Trichomoniasis Remedies

Tea Tree and Coconut Oils
Posted by Mrs Andrews (London, Uk) on 12/28/2012

I have been diagnosed with trich 5 months ago and I took one dose metrozadiole, which took the feeling of trich away immediately, however since then my vag has never felt normal after sex. Either my partner still has it or the antibiotics didnt treat the problem completely. I've just applied a home made balm that I made from organic virgin coconut oil and a few drops of tea tree oil, be careful with how much you put of the tee tree though, as it can burn, put small amount first, see how it feels. I put half a teaspoon of coconut oil with 2 drops of tea tree oil, I've applied this on the labia which feels swollen and just a bit on the inside, but not all the way up. I'm feeling a lot better already actually. I'm eating live yogurt as well, as garlic tablets, echinacea, and I want to try taking some apple cider vinegar as well. But this tea tree balm is helping a lot so far, fingers crossed I can get rid of this trich for good. Bless x

Tea Tree and Coconut Oils
Posted by Traveler (Santa Barbara, Ca, Usa) on 04/30/2010


In mid-march (five weeks ago) I started having an off-feeling in my vagina, along with burning while urinating, and a smell. Assuming that this was BV, but also having some D-Mannose on hand for UTIs, I took the D-Mannose, and used probiotics, garlic, and hydrogen peroxide treatments. However, while it improved, it stuck around and got worse everytime I had sex with my boyfriend. Thinking it was an offsetting of my pH, I continued to work with the hydrogen peroxide, and occasionally stuck some virgin organic coconut oil up into the vaginal tract when it was really irritating.

Finally, last night I considered that I've continued to have symptoms of off-ness for over a month even though the smell is gone. I figured that since the symptoms don't match a yeast infection, and seems to line more up with bv but isn't responding-- then it must be trichomoniasis. I read on here to try tea tree oil with a carrier oil or water and shoot it into the vaginal tract.

Well this morning I had sex again, and by this evening I was feeling more off again with a slight itch/ache/burning about an inch up my vaginal tract and a feeling like my vaginal and urethra muscles were locked into a pushing position to push something out. That's another of my symptoms, that even when I'm focusing on other things, my vagina is stressed out and while it's not physically debilitating, it is very draining to feel something off and not be able to get rid of it.

So this evening I went and picked up an ounce of pharmaceutical grade tea tree oil for $10 at CVS, and got a 10cc needle-less syringe. I pulled up 3 cc's of tea tree oil, and heated up some coconut oil on the stove-top and filled the remainder of the syringe, about 7 cc's worth. I mixed it up in the syringe so that the tea tree oil would not irritate my vaginal tract, sat back on the couch with a towel and pillow propped up under my hips, and emptied the syringe into my vaginal tract. I stayed this way for ten minutes before I had to get up and go get my dinner, so I evacuated my vaginal tract by pushing down and emptying the oil into the toilet. I immediately felt a very cooling sensation from the tea tree oil, and minutes later I also felt as if the inside of my vagina was more moisturized--which is a strange thing to describe. It didn't feel as if it was lubricated, it felt as if the coconut oil was actually being soaked into my sensitive parts down there.

A few hours later on, my vagina feels pretty normal, and that's been an unusual feeling to have for any period of time--though I have felt it a few times in the past few months. I'm hoping to treat my boyfriend, and also hope to use the tea tree oil/coconut oil mixture one more time in a few days.

I just have to hold off and not do it several days in a row as much as I'm tempted to, unless I feel irritated down there, rather than trying to pre-treat it.

I hope this works long-term, and if it does, thank you original poster of the tea-tree oil idea.