Tonsillitis Remedies

| Modified: Nov 20, 2020
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Natural remedies are particularly effective for treating tonsillitis and preventing the need for more invasive treatment measures.  Natural cures like apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and garlic can treat the underlying infection and can help prevent further complications.

What is Tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is a condition that involves the inflammation of the tonsils. Symptoms of the condition include red, swollen tonsils, white or yellow patches on the tonsils, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, fever, enlarged lymph nodes in the neck, a scratchy or muffled voice, bad breath, stiff neck and headache. The condition is most often caused by common viruses but may be the result of bacterial infection.

Natural Remedies for Infection and Inflammation of the Tonsils

Treatments for tonsillitis focus on eliminating infection and inflammation associated with the condition. A number of natural treatments have been identified that are effective for achieving these goals of treatment. Apple cider vinegar, coconut oil and garlic are among the most common and most effective natural treatment options.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider treats tonsillitis in a number of ways. The vinegar creates an environment in the body in which most strains of infection cannot survive. The compound also reduces inflammation and delivers a number of vital nutrients to the body that bolster the immune system.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also an effective antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. The lauric acid in coconut oil kills bacteria, viruses and fungi, which helps to eliminate the underlying infection causing tonsillitis. The oil also supports immune function as well as several other bodily processes.


Garlic also functions to eliminate infection and reduce inflammation. Garlic contains a compound known as diallyl sulfide that is 100 times more effective than some popular antibiotics in fighting bacteria and other infection-causing substances. The sulfur in garlic also aids in reducing inflammation.

A common condition, tonsillitis causes inflammation of the tonsils which also results in a sore throat, difficulty swallowing and tenderness in the throat and neck. Natural treatments function to effectively treat and eliminate the infection as well as the symptoms associated with the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Rosemarie (Greenwich, Ct) on 12/24/2009
5 out of 5 stars


I had the worst cold ever. I rarely ever get sick and if I do, I usually drink a little apple cider vinegar with honey for a day or two and it's gone! But, this cold was all in my nose and throat. No fever, no sneazing, no chills! I took everything! Vitamins, applecider vinegar with honey, Tomatoe tea, vinegar, honey,salt and lemon tea, and I even gargled daily. Well, it seemed that it was all fom my sinuses and it was draining down my throat,I started getting an ear infection and then it hit my tonsil! It seemed inflamed and that was when I took out the bottle of apple cider vinegar. I poured about 1/4 of a small glass full and then gargled it straight! Voila! No more tonsil pain, no more cough and my voice returned to normal. Those germs ran away!

Replied by Shaylan
Wellington, Ohio

Should the apple cider vinegar be swallowed or spit out?

Replied by Suki
Edinburgh, Scotland

Should be spat out because all the bacteria is in what you have just gaguled? -.-

Replied by Golda
Bellport, Ny
1 out of 5 stars

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! It doesn't work and you'll end up with your throat burning.

Replied by Star
Priest Lake, Idaho United States

I only have white vinegar... will it still work??

Replied by Kiki

Distilled white vinegar will not work the same as apple cider vinegar because it does not have the "mother" or probiotic properties. It IS food grade, but it's going to be much more effective for you to use white vinegar to clean the surfaces you touch in your home (spray bottle with equal parts vinegar and water) because it will naturally disinfect for you, but you shouldn't drink it as you would apple cider vinegar because on its own it is much more abrasive.

You should be able to find organic and unfiltered apple cider vinegar at any health or whole food store for a very reasonable price. I get mine for $3 and change at my whole foods store, and even if you're drinking it twice daily, it will last you for a month or so because you only take a tablespoon in a glass of water at a time.

Replied by Amanda
1 out of 5 stars

My throat is so raw from doing this. It is way way worse than before. I had a slight sore throat. Now after gargling with ACV and water.... it feels just as bad as after I had my tonsils removed. Do not try this!!!!!!

Coconut Oil

Posted by Katie (Wisconsin) on 10/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Three days ago, I felt a sore throat come on quickly. The next morning, my tonsils felt huge, sore and I was running a low fever. That night, it was awful. I wondered if this was tonsillitis, pneumonia, or what... I just knew I was coming down with something bad. Twice a day for the next couple of days, I let half a spoon of virgin coconut oil melt in my mouth and gargled it, letting it concentrate/sit on my tonsils for a few minutes. I don't know how it's possible, but I feel 90% better today. I'm baffled. Lots of water, gargling coconut oil, and I ate a dish or two that contained garlic... that's about all I did. Waiting to see if this is seriously gone but it's almost 2pm and I've felt fine and energetic all day.

Posted by Elizabeth (London) on 03/26/2017
4 out of 5 stars

I have been battling tonsillitis for a few months, 4 rounds of antibiotics that have done very little. I took to this site as I am a big fan of natural remedies and sick of the antibiotics ripping my immune system down. I started gargling coconut oil twice last night and once this morning, its amazing! The oil soothes your throat and the infection is going down! Which is a miracle!!! I aim to do it all day long as well as drinking at least 6 litres of water a day and flush this horrible infection away. Highly recommend and aim to gargle coconut oil for the rest of my life!

Posted by Rob W (Stuarts Draft, Va) on 03/24/2017
4 out of 5 stars


Coconut oil gargle for swollen tonsils:

About the coconut oil gargle... it surely does clear the mucous out, from around the swollen tonsil, leaving it hanging out there, veeeeery sensitively, in the open air... every breath of fresh air that hits that exposed, raw flesh, stings and burns (ouch! ). But, it's clearing the mucous. That said, I wouldn't recommend gargling before bed. The pain was too much for me at midnight, so I tried it. It's now 3:44am, and I am tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable, because every ten minutes I have to hock up more mucous to spit out (sorry for the gory details). So... conclusion? It works for clearing the mucous from the infected area, but, do it HOURS before you plan to sleep!

Posted by E (Houston) on 06/23/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have had recurrent tonsillitis my whole life and avoid antibiotics now whenever possible since. Sunday night, I had a fever of 102.8 and a red, swollen throat with a visible patch of infected mucus on my right tonsil. I gargled with salt water, took goldenseal tincture and vitamin C, and went to bed.

When I woke up on Monday, my fever was better but the infected patch and swelling were still the same. Continued vitamin C and goldenseal throughout the day on Monday kept my energy high and my fever down, but the infected patch and swelling weren't reduced.

Monday night, after reading anecdotes on this site, I gargled with melted coconut oil for 10 minutes (spitting afterward). The swelling in my throat was reduced almost immediately, and the infected area on my tonsil was somewhat smaller as well.

This morning (Tuesday), I gargled again with melted coconut oil for 10 minutes. After this gargle, more than half of the infected mucus was dislodged. Two hours later, I repeated the coconut oil gargle. Half an hour later, the infected area was completely gone and the redness and swelling in my throat were almost completely gone. I plan to do two more rounds of coconut oil gargling to ensure that the problem is completely gone!

I did not pull (swish) the oil - I gently gargled it in my throat, focusing on the infected side. It wasn't the most pleasant thing I've ever done, but it is the fastest I've ever cured an infected tonsil!

Posted by Gp (Hobart, Tasmania) on 03/05/2010
5 out of 5 stars

The few times I've had tonsillitis, I've noticed extra virgin coconut oil cures it in 24 hours. Unbelievable, but true. Just let a knob of it melt in your mouth, tilt your chin up and let it pool toward that back of your mouth/throat. Hold it there for as long as you can. Repeat several times a day.

It works much faster than the nasty antibiotics usually prescribed, and provides some temporary pain relief in the mean time. I usually get tonsillitis when I'm run down, so as soon as I notice that first sign of white in the back of my throat, I start this treatment, and it clears up within 24 hours.

EVCO is amazing stuff!

Replied by Amanda
Columbus, Oh
5 out of 5 stars

I had tonsillitis for about five days that turned into an abscess. After three doctor visits, antibiotics and steroids that seemed to be doing nothing, I finally looked Earth Clinic and found this. I did it three times in the evening and when I woke up the next morning it was a miracle! I have no pain or discomfort swallowing and the swelling has gone down tremendously! This is truly an amazing remedy, I have rediscovered my love for coconut oil.

Replied by Maria
Cincinnati, Ohio
5 out of 5 stars

My tonsils have been huge since I was a little child. My ENT wanted to remove them, since they had gotten even bigger and I also had tonsil stones. I am 61 and was concerned about having that surgery at my age so I decided to try something to shrink my tonsils. I had already been doing "oil pulling" (swishing) using organic extra virgin coconut oil with good results in the health of my gums, so I decided to try gargling the coconut oil for 5 minutes before swishing it. After one month I looked at the back of my throat, and my huge tonsils had shrunken so much, I could barely find them. I had never seen the entire arch of the back of my mouth before. Oil gargling is now part of my daily routine and my tonsils have not gotten swollen again. (It has been 6 months...)

Replied by Patrick
Charlottesville, Virginia

Maria - are you actually gargling in the back of your throat with the extra virgin coconut oil? I have huge tonsils and do not want to have surgery to take them out! Please let me know what I need to do.



Replied by Debbie
Melbourne, Australia

Patrick, I read of someone who sprayed lugols iodine down the back of the throat and it helped the tonsils go down. Like the coconut oil it is anti bacterial/anti fungal.

Replied by Francisca
Zug, Switzerland

I sprayed my throat with liquid magnesium chloride and the itching of my allergy disappeared! Too bad Lugol's doesn't seem to be sold here in Europe... I had already tried in France, England, Germany and now I am trying to find it here in Switzerland but the pharmacy has already told me they can't get it here or in Germany. It used to be sold here but not anymore. They are now trying to find out whether they can import it form the US. Funny if you think that it was developed by a French doctor called Jean Lugol..... The Swiss have banned an awful lot of supplements. In Basel I used to know a very good natural pharmacy and they still sold quite a few things, not here in Zug, the choice is really very limited.

Replied by Carrie
Philadelphia, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

Unbelievable! I've been in such pain for the last week. I had a bad cold with horrible sinus pain that then moved into a cough. I never had a fever. I fought it with vitamins, herbs & juices and everyday it was getting better. Then, out of no where, my throat started killing me! After a few days I looked in my throat and saw that my tonsils were swollen. I read this post about coconut oil last night & tried it b4 bed. This morning I woke up and it was half as big! Did another again this morning and it's feeling so much better. Finally...relief!

Replied by Simply Kathy
Brunswick , Ga. Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Blessed to have come upon this site. I went and bought Extra virgin coconut oil- Expensive but worth every penny! My throat was sore, felt like a thousand needles stabbing me in my mouth. I could hardly talk and was in much pain to just swallow. After doing the oil pulling, just one time, the pain left, I could swallow, and talk pain free! I also noticed and it is now the 3rd day of oil pulling, I have a cavity that has been hurting, does not hurt anymore and I can actually eat and no pain! What a blessing. Praise God!

Replied by Mkz
Philadelphia, Pa

I tried this remedy earlier today. I think it's working, but I'll update in a couple of days. @Green- It is not for you to say who Kathy should and shouldn't thank. If she wants to praise God, let her do so.

Replied by Melissa
Baltimore, Md

After gargling and swishing the coconut oil for 5 minutes, do you swallow it or spit it out??? Not clear on this part.

Thank you

EC: Spit it out (ideally in the toilet, so you don't clog your pipes with the oil). You never want to swallow toxins or viruses when you can help it!

Replied by Pat
Santa Clarita, Ca, Usa

I am amazed to stumble upon this site and conversation about coconut oil! It is an answer to Prayer - really! I was just getting ready to take some leftover antibiotic in desperation to rid my throat of an infection in my left tonsil. Reading the side-effects of the meds. Was enough to scare me but I looked up tonsillitis to see which of the meds. Would be best to use... And there it was, a reference to wonderful "coconut oil". I have been using it for various things (like skin disorders including cancers, moisturizer, mixed in my hot morning coffee to clear the brain because of its anti-Alzheimer's affect) with success, and now it is good for infected tonsils! Who knew? The Good Lord did and He has once again been my Helper. Thank You, Jesus. I have already swished it against my throat and tonsil and feel some relief. I will continue ue to do so. Thanks, everyone.

Replied by N
London, Uk
1 out of 5 stars

After reading this site spent I £15 on some extra virgin coconut oil as I have had sore throat/tonsilitus for over a month now and just can't get rid of it!! Didn't work, waste of money, thought it sounded too good to be true!!

Replied by Jj
San Clemente, Ca US

I have reoccurring tonsillitis. So I know a few ways to cure it and sometimes the cure you used last time or the one you have never used wont work... So you have to try diffrent things each time. Keep your immune system strong, vitamin c, second gargel salt water spit out salt water as much as you want listerine also helps. but coconut oil will help most of the time even if you just ingest it the tonsillitis will go away slowly however I have not tried this remedy and looking forward to see how well it works thank you and good luck other people with your pain.

Replied by Jj
San Clemente, Usa

I'm back to let you know my tonsilitis has not gone away so easily this time even though I have been taking coconut oil and doing this treatment. Today however, I decided to use old treatment what I thought was inferior but it worked well, gargel salt water it reduces swelling and pain. With the reduced swelling I coughed up a few vile things which is good! ^^ got all the nasty stuff out now I can start healing. But my point is coconut oil will heal and disinfect but salt water will reduce swelling and disinfect so use both!!! And also use listerien or a hydrogen peroxied and water mix to really kill germs back there ^^

Replied by Rob

Thank you so much for the posts on coconut oil to relieve tonsilitis. It worked for me within 12 hours. From not being able to talk, swallow or eat, and just drool from the side of the mouth, now I can have a conversation again and not be in agony!

Replied by Ramune
Peterborough, Cambs

Just a quick one about Liugol Spray. It is still sold in Lithuania so we do have it here in Europe. If that helps it is called Liugolis. They even sell it on Amazon. Hope it helps. My friend just brought me a bottle of it as I have terrible throat pain.

Will also try coconut oil gargle.

Have been gargling with hydrogen peroxide and water all day yesterday. One side seemed to be clear of white coating after the night.

Replied by Katherina
Venice, Italy

I found Lugol in a Dutch online store UnlimitedHealth. If anyone is interested, they have a brand called Bob's Best.

i known that some people might be allergic to Iodine though, so it's better to test it on your skin before spraying it into your throat.

Replied by Larry C
Downers Grove, Il, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Six months ago I was diagnosed with Stage Four HPV squamous cell carcinoma of the tonsil. I decided right away against the Trilogy Of Death (Surgery, Chemo & Radiation) and have been treating my cancer holistically with diet and supplements using the Bill Henderson protocol. Needing biological dentistry to remove the four root canals causing my cancer I waited hoping to get better without but then developed a serious infection of the tonsil. It went on for weeks until I found the coconut cure here and found relief almost instantly. It's been 5 days now of using the oil and all the white puss is gone and the pain I felt is becoming bearable. I also found that oil pulling (holding the oil in my mouth while swishing) with the coconut for about twenty minutes works even better as it kills virus & bacteria alike. Probably going to do this forever... Root canal tooth removal starts next week.

Replied by Amy

Larry I'm not sure if you'll get notified of my reply here but I see your post is from back in 2015 so I just wanted to see how you went fighting this cancer with the natural protocol!

Replied by Mercy
Owerri, Imo

Please my child is just one year and nine months old, and she has re occurent tonsilittis, please how do I make her to gargle this coconut oil so that she can get relieved of the pain and discomfort of cartarrh and cough. Please can she just be drinking the coconut oil?

Replied by Brandon
Willis, Texas


I know this is probably too late in conjunction to your ailment. Use turmeric and raw honey to coat and treat your throat the next time and you simply can't go wrong.


Posted by Neil (Auckland, New Zealand) on 08/29/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I get tonsillitises frequently (every 4-6 weeks) and it usually takes 1 week to recover. I have tried prescribed antibiotics with no effect. However, after reading about garlic on this website, I gave it a shot and I was totally amazed at how fast I recover. There is a dramatic difference the following day after I take a clove of garlic soup before going to bed and I make total recovery within 3 days. With prescription antibiotics, it used to take about 1 week, including gargling every couple of hours. Even when I am ok, I take garlic soup about 2 times a week, and this is the first time ever that I have gone through winter without getting a cold!! I peel a clove of garlic and cut them in half lengthwise. Then I boil it for a couple of minutes in 1.5 cup water and add a pinch of salt, teaspoon of butter, a pinch of pepper and sprinkle with nutmeg. I take is as a soup as the garlic is soft enough to be eaten. Works wonders for me.

Replied by Boriana
Beijing, China

My daughter has a chronic tonsillitis since she was small now already 17 still the same and unluckily she found out to be allergic to garlic. is there any other remedy apart from the garlic?

Replied by Joyce
Joelton,, Tn
512 posts

Response to Boriana from Beijing: Good old apple cider vinegar & local honey, mixed half & half - at 17 years old she should also be able to tolerate a little cayenne added in there (all three are known to have antibiotic effect & honey also has some ability to decrease allergies.


Posted by Ally (Florida, Us) on 01/03/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I woke up with swollen tonsils this morning. Hurt when I swallow and my speech is affected. I came to Earth Clinic to find a remedy (alternate), and was surprised that the remedy that I know and was out of was not listed at all.

The most effective cure I know is Golden Seal in the liquid form. Two drops directly on the tonsils and the pain will be gone instantly.

If I had that I wouldn't even have come here today, so try it folks. Over the years it has been an instant cure for me- not days, hours, nor minutes, but instant. 2 drops on the swollen tonsil, and I swallow it. Awful taste- really awful, but the instant gratification is well worth it. Remember to refrigerate it to keep it fresh and effective.

Thanks Earth Clinic, over the years I have come here so I am happy to contribute

Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, Calfornia) on 09/19/2011 50 posts
0 out of 5 stars


Hello everyone. Since I was a little child I suffered from Tonsillitis and am now past my sixties. People have made fun of my breath and have said some really mean things like fart mouth and other kind phrases like that. I understand now that my breath has been like that because of the Tonsilloliths (white stones) No wonder my boyfriends didn't want to kiss me! ): I have been told by doctors that I cannot have a tonsillectomy because of my age and severe bleeding that could kill me.

Anyway, about 8 days ago I woke up in the morning with my tongue, the left side of my face and throat swollen. I could see the Tonsils inflamed and the pain was excruciating I've never had it that bad before. I quickly started on my remedies. Made a strong tea of garlic and honey. It helped some but I woke up about an hour later and in even more pain. My throat was so swollen I looked like a bullfrog only to match that swamp breath! How lovely!

Well I became desperate and took an empty 2 oz brown bottle that had a 3 inch dropper in it. I took that dropper and filled it with, 3% hydrogen peroxide and did not mix it with water even though my inner voice was warning me and shot it straight down my tonsil opening to finally heal myself! I figured it would clean it out and stop that pain. WRONG!!

I didn't feel any fizzing or anything so figured it hadn't helped me any. I woke up about an hour later and was in the worst pain of my life plus a headache and could not swallow very well and could not lay back because I felt as though I was choking. I figured I better go to the hospital and they made me wait even though I was dying!! They gave me an antibiotic and a shot to bring down the swelling. The nurse said, "you can't leave yet we have to make sure you'll be alright. I didn't mention a word to the doctor about what I had done. For fear that they would do worse than what I had done. I started to hyperventiliate because I was afraid that that shot would make things worse. They made me stay a little longer and then let me go.

I kept checking on my Tonsil and saw that there was no opening!! Oh no I thought I must have burned it out!!! After a few days I noticed I could not bend over or my tonsil would hurt so bad my head hurt and could not swallow or lay down I had to sleep sitting straight up. I kept putting ice packs on my throat and it helped a little. It felt as though my throat wanted to close up on me. Everyone in my family told me I was crazy for doing it.

Now 8 days later the Tonsil looks like a big exclamation mark (! ) I will see if it stays like that but I think it's gone.

What finally helped the pain to go away was 1 tsp ACV, 1 tsp honey and a little liquid cayenne (only 2 drops! ). I am praying that the one tonsil is gone but hoping I will be alright. I feel pretty good now but would I do it to the other one? HELL NO!!! By the way, the doctor said I needed a Tonsillectomy. If I had listened to him I'd be writing you from my grave! It's very good to be alive!!!

P.S. I will give you an update if anything good or bad happens because of it! REMEMBER SOMETIMES A LITTLE IS BETTER!!! Happiness and health to all.


Hydrogen Peroxide, Coconut Oil

Posted by Momsy (East Coast) on 08/30/2013

My daughter could not sleep due to swollen tonsils-I could barely see her uvula, and she said her throat felt like pins and needles. This remedy worked fast:

She gargled with 1/4 tsp. 3% hydrogen peroxide and 3/4 tsp. water for 2 minutes, then spit. After a few minutes her throat area started stinging badly-it was working! We let the H2O2 do its work for 5 minutes. She then gargled with 1 tsp. extra virgin coconut oil for a few seconds, then swallowed it. The oil seemed to coat and soothe her throat nicely.

She went back to bed and ten minutes later, was asleep! I checked her throat the next morning, tonsils were a bit smaller and not as red. As usual, Earth Clinic came through. Thank you!!

Lorraine's Tonsillitis Tea

Posted by Lorraine (Derby, Kansas) on 12/02/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I made a sort of "tea" with 2 tablespoons of honey, lemon juice from one wedge, pinch of salt, a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, one minced garlic clove, a dash of cayenne pepper, and boiling water (to fill a mug) for tonsillitis. Works better than anything I have ever tried before.

Replied by Dan
New Britain, CT
5 out of 5 stars

I have made a tea with a few pieces of chopped up ginger root.. 2 tablespoons of Apple cider vinigear (ORAGNIC) (mother) and some honey.. seems to be working very well for me. Give it a shot.

Replied by Suznne
Staines, England.

Please could you tell me if you drink this tea or gargle with it? My daughter can't take antibiotics.

Nebulize Hydrogen Peroxide

Posted by Bbb (California) on 03/16/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Today I woke up with inflamed swollen tonsils. Having had tonsillitis at least twice a year for most of my life, I have tried A LOT of home remedies. The BEST and quickest acting one (that I used today) has been hydrogen peroxide!
I mix a dilution of 3% H202 (the one with NO additives! ) with distilled water. Usually about a tablespoon of each will suffice, then nebulize for 15 - 20 mins.
You can do this as many times a day as you need. I do it four times. I also increase my vitamin C intake (only natural vitamin C! NOT ascorbic acid! ) I make raw honey and lemon tea and gargle a 50/50 mix of ACV and water. I may attempt the coconut oil gargle also as I need to put in a full day at work and I have no voice!

Salt Gargle

Posted by DEXTER (RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA) on 12/18/2008
5 out of 5 stars





Replied by Bbb

I don't recommend iodized salt for anything! It is TOXIC! Use sea salt! This has plenty of trace minerals and will give your body a boost to boot!

Salt, Baking Soda, Coconut Oil Gargle

Posted by Sanjoo (Ahmedabad) on 10/29/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Add salt + 1 or 2 pinches baking soda to a glass of water at room temp. (you can add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil for increased effect).

Take a sip & start swishing with this water, spit, take another sip & gargle, 1 or 2 times, spit, then another sip of this water, add abt 1/2 tsp of coconut oil directly to yr mouth & then gargle with this mix & spit.

Very effective for bringing down infection of inflamed tonsils.

Swollen Tonsil Remedies

Posted by Brittany (Las Vegas, Nv) on 02/27/2013

Hello my name is Brittany and for the last 7 or 8 months, I have been experiencing very bad throat / tongue / tonsil swelling. I have gone to the ER and but haven't found a cause.... I though it was caused by my birth control so I removed it. I'm still geting the swellingness so ANYONE plz help.

Replied by Joy
Battleground, Wash

I use coconut oil in my mouth and it is helping me a lot. Swish around in your mouth for awhile and spit it out and then rinse well. Try again, I use it throughout the day. (there could be some side effect symptoms if it starts to heal you, even an antibiotic can make you feel sick at first.)

Garlic and lemon also are very potent mouth healers.

I also read on this site that milk of magnesia kills MRSA on skin , maybe swish some around in your mouth and spit it out.

Rinse with water afterwards. Hope this helps.

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Ky, Usa
2109 posts

Brittany: Try some Zinc Lozenges, they will probably help. Please update any progress.