Spinal Stenosis Remedies

Posted by Allyson (Colorado Springs) on 08/02/2020
5 out of 5 stars

Serrapeptase is great stuff!! BEFORE I KNEW not to have any spinal surgery, the doctors are not good enough yet....I learned from a forum of people that had cancer in the throat and had to have the cancer removed, the pain was horrible and narcotics was not giving them enough relief. They said Serrapeptase was the only thing that worked.

I had spinal stenosis so they cleared the gunk out, the 1st 2 weeks were fine BUT when the fibroblasts/scar tissue building started the pain was overwhelming, the inflammation attacked my vocal cords and thyroid, could not talk without crying, it hurt sooooo bad!

The Serrapeptase calmed everything down like nothing happened, wonderful!

2nd Tidbit....

Anyone that has SPINAL STENOSIS where their are arms and/or legs are starting to hurt, DO NOT HAVE SURGERY, just take a couple cheap pills and it will all dissolve in about 6 months. Go read the short article by Dr. Debra Katchen, MD, “Aging Spines Feel Young Again”, she figured out how to dissolve the gunk and testimonials galore.

I gave a friend who is in their 70s the remedy and he started feeling better by the end of the 2nd month but make sure you take the Hekkla and Fluor. Cal. the full 6 months!