Re-Grow Tooth Enamel

Ionic Toothbrush, Liquid Calcium

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Posted by Lindsay P (Ripon, North Yorkshire, England Writes: ) on 06/10/2010

Very interesting info - are ionic toothbrushes available anywhere and is absorbable calcium the title from Holland & Barratts? I have developed generalised tooth sensitivity and am wondering if this is to do with thinning enamel. I am researching how your diet affects your teeth but more from an internal perspective than external (sugar/teeth cleaning etc). There seems to be some evidence that this can help. Many thanks for your advice

Replied by Miss Y
(Southern California, United States)

For tooth enamel issues try coral calcium. I've had a lot of tooth problems (one broken molar, many cavities, darkening teeth), and the problem, I believe (besides an imperfect diet, which undoubtedly started the problem), is that an ordinary calcium supplement or even a calcium/magnesium/vitamin D supplement doesn't do much good to replenish calcium in the teeth (or bones), as most calcium in calcium supplements isn't absorbed efficiently in the digestive track. But I could feel the difference in my ordinarily sore and sensitive teeth shortly after I took a coral calcium capsule. I believe that the calcium in coral is more bioavailable, as the little coral organisms have broken down the calcium for me beforehand.

Replied by Diane
(Berkeley, Ca)
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I would be very wary of coral calcium. In addition to concerns about illegal harvesting of reefs, this is not a pure product. When Consumer Reports tested several brands of coral calcium in 2005 they found high levels of lead. Additionally, since coral calcium can only be harvested from dead reefs, it begs the question of what caused coral to die. While it could be benign factors such as increase in temperatures, it could also be more negative causes such as spills of oil from ships, discharge of industrial waste into reef areas, etc. In short, you don't know what pollutants are in this product, and you are chancing your health on using it. You can query the web also for many reports on the quackery and danger of this product.

Replied by Ana

Try organic eggshell, just rinse off, let air dry, after drying any chance of salmonella is gone. Grind in food processor or coffee grinder, please only use for this purpose, it must be clean. Then either sprinkle in smoothie into the banana part but I prefer in capsules that you can buy and stuff them in. Up to 1/2 teaspoon of eggshell a day should provide you with the calcium that is close to our teeth

Hope that helps.

Ionic Toothbrush, Liquid Calcium
Posted by M Bolton (Leeds, England) on 04/22/2008
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Toothbrushes that release negative ions will definately re-mineralise teeth. I use an ionic toothbrush and then swish unsweetened liquid calcium around my mouth. Years ago I strengthend a tooth that the denist said was like paper. I used a negative ioniser machine right up close to the front tooth. The dentist was then able to cover it with a resin filling. I wish the toothbrushes had been aveilable in those days!

Replied by Sean
(San Francisco, CA)

Addressing Re-Grow Tooth Enamel. Question for M Bolton - What brand of liquid calcium do you use? Many brands have citric acid, which I believe has a bad effect on enamel.

Replied by M Bolton
(Leeds, England)

Hi Sean. In reply to your query, I use Absorbable Calcium with Vitamin D from Holland & Barratt. Just split open a capsule and swirl the contents around the mouth. It is calcium carbonate. It has also been found that vitamin K2 helps calcium bind to bones. This might be a useful supplement to take internally but it is quite expensive. Also, a small ultra-sound device which fits in the mouth will apparently make it possible to completely re-grow teeth in the future. If you type in a search on the web for'regrow teeth with ultra-sound' you will find the relevant articles.
Hope this is of some help.


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Posted by Alex (Thessaloniki, Greece) on 12/27/2016
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It difficult and very time consuming to clean my teeth with miswak. The hairs are too soft and always get out of shape and have give them a toothbrush shape every little. But because it is too soft it is good for the tongue. Its head is small so one has to do one tooth at a time and takes a little toothpaste on. It leaves the tooth shiny but doesn't remove the hard plaque. It must have been good some centuries ago! I'm giving up using it because it is too time consuming and doesn't have eve the results of a common plastic toothbrush let alone sonic and other electric toothbrushes. Because of the special movements one has to make with miswak he/she cleans his gums also and is gentle on gums. It lasts long.

Posted by Ingupo (Darwen, Uk) on 05/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Afternoon, I was wondering how come nobody has mentioned Salvadora persica tree twig- miswak. It looks like muslims have used it for centuries, It's even mentioned in their saint books. Me and my boyfriend ordered Miswak in ebay. We cleaned our teeth with it for approx 20 mins and teeth went white, I've never had so clean teeth. I think you're not supposed to clean teeth with them for so long, but we were so excited about new purchase. As I understand you're supposed to clean your teeth with it just as long as you usually clean them with simple toothbrush, but properly.

Here is something that I found in internet in numerous places:

1. Miswaak strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay.
2. Miswaak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in. 3. Miswaak creates a fragrance in the mouth.
4. Miswaak is a cure for illness.
5. Miswaak eliminates bad odors and improves the sense of taste.
6. Miswaak sharpens the memory.
7. Miswaak is a cure for headaches.
8. Miswaak creates lustre (noor) on the face of the one who continually uses it.
9. Miswaak causes the teeth to glow.
10. Miswaak strengthens the eyesight.
11. Miswaak assists in digestion.
12. Miswaak clears the voice.

All of this probably has basis, because otherwise muslims wouldn't have used Misawk for centuries.

I will report on how my teeth feels after longer while using miswak, just thought someone had to mention this wonder stick.

Replied by Michelle

Thanks for that, I've used garlic clove on an infected tooth, and it cleared the infection, you have to leave it on for 5 minutes at a time. It stings but you can feel it working. Miswak yes I think that has got herbs in it, herbs regrow enamel.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Anna (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/17/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Regenerating toddler tooth enamel:

My toddler who's enamel and teeth has been wearing away since 12 months of age, inspite of breastfeeding - even now still on breastmilk. Then when I was treating my toddler's constipation with fruits and fiber, DH developed enamel hypoplasia, and a pinhole size cavity.

After searching and researching, and some things by chance, I finally put my toddler on the following perfected protocol at around 22 months of age. The improvements can be noticed within a few days. The worn out teeth have not regrown, but for example the smallest of the enamel erosion is completely healed up, and the others shrinking in size.

Protocol that regenerated DH enamel:

Puncture the mk7 from Gold capsule and give 4 drops per day at different times (forget the butter oil - it did nearly nothing for the price, I now use the leftover as base for the mk7).
Make sure of iodine sufficiency (thyroid function important with this supplement).
gluten free diet - suspected celiac
no casein - highly sensitive to casein which severely disturbs digestive tract
Jarrow's Bone Up (based on microcrystaline hyroxyapatite) - open 4 capsules in 2 divided doses (trying to stay near 1000 mgs dietary calcium intake)
Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate - around 2 tablespoon daily

hemp milk for base drink with coconut oil - great amino acid profile and healing seed
Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste
on fermented cod liver oil since before tooth problems - it did not prevent the problems at all (maybe you can replace with fish oil vitamin a and vitamin d, which are a must)

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Victoria (San Diego, Ca) on 08/11/2012

My son, 6, just got his first adult teeth in the bottom recently. I became very alarmed as they did not appear healthy at all and looked like they were coming in covered with cavities. They were puny and yellow and mottled with a large crevice in the front of one that catches food. He has never had a cavity before, even though his dental care and brushing has been very sporadic as he used to fight me. Nonetheless his baby teeth were perfect and beautiful. The new ones are in stark contrast to the baby teeth. I went to his dentist immediately and was told he had a condition known as enamel hypoplasia -meaning little to no enamel developed during infancy - usually caused by a virus or some insult on the system during development. It may only affect these teeth or it could affect all of his incoming adult teeth - we won't know until they erupt. Needless to say I am very upset and feel guilty and terrible for him. If you see the photos online when kids have a full set of these -they are pretty monster looking - not a pleasant thing. Anyhow, I remembered reading in Weston Price's book on degenerative nutrition that native peoples show evidence of reversing tooth decay and caries so I began researching it. There is a really great book written fairly recently on the topic by Ramiel Nagel after reversing his young daughters rampant tooth decay and several of his own caries.

Basically, based on Weston Price's findings about nutrition, one needs to include a couple of missing essential nutrients in their daily diet. First you need to consume organ meats and bone broth. If you are like me you won't be able to get near organ meats so you will need to take fermented cod liver oil instead. The second ingredient you need to consume is K2, and to be more specific, the Mk-4 type of K2. This can be from high vitamin raw butter and/or milk from grass fed cows or goats. You can also now get K2 (mk-4) suppliments. Research has shown that they have now discovered that the mk-4 signals where calcium is deposited and caries it to the bones and teeth. Without mk-4 the body deposits it in soft tissues where it calcifies... Often leading to heart disease and related hardening of the arteries! Also, the calcium is often utilized by bacteria to make a hard shell that protects it from the immune system. Teeth are different from bone in the way they rebuild and protect themselves. Teeth use circulating saliva to deposit calcium, phosphorus, etc. I also read that teeth are composed of silica. Most tooth pastes include glycerine, which acording to Nagel coat the teeth and help prevent the reabsorption of these molecules in remineralization. So, it is best not to use glycerin products if you want to heal and remineralize the teeth. You can make your own remineralization paste or powder. Find the recipe online.

So, I have my two kids and me on a protocol where I make a drink with rice milk, 1/2 TBS liquid calcium/magnesium/phosphorus, 2 drops k2 (mk-4) and several drops of bioSil. The kids get 1/2 tsp of of fermented cod liver oil.

We brush using ionic toothbrushes.

After brushing and when my son is in bed I apply MI Paste to his bad teeth.

Also helpful is black walnut extract because it too helps remineralize the teeth.

I started seeing improvement in my son's teeth after only 1 week on treatment. The crater inthe front of his new tooth looks has progressively filled in with a white rim at the edges much the same way as a wound heals from the edges toward the center. The teeth look like they are becoming slightly whiter overall -compared to the white teeth next to them they do not appear as yellow as they did last week before we started the proticol. The teeth seem to be looking smoother. Oddly, they also appear to be bigger as if maybe there is a growth in enamel that is filling in the space all around and making them closer in size to the neighboring teeth. In the last week he had an upper front tooth begin erupting and I am also treating that tooth with the paste hoping to help avert any damage that has been done to it, if any. My own teeth feel glossier for longer after every brushing. I haven't noticed any difference with daughter's teeth yet. I'll give an update on son's teeth as this progresses. One other side note. This FCLO is more mild tasting than the regular CLO we have tried in the past. It also has this handy oral syrnge that plugs into a stopper so you can easily draw up the liquid. It is very expensive so you don't want to waste any. The syrnge allows you to shoot it at the back so you taste it less and anyhow you don't need to use as much because its much more nutritionally dense than regular CLO. I don't like paying this much money for FCLO, but teeth are worth it and besides the dental bill would be higher in the long run.

I did not see a section on earth clinic about reversing cavities or repairing rotten teeth. This is such an important topic and I hope that a new section can be created and other people can try this and share their results. The fact is that dentists don't have a clue about nutrition and how it affects the teeth. They treat our living tissues known as teeth as dead objects and just drill them and fill them when there might be another alternative. If this seems impossible, look up what scientists are currently doing regarding growing entirely new teeth from the jaws using ultrasound... Hope is on the horizon for those with missing or damaged teeth. Nonetheless, nutrition can improve our dental state and reverse some existing damage if we take the proper steps.

Replied by Heather
(Seattle, Wa)
5 out of 5 stars

Agree with the cod liver oil remedy! After taking it, fermented or otherwise, my cavities were reversed and haven't come back after 4plus years. The fat-soluble vitamins A & D help to remineralize all your bones, including your teeth. I also reduced my refined sugar consumption, and ate plain full fat yogurt for breakfast daily... Probiotics, calcium, healthy fats, and fat-soluble vitamins = healthy, strong teeth and gums.

I don't brush every day, and I floss maybe 1x/week. The dentist says my mouth flora is in great shape, and I don't have obvious plaque issues (visible lines of it at the gumline). Heal your teeth from the inside out! I have also gotten all my amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain composits many years ago (pretty sure amalgams cause gum receeding).

BTW- the weston price foundation is awesome! Finally someone has the courage to speak the truth!

Replied by Had
(White River Jct, Vermont)

The fermented cod liver oil also comes with butter oil, that boosts the cod liver oil. And fermented cod liver oil contains A, D, E, K and more. I'm using the FCLO as well as my grown daughter, both for rebuilding enamel. We have sensitivities to milk, so are passing on having a quicker healing w/ the Butter oil/Cod liver oil mix.

Replied by Andre
(Los Angeles)

My son is the same as this case exactly.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Clear Roshi (Pahoa, Hawaii, Usa) on 04/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My relevant background is chemistry, nuitrition, physiology, and healing (many areas).

After research, personal success, and trying lots of products these are some ways to heal teeth:

1) ADEQUATE CALCIUM: The body needs surplus calcium to heal teeth. If there is not excess calcium the teeth. On most people will not heal. If a person is decalcified, then this will slow/stop the process. The first place to decalcify is generally the lower jaw. A seasoned healer (or just a sensitive person) can learn to feel this just by squeezing the lower jaw to test the bone density. If a person wants to learn this: do not be distracted by shape;feel lots of peoples jaws until a sense of what a good density feels like is obtianed. In order to get more calcium the diet:

a) Use plant sourced calcium internally; using lots off mineral sourced calcium internally just risks confusing the body and can lead to problems. The supplemnet (pill) should have more Mg than Ca, and also vitiamin K. Best if the pills are perodically sucked on in the mouth. Placing a pill in the mouth before bed is also excellecent, as it slowly dissolves through the night.

b) DIET: Soak all grains and sprouts in water with ca/mg/ other minerals. This removes the harmful grain qualites (phytic acic) and the grains will take in the ca/mg and other minerals. The grain must be whole and alive for this to work; so avoid oatmeal/oats most especially; avoid other prepared grains; use only sprouted grain breads and products. Eat high calcium foods, avoid foods with oxalic acids (spinach and beets), don't eat excessive amounts of protiens (in any form). Get adeqaute quality oils which contian vit. E and omega oils. Ghee or raw butter (which has vitament K). Avoid very acidic foods and sweets... This is essential!! If you do use these, imediatily cleanse mouth. Or/and, have sweets and acids in forms which do not have to be chewed and so can be kept away from the teeth. Minerlize water (don't over do it... strongly reccomend pure water first thing in the morning; minerilize water drunk at other times).

c)BATHING: Don't bath excessivily, unless water is mineralized , avoid cholrinated water. In bath water add your piss (highest recomnedation, these creates a positive biofeedback loop and helps in healing almost anything), ca/mg supplement (mineral source), and MSM. It doesn't take much of the last two, say a spoonful of the ca/mg, and a teaspoon of MSM. Seawater is also a good cheap add. These substances are absorbed via the skin.

2) ABSORPTION: More important than the supplementation, as it doesn't matter how much is taken if it dosen't uptake. The proper use of oils, including essential oils, is essential. If mixed in meals, or held/swiched in mouth with supplements these oils greatly increase mineral uptake. Try also lots of vitamin C (buffered, good quality); up to 1000mg/hr. It is also imperative that the bowels and kidneys be cleansed/functional. It terms of the bowels... Reserch it; avoid or be very moderate with enemas (to much mineral lose and disturbance of potassium coating of large intestine). In terms of the kidneys... Stop eating salt!! If your piss tastes like salt (put finger in the stream and lick finger to tase) then it's too much salt. If a person never adds salt to anything they will most likely still get way more salt than needed. If salt is craved, then use powdered seaweed, straight seaweed, or at least have the salt cooked in food or/and added in liquid form. Once enough minerals are ontained salt cravings usually receed.

3) CLEANING TEETH: At least once every six hours (except at night, and even then if possible). A little bit of powder, mouth spray, oil, etc. Held in the mouth every few hours makes it very difficult for harmful elements to take hold. Conventional toothpaste, don't use it. Use tooth powders, remineralization powders, probiotic tooth powders (w/ natural xyilitol), essentiual oils, etc. Uncle ____ makes excellent prducts. Before bed swish and hold in strong essdential oils; this will usually last in the mouth till morning and keep anything from taking hold at night.

Brushing, be careful. Brush mostly gums, not teeth. Excess brushing on teeth strips enamel and slows healing. Do not be concerned about color of teeth or stains on teeth; be concered about mainatianing a healthy envirionment in the mouth. Better to hold/swish tooth products in mouth as long as possible, then swallow. If the product can't be swallowed, then don't use it (note: many products say to spit out because the FDA makes them; the small amounts of mineral ca in these products is fine; don't use huge amount of powder out at once, do a little bit as often as possible).

Water pic, be carefull. Be gentle. Agian, there is the potential to do more harm than good it done to deeply to often. Anyway, if a person is often holding tooth products in the mouth this tends to deal with most chunks.

Flossing, agian be mindful, be gentle. Do it.

Hardwood tooth pics with essential oils, excellent, more for the chewing on. This gives a slow release of oils, and the act of chewing helps them to pentrate deeper as well as encourging the teeth to grow. If the toothpic is broken in half (or use two toothpics) then both sides of the jaw can be active at once. Be careful of splinters! If the other tooth care products are added, then this is mostr awesome; the oils can be felt up in the sinuses, if they are strong enough. Or simply squeeze the jaw to get some effect. Strongly reccomend sautrating tothpics with one's own oils and medcine (ie: eucalyptus, myrhh, frankencinse, wintergreen, tea tree, pepermint, clove.. Etc; black walnut tinctrue). With healing enamel, it's all about keeping on top of it all the time.

4)MEDICINE: Black walnut. I think everything else will work without the black walnut, yet somehow this seems to speed the process more than anything else. Suggest put the ticture, dilluted), in a glass spray bottle and use by: 1) accumlate slavia in mouth 2) spray on tounge. Do not get strong (over 6%) alcohol on teeth as this can impair healing. The b. W. Should be stong enough to taste it (if you can taste it you will not waste it). Of course, if a person is careful, the straight tincture can be sprayed in the mouth, though it seems easier to dillute is down to 20% alcohol or less. For just a general mouth spray (or kids), dillute it to 3% alcohol or less, and try to keep the initial spray off the teeth. Or just dillute the tincture in water. The sprays are more cost effective because a little bit goes further (since the spray is held in the mouth); and also the spray promotes salavation.

Not sure why the black walnut works so well... if anyone knows, let me know.

Although I will check back into this sight for the next month (MAY, 2012), all the needed information is online. I've tried to aviod any certian recomendation--because eveverone is so different.

Good luck,

Aloha--- clear roshi m

Replied by Susan
(San Francisco, Ca)

Dear Roshi - Thank you for all of your suggestions. I have one question: what if a person has a mouth full of crowns (I've also got 3 implants)? Is there a different protocol? Thanks so much - Susan

Replied by Clear Roshi
(Puna, Hi, Usa)

Susan- As far as I know, these recomendations are unchanged. Just know that if you are successful in providing and absorbing adequate calcium then those implants and root canals will be very difficult to get out (unless, they are rotting out), should you ever try to remove them. This is because the extra calcium will very solidly fuse in the metal parts of the root canals and implants, which is exactly what a person wants (because this leaves no space for anaerobic bacteria and thus avoids all the long term problems which can occur with these sorts of dental operations). --Aloha, Ro

Replied by Delphine
(San Francisco, Ca, Usa)

Clear Roshi wrote: "Not sure why the black walnut works so well... if anyone knows, let me know."

It's antiseptic and contains natural iodine and fluoride, thus it strengthens teeth including enamel, and removes plaque.

Replied by John
(Cape Town)

Black Walnut & Horsetail work because they are high in Silica (amongst other things).

It's theorised that the Silica combines with Carbon to form Calcium. Magnesium with Oxygen to form Calcium etc. The website healingteethnaturally DOT com discusses these aspects.

Cows produce plenty Calcium (in milk) for their calves yet they DON'T EAT A CALCIUM RICH DIAT. But they (should...) eat lot's of grass/hay/lucerne, which is high in Magnesium {part of green Chlorophyll} and Silica.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Vandu (Silver Spring, Md) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

UPDATE: I read Cure Tooth Decay, by Ramiel Nagel, and was able to regrow my teeth enamel by

1) stopping the oatmeal. Three days later I noticed more enamel!

2) adding more bone broths to my diet. I actually see a difference, esp with fish bone broth.

3) limiting chocolate, improperly prepared whole grains (which is almost all), sugary foods, nuts, beans, and coffee. I have these foods occasionally but if too much, I notice teeth sensitvity. I also don't eat too much super sweet fruit. most things like berries, granny smith, grapefruit. etc.

4) other foods that have been a helpful part of my diet are grassfed dairy, and pastured eggs and meat.

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Susan (Kansas City, Missouri) on 07/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am another YEA. I discovered this wonderful site by searching "and my gums don't bleed anymore. " That led to this site I started oil pulling about a year ago. Usually with sunflower oil, sometimes with sesame. My enamel is definitely stronger. My teeth are more firm in their roots. My immune system is stronger. My gums usually don't bleed when I brush my teeth anymore. Certainly nowhere near as much as before. Many benefits from this amazingly simple remedy. Thanks!!!


Posted by Anonymosaurus Rex ( Somewhere, Alone, Listening To Radiohead) on 08/28/2012

I have tried this and it has worked for my horribly two-toned teeth. I thought that I had suffered from minor dental fluorosis or a high fever when my adult teeth were half-formed, thus causing the bottom part of my teeth to be white while the top half to be quite yellow. I'm not certain, but I do suspect it was fluorosis as there is some mottling on the white parts of my teeth.

Many years ago I had tried professional whitening from a dentist which did make a small change, the dentist forgot to mention that it may cause permanent sensitivity which it has :( but there was a minor change in the whiteness of my teeth.

I found a post on crunchybetty's blog about whitening your teeth with activated charcoal, and I'm glad to say that it has greatly improved my stained teeth. This was more effective than the professional whitening, much cheaper, and I didn't have any side effects (apart from looking like I have a zombie-mouth while doing the treatment). My teeth still aren't perfectly white, but they are much better.

Here's what to do:

- Take a photo of your teeth before you do this for the first time. You won't believe the change it makes after the first treatment.

- Buy food grade activated charcoal (This might come in powder, capsule or tablet form. Bust open the capsules to get the powder out, or grind the tablet until it has become a fine powder.)

- Add a small amount of water to a few teaspoons of the powder to make a paste and ensure that the powder is well dissolved (you don't want to breathe in a lungful of this stuff)

- Put a small amount (1/2 tsp) of the paste in your mouth and swish it around your teeth well

- Spit out any excess

- Hold the paste in the front of your mouth for at least 5 mins, then rinse well.

- Do this once a day for a week for best results.

Warning: Activated charcoal adsorbs toxins from your body as well as medication and possibly nutrients too. If you are on medication, you need to ensure that you aren't swallowing the charcoal and it may be necessary to speak to your doctor before doing this.

I suspect that this would work best for people who have tea, coffee or cigarette stained teeth. You can do this every now and then for maintenance, or you could try adding some charcoal to your toothpaste if you wish, just make sure that it isn't so much that it abrades the enamel on your teeth. Less is more in this case!

Posted by Jennifer (Sunrise, Fl, Usa) on 11/16/2011

I enjoy tea, red wine, and coffee several times a week - but I don't enjoy the stains they leave behind. Here is my daily regimen that has not only helped me to get beautifully white teeth, but also has greatly improved my oral and overall health and has almost completely cured my gum disease:

- Oil pulling - this is the most effective teeth whitening solution I've found, and it does absolutely no damage to the enamel of your teeth. I swish with a tablespoonful of unrefined sesame oil every morning. I saw results just after 2 days!

- Silica-based toothpaste - Who says you need to use industrial, SLS-based toothpastes to get white teeth? Natural toothpastes that contain silica are powerful teeth whiteners.

- 3% hydrogen peroxide and sea salt rinse - After oil pulling and brushing, I mix a solution of 1/2 or less HP with 1/2 or more water, and then add a pinch of sea salt. Rinse for about 2 or 3 minutes, then spit.

- Flossing - an absolute essential to get the stains out from in between your teeth, and for gum health. While everyone should strive for daily flossing, even 2-3 times a week would be beneficial.

Hope this helps! Stay healthy and beautiful :)

Vitamin C, Boron

Posted by Waymore (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/23/2012

Two critical factors are needed to produce new cells, and to initiate growth and repair of collagen. The entire body is made of collagen! Its connective tissue "glue" is what holds us together. These two factors are Vit. C and Boron. Without them, wounds don't heal, cells don't repair, teeth get loose, and calcium is taken from the bones and teeth. With them, receeding gums heal, teeth re-enamel, and calcium goes where it should and not where it shouldn't (i.e. ) calcifying the pineal gland, brain, heart, and arteries). On this last point, lactoferrin similarly directs iron out of where it shouldn't be, and to where it should be. Hope this is what does the trick! --T.

Replied by Goldtoothgirl
(Tulsa, Ok)

Any brand or dosage recommendations? Thank you.

Water Supply

Posted by Budd49 (Saskatoon, Sask Canada) on 09/08/2012

Hi, just a note to anyone suffering from thinning teeth. Check the water your are drinking for sodium fluoride as it will THIN your teeth.


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Posted by Dennis (Byhalia, Ms) on 02/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I healed my teeth by lightly brushing two or three times per day with Pure Xylitol (not the mouth rinse). Buy the "packets"like sugar comes in.

Xylito is extracted from birch trees (wood grain alcohol) but you will think it is sugar (but it is not sugar! )"taste Great"too!
When I can't brush I even pour on tounge and crunch the granules up in between my teeth and swish the product throughly around and between my teeth for about three or four minutes then spit.

In the AM and PM simply pour the packet in palm of hand dip a "dry" tooth brush in the xylitol power and brush.
(no water needed)A flood of natural saliva will kick in and do the work!

Warning: Xylitol is safe for humans but is highly toxic to our pets. This has to do with their liver function.

No kidding I have found that xylitol will erase small cavitys and will stop a large cavity in it's tracks allowing the dental hole to actually fill itself naturally to a great extent and repair itself to a large degree in a very short time span.

I have also found any large decay that might be left behind stops growing immediately and becomes hard and useful for chewing again.

PS: You will also immediately notice a pinker tounge and fresher breath the very next morning you awake.

$60 bucks or so will currently buy a years supply of pure xylito in small paper packets (just like sugar on a resturant table is packed. )
And for me $60 is cheaper than a dental bill and drill any day.

Stick with it because xylitol begins working day one by stripping (all) of the tarter away from teeth. Therefore the bacteria that feed on that tarter have no way to grow. This means there is no acid left behind on the tooth enamel which is what causes a cavity to form in the first place! (whitens too with out harming enamel)

Replied by Pam
(Casper, Wy. USA)
5 out of 5 stars

My kids teeth were a problem, too. With yellowing and cavities. We found a company on line that sells a full line of products. We get tooth paste, mouth wash, gum and mints with xylitol. The kids teeth have improved greatly with the xylitol.

Replied by Pam
(Wy, U.s.a.)

Hi, I think the website is The product name if I am allowed to post it is Epic. All the products contain xylitol and no fluoride. I think it was about 10 days to 2 weeks and I started to notice a big difference in their teeth and breath. They use the toothpaste, gum, and mouthwash.

Replied by Missy

You could also try Swanson Vitamins for the loose granuales..... They don't offer a fluoride free toothpaste... Make sure when buying this that the ingredients are from Birchwood... Natural... not corn based and NOT GMO.

Replied by Anonamous
(Spokane, Wa)

Wouldn't the granuals be abrasive to your teeth?

Replied by Vandu
(Silver Spring, Md)
1 out of 5 stars

I've been trying Dennis's suggestion of dry brushing with xylitol ( I got the brand NOW), and over the past two weeks, I feel there has been even more enamel loss. I dont know if it's because of the xylitol, or because of me grinding my teeth more. Ever since I started breastfeeding (now almost 7 weeks), my teeth seem to be losing enamel rapidly. during pregnancy my teeth and gums were great. and postpartum my gums are still strong and pink.. But I did find three receding gums and dentist says it's due to teeth clenching or grinding. I think he said the teeth grinding is also causing enamel loss. I'm not getting as much sleep and I find myself waking up with my jaws clenched. so I dont know if it's that I'm doing this more (due to stress), or if it was the xylitol, but my teeth have lost more enamal in just the past two weeks.

I'm going to stop the xylitol and go back to dry brushing with salt and a drop of neem oil. I dont know what else to do.

Replied by A.j.
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

You could try wearing a plastic mouth guard that athelets wear. They are also for teeth grinders. You can order it on line or buy it at your local drug store. I read it somewhere on the internet that you can boil it, then bite on it so that it can mold to your teeth.

Replied by Missy

The first mouth guard I purchased was from the dental health aisle... $18. (I know dentists charge a lot more) Since then, I have found them in the sporting goods section for . 98 cents. They come in youth or adult size, and have the directions on the package of how to fit them to your mouth. I bought the youth size and wear it on my bottom teeth as this seems to feel less "bulky".

Replied by Lisa
(Vancouver, Wa)
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I tried using the xylitol granules... I ended up getting 3 small cavities in some teeth. I'm trying the spry toothpaste now... Hopefully it will be better. It didn't whiten my teeth either... Been using the toothpaste for about 1 month... used the granules for about 3 months.

Replied by Sharon
(Wesley Chapel, Florida)

If you guys check in the toothache relief section, you will find an excellent bit of info on brushing your teeth with bar soap. l have used bar soap for over a year now with much success.

Replied by Letitia
(Lamoure, North Dakota)

Not long ago we got the flu. Immediately after, 3 of our family had teeth that decayed within several days. I bit on something and my tooth cracked down into the root and abcessed. Instead of going to the dentist, I fasted. Taking nothing but water to eat or drink, the pain subsided, I did use clove oil in the tooth to help with the pain the first day. The second day there was no pain except when I bit on the tooth. After fasting for four days, the abcess was gone. I have been using baking soda and salt to brush with and putting comfrey root and myrrh into the cavity and am happy with the results. I eat and chew on the tooth with no problems and the cavity seems to be filling in. Thank-you to everyone who writes in. I think I might also try the black walnut tincture.

Replied by Choymae

The biggest clue on why xylitol worked on Dennis is because it helped him produce saliva after eating. Saliva is the most important thing to heal tooth decay because it is a naturally rich mineral source to re-mineralize your teeth and will naturally wash away, bacteria, debris and acids from eating. But along with the needed saliva, if you are losing enamel, you also need to change to a diet that supports teeth and bones. Check out the Westen A Foundation on the research of nutrition to heal tooth decay.

Replied by Whip
(Asheville, nc)
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Worked great within 24 hours. Brushing your teeth with it doesn't seem to be the way - Dissolve it in your saliva and swoosh like a mouthwash long enough to give every tooth a good bath. Made a noticeable difference in 24 hours, major (100%) pain reduction from recessed gums.