TMJ Remedies

Thieve’s Oil Compress
Posted by Rob (Kentucky) on 06/22/2021
5 out of 5 stars

My GF had a severe attack of TMJ after returning home from a dinner date. She said it started while she was eating. First, we applied a heating pad to the side of her face. Did not do much for the pain.

So, next we tried applying Dr. Christopher's SenSei Menthol Ointment (if you are not familiar with this product, imagine vick's salve, tigerbalm and icy hot combined times 100! ) to the side of her jaw, neck and around her ear.

I then made up an oil compress of thieve's oil to be placed inside her mouth (placed between her back tooth gum line of her jaw and cheek). As close to the temporomandibular joint area as possible. The compress will release its oils over the hour so it will absorb into the jaw area.

Then I had her lay down for the night. She woke-up as if nothing had ever happened.

How to make this essential oil compress:

  • 6 drops thieves oil – mine has cinnamon, not cassia (I guess you could add more drops if you want it stronger)
  • 30 drops olive oil
  • ½ of a small cottonball

Mix oils in a small bowl with your finger then soak it up with the cottonball.

Note: I am trying this on myself tonite for fluid in my inner ear that won't go away. If it works, I'll post results.