Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Honey, Comfrey, Olive Leaf, Salt
Posted by Siafu (Private, GA) on 03/26/2009
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Pink Eye - My Remedy

Hi there. I saw a section concerning pink eye and just wanted to throw in something I learnt a little while ago. I work in a medical facility and conjunctivitis comes around every so often.

I have had this a few times before and they always send you home for it. Well one day I made a mixture:
* About a cup of warm water
* 2 Table spoons of locally procured honey
* A dropper full of Comfrey Extract
* A dropper full of Olive Leaf Extract
* About a teaspoon of salt

I mixed it all together very well and used a dropper to place a few drops into the infected eye as often as I thought about it. All together probably around 10 times or more that day. By the next morning it was all over with.

What I had done was went and got a note and a prescription and decided that if the above had not improved anything within a day or two I would start taking the RX, but that was not necessary.

I've had to do it a second time, but did not add the salt or Comfrey and it still worked. I think it's the honey to be honest. Comfrey is said not to be safe internally, so perhaps not a good idea to squirt into the eye.

Anyway, thought I'd share and hope this is a help to someone.