Weak Immune System Treatment and Boosters

Posted by Kenneth Paul (Santa Fe City Tejas State) on 07/30/2016

Immune system booster, muscle mass increase, 45 min. results. The empirical data out there speaks of your mid gut bacteria encompassing up to 70% of your immune system. L-glutamine amino acid helps mid gut bacteria reproduce and increases the immune response by increasing the sheer volume of the bacteria.

Some of you with chronic broad spectrum antibiotic use have helped destroy your most potent ally in immune system response. The lowly mid gut bacteria..L-glutamine helps create a favorable environment for mid gut bacteria to flourish.

The response to first dose was incredible for me, as within 45 min I was sneezing and blowing snot (chronic allergic rhinitis). As an added bonus I started to gain muscle mass from normal work routine. No body building at all.

I take.1/4 tsp powder 1x day directly in mouth and allow it to mix with saliva and swallow. but you can add to water drink or shake. My impression is its tasteless. Some high end grocery stores (heb market) or online stores or body building storefront will have l-glutamine powder in 2.2 pound containers. This 2.2 pound container has lasted me over a year. Works well with acidophilus lactobacilli and probiotics for bacterial gut imbalance and Magnesium Ascorbate for a full spectrum immune response. I enjoy the benefit of l-glutamine, May it be you will also.