4 Supplements to Alleviate Long Covid

on Oct 06, 2022| Modified on Apr 23, 2024
Supplements for Long COVID

It is now common knowledge that Covid-19, at least for many people, can still cause moderate to severe symptoms even after you are over the main symptoms and test negative for the SARS-CoV2 virus.

These symptoms can persist for months or even years, and some people seem unable ever to become 100% clear of these symptoms, which are typically referred to as "Long Covid."

Typical Long Covid Symptoms

  • Fatigue (Very Common)
  • Brain Fog
  • Depression
  • Headache
  • Sleep Issues / Insomnia
  • Chronic Cough
  • Lightheadedness
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Chest Pain or Tightness
  • Loss of Smell
  • Muscle Aches
  • Heart Palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Joint Pain
  • Pins and Needles feeling in hands and or feet
  • Gastrointestinal Issues

Previously I have written about how melatonin can be useful for some of these post covid symptoms here so I won't discuss that now or count it as part of this group, but I will add that melatonin has anticoagulation effects in the blood :


Now that more research into long covid is starting to be done, we have a greater understanding of what is going on in this post-disease process and consequently an increased understanding of what supplements are more likely to be beneficial to try and counter these symptoms.

A lot of what is driving long covid is oxidative stress and inflammation which antioxidants are very useful to try and counter the increased oxidative stress, inflammation, and the symptoms related to elevated oxidative stress levels and inflammation.

This newer article (April 2022) details how Oxidative Stress and Hyper-Inflammation are major driving forces in long covid :


Here is a relevant quote from the review:

' Oxidative stress is a pivotal point in the pathophysiology of COVID-19 and presumably also in Long-COVID. Inflammation and oxidative stress are mutually reinforcing each other, thus contributing to the systemic hyper-inflammatory state and coagulopathy which are cardinal pathological mechanisms of severe stages. COVID-19 patients, like other critically ill patients e.g. with pneumonia, very often show severe deficiency of the antioxidant vitamin C. '

ALA + CoQ10

Along that line of thinking, Alpha lipoic Acid (ALA) + CoQ10 should serve well to lower oxidative stress overall in the body and the mitochondria in particular, which will go a long way in improving cell function. Melatonin is a highly potent antioxidant and radical scavenge as well as a potent anti inflammatory as outlined in the very first link.

The following new study (August 2022) gives pertinent information on why the combination of ALA and CoQ10 are likely to be useful against post Covid-19 symptoms :


Here is an important quote :

' A FSS complete response was reached in 62 (53.5%) patients in treatment group and in two (3.5%) patients in control group. A reduction in FSS core < 20% from baseline at T1 (non-response) was observed in 11 patients in the treatment group (9.5%) and in 15 patients in the control group (25.9%) (p < 0.0001). To date, this is the first study that tests the efficacy of coenzyme Q10 and alpha lipoic acid in chronic Covid syndrome. Primary and secondary outcomes were met. '

Those are good positive results in a moderate sized study group and clearly show the efficacy of the combination of ALA + CoQ10 in trying to deal with long covid. It is already established that ALA is useful for peripheral neuropathy or the pins and needles feeling in the hands and feet so I won't go into that aspect here, but those can be post covid symptoms and ALA would show its relevance there also. It is worth mentioning that the Ubiquinol form of CoQ10 is likely to be a better choice because of its superior bioavailability in adults.

In this new study (September 2022) they showed the combination of Vitamin C and L-Arginine to improve long covid symptoms via their Lincoln Survey :


Here is a relevant quote from their review :

' This survey is the first to show the beneficial effects of the combination of l-Arginine and Vitamin C in Long-COVID. Our investigation was based on a robust rationale, i.e. targeting endothelial dysfunction in Long-COVID. Indeed, endothelial cell infection with consecutive inflammatory cell recruitment and endothelial dysfunction could explain the impaired microcirculation observed across vascular beds in COVID-19, triggering vasoconstriction, ischemia, and a pro-coagulant state [92][93][94][95]. Consistent with our view, several investigators had proposed that endotheliitis could be a critical mechanism underlying systemic impaired microcirculatory function observed in different vascular beds in patients experiencing Long-COVID symptoms [92][96]. '

It is worth noting that melatonin also helps repair the endothelium through its anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant effects.

So here we have four supplements, well 5 if you add melatonin in, that have shown benefit against many of the symptoms of long covid in these brand new studies. These are common and readily available with good safety profiles and are likely to help alleviate the symptoms of long covid and as a side benefit are likely to offer other health benefits rather than negative side effects often seen with prescription medications.

Supplements for Long-Covid

1. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA)

2. Co~Q10 as Ubiquinol

3. Vitamin C

4. L-Arginine

5. Melatonin :   https://www.earthclinic.com/melatonin-protocol-for-coronavirus.html

As far as dosing, it seems prudent to start with label recommendations and work upward if needed.

Many supplements are starting to show some benefit against long covid, but testing is in the very early stages as of now, but as those studies become available, I will add them. Some interesting areas of research are amino acids and synbiotic combinations.


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ALA, Ubiquinol Melatonin

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Posted by jake (chicago) on 04/21/2023

Hi Art -- I told my cousin - long suffering with long covid fatigue and brain fog -6 months at least- - about the new supplements shown in studies to show positive benefits. Last week and again this week he called to tell me - he could hardly believe he was that same person, pre our conversation. He was already taking arginine and coq10 before, but he changed over to ubiquinol and doubled to twice a day as well. He also added and took ALA along with the ubiquinol, as the studies suggest- taken together boosts the effects of each taken separately. He also takes (only) 5 mg melatonin as he does not tolerate it that well.

Thanks to you and all contributors for being the community of helpful info, sharing anecdotal successes and spreading protocols that might help others as in this case of my cousin - who can't thank me enough for bringing Art's information to him.

Replied by Art
2215 posts

Thank you very much for taking the time to give the positive feedback that your cousin experienced from these supplements, Jake! It is good to know what is working for post Covid-19 symptoms. I am very happy that your cousin was able to turn the brain fog and fatigue around with the suggested supplements. These are two very common post Covid-19 symptoms so having a working remedy will be useful for many in a similar situation!

The more I hear from people who are suffering from post Covid-19 symptoms, the more I realize just how common this health issue is.


Article Updates

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Posted by Art (California) on 12/10/2022 2215 posts

As promised, I will update this thread on long Covid(LC) as studies become available regarding LC.

In this new study (November 2022), the researchers discuss the multiple beneficial effects of Melatonin as a potential treatment to help deal with various LC symptoms. Something that is not mentioned in this study is that type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) is being seen in post covid patients now and melatonin has previously shown benefit for T2DM. In any case they cover many side effects and how melatonin is likely to offer benefit via its multiple methods of action, which include antiapoptotic effects, antioxidant & radical scavenging effects, anti inflammatory effects and immunomodulatory effects Here is a link to the new study :


Here are some very relevant quotes from the study :

' This methoxyindole is found in all forms of life that express aerobic respiration; melatonin's primary function is cytoprotection, displaying anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and immunostimulant effects [29, 30] which together endow it with highly potent neuroprotective properties [31]. The anti-inflammatory action of melatonin involves a variety of mechanisms [32]. One of them is Sirtuin-1 induction, which decreases the polarization of macrophages toward a proinflammatory profile [33]. Suppression of nuclear factor (NF)-κB activation [34, 35] and stimulation of nuclear erythroid 2-related factor 2 are also detected after exposure to melatonin [36]. Melatonin reduces proinflammatory cytokines (tumor necrosis (TN)F-α, interleukin (IL)-1β, IL-6, and IL-8) and increases anti-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-10 [33, 37]. '

' The antioxidant and scavenging effects of melatonin on free radicals in both the cytoplasm and the cell nucleus are mainly independent of receptors [38]. To fulfill this, melatonin not only acts as a free radical scavenger but also gives rise to a cascade of molecules with high antioxidant activity. It also acts as an indirect antioxidant, enhancing the production of antioxidant enzymes while inhibiting that of prooxidant enzymes [39]. In addition, some antiapoptotic and cytoprotective effects are seen under ischemia, presumably due to melatonin's stabilizing activity of the mitochondrial membrane [40]. '

' Thus, melatonin can reduce the damage resulting from sepsis mediated by COVID-19 through different mechanisms, I.e., by reversing the Warburg-type metabolism and transforming proinflammatory M1 macrophages into anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages [43], by mitigating the production of HIF-1α [44], by suppressing NF-κB [45], and by inhibiting NLRP3 inflammasome [46]. Circulating secreted phospholipase-A2 (Group IIA) correlated with the severity of COVID-19 disease [47]; hence, cyclooxygenase inhibition by melatonin [48, 49] is another potential mechanism by which the methoxyindole may inhibit viral infection. '

' It may well be true that higher doses of melatonin would be more beneficial in the COVID pandemic condition. For example, in a retrospective cross-sectional study of a closed population of 110 old adult patients treated with a mean melatonin daily dose of 46 mg for at least 12 months prior to the availability of COVID-19 vaccination, there was no death in the face of a lethality rate of 10.5% in the local population of elders suffering acute COVID-19 disease [64]. Indeed, animal studies support the use of high doses of melatonin to prevent infection in murine COVID-19 models [65]. From several animal studies, the human equivalent dose HED) of melatonin was calculated by allometry for a 75 kg adult [46]. Allometry is commonly employed for determining initial doses used in Phase I human clinical drug trials [66]. '

' As stated above, the deficits in attention, memory, verbal processing, and problem-solving seen in patients complaining of brain fog resemble MCI, the initial phase of Alzheimer's disease (AD) [22]. The underlying neuroinflammation in this condition (Figure 1) could be effectively controlled by melatonin, as shown by studies in cell lines linked to AD, in which melatonin reverses abnormalities in the Wnt/β-catenin, insulin, and Notch signaling pathways, proteostasis disruption and abnormal autophagic integrity (reviewed in Refs. [67, 68, 69, 70, 71]). '

' The beneficial effects of melatonin on fibromyalgia (associated commonly with ME/CFS) were first described in one of our laboratories [90]. Since then, several studies have confirmed the initial findings (for a summary, see ref. [91]). A common pathogenic mechanism is suggested by the similarities among ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, and post-COVID syndrome. The multiplicity of pathophysiological abnormalities in ME/CFS patients opens the possibility of numerous potential therapeutic targets [24]. The several abnormalities described comprise increased oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, dysregulated bioenergetics, a proinflammatory state, the disruption of gut mucosal barriers, and autonomic nervous system disturbances related to autoimmunity [92] (Figure 2). The possible therapeutic options targeting these pathways include melatonin, coenzyme Q10, curcumin, molecular hydrogen, and N-acetylcysteine [24]. Among them, melatonin is the only compound that addresses all mentioned potential targets [24].'

' Considering the quantity of scientific/medical studies that have suggested melatonin use in the COVID-19 pandemic, the inability of melatonin to garner attention from public health authorities or the pharmaceutical industry is disheartening. More than 190 papers on pubmed.gov (accessed on 9 October 2022) have examined the use of melatonin as a safe and potentially effective therapy for the COVID-19 pandemic since its inception [93]. This might be due to several factors, including the fact that no influential organization has promoted its therapeutic use for this condition. Melatonin is non-patentable and cheap; therefore, the pharmaceutical business has little motive to encourage its usage. Meanwhile, several potentially harmful and costly medications have been repackaged as therapies for this disease [94]. '

' In critical situations, such as an Ebola outbreak or the COVID-19 pandemic, it is ethical to use all accessible and safe medicines, even if their usefulness has not been fully demonstrated, especially if the therapy has no major adverse side effects. From an analysis of 27 publications that were surveyed on the ability of drugs to successfully treat COVID-19, it was concluded that melatonin is at least twice as effective as remdesivir or tocilizumab in reducing the inflammatory markers of a coronavirus 2019 infection [94]. Given the substantial number of deaths caused by SARS-CoV-2 infections throughout the world, it seems to us that it is immoral to not take advantage of any such safe therapy, especially if the vaccinations become less effective as the virus continues to evolve. At the very least, well-controlled and powered clinical trials are essential to further establish the current evidence that melatonin is safe and efficacious in treating COVID-19 and its sequelae. '

As you can see from the above study quotes, melatonin covers a lot of known symptoms seen in LC and should clearly be a main candidate for not only treating Covid-19, but very importantly, LC also!


Replied by Krysia
(Glenview, IL)

Thanks, I'll give the Melatonin a try. Just read it is also good for non-alcoholic fatty liver.


Would you please cite the article you read about melatonin and nafld? I would like to learn more. I have also read the lecithin is good for it, but I'm still stumbling around the edges of seeing what will be good.

2215 posts


I wrote the following in December of 2022 which you may find useful for NAFLD or non alcoholic fatty liver disease :



Replied by Marsh

Thanks for this, Art. Ironically my sister, a friend, and I started about 3 weeks ago with the same sensation of needing to draw phlegm out from our sinuses (and we don't live near each other). Nothing has helped, it's just ongoing. Friend is an RN and said it's a post-covid symptom. Any suggestions?

2215 posts


Four things I have used that have helped with excess phlegm issues are melatonin, NAC, quercetin and stinging nettle extract. If there is still an infection issue, colloidal silver (CS) and or grapefruit seed extract (GSE) are helpful. You can get the GSE from using XLEAR Nasal Spray (XNS) at the maximum label dose. XNS and CS are both potent antimicrobials and XNS also contains xylitol with the GSE which both help breakdown biofilms in the sinuses and it is easy to apply the maximum label dose of XNS.


Replied by Art
2215 posts

To further update on the usage of effective supplements to treat long covid (LC), the following study in humans suggests that the supplement Palmitoylethanolamide commonly referred to as PEA is another effective supplement to treat LC as discussed here :


Here are some relevant quotes from the study :

' As far as we know, this is the first study showing the potential efficacy of PEA in improving symptomatology of patients with long COVID. Indeed, most of our patients obtained a significant improvement in PCFS score (p = 0.0000) after treatment with PEA and without any side effects. Therefore, a causal beneficial effect of this 3-month therapy seems to be a reasonable assumption in our population. '

' The neuroprotective and anti-inflammatory effect of PEA has been recently studied in patients with smell dysfunction. In a recent clinical trial on the efficacy of PEA on olfactory dysfunction, it has shown that a combination of PEA and luteolin (PEA-LUT) with olfactory training was more efficient in recovering smell than olfactory training alone [71]. '

' Moreover, in the case of asymptomatic persistence of the virus, PEA has been shown to have antiviral mechanisms [73]. Indeed, PEA disassembles lipid droplets, avoiding the fonts of energy and defense by SARS-CoV-2 against innate cellular defenses, thanks to the activation of PPAR-α. Then, as the persistence of low-level virus particles/mRNA can be detected for long time after clinical recovery, this further mechanism of action can help in treating long COVID. '

So this study suggests that PEA may be an effective treatment for LC. I would also like to add that there are two other forms of PEA that are considered to be more effective than regular PEA. These two forms are called ultra micronized PEA or micronized PEA (umPEA) and may also be worth considering for LC as well as other health issues. The other form of PEA combines PEA + Luteolin.


2215 posts

Previously I have discussed the use of melatonin as highly likely to be useful for long covid (LC). A new review a new (April, 2024) adds further confirmation to that idea as discussed here :


Here is a relevant quote from the review :

' According to various studies, melatonin has proven efficacy in attenuating the severity of certain COVID-19 manifestations, validating its reputation as an anti-viral compound. Melatonin has well-documented anti-aging properties and combating neurodegenerative-related pathologies. Melatonin can block the leading events of ferroptosis since it is an efficient anti-inflammatory, iron chelator, antioxidant, angiotensin II antagonist, and clock gene regulator. Therefore, we propose ferroptosis as the culprit behind the post-COVID-19 trajectory of aging and neurodegeneration and melatonin, a well-fitting ferroptosis inhibitor, as a potential treatment. '

I was not previously aware that LC /Covid-19 could promote accelerated aging and neurodegeneration, but knowing that now, imo, makes melatonin even more useful for LC because of its known health promoting multiple methods of action.


Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Art (California) on 10/13/2022 2215 posts

I was recently talking with a friend who was relating how after he got over Covid-19 in 5 days, developed a strange cough where he didn't cough much, but when he would talk, he would get spasms that made him cough and also made it impossible to continue talking. He told me he had the cough for over 2.5 months and it was getting worse instead of better, because now his voice had become hoarse and he had more phlegm that was getting darker.

I had previously given him a bottle of colloidal silver (CS) to test for another health issue, so he decided to use the leftover CS in his cold process vaporizer and inhale directly from the output port of the vaporizer for 10 minutes, three times per day for a total of 30 minutes per day. He told me he replaced the CS in the vaporizer with new CS after each use and he did this for 3 days in a row and by the third day his cough started to diminish and was gone by the 5th or 6th day, but he only used the CS for the first three days.

He was very happy with the results and said he still had some CS left over which he was going to save until needed again. I told him that I was a little surprised that he was able to recover from such a long standing cough so quickly, but I was happy to hear it! He told me that before he used the CS, he would not have been able to have this conversation with me as all of the talking would have had him coughing up a storm.


Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract (GSPE)

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Posted by Art (California) on 03/31/2023 2215 posts

Recently a friend was telling me about a problem that she had gotten shortly after getting Covid-19, which I would describe as a Long Covid issue as she did not have the problem prior to having Covid-19.

So she told me that a month or two after getting over Covid-19 she started having symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB). She said that once the symptoms started, they seemed to be increasing steadily and getting worse. Her symptoms were that she had to frequently urinate as well as not being able to sleep through the night because of frequent trips to the bathroom.

She also mentioned that another symptom was cramping in her calves, which she had not previously had and the cramping was becoming an everyday thing. Another problem that she mentioned was that it was becoming difficult to go anywhere because she was afraid she might not make it to a restroom on time. She said the urge could come on so fast, that she sometimes had a hard time making it to the bathroom at home in time.

All of this was causing her anxiety and she felt like she was no longer wanting to go out and socialize with her friends and family. She said this was leading her to a depressed state and she was noticing that with each passing day the combination of everything was making her feel weaker. She further told me that she was no longer going for her swimming exercises because she feared she might have an accident in the pool. She said she was feeling desperate and the thought of going to her doctor with a long covid symptom and knowing that doctors do not yet have options for their patients with long covid symptoms, was making her feel more distressed. She then asked me what I thought and if there was anything I could recommend for her to take.

I was kind of at a loss for words after she had told me everything, because I was trying to process everything she had told me while also seeing how the frequent urge to urinate had totally changed her life, and not in a good way. It isn't like there are tons of known remedies for long covid symptoms. We reviewed recent research together regarding OAB post Covid-19. The research seemed to confirm that what she was experiencing was very likely a post Covid symptom as discussed here :

https://www.medpagetoday.com/resource-centers/overactive-bladder/covid-19-and-risk-overactive-bladder/4388#:~:text=Patients with COVID-19 are, are on chronic steroid therapy.

Here is a relevant quote from the article :

  • New retrospective research adds to the limited literature on the novel condition known as COVID-associated cystitis (CAC).
  • Patients with COVID-19 are at nearly 3 times greater risk of developing new or worsening OAB symptoms than those who haven't been infected.
  • The likelihood of OAB symptoms may be higher in COVID-infected patients who have diabetes mellitus or are on chronic steroid therapy. '

In this next study they discuss how inevitably every form of incontinence has psychological consequences such as shame and insecurity, which is interesting because that was exactly what she was describing to me :

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4361165/#:~:text=Almost inevitably every form of, possibly to depression and isolation.

Here is a relevant quote from the article :

' Almost inevitably every form of incontinence has psychological consequences: shame and insecurity are often results of uncontrolled loss of urine. Among others, in the long term, they lead to the avoidance of social contacts and possibly to depression and isolation. '

I told her that studies are starting to show that a main issue that is being seen in many long covid symptoms is increased levels of oxidative stress that can further lead to inflammation. So I told her that I would suggest trying a potent antioxidant that is also a mild anti inflammatory with a very good safety profile and high tolerability because she would likely have to take a higher dose in order to be effective for her. She told me that she is very sensitive to many supplements and was concerned whether she would be able to tolerate a higher dose of any supplement.

I told her that all she could do was try and first see if she can tolerate it and then see if it would help with her OAB symptoms. I suggested that she try the Grape Seed Proanthocyanidin Extract (GSPE) that I use because it is a potent antioxidant and is generally very tolerable by friends that I have recommended it to as well as myself at even higher dosing. She agreed to order it and start it as soon as it arrived. I told her the bottle recommends taking 3 capsules per day and I suggested the same. She told me she would keep me updated. This is the product she used :


She started texting after starting on the GSPE, and she said she was only taking two caps per day instead of the label recommended 3 caps per day. So she was taking an 800 mg dose per day.

  • In her first text, she said she was able to go 4 1/2 hours of sleep before having to get up and go to the bathroom. She said that previously she had to get up 4 to 5 times a night.
  • Her next text said she was feeling a little less urgency to urinate.
  • The next text said that she was starting to feel like she was regaining bladder control and because of that was starting to think about possibly getting back to her swimming exercises soon.
  • Her next text said she was able to sleep from 11:30 pm until 6:30 am without having to get up once to go to the bathroom.
  • Her next text said that her urgency level is down by about 50%.
  • The next text said, 'Good news, went to bed at 9:30 pm and slept through til 5:00 am.
  • Her next text said I feel that I am about 95% back to normal.
  • In her next text she said that her leg cramping seems to be diminishing also.
  • Her next text said she is looking forward to returning to her swimming exercises.
  • Her next text said that the depression, anxiety, shame, and fear of going out socially are almost nonexistent now.
  • Her last text said she is feeling back to normal now!

It is worth pointing out that these texts were received over a period of a week.

Although I see this friend fairly often, she never brought this health issue up until she was feeling desperate and all I saw was that she was always in a rush to get home.

In any case, I hope that this will be helpful for others who may have had Covid-19 and then experienced exacerbated OAB symptoms or experienced OAB symptoms for the first time.


Replied by Elohwyn

Everyone says overactive bladder but seems more like overactive kidneys. The bladder can only hold so much fluid and if the kidneys are producing a ton of urine the bladder has no choice. I had the same issue with long haul including bile obstruction and pancreatitis and Turpentine cured it all. The severe hair loss I headed with a scalp spray tea I make.

2215 posts


Thank you for the feedback!

My friend is just amazed out how fast the GSPE worked for her to get rid of all of her symptoms in just one week!



How did you take/use the turpentine? And what are the ingredients for the spray you used for your hair?

(Savannah, GA)

Great news! I'm experiencing similar symptoms, but not from Long term-Covid. My symptoms are post surgery where I was administered large doses of antibiotics then developed UTI's and subsequent yeast infections; that required even more antibiotics! There's something very similar resulting from these anti-immune triggers. Am experiencing less urgency & will take the grape seed. I suffered night cramps. Tried mustard, pickle juice &, magnesium & exercises, that didn't help. One night I fell asleep wearing cotton socks that stopped any cramps. Haven't had any nightly leg cramps for a year.


What is this tea that you make for the scalp?

Replied by Sharon V.

Hi Art, can you please share the tea you make and how effective is it? Thank you,

2215 posts

Sharon V.

I'm sorry for the delayed reply, I just saw your post.

I think you have confused me with someone else, as I do not use tea for overactive bladder (OAB).

I use grape seed proanthocyanidin extract for post Covid OAB and I use Pumpkin Seed Oil for OAB.



Hi Art, I meant the tea for the scalp. Thanks for the reply.

EC: Elohwyn from Oregon is the one who mentioned the tea for hair loss. It is below Art's original post.

Long Covid Brain Fog

Posted by Deirdre (VA) on 10/26/2023

Hi Art,

Thought you might be interested in this article I just read on NPR.

Long COVID brain fog may originate in a surprising place, say scientists


Replied by Art
2215 posts

Hi Deirdre,

This could explain a lot of aspects of long covid and also explain why melatonin helps improve long covid symptoms. When I originally wrote the article about melatonin for covid, I started out writing an article to deal with long covid, which had not yet been named, but clearly was going to be an issue in people after getting covid. It was Dr. Neel's early reports that changed the direction of that article from long covid to a treatment for covid. While I was writing that article, I read a report that people with covid were showing lower levels of melatonin. At the time, I thought that perhaps SARS Cov-2 was a type of smart virus that could alter the immune system so it would not initially attack the virus and it was doing so by inhibiting melatonin production, which is what the virus appeared to be doing, but at the time, it was not known how it was inhibiting melatonin production.

Well, your article link answers that question because both tryptophan and serotonin are precursors for melatonin. Inhibit or misguide tryptophan and serotonin production and melatonin production decline allowing the virus to operate much more unencumbered.

Supplementing melatonin reduces gut inflammation and oxidative stress levels. If a main mechanism of action for covid is gut inflammation then that would clearly be one way that melatonin could significantly reduce the negative effects of covid. If the reduction of gut inflammation restores tryptophan production and downstream serotonin levels, then that could partially explain how melatonin is able to shorten the length and severity of covid. Melatonin also acts to prevent blood clotting, oxidative stress and inflammation in the blood circulatory system.

Adding colloidal silver (CS) to melatonin treatment via nebulization and oral route should further reduce covid severity and duration as well as destroy gut pathogens that may be contributing to infection and gut inflammation.

All of the above suggests that FMT should also be quite beneficial for covid and covid long. In that line of thinking, this study originating from Chinese University of Hong Kong suggest I am not the only one thinking along this line, and of course, there are the Chinese on the cutting edge of FMT research:


Antioxidants frequently have positive effects on the gut microbiome and this could explain why Peter from Chicago's friend had such good results using the supplements I listed in the long covid article.

So here I am more frustrated than ever at the lack of critical research by the US into FMT, a noninvasive approach to effectively treat a multitude diseases, while American researchers spend scarce research funds on far downstream treatment targets that can only relieve symptoms and increase side effects while simultaneously making the pharmaceutical industry complex obscenely rich. Let me jump off of my soapbox right here and come back to reality.

Thank you for the link, Deirdre!

Replied by Hollyhock

Good article! I've had brain fog since I had covid last October. The vagus nerve theory is interesting. I will try tryptophan, and I already use melatonin. I'm taking inositol because I read it helps increase serotonin. They really need to do a human study on long covid!

2215 posts


They have done some studies on long covid as discussed here :



Long Covid Supplements

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Posted by Earth Clinic on 10/06/2022


Replied by Bessie
(Camp Hill, PA)

Question: would some or all of these symptoms appear in a person who had a Covid19 vaccination? My son had the Johnson Vax about 1 1/2 years ago and has most of these symptoms for a few months lately. To my knowledge he has never had actual C-19.

2215 posts


Not all of Long Covid symptoms are also seen in people who have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine, but some are. Here is a list of 10 symptoms seen in people who have gotten the vaccine('s).

  • Pain, redness or swelling where the shot was given
  • Fever
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Joint pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Feeling unwell



(Manahawkin, NJ)

After getting the vaccine (the 1st shot of Moderna) I started getting a rapid heart rate of 190 bpm.


I never had the shot but have those symptoms. I am seeing a Naturopath. He is subscribing Ivermectin for Long Covid and other IV remedies.


How did the Ivermectin do?


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Posted by ryan (dallas tx) on 10/20/2022

Lysine, I read on here about Lysine, on amazon you can get lysine on amazon at https://amzn.to/3TzdqlO

This worked for me, I had a dry mouth, felt tired, head was off, ached. heart would race when I would try to walk. thought I was probably going to die from long haul, had it for months

I took that lysine and within a day it took away everything. been good since. I recommend this so much.

Replied by Looms

I've wondered about this too as I used to have herpes which is a virus, and lysine helped quite a bit. Thanks for the reminder! 👍🏽😇

Replied by Jolyne

That is a wonderful testimony, thank you for sharing. I was wondering how much you took. I was using one a day but I'm thinking maybe I should take more.

Mary Wade
(Austin, tx)

My chiropractor suggested 500mg, 1 in am, 1 in pm. He did it for shingles which I had long term, not for Covid, but it is good for any virus I understand. A year later I still take it, only 500 mg in AM.

Ryan m
(Dallas TX)

I took 3 a day, I noticed after a couple of days of taking it at that dose I felt better if I took 1 at a time along with potassium. I heard from a friend that covid strips the electrolytes out of your heart, and you need to take potassium.


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Posted by Blue Star (Tennessee) on 10/06/2022

Maca for Long-Covid Memory Issues and Cognitive Impairment

After having Covid, I soon realized I had Long-Covid. Scary-bad Alzheimer's-level memory issues. It was deeply concerning.

I started taking Maca for a multitude of issues like metabolism, depression, balancing my hormones, post-menopause, vaginal dryness, energy, etc...

After a month of supplementing with Maca, I noticed my memory and cognitive issues had greatly improved. Further research shows that Maca is also specifically indicated for cognitive function. My full memory function has returned.

Maca is know as the South American GinSeng, generally from Peru. It grows at the highest altitudes. Maca affects the pineal and pituitary glands. These glands regulate our hormones, metabolism, etc. It is an adaptogen, meaning it helps to manage stress.

Any fertility and libido issues it will balance, so be careful! I have knowledge of women with fertility issues becoming pregnant shortly after supplementing with Maca. Post-menopause women and male fertility issues are deeply supported by this herb.

There are different types of Maca. Red, black and Yellow.They are emphasized for different issues. I found an organic supplement on xoxo that combined all 3.

There are different high-potency Maca's on xoxo. You have to find and work with one that is comfortable for you. Too high potency can make you feel jittery.

I generally took about 3 at breakfast and lunch. You don't want to take it too late as it can keep you up at night ... for great sex ;)

Replied by Sue
(Southwest Virginia)

My maca root powder says that 1/4 teaspoon is a serving. Will the amount you took not have any negative impact on the body? Was that 3 teaspoons or tablespoons? I am curious. I have experienced tingling in my left foot and hands and that may have come on after Covid, come to think of it. Also recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and that is a symptom of that as well. All this health stuff is complicated. I'd like to know what to do for that so I won't have to take thyroid meds. Went on for a while and then quit. Hoping to heal with a good diet and the Dr. Brownstein protocol.

Blue Star

Maca is indicated for Thyroid. I would go slowly with dosage as some folks have had side effects. Maca, since it helps to regulate the pineal and pituitary glands, is great for balancing our entire being. I took 3 capsules. I wouldn't over do it as it can make you jittery. I avoid taking after lunch, as it may keep you up at night.

Replied by Leah

Is xoxo the brand name of the maca with the 3 types?

Supplements for Long Covid

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Posted by Art (California) on 11/18/2022 2215 posts

As I mentioned when I wrote this article about how to treat Long Covid (LC), I would add newer studies adding further information on combating LC as they become available. In that line of thinking, one of the most common Covid-19 and LC symptoms is Anosmia or the loss of smell. In this new study (Nov, 2022), it is shown that the common citrus fruit derived supplement, Hesperidin, reduced Covid-19 and LC symptoms, including anosmia :


Here is a relevant quote from the study :

' During the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, only 30% of initially symptomatic nonhospitalized and nonvaccinated subjects were asymptomatic about 18 days after symptom onset. Anosmia affected 50% of subjects and was the most frequently persisting symptom in 30%. Hesperidin therapy is safe and may help reduce a composite of selected COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough, shortness of breath, and anosmia. Further trials with this agent are encouraged. This research has previously been published as a preprint [28]. '


Replied by Art
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To continue to expand on potential remedies for long covid (LC) / post covid symptoms, this 2023 study used nicotine patches for a short period of time in four people with LC to very good effect. The symptoms mentioned are weakness, dyspnea (difficult or labored breathing), sleep disturbances, dizziness, complete ageusia and anosmia, chronic fatigue, chest tightness or pain, heart palpitations, concentration difficulties, headache, brain fog, along with a variety of other symptoms that had not improved even though they were considered covid free for some time.

The patients used the lowest dose patch at 7.5 mg per patch for less than a month and found that the treatment of using a nicotine patch for less than a month was very effective:


Here is a relevant quote :

In each case, signs of exhaustion such as fatigue, weakness, breathlessness and exercise intolerance improved rapidly and across the board following nicotine exposure (at the very latest by day six). In cases with impairment or loss of the senses of taste and smell, improvement was observed over a longer period, with complete restoration of these senses over anywhere from thirteen to sixteen days.



Hey, I just wanted to weigh in here about Long Covid. Research has shown that it only appears in those that were vaccinated, or in cases of individuals that were immuno compromised. I am not being disrespectful in saying this, as I was a med doc in the CF for 30 years. But colleges and research has shown that it is a result of a weakened immune system or one being overridden by the vaccine.

Getting you health in check in utmost important. Exercise, nutrition, food choices are all key. In some cases it may not work as the damage from the vax or your condition is too severe. But keep trying. What I notice is people keep looking for the magic bullet to help when in fact it's a long hard arduous process. One that should have been a priority even before this vaccine or cold and flu scamdemic. And for those that still believe, we have tested 1700 samples and found nothing other than Influenza A or B, or a combo of both. In some cases Pneumonia as well. There was no 'covid'.