Whooping Cough Remedies

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Angela (Vancouver Island, Canada) on 06/29/2010


Both of my children got the whooping cough last year. While their school mates suffered through it I was able to kill it with mega doses of vitamin C. Specifically I used Sodium Ascorbate. I just dissolved tiny amounts in their juice every hour until they had diarreah. Then I scaled it back to a smaller maintenance dose until they showed no more symptoms. We did use drosera before I tried the vitamin C to no avail.

Vitamin C, Belladonna
Posted by Lisa (Belmont, Ma) on 02/02/2010

My 3 yr. old daughter came down with whooping cough. I had read that doing a vitamin C flush and then keeping the body saturated with vitamin C for 12-48 hours would kill the bacteria causing the whooping cough. The instructions for children of this age that I could find recommended starting at 250 mgs of vitamin C every 20 minutes until a BM of tapioca-like consistency was achieved. This means the body is saturated with vitamin C and starting to expell excess as waste. One would then add up the total amount of vitamin C required to achieve the loose BM, subtract one 250mg dosage and give that amount every four hours for up to 48 hours. The instructions said that if the child does not reach a loose BM with this amount of vitamin C w/in 24 hours, to then increase the amount of C to 500 mg every half hour until loose BM occurs and then doing similar calcuation. Add up mgs of C given to produce BM, subtract 500mg and then give that amount every 4 hours.

Well, I also read in another study of Vitamin C and whooping cough that one can have to take up to 1000mg per Kilogram of body weight. My daughter is roughly 32 lbs, so that could mean that she could have to ingest up to close to 15,000mgs per day of Vitamin C to reach saturation.

So, knowing that my daughter can tolerate rather high levels of Vitamin C (because I have used it to treat other illnesses) I started her on 750 mgs every 40 - 50 mins beginning at 8:45 am until her bedtime at 8:00pm and was unsuccessful at producing a loose BM. So, the next day, beginning at 7:40 am (both days giving first dosage on an empty stomach) I started giving her 1000mgs every half an hour (both days stopping at nap time and resuming as soon as she awoke). I also started this second morning giving her Belladonna 30C every 2.5 hours all day. Since she did not have a loose BM even on 1000mg every half hour, I just continued this dosage without increase until bedtime at 7:45 and then resumed the third morning at 7:30am with 1000mg every half hour and Belladonna 30C every 2.5 hours (and at every coughing jag) until naptime. After naptime I gave 1000mg every 45 minutes until bedtime (still Belladonna every 2.5 hours)at 7:30pm. The fourth morning beginning at 8am I continued giving 1000 vitamin C every 45 minutes and Belladonna every 2.5 hours until about 5 pm when her symptoms were noticeably reduced. At that time I started giving vitamin c 1000mg every hour until bed. The 5th morning she was mostly cough-free, but I continued to give 1000mg vitamin C every 2 hours throughout days 5-6, still giving Belladonna, but now every 4 hours. Today, day 7, she is totally well, and I am phasing out both vitamin C and Belladonna with 1000mg every 4 hours and Belladonna just at naptime and bedtime.

I seem to have contracted the whooping cough from my daughter, so I am trying the same remedies on myself to see if I get the same or similar results (although, Cinchona and Drosera seem more indicated as homeopathic remedies for me than for my daughter. Her whooping cough attacks were followed by sneezing, sometimes little sneezing "fits", so Belladonna was clearly indicated for her because of the sneezing. I do not really have any sneezing so far.) I will post again, if same remedy works for me.