Weak Immune System Treatment and Boosters

Posted by Cindy (Illinois, USA) on 01/31/2021 403 posts

Every post I see just makes me want to say "rebounding" or "cellercising" or whatever.

We have two circulatory systems, both VITAL. One for blood - for oxygen and nutrients - and one for lymph - the source of white blood cells and the VITAL flushing of debris of the immune system and it's so incredible that no one talks about the lymphatic system because its PUMP is the application of gravity in the very motion of life. How could I not have known these things in this context about the lymph system when I've been exploring ALTERNATIVE medicine for nearly 50 years?

We've all heard of the lymphatic system but how can so many people with such an interest not have grasped the "gravity" of it?

I don't understand it but whatever problem you have, my response is going to be "Bounce! ". Bounce on the edge of your bed or a yoga ball while hanging onto something to keep safe if you have to. If you can't sit up, have someone bounce you ON your bed but BOUNCE! Make white blood cells! Blush out the debris and the toxins!! And drink water. Set the timer on your phone to go off every two hours and no matter what you're doing, stop and drink 8 ounces of water when it goes off so the lymphatic system has the water it needs to flush you out.

"Jump start" your immune system and keep it active and running. Don't batter your nervous system, bones and joints by applying the in-the-wild "motion of life" of running or doing exercises on hard surfaces. It isn't necessary and does more damage than good. Bounce. Just bounce. Lightly - until you build up your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones - painlessly and safely and a LOT. Or have someone bounce you if necessary but BOUNCE. Whatever else you do, make sure bouncing is a part of it.

Two weeks ago I thought I was just barely up to living on my own, safely. I had covid back last spring and still hadn't gotten my strength back after 8 or 9 months. If I had broken my foot AFTER I had covid instead of BEFORE, it would have been all over. I would probably be living with my daughter or in a nursing home so as not to drive her nuts. I was one stumble from assisted living. Not sick, just too weak to even sit on the floor without it taking me several tries and way too much time to get back up.

I have a "Cellerciser" on the way because my old rebounder, despite being a high-end model from the past, doesn't have the mat support I need to safely bounce my feet off the mat which I keep having the urge to do since I have my strength back to increase the effect.

I've regained all the strength covid took and then some. I'm solid as a rock on my feet. and I'll be rebounding for the rest of my life and living on my own for many years to come because of it.

That's it. If you're sick, bounce. If you're weak, bounce. Drink your water and bounce on the edge of your bed and get things shifting. Get your lymph circulating and making white blood cells and "taking out the trash. It's your life support system. Turn it on and keep it running. Watch some Dave Hall videos. Yes, he sells a rebounder of his own design but he's the best source of information regarding why you should bounce. Everyone else just repeats it while adding their own, unique "ideas", much of which is misinformation and contradictory to the mix.

Hall's is literally doing the research and conveying the information very well. He sort of looks and sounds like a huckster and that's because he's the very sort of man that frauds and con men IMITATE but he knows the science and is working with doctors to explore and discover the effects. He's literally saving lives and keeping people from having to go to nursing homes. Namely, me.