Tonsillitis Remedies

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Mary (Los Angeles, Calfornia) on 09/19/2011 49 posts


Hello everyone. Since I was a little child I suffered from Tonsillitis and am now past my sixties. People have made fun of my breath and have said some really mean things like fart mouth and other kind phrases like that. I understand now that my breath has been like that because of the Tonsilloliths (white stones) No wonder my boyfriends didn't want to kiss me! ): I have been told by doctors that I cannot have a tonsillectomy because of my age and severe bleeding that could kill me.

Anyway, about 8 days ago I woke up in the morning with my tongue, the left side of my face and throat swollen. I could see the Tonsils inflamed and the pain was excruciating I've never had it that bad before. I quickly started on my remedies. Made a strong tea of garlic and honey. It helped some but I woke up about an hour later and in even more pain. My throat was so swollen I looked like a bullfrog only to match that swamp breath! How lovely!

Well I became desperate and took an empty 2 oz brown bottle that had a 3 inch dropper in it. I took that dropper and filled it with, 3% hydrogen peroxide and did not mix it with water even though my inner voice was warning me and shot it straight down my tonsil opening to finally heal myself! I figured it would clean it out and stop that pain. WRONG!!

I didn't feel any fizzing or anything so figured it hadn't helped me any. I woke up about an hour later and was in the worst pain of my life plus a headache and could not swallow very well and could not lay back because I felt as though I was choking. I figured I better go to the hospital and they made me wait even though I was dying!! They gave me an antibiotic and a shot to bring down the swelling. The nurse said, "you can't leave yet we have to make sure you'll be alright. I didn't mention a word to the doctor about what I had done. For fear that they would do worse than what I had done. I started to hyperventiliate because I was afraid that that shot would make things worse. They made me stay a little longer and then let me go.

I kept checking on my Tonsil and saw that there was no opening!! Oh no I thought I must have burned it out!!! After a few days I noticed I could not bend over or my tonsil would hurt so bad my head hurt and could not swallow or lay down I had to sleep sitting straight up. I kept putting ice packs on my throat and it helped a little. It felt as though my throat wanted to close up on me. Everyone in my family told me I was crazy for doing it.

Now 8 days later the Tonsil looks like a big exclamation mark (! ) I will see if it stays like that but I think it's gone.

What finally helped the pain to go away was 1 tsp ACV, 1 tsp honey and a little liquid cayenne (only 2 drops! ). I am praying that the one tonsil is gone but hoping I will be alright. I feel pretty good now but would I do it to the other one? HELL NO!!! By the way, the doctor said I needed a Tonsillectomy. If I had listened to him I'd be writing you from my grave! It's very good to be alive!!!

P.S. I will give you an update if anything good or bad happens because of it! REMEMBER SOMETIMES A LITTLE IS BETTER!!! Happiness and health to all.