Sleep Apnea Remedies

Eliminate Gluten
Posted by Sue (Seattle, Wa) on 04/03/2010
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My husband had a sleep study and was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea. Mild or not, he snored up a storm! Then, his doctor (environmental medicine) told him he looked 'puffy' and to give up gluten. He did and by the 2nd night, his snoring totally stopped. Then his 30 extra pounds (from an allergic inflammatory reaction) melted off over the next 2 months. Now I know if he accidentally ingests gluten....he snores! Plus he used to get agitated although he didn't even know he was being a 'pain'. The gluten was also causing neurological symptoms. He's Irish and the Northern Europeans are the people most affected by gluten sensitivity.

Sleep Apnea Feedback
Posted by Gary (Wauchope, Nsw Australia) on 03/21/2010

Hi yes I have suffered with this complaint for some time now, I tried using a CPAP machine for a while but it kept waking me over the course of the night so I stopped using it. I heard how this bloke was using a tennis ball tied to the inside of a T-shirt and wears it to bed, the T-shirt with the ball tied in place stops you from sleeping on your back so you have to roll to the side as this automatically allows your gut or stomach to roll away from the diaphrame and allow you to breath automaticly. But now after reading about IBT(inclined bed therapy) I seem to be having more of a restfull sleep and on my back as the incline of the bed draws the gut away from the diaphrame again allowing automatic sleep.

Also I'm trying to lose weight using Rhodiola root and walking for a least one hour a day usually at night as there are less cars and trucks around and your not breathing in as many exhaust fumes as in the day time.

Kind regards Gary

Sleep Apnea Feedback
Posted by Jean (Louisville, Ky) on 03/09/2010 27 posts

I have a son with severe sleep apnea. I found some information on the internet that suggests a dental splint could help with sleep apnea.

Another possibility is checking out with a chiropractor about upper curvature of the spine that may be interfering with the airway space. The information came from a dentist in Washington.

Sleep apnea is a very tough condition to figure out. My son cannot tolerate a cpap machine which is the usual "cure."
Good luck to all, I hope we can get more posts on this site. I have an appointment with a chiropractor about my son's condition. I will post if I find out more.

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