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Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Posted by Truthseeker (Woonsocket, Ri) on 04/04/2010
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I just read somewhere in cyberspace about a gentlemen who when a Polish grandmother spit in the eye of his brother, his family got real mad. He was 7 years old and his brother was only 5 years old. But his pink-eye was cured by the end of that day. And the lady across the street apologized profusely but identified saliva as a natural cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis). He says that since then he just swishes water around in his mouth when a doctor diagnosed him as having pink-eye. He says that the doctor told him that there is no known cure for pink-eye (conjunctivitis) other than an anti-biotic placed in the eye and that it takes a week for the anti-biotic to work. However, he says he has found that his own saliva kills pink-eye (conjunctivitis) within a day and it only needs to be done once.

Now, I'm not sure if saliva only works for viral conjunctivitis or bacterial as well...So.... having had pink eye for 2 days now (and I'm almost 100% sure it is bacterial conjunctivitis due to the massive discharge I'm having, mostly in the morning, but also periodically throughout the day)... I just tried it. No swishing, no water, just a teaspoon and a tissue. I spit in the spoon, tilted my head back and poured the spit in my left eye while holding the tissue against my temple. Then I did the same for my right eye. The slimyness of my spit made my lashes hold together for a minute. I just kept blinking to try and be sure the saliva was spreed into all areas of my eyeball. Then I wipped the excess off of my lashes. 10 MINUTES LATER AND I AM AMAZED !!!! The burning and discomfort I have been experiencing for 2 days was gone in minutes. My vision is clearer, and yes in only 10 minutes I can for sure see that the veins and dark red lines that were throughout my eyeballs is VERY diminished. My eyes feel SO MUCH better ! I will report back tomorrow to update my progress.