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Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Bathed in Cool Water With Cotton Wool
Posted by Ruma (Cambridge, Ma) on 06/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My daughter had conjunctivitis and I tried this method. It worked in a day! Thank you so much.

Bathed in Cool Water With Cotton Wool
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, France) on 01/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I learned how to treat red eyes when my children were babies and I was living in Holland. Just take a piece of cotton wool, wet it in boiled, cooled water and with the eye closed wash it from de outside to the inside. Do this a couple of times every time using a clean piece of cotton wool. It worked for them every time and it has worked for me over the years as well. Usually doing this one or two times was enough.

EC: For those of us wondering what cotton wool is...

"Linters are traditionally used in the manufacture of paper and as a raw material in the manufacture of cellulose. In the UK, linters are referred to as "cotton wool". This can also be a refined product (absorbent cotton in U.S. usage) which has medical, cosmetic and many other practical uses. The first medical use of cotton wool was by Dr Joseph Sampson Gamgee at the Queen's Hospital (later the General Hospital) in Birmingham, England"