. We are continuing with 3000 ml a day until all congestion is gone. He is recovering!

Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 02/26/2018

I told you I would follow up as to whether or not turmeric prevented my son from getting whooping cough. I believe it did.

From November to January of this year 9 out of 10 in my household had whooping cough. My 21 year old never did get it. He slept in a room with 2 of his brothers who coughed and whooped all night long. He was definitely thoroughly exposed.

Once I realized what we had, I started to give that son turmeric. (Everyone else was on liposomal C.) 4 capsules of turmeric twice daily for weeks and weeks. When I ran out of turmeric I gave him oregano oil capsules twice a day.

I think it is now safe to say that turmeric did indeed help him. If I were exposed to whooping cough I would definitely take turmeric. (Of course, now I have natural immunity and don't have to worry about it.)

~Mama to Many~

Drosera Homeopathic
Posted by Alesia (Staffordshire, England) on 10/12/2015

I picked my daughter up from a 2 hour nursery when she was about two years old. Don't know if she contracted it that day or before, but she coughed, then had the most awful sounding long whoop' on the in-breath every time. She's not inoculated, phoned NHS line, waited 15 minutes for no answer, was crying as its an eon when your child's sounding like that.

My other half came in and asked what was wrong, (I was crying by now and panicking). "Well give her the homeopathic remedy for whooping cough then", he advised. I put the phone down, and one drosera 30c pilule actually cured her completely by morning. She didn't have any lasting effects or symptoms. I expected to give more pilules than that!

Am still proud, and amazed to this day, especially how quick it worked, its efficacy, and how a tiny pilule can do all that. So glad I learnt it.

Vitamin C
Posted by Cedar Woman (Tn ) on 04/06/2015

I have a 2 yo and a 6 yo and they had pertussis this last winter. It started with a cough that came out of nowhere and in about a week and a half they were whooping. It got to be very intense as you can imagine. We tried many things. I figured out to give them mega doses of vitamin c through the day and it helped so tremendously that I thought they were recovering. When I would stop the vit c when I thought they were getting over it or when we ran out, they would quickly plummet back into being very sick. I later learned that this is because it takes time for the pertussis toxins to run their course and nothing can stop that, however the vit c does protect the body from those toxins while the illness is running its course.

We started out with powdered ascorbic acid and I mixed into orange or grape juice to make it palatable. Then we moved to sodium ascorbate because it was less sour and easier to get down, but it does seem like a lot of sodium to put in their little bodies so I lessened the doses.

To get your dose you start out giving 500 mg vit c every 30 min until they have a soft poop, not watery. write it down every time you dose. Then add up how many mg you gave and subtract one 500mg dose from that number. Then give that number of mg every 4 hours during the day.

My 2yo got 2000mg every 4 hours and my 6yo got 4000mg every four hours.

Bottom line is vitamin c definitely works in treating pertussis!! It works miracles!!!

Posted by Marliah (Kennebec County, Maine, Usa) on 03/21/2013

We did not realize until we were in the depths of it that we had whooping cough, we found that garlic salve has helped quite a bit. We make the slave by taking 1/3 cup coconut oil, 6-8 cloves of fresh garlic, 2tbp olive oil, 5 or so drops of lavendar oil. Blend at high speed in a blender then push through a screen or sieve to get out any large pieces. We apply this to the chest and back and to the soles of the feet. It's a great infection fighter/immune booster.

This is taken from the book "Be Your Own Doctor" by Rachel Weaver. I highly suggest thus book, lots of great info in there.

Also we have found that lavendar in the oil diffuser helps with congestion.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/04/2012

Hi Beez28, While I understand your belief that you are helping to educate people I would be remiss in not helping open your eyes to many facts that you are missing. There are many of us out here who are choosing not to vaccinate, not due to being ignorant, but quite the contrary. We have educated ourselves and made an educated decision based on what we have learned.

I had started reading and studying before I had children on making decisions regarding having them and raising them. At that time certain ideas were not mainstream and still quite controversial. Some of them that I consciously made- I had my children at home with a nurse midwife, I had 3 of my children in water births, I did not circumcise, I breastfed, I eventually homeschooled and helped friends whose children were not fitting into the public school framework do the same and I made the decision not to immunize. You may even find this hard to believe, but it was my nurse midwife who cautioned me on vaccines. Of course, I had already done my research and knew what my decision was.

All of this was 28 years ago. I have since raised 5 kids now ages 27, 26, 23, 16 and 13. They are all extremely healthy with relatively no issues growing up except the usual flus and colds. Even those were rare and if they had them, I treated them with homeopathy, Chinese medicine, alternative health and nutrition.

Believe me, those early years people were perplexed by some of my choices. I even endured dirty looks and comments from the school "nurse" when I would sign my waiver for non- vaccination. About the third year of this the head school nurse was present and when I arrived with my waiver, the school "nurse" made a condescending remark about me to the head nurse who readily said, that what I chose to do was fine, many people were now making that decision! That shut her up and she never commented again.

Today, all of these are part of the mainstream awareness and I am so happy that people are choosing to educate themselves in understanding there is not this narrow corridor one must walk through in life based on what we are "told" is the "right" thing to do.

I noticed someone also posted to you some eye- opening information. Perhaps you should look it over and realize there are some very serious consequences to the plethora of vaccines being given. Many of us know the theory behind vaccinations. We also know there are dangers hidden in them. May I also add that your statement, "Babies have an under-developed immune response" says a lot right there regarding the barrage of immunizations being given to days-old babies! Doctors tell parents the dangers of not vaccinating, how about telling them the dangers of vaccinating as well, so they have the full story.

Anyway, I just felt it necessary that another voice is heard in this issue. Best to you, Lisa

Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 01/17/2015

Dear Lily,

I am not the original poster, but I have read the same book and made and used the salve she mentions. It is best kept in the fridge, but I have kept it out of the fridge for a few days when I am using it a lot.

I have applied this to a child every couple of hours, chest, back and bottoms of feet. If it is too strong for your child, you can dilute it with some more oil.

If you are dealing with Whooping Cough, you may want to look into treating it with high doses of Vitamin C. This has worked well for a couple of people I have known personally.

~Mama to Many~

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Katie (Bellingham, Wa, Usa) on 07/09/2012

Too bad this person is not following this thread any more. I just came in but I would like to ask this person why the powers that be insist on vaccinating newborns for Hepatitis B when it is spread by drug addicts (dirty needles) and promiscuous sex. Just this makes me question the whole vaccination program. Katie

Pertussinum Homeopathic
Posted by Dr.Ashfaq A.Khan (Lahore, Punjab) on 11/17/2012

For Whooping Cough, please try PERTUSSINUM 200. It's a homoeopathic remedy and can be used as a prophylactic too. To your child just give one dose and await results. It's a speedy-working remedy and I've been using it for the last 20 years in my clinic with success. Best of luck.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Angela (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 06/29/2010


Both of my children got the whooping cough last year. While their school mates suffered through it I was able to kill it with mega doses of vitamin C. Specifically I used Sodium Ascorbate. I just dissolved tiny amounts in their juice every hour until they had diarreah. Then I scaled it back to a smaller maintenance dose until they showed no more symptoms. We did use drosera before I tried the vitamin C to no avail.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Cyndie (Brisbane, Queensland Australia) on 07/04/2012

I cannot believe I just read that comment on the importance of immunisation and the fact that this should not be a thread. If you did your research properly you would know that both immunised and unimmunised children are getting whooping cough. My daughter got it from a friend who was fully immunised. Most people who choose not to immunise have done a lot of research and have chosen what they believe is best for their child. I dont believe I can say the same for people who have chosen to immunise, they do it because they are told its the right thing to do, in most cases they have not even looked into it. I am not against immunisation but I do believe it should be a choice and neither party should be thought less of, if their decision is an imformed one.

I am also trying the Vit C Saturation for my daughter and thus far have not got her to bowel tolerance but hoping to reach that today.. All my 3 girls have never had to have an antibiotic and I hope they never will. my eldest daughter is 7 so I figure I am doing something right..

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Rachel (Cambridge) on 07/10/2016

You can be vaccinated and still get whooping cough. My son and I are proof. Please don't be so condescending.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mama to Many (Tennessee) on 10/02/2014

Dear Nancy,

I do not know the amount of food grade hydrogen peroxide to put in the vaporizer...sorry, hopefully someone else have that information. I did pour an ounce or so of 3% hydrogen peroxide into about a gallon of water in a vaporizer for my son when he had a respiratory virus recently.

if you have not read about using high doses of vitamin C for whooping cough, here is a long but helpful article on it.


I have a friend whose children had whooping cough a couple of years ago. (They were positively diagnosed.) But they never even whooped and hardly coughed more than with a cold. She was using high doses of vitamin C.

Rachel Weaver, in her book, Be Your Child's Pediatrician, says that she has heard of good success with ground flax seed tea. 1 tablespoon ground flax seed per cup of hot water. An older teen could sip on two cups a day. Apparently after a few days of this there is a big improvement. (1/2 cup for a child, 1/4 cup for a toddler.)

I hope your daughter feels better soon...keep us posted on how things work.

~Mama to Many~

Vitamin C
Posted by Wayseeker (Modesto, Ca/ Usa) on 09/27/2012

Lypospheric Vit- C works beautifully with whooping cough, according to research tests.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Janet (Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia) on 09/06/2011

What is BM in yr post?

EC: BM= bowel movement

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Lulu (Macomb, Michigan) on 07/31/2012

Making Informed decisions: www.childhoodshots.com

Came across your thread and website. GREAT information - I'll definitely be back to earthclinic.

~ Educated, mom of 2, unvaccinated, healthy children.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Ruth (S.c.s, Mi) on 03/14/2013

I'm shaking my head as I always do at the human race. I wish I knew the risks of all these shots before I let them give the to my kids. 2004 I had got my kids and myself the flu shot a week later we had the worst flu of our lives. My husband thought I was dying of course I had it the worst I was exposed the most cleaning up puke, poop, & boogers. Never again will I do it. They recalled that shot because it had a live virus many people did die. My daughter has asthma just got here updated whooping cough shot 4 weeks ago she's been battling whooping cough since the day after the shot as well as myself and 2 other kids. Is Our goverment trying a new kind of population control on us through shots?

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Bailey (Beaumont) on 06/09/2015

I found this vitamin C and Belladonna post to be extremely comforting. My 18 month old daughter is currently going through the cattaharal stage of whooping cough, and I have sodium ascorbate, lypospheric vitamin C, belladonna, and drosera on hand. She is currently slightly feverish with a mild cough and lots of sneezing. What was the dosage of the belladonna that you gave? I was advised to give her 3 30C pills every 2.5 hours. It doesn't seem to have made a difference. Also, what stage did you begin treating your daughter? Had she made it to the paroxysmal phase? Also, how were you able to get her to take the vitamin C? I'm struggling to get my 18 month old to take it. Her appetite is extremely low. I tried mixing it with juice, homemade avocado pudding, and then as a last resort, ice cream (roughly two teaspoons of icecream per vitamin C dose). I'm a little concerned that the extra sugar will negate some of the vitamin C benefits. Thanks in advance for any tips that you might be able to share. - Bailey

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Ali' (Staffs, U.k.) on 10/12/2015

Oh my, I so agree with your comments, especially as parents that immunise don't usually' spend time researching anything, but they're the ones who pick at people who don't follow the crowd and check everything. One thing I want to say is has anyone noticed that the government are reducing our right to natural health products that work especially well? All you get told at health shops is 'it was withdrawn due to e.u. regulations' all the time. Or not allowed to manufacture it anymore. Natural medicine has always been around, is generally safe, quick, (my god it can be so quick) and without problems. Sadly people won't spend time researching and looking after themselves, preferring to put their health in chemicals. I'd have been born thalidomide. My mum could have sorted her morning sickness just like that with homeopathy, thankfully my dad threw the tablets in the bin. Our government poisoned our soldiers with medicines' in the gulf war, and m.s., autism, etc, etc. Wake up!

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Ali' (Staffs, U.k.) on 10/12/2015

Personally, after being damaged with M.E. and lots of problems as an adult from vaccination damage when I was younger, I have found holistic people to be more honest, have the best help without side effects that work, and natural products are the only things that help. I was nearly pressured by NHS persons (being polite) to have inoculations, so glad I didn't. NO PARENT has the right in my opinion to inject their most cherished offspring with poisons, and toxins such as MERCURY, and ANTI-FREEZE into their bodies. Unfortunately some parents don't want to bother researching and having alternatives. Check the e numbers in off the counter products you'll be shocked.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Nancy (Minnesota, US) on 10/01/2014

My daughter may have whooping cough and she is 15. I plan on putting food grade hydrogen peroxide in a vaporizer. With some reverse osmosis water. I don't know how much to put in, but I did notice that someone put in 32 drops for 1 cup.

So for a gallon it would be how much? 8 x 32 drops? which would be 256 drops?

Wish there was a clear recipe, so I might try just 1/2 cup

Posted by Lily R. (NC, USA) on 01/16/2015

How long did you apply the garlic salve? And where did you store it?

Posted by Bella (San Jose, Ca) on 01/13/2013

Some important questions to ask yourself regarding vaccines are: Why do the rich countries have so many autistic children? The members on the CDC board have previously profited when a vaccine was approved, talk about creepy. They had shares in the company that made the vaccines. Also vaccines are pulled after not being deemed safe, such as the pneumonoccol vaccine. Sorry we just used your kid as a guinea pig. Also, from personal expereince, my family member was hospitalized after recieving a childhood vaccine and ended up with the disease.

In addition, some vaccines are not prolife (they harm a human life when cultivating the vaccine). There is a website that list vaccines where you can find which vaccines are prolife and which ones are not.

Posted by Timh (Louisville, Ky, Usa) on 01/14/2013 2063 posts

The factoid that convinced me was an "uncontrolled" study of the Mennonite and Amish "non-conformist" peoples of North America that don't believe or take any vaccines. With virtually zero autistic people reported in ? thousand people compared to 1 in 10 in the "conformist" modern society. But these statistics simply go discarded as they are not CDC "clinically controlled double blind studies".

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Mama32 (Los Angeles, Ca) on 06/11/2012

When you say 1,000 mg- were you giving 1/4 tsp of sodium ascorbate every 45 min?

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Beez28 (New York, Ny) on 07/03/2012

There is a vaccine for Pertussis- this should not even be a thread. I understand the desire to want natural cures and not unnecessarily medicate yourselves, but vaccines for infections like Pertussis, Haemophilis influenza B, Diptheria, etc are the reason infants and children have a high likelihood of making it to adulthood these days. Before the age of vaccines, it was common for children to die from these diseases. In order to help others understand how vaccines work and perhaps remove doubt due to lack of knowledge about the subject, I'll try to explain how they work in a short and simple way:

Vaccines contain either a modified form of the bacteria or dead bacteria that will illicit an immune response. Your body takes about 2 weeks to build up antibodies, which are memory immune cells that are specific to that pathogen. Since the vaccine contains modified or dead pertussis, for example, the bacteria does not cause whopping cough. The vaccine essentially exposes you to the bacteria in a milder form, allowing you to build a line of defense upon actual exposure without actually getting sick. Upon exposure to the live, virulent bacteria, the vaccinated individual already has antibodies ready to fight off the infection, and do not have a chance to develop an infection, because the vaccinated individual has antibodies ready to fight. Vaccination, in essence, makes sure you have an army to fight (antibodies) when the enemy (pathogen) comes in. The thought of unvaccinated babies is horrifying. My heart fell when I saw this thread. Adults with these preventable diseases is scary enough. Babies have an under-developed immune response, so have even a lesser chance (compared to adults) of fighting infection.

I hope this gives some people knowledge about the importance of vaccines and how they work, and hope to never see a thread like this again.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by G (U.s.) on 07/04/2012

For those that still believe that (all) vaccinations are safe: (read more by searching the following site, or any where on the internet, about known/proven issues - ie autism, mercury poisoning). Judge authenticity of your findings by the posted source (FDA? MD? Non-affilliated?):


Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Beez28 (New York, Ny) on 07/06/2012

Hi Lisa, I am happy that your children are healthy, but I am not surprised. They are healthy due to a concept known as "herd immunity. " When most of the public is immunized, unvaccinated individuals are protected because everybody else is immunized and not spreading disease. I am sorry people gave you dirty looks and looked down upon you- that was their failure as medical professionals.

Science aside, lets look at the math. How many babies died of pertussis, diphtheria, H. Influenza, before the age of vaccines? How many died after vaccination became mainstream? Of course you could have adverse effects; natural drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, and the air we breath can have adverse effects. That does not mean that the incidence is high, and it also doesn't mean that the benefits of vaccinations don't far outweigh the risks. The statistics speak for themselves. Vaccines save lives.

My purpose in writing my original post was to raise awareness of how dangerous this "anti vaccination" ideology is. If this becomes popular, the consequences will be terrifying. The general public takes for granted that children live into adulthood these days. People don't remember what it was like to lose relatives and friends due to these diseases. Unfortunately, people are getting more lax with vaccinations or choosing not to vaccinate. Consequently, there is an increase in these diseases, along with mortality. Infections that were eradicated and forgotten are slowly trickling back. The herd immunity bubble that some are benefiting from is based on the fact that most people are vaccinated, and some individuals are not. If enough people don't vaccinate, herd immunity will no longer protect them, and people will quickly realize how important vaccination really is. Unfortunately, it will be too late.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/06/2012

Hi Beez28, I am certain you felt you were raising public awareness by reprimanding and warning of homeopathic use for immunity. Perhaps you remember "those times" when disease went rampant. That, I am sure makes it all the more significant to you. And yes, I am aware of the concept, "herd immunity".

I am wondering though if you read anything I suggested from the previous poster? If not, I would highly suggest you do. I will include the link to make it more accessible:


There are too many facts to go through one by one why I think there should be more public awareness made on the dangers of vaccines. Also, it's time for the vaccine industry to clean up their act from the unknown viral strains and heavy metals they include in their immunizations. There are also numerous doctors also questioning the efficacy of vaccinations. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn was one of the very early ones whom I studied back in the early 80's. These doctors, of course, are not the ones that get the press.

There is a whole community begging for the truth from the vaccine companies who deny any connection between vaccinations and autism. The Bedrok community is one of them and here is an excerpt from one of their letters regarding this:

"We have measles which there are outbreaks and often deaths for some that have not been vaccinated or the vaccine did not work. It baffles us to think that we have made tremendous advancements with AIDS and it is a virus; we can surely prevent a couple children from dying from the measles. The other life-threatening vaccine is polio and it's more likely you will get this from someone that just got the shot than from getting it from someone with the disease. They will tell us that a couple have died from whooping cough but the vaccine isn't very effective.

Why are doctors obligated to tell us that are children will die if you do not vaccinate but they do not to tell us that our child may die of a vaccine.

Why is the president-elect of the American Academy of Pediatrics allowed to go on the Today show and say that no one has ever had permanent damage from vaccines. There is a national fund for vaccine injuries. The website also gives all reported side affects of all vaccines. Death is reported in most all of the vaccines. Is death not considered a permanent injury? Bedrok Communty thinks it is but the American Academy of Pediatrics says that death is not a permanent injury.

We apologize that the autism community has taken up so much of your time arguing the mercury issue. We don't think thimerosal is the one thing that caused our child's autism. Even though many are finding mercury in their children's bodies' many years after the vaccine was administered; this is a known neuro-toxin; so none the less it needs to be out. We want to focus on something else. The immune system and what repeated vaccines can do to some who have a predisposition to auto-immune diseases. We plead that you look into the affect on our immune systems with an over abundance of vaccines."

Again, I just wish to expose the other side of the rather simplistic theory that vaccines work. It's so much more complex than that! It's time to raise awareness in this area as well. The public deserves this much as well. Wishing you the best, Lisa

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Cat (Bop, NZ) on 07/06/2012

Beez28 from New York, Ny: I am a mother of three, the older two born in New Zealand and raised from babies in the US. I was a new mother, unaware of the dangers of vaccines at that stage, so had both my older children fully immunised. Not until the birth of my 3rd child, 10 years after my first one was I given the literature about vaccination pros and cons. I was astounded that no doctor or medical professional had ever offered me written information to ponder before making this decision to vaccinate. When I next went to the doctors office (by this time living back in NZ), I questioned the nurse and her response "well if we gave the information to everyone, no one would ever vaccinate".

From day one of their births, I had breastfed and continued to breastfeed my oldest until she was two years old, at which point my 2nd child was born and he went straight on to the breast, no breaks in between for me! While these two were fully vaccinated, they were never completely free of troubles. Never sickly children but both had endless small problems and my daughter still battles with an autism type disorder, never been able to be fully diagnosed, however, they both cope ok and are back living in the US. My 3rd child was never vaccinated and he has lived on fresh garden fruit and veges from our backyard, breastfed even longer than two years, as much organic meat and seafood as he needed. He has not once - and he is approaching 11yrs old - EVER had a cold or flu or a sickness in his life.

I firmly believe bringing him up vaccine free and exposed to the best food I could give him, has set his immune system up so well that he is naturally able to fight off any disease or illness thrown his way thus far. I well remember the chicken pox going around when he was 3, everyone had their kids off school sick and spotty, he had 6 spots, never got sick, in fact, it wasn't even noticeable.

While I don't feel vaccinations are necessarily wrong for everyone, I do feel they give them way too early for a tiny babies system to handle. How about after they turn 2 if a parents wants it? A breastfed baby will be the healthiest as long as the mother is eating good food. No wonder we're a sick bunch on this planet with what's going into our mouths. It's not even food.

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Posted by Oscar (Syracuse, New York) on 07/07/2012

I second or agree with what Beez28 from New York, NY has to say about vaccines. The polio vaccine and small pox vaccine are dramatic examples of what Beez is talking about. Those two dreadful diseases are pretty much things of the past at least in much of the world thanks to vaccines....Oscar

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Posted by Beez28 (New York, NY) on 07/08/2012

Hi Lisa, In reply to your statement that I probably remember a time people died of these diseases- I actually do not. No one had pertussis, measles, rubella etc when I grew up. No one died, or got drastically sick, either. We were all vaccinated.

The reason I am so passionate about this is because I am in graduate school with a focus in microbiology, and have extensive microbiology research experience. I know the pathogenesis of all these diseases, and the tremendous advantage of the introduction of vaccines into the modern world. I see mortality rates of these once forgotten diseases starting to increase in areas where vaccination rates drop due to lack of public awareness, fear, or misinformation regarding vaccinations.

I did click on your link, and quite frankly am saddened that this information is on the web to mislead individuals like yourself. The following are some copied/pasted statements from your provided link, which I italicized. I also explained why they are fabricated lies that are unsupported by scientific evidence:

"Why autism is associated with vaccines."

This is a lie. There is currently no correlation between autism and vaccination. The researcher who associated autism with vaccines is a fraud who was responsible for many deaths in Europe due to parents choosing not to vaccinate in light of his "research. " He had conflicts of interest (ie money was more important to him than lives). "…A 2011 journal article described the vaccine-autism connection as 'the most damaging medical hoax of the last 100 years. ' " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMR_vaccine_controversy

"Why vaccines have NEVER been proven safe or effective."

This is a lie. Vaccines prevent outbreaks and drastically decrease mortality rates. Saying this is about as ridiculous as Ahmadinejad saying that there was no Holocaust. This is a rewrite of science. All the research is there. It is also not emerging research where we are waiting to see long- term consequences of vaccination. The research has been around for quite some time. In fact, due to all the broo-ha-ha that has been going on, some people stopped vaccinating in in various areas of Europe. Guess what happened? Increase in mortality until people got scared and started vaccinating again. What an unfortunate, senseless loss of lives.

In science (and everything else), the source of your information is critical. With all due respect, those without a solid background in microbiology and/or medicine are simply not equipped to make this decision themselves. Hence, your provided link, which has no basis in scientific evidence. The "facts" stated are not facts at all, and are not supported by science. You reach a point when you must realize it is simply beyond your scope of knowledge. I do not mean to be harsh, but this is not simply a "choice" where everyone should do what they want and no one gets hurt. This anti-vaccination ideology is dangerous to those who do not know any better. We must realize that we are not experts in everything. I don't tell the plumber how to fix my sink, I don't tell a botanist how to care for a plant. I simply don't know. If the CDC, leading researchers, MDs are telling you to vaccinate, you should listen! If you don't want to trust the research, look at the historical evidence. When vaccination rates decrease, outbreaks and death rates increase. This is not arguable.

Are there some adverse reactions? Sure, but "Remember, vaccines are continually monitored for safety, and like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. However, a decision not to immunize a child also involves risk and could put the child and others who come into contact with him or her at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease."


I will no longer pursue this thread, as I feel I have nothing further to add here. Statistics are statistics. Facts are facts.

Best to you, and to all.

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Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 07/09/2012

Hi Katie, I have to agree with you and it's fine that she no longer wishes to follow this thread. Nonetheless, I felt it important that another side was heard which is why I was compelled to reply. I can't agree with what her argument was but she has her ideas. I have read too much convincing evidence to the other side which I had to give serious consideration. I also don't believe that we will have epidemics due to improved living conditions and understanding of the necessity for sanitation which have changed since the inception of immunization.

There are very well-educated people and doctors who challenge this idea of vaccinations and the innundation of the sheer number of them being given today. Also, there is a rapid rise in shingles today which is believed to be due to the chicken pox vaccination that is now standard.

I would also like to add this link that is from Dr. Christiane Northrup's newsletter which has an interview with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Doctor of Osteopathic medicine on what she reveals about immunizations. It is quite informative. :


Please understand, my belief is that we are all entitled to as much information as possible and then we have the right and responsibility to make educated decisions based exactly on that and not because we are just told it has to be done a status quo way. I believe this holds true for everything. Question authority. May everyone raise their consciousness for all humankind, Lisa

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Posted by Anon (Anon, Canada) on 07/10/2012

I am actually against the vaccination, but I have to say you may have been misinformed about causes of hep b. My mother had this as a child because they moved into a apartment when they were poor and it was picked up there by herself and her sister as they were cleaning the place. just saying.

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Posted by Susan (Bellingham, Wa, Usa) on 07/10/2012

To Anon. Hmm. Are they sure it wasn't Hep A? The means of transmission for Hep B are pretty clear. See


I, myself, had Hep A when I lived in South America. Katie

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Posted by Tsun (Wasilla, Alaska) on 07/24/2012

Beez28, I agree with you, homopathic remedies are wonderful, and should always be an option over conventional medicines however, when it comes to diseases where a childhood death or crippling disease could have been prevented by a simple vaccine, you are correct, my aunt did not innoculate her children , her 2 children are now my cousins are completey deaf, not because they were born that way, but because they contracted Rubella ( a common childhood disease) this was tragic and could have been prevented.

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Posted by Esprit64 (Somewhere, Maine Usa) on 03/14/2013

Yes, our government is doing these population control damages to us. Considering the well documented dangers associated with vaccines (containing a toxic mercury product called Thimerosol, used to extend the vaccine's shelf-life), flouridated water, bromine in breads, chlorine in water--all hormone disrupters--hormones produced by glands like the Thyroid and Pituitary, even organs like the Heart, are VITAL messengers in our bodies, needed for our bodies to operate properly and in good health--when they don't work or work well--disease developes--we can only decide that reasonable people would not allow such things to happen to people, therefore, why is government letting companies market such products and services to us?

For many reasons--money, profit--and, control. If we are made sick and kept sick, we are distracted, and, kept under control. More money is made for the every inflated, price-gouging "sick-care" industry--no one in their right minds can call such abusive practices "heathcare."

For well documented evidence of why this is happening to you, go to Infowars.com and Health Ranger.

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Posted by Sabrina (Houston, Texas) on 05/25/2013

While it is true that there is a vaccination for pertussis, it wears off and most of us who have not have a booster are vulnerable to whooping cough. While it is far less dangerous for adults, it is certainly contagious and can cause death if transmitted to an infant, elderly, or severely compromised person. Furthermore, it is miserable. I am 44, was vaccinated in childhood and contracted pertussis two months ago and I am still coughing uncontrollably multiple times per day. Each fit lasts about two hours and is so violent as to cause vomiting at times. I have been advised that it may last for months and that antibiotics and cough syrups will have no effect.

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Posted by Shannon (Minnesota) on 11/16/2014

I got the whooping cough vaccine without my knowledge in a tetanus shot. After the nurse gave me the shot, she said that there was also a whooping cough vaccine in there as well. I felt they should have told me that before I got the shot. I was not happy. WHY would they put a whooping cough vaccine in a tetanus shot?? Needless to say I came down with whooping cough!! I am NOT a believer in vaccines!

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Posted by Maryfrances (Tampa) on 09/06/2016

No, Those are the vaccines I grew up with. The newer vaccines include many more ingredients and even Merke has admitted some would cause later in life cancers.