Cure Taste Impairments

Oil Pulling
Posted by Southernarc (Durham, Nc, USA) on 03/01/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've only been oil pulling for three days, using sunflower oil for 20 minutes, but I've already noticed a marked improvement in my taste buds.

I've been eating oats for months and have regarded them as fairly tasteless. But on Day 2 they tasted better, and now on Day 3 this breakfast tasted delicious to me! All of my foods have tasted better, and the thing is, I'm eating them and realize how good they taste, THEN I remember/think "I wonder if this is from the OP?" I'm sure that oil pulling is making a big impact.

I smoke pipe tobacco every night. I know I shouldn't but I enjoy the flavor too much to give it up. My smokes have tasted better as well. And in the morning, after waking with "smokers mouth", the OP gets rid of it. And from what I've experienced, the OP is more effective for restoring the taste buds than just laying off the tobacco for a week (which I've done but my buds were not restored as good as one morning with OP).

Big thumbs up for oil pulling for restoring taste buds!