Re-Grow Tooth Enamel

| Modified on May 04, 2021

Black Walnut
Posted by Alex (Spain) on 07/13/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everyone,

I have started using Black Walnut Extract about 10 days ago to remineralize my tooth enamel and must say that I am very pleased with the results.

I just take the extract internally (no swishing in the mouth) and the small holes I have in my teeth have already begun to get filled. Plus, my teeth are not looking as yellow as they did before due to how thin the enamel layer used to be.

I bought an alcohol-free extract and take 2-3 dropperfuls a day straight out of the bottle, undiluted (no need to, as there is no alcohol). The taste is quite pleasant.

However, I think I will follow the instructions on the box and not take this supplement for longer than 3 weeks, because of the tannins contained in it. I will probably wait a couple of months and then repeat the treatment as necessary.

Avoid Commercial Toothpaste
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa - Usa) on 08/07/2012

Hi. I have many old (as in more than 8) large mercury fillings.

After much reading I have found out that these mercury fillings expand and contract in a persons mouth (due to eating hot and cold foods, icy drinks, pressure from chewing and grinding teeth at night, etc.)

Over time this resulted in the breaking off of tooth material around the filling. This has been my experience, anyway.

I despise going to the dentist. I had some very bad dental experiences as a child. I finally went to a decent dentist last month and had x-rays and a consult. (I finally found a dentist that refuses to put mercury into people! How awesome is that?! )

Anyway - after one decade of not having my teeth cleaned (I had been in to my old dentist for two broken off pieces of teeth and two huge mercury fillings however). Anyway, I digress.... after one decade = I had three small cavities, and my gums are all good!

I am a 51 year old woman, and I do floss 2x a day.

Since those three cavities were found last month I have been reading like mad on how to remineralize teeth, and have decided that commercial toothpastes are not the way to go.

I decided to start using baking soda instead of my regular toothpaste only after much, much reading. I know some people believe in bar soap.... Sorry, I cannot stand the taste of bar soap, that would put me over the edge into barfing land.

It has been approx. three weeks since I started using baking soda to clean my teeth and tongue. I noticed right away that my teeth don't get that "furry" feeling like they used to with toothpaste! It is like the toothpaste left a film on my teeth that actually GREW things! (I used to use a sentitive teeth type toothpaste).

I simply cannot believe how awesome my teeth feel now as compared to before. I waited these few weeks to be sure I wouldn't develop sensitivity or something. I have not. The key is to make sure your toothbrush is a soft brush (NOT MEDIUM) and that it is super wet when you put the BS on it. If the BS is too dry then it is too abrasive on your teeth... Kind of like you are sanding them.... the brush needs to be wet.

I am going in for a dental cleaning at the end of this month, and am hoping those three small cavities are gone by then. If not... Oh well. No more mercury will be going in this body at least.

Oh, and re gum health - I honestly believe that my good gums are due to flossing daily, taking Co-Q10 at 100mg a day and Vitamin C at 1,000 a day. Possibly the Magnesium, Boron, and K2 I take as well.

Dental issues are so horrid. I just wanted to share that commercial toothpaste is garbage, (MO) that I now TOTALLY believe that it attracts bacteria to the teeth.

Thank you again Earth Clinic - For providing such a great site for all of us to share our thoughts, ideas, and findings.... There is not one other site on the internet that even comes CLOSE to being as helpful as this awesome place is! :-)

Black Walnut
Posted by Wongoblly (San Diego, Ca, Us) on 02/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi all, Yea it's working and I'm still using it probably for six more months or longer to re grow my teeth enamel. I read the above posts and thought I'd try it... Back story, from 1999 to 2000 my dentist had me use a bleaching kit at home. The directions said to bleach ONE hour a day but he said to use it EIGHT hours a day. After a year or two & several kits & bleaching a few times a year my teeth got darker and darker by the end of 2000. The white was almost completely gone. He said the teeth demineralized.. I've been taking BWO for about a month. In the first three days my teeth began to shine. Then areas starting to gradually fill in. I think at this rate and because of the damage done including some decay on some edges it's going to take 6 months or longer to complete.

My concern is the toxicity of BWO (juglans nigra). After searching on the web it seems BWO is toxic and should be taken on a limited basis but I'm not sure about that. Currently using a dropper full twice day a day. I'd probably go for 5 years if that's what it takes to re grow my enamel.

Does anyone know if I can take BWO for long periods (I'm over 60)?

Thank you.

Posted by Dennis (Byhalia, Ms) on 02/05/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I healed my teeth by lightly brushing two or three times per day with Pure Xylitol (not the mouth rinse). Buy the "packets"like sugar comes in.

Xylito is extracted from birch trees (wood grain alcohol) but you will think it is sugar (but it is not sugar! )"taste Great"too!
When I can't brush I even pour on tounge and crunch the granules up in between my teeth and swish the product throughly around and between my teeth for about three or four minutes then spit.

In the AM and PM simply pour the packet in palm of hand dip a "dry" tooth brush in the xylitol power and brush.
(no water needed)A flood of natural saliva will kick in and do the work!

Warning: Xylitol is safe for humans but is highly toxic to our pets. This has to do with their liver function.

No kidding I have found that xylitol will erase small cavitys and will stop a large cavity in it's tracks allowing the dental hole to actually fill itself naturally to a great extent and repair itself to a large degree in a very short time span.

I have also found any large decay that might be left behind stops growing immediately and becomes hard and useful for chewing again.

PS: You will also immediately notice a pinker tounge and fresher breath the very next morning you awake.

$60 bucks or so will currently buy a years supply of pure xylito in small paper packets (just like sugar on a resturant table is packed. )
And for me $60 is cheaper than a dental bill and drill any day.

Stick with it because xylitol begins working day one by stripping (all) of the tarter away from teeth. Therefore the bacteria that feed on that tarter have no way to grow. This means there is no acid left behind on the tooth enamel which is what causes a cavity to form in the first place! (whitens too with out harming enamel)

Posted by Dmohr (Pa) on 01/31/2018

He said eat an apple not use it as a tooth brush. The acid from an apple is a good acid btw which converts to an alkaline. Chewing on chocolate on the other hand is bad acid.

Posted by Ingupo (Darwen, Uk) on 05/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Afternoon, I was wondering how come nobody has mentioned Salvadora persica tree twig- miswak. It looks like muslims have used it for centuries, It's even mentioned in their saint books. Me and my boyfriend ordered Miswak in ebay. We cleaned our teeth with it for approx 20 mins and teeth went white, I've never had so clean teeth. I think you're not supposed to clean teeth with them for so long, but we were so excited about new purchase. As I understand you're supposed to clean your teeth with it just as long as you usually clean them with simple toothbrush, but properly.

Here is something that I found in internet in numerous places:

1. Miswaak strengthens the gums and prevents tooth decay.
2. Miswaak assists in eliminating toothaches and prevents further increase of decay which has already set in. 3. Miswaak creates a fragrance in the mouth.
4. Miswaak is a cure for illness.
5. Miswaak eliminates bad odors and improves the sense of taste.
6. Miswaak sharpens the memory.
7. Miswaak is a cure for headaches.
8. Miswaak creates lustre (noor) on the face of the one who continually uses it.
9. Miswaak causes the teeth to glow.
10. Miswaak strengthens the eyesight.
11. Miswaak assists in digestion.
12. Miswaak clears the voice.

All of this probably has basis, because otherwise muslims wouldn't have used Misawk for centuries.

I will report on how my teeth feels after longer while using miswak, just thought someone had to mention this wonder stick.

Black Walnut
Posted by Mohammed (Birmingham, U.K.) on 04/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

black walnut juglans nigra can help re grow tooth enamel and also praying to god (the one who gave you life and teeth in the first place) can be beneficial.

EC: "Juglans nigra, commonly known as black walnut or American walnut, is a tree species native to eastern North America. It grows mostly alongside rivers, from southern Ontario, Canada west to southeast South Dakota, south to Georgia, northern Florida and southwest to central Texas."'

Brush Teeth Frequently
Posted by Lia (Washington) on 10/04/2020
5 out of 5 stars

I have large patches of enamel erosion all over my front teeth. I've tried many supplements, I eat healthy, but nothing really helped. My enamel would grow back, then wear away again. Then it dawned on me one day. I've recently, in the last few years, neglected brushing my teeth in the morning. I've come to only brush once at night, using gum or rinsing to freshen my breath in the morning. So I reverted back to brushing my teeth with any typical toothpaste, morning, 1 hour after lunch, and night. It's been less than 1 week since I've done this and my enamel has already grown back 35-40%.

Bacteria stains the teeth and wears away the enamel. Keep the mouth free of bacteria. This greatly helps with enamel growth.

Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 11/06/2018

This how to on how to prepare horsetail with honey, vinegar, or vodka is amazingly well done

and just want to say the above dental info on black walnut is also very encouraging. Let us all heal our teeth and have faith in restoration no matter how bad they look. The mind is a powerful tool.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Victoria (San Diego, Ca) on 08/11/2012

My son, 6, just got his first adult teeth in the bottom recently. I became very alarmed as they did not appear healthy at all and looked like they were coming in covered with cavities. They were puny and yellow and mottled with a large crevice in the front of one that catches food. He has never had a cavity before, even though his dental care and brushing has been very sporadic as he used to fight me. Nonetheless his baby teeth were perfect and beautiful. The new ones are in stark contrast to the baby teeth. I went to his dentist immediately and was told he had a condition known as enamel hypoplasia -meaning little to no enamel developed during infancy - usually caused by a virus or some insult on the system during development. It may only affect these teeth or it could affect all of his incoming adult teeth - we won't know until they erupt. Needless to say I am very upset and feel guilty and terrible for him. If you see the photos online when kids have a full set of these -they are pretty monster looking - not a pleasant thing. Anyhow, I remembered reading in Weston Price's book on degenerative nutrition that native peoples show evidence of reversing tooth decay and caries so I began researching it. There is a really great book written fairly recently on the topic by Ramiel Nagel after reversing his young daughters rampant tooth decay and several of his own caries.

Basically, based on Weston Price's findings about nutrition, one needs to include a couple of missing essential nutrients in their daily diet. First you need to consume organ meats and bone broth. If you are like me you won't be able to get near organ meats so you will need to take fermented cod liver oil instead. The second ingredient you need to consume is K2, and to be more specific, the Mk-4 type of K2. This can be from high vitamin raw butter and/or milk from grass fed cows or goats. You can also now get K2 (mk-4) suppliments. Research has shown that they have now discovered that the mk-4 signals where calcium is deposited and caries it to the bones and teeth. Without mk-4 the body deposits it in soft tissues where it calcifies... Often leading to heart disease and related hardening of the arteries! Also, the calcium is often utilized by bacteria to make a hard shell that protects it from the immune system. Teeth are different from bone in the way they rebuild and protect themselves. Teeth use circulating saliva to deposit calcium, phosphorus, etc. I also read that teeth are composed of silica. Most tooth pastes include glycerine, which acording to Nagel coat the teeth and help prevent the reabsorption of these molecules in remineralization. So, it is best not to use glycerin products if you want to heal and remineralize the teeth. You can make your own remineralization paste or powder. Find the recipe online.

So, I have my two kids and me on a protocol where I make a drink with rice milk, 1/2 TBS liquid calcium/magnesium/phosphorus, 2 drops k2 (mk-4) and several drops of bioSil. The kids get 1/2 tsp of of fermented cod liver oil.

We brush using ionic toothbrushes.

After brushing and when my son is in bed I apply MI Paste to his bad teeth.

Also helpful is black walnut extract because it too helps remineralize the teeth.

I started seeing improvement in my son's teeth after only 1 week on treatment. The crater inthe front of his new tooth looks has progressively filled in with a white rim at the edges much the same way as a wound heals from the edges toward the center. The teeth look like they are becoming slightly whiter overall -compared to the white teeth next to them they do not appear as yellow as they did last week before we started the proticol. The teeth seem to be looking smoother. Oddly, they also appear to be bigger as if maybe there is a growth in enamel that is filling in the space all around and making them closer in size to the neighboring teeth. In the last week he had an upper front tooth begin erupting and I am also treating that tooth with the paste hoping to help avert any damage that has been done to it, if any. My own teeth feel glossier for longer after every brushing. I haven't noticed any difference with daughter's teeth yet. I'll give an update on son's teeth as this progresses. One other side note. This FCLO is more mild tasting than the regular CLO we have tried in the past. It also has this handy oral syrnge that plugs into a stopper so you can easily draw up the liquid. It is very expensive so you don't want to waste any. The syrnge allows you to shoot it at the back so you taste it less and anyhow you don't need to use as much because its much more nutritionally dense than regular CLO. I don't like paying this much money for FCLO, but teeth are worth it and besides the dental bill would be higher in the long run.

I did not see a section on earth clinic about reversing cavities or repairing rotten teeth. This is such an important topic and I hope that a new section can be created and other people can try this and share their results. The fact is that dentists don't have a clue about nutrition and how it affects the teeth. They treat our living tissues known as teeth as dead objects and just drill them and fill them when there might be another alternative. If this seems impossible, look up what scientists are currently doing regarding growing entirely new teeth from the jaws using ultrasound... Hope is on the horizon for those with missing or damaged teeth. Nonetheless, nutrition can improve our dental state and reverse some existing damage if we take the proper steps.

Black Walnut
Posted by Debbie (Melbourne, Australia ) on 02/09/2012

I think if you want to re-grow your tooth enamel you first need to stop using normal toothpaste. It puts a film on the teeth which inhibit the teeth from remineralising.

Sea salt is excellent for brushing your teeth with (I put some in a little water to dissolve it). Sea salt will kill the bacteria that causes decay. I then use some Bicarb soda in a little water and brush with it. Sea salt has trace minerals in it which is good for the teeth. I also swish around with sea salt in the mouth.

Posted by Angel (Hawaii) on 09/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi there, I started drinking Horsetail herb tea about 3 weeks ago cause it's supposed to be good for bones. I noticed a huge improvement in two front teeth. They had previously looked almost see through and dark due to lot's of lemons. I was amazed when they started filling in. It's the only thing I've done different. There is some good info out there regarding Horsetail and how it helps bones, teeth, collagen, ect.

Vitamin C, Boron
Posted by Waymore (Motown, Ca/ Usa) on 10/23/2012

Two critical factors are needed to produce new cells, and to initiate growth and repair of collagen. The entire body is made of collagen! Its connective tissue "glue" is what holds us together. These two factors are Vit. C and Boron. Without them, wounds don't heal, cells don't repair, teeth get loose, and calcium is taken from the bones and teeth. With them, receeding gums heal, teeth re-enamel, and calcium goes where it should and not where it shouldn't (i.e. ) calcifying the pineal gland, brain, heart, and arteries). On this last point, lactoferrin similarly directs iron out of where it shouldn't be, and to where it should be. Hope this is what does the trick! --T.

Cod Liver Oil
Posted by Heather (Seattle, Wa) on 03/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Agree with the cod liver oil remedy! After taking it, fermented or otherwise, my cavities were reversed and haven't come back after 4plus years. The fat-soluble vitamins A & D help to remineralize all your bones, including your teeth. I also reduced my refined sugar consumption, and ate plain full fat yogurt for breakfast daily... Probiotics, calcium, healthy fats, and fat-soluble vitamins = healthy, strong teeth and gums.

I don't brush every day, and I floss maybe 1x/week. The dentist says my mouth flora is in great shape, and I don't have obvious plaque issues (visible lines of it at the gumline). Heal your teeth from the inside out! I have also gotten all my amalgam fillings replaced with porcelain composits many years ago (pretty sure amalgams cause gum receeding).

BTW- the weston price foundation is awesome! Finally someone has the courage to speak the truth!

Avoid Commercial Toothpaste
Posted by Dave (Connecticut) on 04/16/2017

Right on Carly I agree this site has helped change my life and I thank God I found it. I am much more healthy than I was 2 yrs ago when I found it And I found out new things almost daily. It is very funny (odd) how you can tell others about it with testimony and they shrug it off you actually have to show most people to get them to pay attn I cant stay off this site more than 2 days or I go thru withdraw. I liken it to Being a christian and trying to tell people about god

Posted by Citygirl27 (Richardson, Tx, Usa) on 06/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

An apple truly is nature's tootbrush. Eating an apple whole is best, but an apple you slice yourself is fine. Leave the peel on. What I saw when I did this was not my imagination. You will notice your teeth are cleaner after one, and whiter after 2-3, and more. Just eat the apple normally, raw/uncooked. Not the commercially prepared, treated, prepackaged apple slices, use a fresh apple.

Posted by E'dit (Texas) on 06/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Hi :), You're right. For ten years I noticed my teeth are immediately white after a few bites of apples. I'm getting the best from natural foods and fruits. Plus, apples are an energy boost for me. I eat them after breakfast or after dinner when I know I will doing many chores or projects just to stay awake. Apples work! Have fun in life! E'dit

Posted by Michelle (Dover) on 06/10/2013

Thanks for that, I've used garlic clove on an infected tooth, and it cleared the infection, you have to leave it on for 5 minutes at a time. It stings but you can feel it working. Miswak yes I think that has got herbs in it, herbs regrow enamel.

Eliminate Glycerin, Black Walnut Tincture
Posted by Mary (St. Petersburg, Florida, Usa) on 02/25/2012

Last year I bit down hard on a peanut and broke one of my molars in half right down through the root. It became abscessed and I had no choice but to have it removed. Other than this unfortunate event I have always had good teeth. I was 46 years old before I had my first cavity. So you can see that teeth have been a non-issue for me for a long time.

Since I went to the dentist to have my abscessed tooth removed three months ago, she found 4 or 5 cavities plus gum disease. This is very disturbing since I have been very good about flossing. Particularly careful since I was walking around for a while with a broken tooth in my mouth. I found it strange that I was doing all that I was supposed to do but my mouth was worse instead of better.

Since then of course I have been researching teeth. Several sources said that commercial toothpaste is bad because it has glycerin in it. Glycerin leaves a film on your teeth. This film prevents "remineralization" of the teeth. I never heard of such a thing. Apparently the saliva is full of minerals and will deposit those minerals in the microscopic holes and pits in the surface of the teeth caused by sugar or whatever. This remineralization is a normal process that prevents the holes from becoming bigger and then becoming cavities. It did not surprize me that the body had a way of fixing teeth if allowed to do so.

SO, with that being said, I stopped using toothpaste and started using baking soda to brush and H2O2 to rinse. I can report to you that one of the cavities is completely GONE. It was in a tooth next to the one that was removed so I could see it in the mirror. GONE. Looked at the tooth just today. The others may be healing as well but I can't see them. They are on the top.

This is one of those things they blame on "age". In fact they said that to me at the dentist's office. Since they couldn't blame smoking or lack of oral hygiene. You do all the "right" things but your condition is WORSE. To that I say Bull____. It has nothing to do with age. The system is in place for teeth to repair themselves but the "right" things get in the way of the process. Then you get to spend money at the dentist.

To be fair, I want to also report that I read the comments on Black Walnut tincture for tooth decay. I have been using it twice a day. Two droppers full in a small amount of water enough to swish and then swallow. This could well be what turned the tide for me in addition to the good oral hygiene noted above. I will continue the Black Walnut.

This is one of my victories that came straight from the EarthClinic members.

As a side note, I told my son yesterday how I used commercial toothpaste to clean the tarnish off my rings. He said if it can clean metal he might not want it in his mouth. Smart boy.

Thanks to those who write in here and share their knowledge.


Posted by Jennifer (Sunrise, Fl, Usa) on 11/16/2011

I enjoy tea, red wine, and coffee several times a week - but I don't enjoy the stains they leave behind. Here is my daily regimen that has not only helped me to get beautifully white teeth, but also has greatly improved my oral and overall health and has almost completely cured my gum disease:

- Oil pulling - this is the most effective teeth whitening solution I've found, and it does absolutely no damage to the enamel of your teeth. I swish with a tablespoonful of unrefined sesame oil every morning. I saw results just after 2 days!

- Silica-based toothpaste - Who says you need to use industrial, SLS-based toothpastes to get white teeth? Natural toothpastes that contain silica are powerful teeth whiteners.

- 3% hydrogen peroxide and sea salt rinse - After oil pulling and brushing, I mix a solution of 1/2 or less HP with 1/2 or more water, and then add a pinch of sea salt. Rinse for about 2 or 3 minutes, then spit.

- Flossing - an absolute essential to get the stains out from in between your teeth, and for gum health. While everyone should strive for daily flossing, even 2-3 times a week would be beneficial.

Hope this helps! Stay healthy and beautiful :)

Ionic Toothbrush, Liquid Calcium
Posted by Ana (Ny) on 11/30/2016

Try organic eggshell, just rinse off, let air dry, after drying any chance of salmonella is gone. Grind in food processor or coffee grinder, please only use for this purpose, it must be clean. Then either sprinkle in smoothie into the banana part but I prefer in capsules that you can buy and stuff them in. Up to 1/2 teaspoon of eggshell a day should provide you with the calcium that is close to our teeth

Hope that helps.

Brush Teeth Frequently
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 10/05/2020

This might help and it is not theonine

Another way to get teeth restored is through healers like John Mellor, Mark Hemans, Andrew Wommack and others who operate in healing . As with supplements, you generally have to keep applying yourself to it to get results. Blessings, Charity

Black Walnut
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 04/19/2017

Dear Andrew,

I agree that straight tincture to the tooth sounds harsh. Adding a dropperful of tincture to an ounce of water and swishing for 20 seconds and then swallowing has worked for my family.

Adult teeth are harder to heal than children's teeth. You will want to make sure that you are eating well, getting plenty of nutrients. Brushing with baking soda (gently) at bedtime will keep your mouth alkaline overnight to help prevent decay.

Using hydrogen peroxide (3 percent mixed with water - equal amounts) as a mouthwash will also help to keep your mouth free of bacteria.

You may want to look in to oil pulling here at Earth Clinic as well.

~Mama to Many~

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anna (Los Angeles, Ca) on 02/17/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Regenerating toddler tooth enamel:

My toddler who's enamel and teeth has been wearing away since 12 months of age, inspite of breastfeeding - even now still on breastmilk. Then when I was treating my toddler's constipation with fruits and fiber, DH developed enamel hypoplasia, and a pinhole size cavity.

After searching and researching, and some things by chance, I finally put my toddler on the following perfected protocol at around 22 months of age. The improvements can be noticed within a few days. The worn out teeth have not regrown, but for example the smallest of the enamel erosion is completely healed up, and the others shrinking in size.

Protocol that regenerated DH enamel:

Puncture the mk7 from Gold capsule and give 4 drops per day at different times (forget the butter oil - it did nearly nothing for the price, I now use the leftover as base for the mk7).
Make sure of iodine sufficiency (thyroid function important with this supplement).
gluten free diet - suspected celiac
no casein - highly sensitive to casein which severely disturbs digestive tract
Jarrow's Bone Up (based on microcrystaline hyroxyapatite) - open 4 capsules in 2 divided doses (trying to stay near 1000 mgs dietary calcium intake)
Great Lakes collagen hydrolysate - around 2 tablespoon daily

hemp milk for base drink with coconut oil - great amino acid profile and healing seed
Squigle Tooth Builder Sensitive Toothpaste
on fermented cod liver oil since before tooth problems - it did not prevent the problems at all (maybe you can replace with fish oil vitamin a and vitamin d, which are a must)

Avoid Commercial Toothpaste
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 08/07/2012

Hi Carly, I'm so excited to see that you have really embraced a new mouth healthcare protocol. It's funny because I am 55, hadn't been to the dentist in over 5 years and had been using this type of protocol for the past 2 years. I had absolutely no cavities. I change up between, baking soda, sea salt and Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap w/ peppermint.

Just wondering if some of the info you used was from Nadine Artemis' video I had posted? I remember Meg was very excited about this as well.

Congratulations once again! Lisa

Avoid Commercial Toothpaste
Posted by Ana (Ny) on 11/30/2016

Being 56 years old and doing what many lousy dentists advised I was losing my teeth, just eroding away. As a child eating healthy and just basic care I had super teeth and good health. I stopped everything they traditionally told me because hey I want some teeth lef, went paleo pretty much, use turmeric baking soda water with Redmond's toothpastes (I am a mud-mouth) this has stopped the cavities and healed about 98% of all gum issues. It even rid our daughter of her cavity she is 16 and has no fillings, and it brightens her 2 teeth that have flouridosis. No more fluoride in our household and we use well-water or spring water only. Xylitol is always around for us and raw honey along with organic apple cider vinegar and msm in water. I added alfalfa tablets to my diet and things are so much better. Sadly 2 teeth are gone and I still need to finish all the removal of amalgam and plastic fillings to be replaced with form fitted by computer porcelain, no more metals or plastic of any kind any more. Activated charcoal 1x a week for 15 left in your mouth also whitens and cleans your mouth, just follow up with regular brushing and rinsing, just watch your clothes. Coconut oil, olive oil or sunflower oil pulling is also wonderful before bed, helps greatly with dry mouth. You can do all the research on-line on all of the above so you can learn, but it works. Face it God knew what he was doing with the things found in nature, just don't get why these corporations are so keen on destroying us all. Also keep a capsule of myrrh in your mouth for as long as you can, when you have had enough spit and rinse with water, your gum health will change so fast. Within 1-2 weeks you won't believe it. Some parts of my gums changed in 1-2 days. Wishing you all the best and don't give up and keep sharing, it matters.

Avoid Commercial Toothpaste
Posted by Mark (Fl) on 02/10/2017

I just used Borax, Baking soda and Turmeric! Wow what a difference Holy Crapola!!!

Whiten Yes but the best feeling of CLEAN I have ever experienced, so next time I am adding a few drops of peroxide this will whiten even further!

I am sure Borax is safe even to ingest low quantities, like a teaspoon to 32 oz clean water and taking one ounce of solution 3 times daily, works for Arthritis and fungal issues and this is why it is great for cleaning your teeth and bad Breath! Wow did I say this Twice LOL

Posted by Common Sense (Nj) on 07/06/2015

If you eat an apple instead of brushing multiple issues will cause you to loose said teeth. Teeth decay due to acids and sugars. Both of which are contained in an apple. Now lets just say you are smart enough to follow the apple with something basic. Nothing completely dissolves the biofilm that sits on the tooth. This film is a combination of acid producing bacteria, a sticky lattice, and minerals like calcium and fluorides that become sharp to you underlying gingiva or pink tissue and the bone beneath. This agitation causes an inflammatory response from the underlying tissue that destroys bone and then causes further areas of teeth that are more prone to decay or causes loss of teeth due to the tooth no longer having proper bone support. Brushing with an apple may been acceptable when people didn't have proper brushing techniques or materials, but even then those people lost teeth at high rates and early ages. But, good luck

Posted by Penny (Great Falls, MT) on 01/27/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I decided to try borax powder half & half mix with baking soda as a tooth powder, and am very pleased with it. I had been using sea salt & baking soda half & half previously. The borax makes my teeth & mouth feel really clean, and has helped with my candida problem also.

Black Walnut
Posted by Sissy Vasquez (Warren, Mi) on 06/07/2011

where can I get this black walnut at here in michigan to take to fix my enamel on my teeth and do you know if it matters what age you are? by the way im 31.

Black Walnut
Posted by Wongoblly (San Diego, Ca, Us) on 02/11/2012

I'm currently using Dr ________'s which seems to be the most purist and green right out of the bottle. They all work but much of the time I doubled the dose on the darker previous ones. The others I tried were dark dark green and blackish. From a website it advises that BWO loses half its potency when it darkens. I finished off 3 bottles since early January of the lesser quality and now I started Dr ____ bottle. For safety I use about a 3rd to half dose compared to the others.

Hope this is helpful. BWO is pretty awesome but still concerned about long term use.

Baking Soda
Posted by Virginia (Lindale, Texas) on 04/16/2015

Just wanted to let people know that baking soda seems to be an excellent choice for stopping tooth decay. You can make a paste with it using coconut oil, adding maybe peppermint, and pearl powder for mineralizing teeth/bones. I read somewhere that ancient people would use pearls as teeth fillings and that due to their biology being close to ours, it mended/blended with the tooth.